This is a rather lengthy poem depicting Anakin's inner struggle through the years as he tries to see the Force the way Obi-wan saw it.


guess what I did today?

I rode that blazing rocket far away

through canyons


rolling hills

but I couldn't catch it still.


I came home again

but you weren't smiling

or laughing like you usually do.

You still made me tea

and gave me cookies

but when I asked you why I couldn't catch it

you closed your eyes

and said

tomorrow I could try again.

I miss him too.


it's been five whole years

and I'm better than I used to be.

Everyone admires me

but no one knows

it still eludes me.

I think you've caught it

but you won't show me how.

You keep telling me

there's water


round and round

but I don't feel it.


It hurts

to kill.

I guess you warned me once.

Or so you tell me.

Is this why your smile

never reaches

your eyes?


is it still there?

You said it would be

forever and ever

but the horizon is dark.

Where are the reds

and oranges

and blues?


you tell me.

Flowing water.

Follow it

and it will be there.

But the river I see…

it's no river at all.


there is no river.

You cling to nothing at all.

He says I already have it

and I believe him.

There is no river that leads to the horizon.

No reds, no oranges or blues.

Just me.

And I have it.

You never told me.




Look at where your river led you.

Black and charred

it burns and burns.

Can you feel it?


I have it

but you never saw it.

Your eyes, they weep…

for me.

It hurts to die

you know.

There is no river.

It used to be there;

I used to be able to see its glow

just beyond the end of the flow.

You called it a trickle

I called it a rush

but though I saw differently

at least it was there.

And just beyond it

that faint, soft ember

ever burning with infinite rays.

Is that where you are?

Will you wait for me?

Did you leave directions

on how to arrive?

I need a map

some signs

anything at all.

You left nothing.

Just a memory…

A blazing rocket

with me on top.

Through canyons


rolling hills

and I cannot reach it…


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