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Notes: MAJOR AU, you have been warned. And even though it says NCIS and Dark Angel on the tin, Supernatural is a part of this too, but that universe only shows up through Winchesters and the supernatural.

Timeline: No fixed timeline. Post-Dark Angel and Post-AU of Jus in Bellos of Supernatural, nothing for NCIS except after Tim got accepted into Gibbs' team and before SWAK.

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Hidden Wings


The police were at it again, standing at the surrounding fence's entrances waiting for the moment when a transgenic would appear, blood thirsty and kill hungry. Reporters waited safely behind the men in uniforms with their cameras trained on the open yard of Terminal City, hoping for the chance to catch transgenic playing their well known games of hunting a human down and killing them.

In reality those police officers and reporters knew nothing at all. It sickened Max, the fact that Ordinaries would think such thing when they had no idea what her people were like.

"Enjoying the view?" The familiar voice of Logan Cale breathed behind her, far enough they couldn't touch, a habit from before, but close enough she could feel his warmth. A change in the wind brought his sent to her, along with Alec's, who was standing a little ways away.

Max snorted, "Depends on what your definition of 'enjoy' is."

Warm breath tickled her neck as he let out a small laugh, "Ask me that three years ago and I'd probably tell you the dictionary version. Now, on the other hand—"

"—Now he'd just tell you somethin' made up," Alec cut in with a slap on one of his best friend's back.

The only girl of the trio rolled her eyes, "You two have bee spending way too much time together. Logan, you use to be smart!"

Logan gasped, mock hurt clouding his hazel eyes, "And now I'm not smart?"

"Nope," Alec piped up, laughing.

All three of them laughed together for a moment before a siren from below cut them off, making them all glance at the gates with solemn expressions.

"It's been an entire year, yet we're no closer to being accepted," Logan murmured.

Max winced when he said 'we', it was partly her fault that the man was more than human. Manticore wanted her and gave Logan the virus to make that happen. What they used to get rid of it gave him more than human abilities.

A tanned hand clutched her shoulder, "This is the right choice, Max."

She sighed, "I know. I just wish it didn't have to be this way." This way was only by chance, it was luck that cameras hadn't caught any glimpses of a transgenic or transhuman. The female transgenic looked at two of her closest friends, her second and her third of Transgenic City. "What do you plan on doing?"

Alec shrugged, "One of my contacts, Winchester, offered me a place in his family. His son apparently really likes me as an older brother. He's about four years younger than me."

"Congratulations," she offered him a sincere smile, smaller than usual but that was understandable. "Where do they live?"

"Pretty much everywhere, anywhere."

Logan chuckled, "Even better. That'll match you to a 'T'."

Alec grinned, his habit of taking long trips to anywhere was a well know fact among the City's occupants. "What about you, Logan?"

He didn't miss the emphasis on his name. "Meet back up with my father, probably. See if he believes me when I tell him I was on a sort of basketball tour."

"Good luck with that."

Logan rolled his eyes, "Thanks, I'll need it. The only good part of I made a trail of credit card payments, bank withdrawals, and whatnot in my real name so it should trick him, even if he does look hard enough.

Max spread her arms for a group hug and received it. She hated that the three of them had to be separated after all they did together. Stopping Manticore, then Ames White, and the same time, stopping what the Breeding Cult called the Pulse from wiping out every electronic database in the United States. They did all of that and it was almost like they were family now. A family none of them ever had.

For the past month transgenics had been snuck out of Terminal City into other parts of the U.S, under names that had a first, middle, and last name, with no numbers. All of them were cleared out already, except for the transhumans, who were sent to Japan instead. Now it was just her, Logan, and Alec.

Alec pulled away, "What are you going to do Max?"

She grinned at him, "Something I've been wanting to do since I was ten. Travel the world and see everything."

"Sounds like a perfect plan to me."

Logan wrapped an arm around both of them and pulled them so they were looking at the sunset. "We need to make a promise."

Alec raised an eyebrow, "A promise? Have you gone chick flicky on me now?"

He smacked him on the back of the head, earning a wince and a small yelp. "Oh c'mon, that didn't hurt. And no. We need to promise that we won't talk to each other at all unless something big, dangerous even, is going to happen."

Max tighten her grip that she had on her arm. "But why?"

The Italian pulled them closer, "If someone digging deep enough on any of us will wonder why three people who shouldn't even know each other are talking. And if somethin big happens then we won't have to worry about it."

"I don't like it," Alec frowned, "But I guess it makes sense. I still don't like it, though."

"I agree with Alec, but I also agree with you."

"Good." Logan dug in his pocket for a pen and paper, one he kept with him no matter what. "We'll write down the names we plan on keeping so if we ever actually need to get a hold of each other we know who to look for."

Alec grabbed it first, "I'm going with Dean Winchester."

"Mine's not hard, I'll stick to my real name: Anthony DiNozzo."

Max had to think long and hard. She had no real name and no last name to go off of. "Suzanne Storme."

The newly named Dean Winchester scribbled the names down two more times, ripped them and passed them around. The paper had their names that they had for the past years along with their new names.

Suzanne Storme spread her arms, this time just to gesture to them. "Hello Dean Winchester and Tony DiNozzo, I'm Suzanne Storme!"

Dean shook her hand, "Very nice to meet you Suzanne Storme."

"Igualmente, Suzanne," Anthony DiNozzo kissed her hand like a gentlemen. "Where are you headed first Suzanne?"

She giggled at the kiss. "Probably England, a little of London will do me some good."

Dean gave her a thumbs up and Tony smacked it away to give her two thumb ups. She took their hands and smiled at them.

"A twist on a cliché, I hope we never see each other again."

Tony squeezed her hand, "I hope the same."

All Dean did was tighten his grip before they seemed to disappear from sight. Unknown to everyone else they had taken separate exits just in case.

And that was the last of the transgenics living in Terminal City. They were all now living away from Seattle and where ever they want, with no fear. Well, no fear for those who chose a safe life.