Haha, well this came out of nowhere. I had actually posted the quote, "Oh, he's in Africa. He's saving the world." to my facebook page and I just thought of this. I think it's a pretty entertaining read. What do you think?

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, or Facebook.

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Richard Castle

Oh, he's in Africa. He's saving the world.

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Alexis Castle Random… *shakes head*

Kevin Ryan Agreed^

Sarah Marsell Who's in Africa? Is this another one of your

Inspiration quotes? lol.

Javier Esposito Africa? And hey Ryan, how did that meeting go?

Kevin Ryan Great! We set a date… May 5th.

Javier Esposito Nice! Time to go suit shopping!

Kevin Ryan Don't you already own like 5?

Javier Esposito Hmm, yeah… what's your point?

Lanie Parish Castle, you better hope Beckett doesn't see this!

Javi, you coming or what? :o

Kevin Ryan Oh, caught in the act! tsk tsk.

Lanie Parish Remind me to smack you next time I see you, Kevin


Javier Esposito Already taken care of, babe. I'm on my way now.

Alexis Castle lol at you guys.

Kevin Ryan … Wait a sec. "Castle, you better hope Beckett doesn't

See this!" … what's that supposed to mean? O.o

Lanie Parish *roles eyes* Excuse me, but I have a date.

Kevin Ryan Fine, I'll just sit here and ponder!

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Richard Castle

Oh, he's in Africa. He's saving the world.

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Katherine Beckett Why does this sound familiar?

Kevin Ryan Beckett! You're on… you're like… NEVER on!

Katherine Beckett That's because I have a life.

Kevin Ryan :'( You wound my pride.

Katherine Beckett I know you can handle it :).

Richard Castle Wow guys, way to blow up my notifications.

Richard Castle Alexis… I thought you were studying? O.o

Beckett! Nice to see you're on for the first time in… forever.

Katherine Beckett Like I said before, I have a life. And work for a


Katherine Beckett :D

Richard Castle Why, detective… just broke my heart.

Alexis Castle Dad, I am studying… what a great multitasker

you have raised me to be!

Katherine Beckett Oh, you'll survive.

Katherine Beckett Wait a sec… CASTLE!

Richard Castle Whhhatttt?

Katherine Beckett You know what!

Richard Castle I do?

Katherine Beckett AFRICA!

Richard Castle Oh… you saw that…

Katherine Beckett If I could hit you through the computer, I


Richard Castle Maybe I like it rough ;)

Katherine Beckett *shakes head* This is why I never get on


Lanie Parish wrote on Richard Castle's wall:

Has Katherine Beckett killed you yet, mister?

6 minutes ago Like Comment

Katherine Beckett No… but I should.

Lanie Parish I'll help you hide the body.

Katherine Beckett Let's do it!

Richard Castle If I beg for forgiveness, do I get a cookie?

Lanie Parish NO!

Katherine Beckett NO!

Richard Castle Knock on wood? Who owes me a soda?

Katherine Beckett I think you owe me 5 by now.

Richard Castle Touché. Seriously though, I do apologize.

Katherine Beckett For what?

Richard Castle My latest status. O.o

Katherine Beckett Africa post?

Richard Castle Mhm. You and motorcycle boy will laugh about it when

he gets back.

Katherine Beckett Still wish you'd stop calling him that… but Josh isn't coming back.

Richard Castle Oh?

Katherine Beckett I thought you knew?

Richard Castle Nope…

Richard Castle I'm sorry about that.

Katherine Beckett Thanks, I guess?

Katherine Beckett Why are you calling me?

Richard Castle You didn't answer :'(

Katherine Beckett Phones across the room. Too lazy to get it.

Richard Castle How did you know it was me?

Katherine Beckett Uh…

Richard Castle Do I have a special ringtone? ! What is it? :D

Katherine Beckett

Lanie Parish You two are highly entertaining. Girl, you gotta get on

more often!

Richard Castle Ah, you're calling me back! Wooo!

heh. Want more?

I'm open to suggestions:D