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Richard Castle

to be honest…like!

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Katherine Beckett hahaha, good luck doing 81 tbh's Castle!

Richard Castle Oh my…that's…a lot…I better get to writin' guys!

Javier Esposito I better have something fluffy and lovely.

Kevin Ryan I better NOT have fluff and love in mine.

Kevin Ryan Actually…I shouldn't have liked this status.

Richard Castle Ryan, I can't WAIT to do yours!

Lanie Parish Should I like?

Katherine Beckett YES.

Javier Esposito ABSOLUTELY BABY.

Kevin Ryan RUN.

Alexis Castle This is going to be interesting.

Richard Castle Alexis…like the status.

Alexis Castle Never.

Richard Castle Do it!

Richard Castle DOOOOO IT

Lanie Parish Castle, get to writing…and be honest!

Richard Castle Honesty is the best policy ;)

Katherine Beckett Oh, God. Should I have liked this?


Richard Castle It's too late…all of your are getting my honest opinion here soon.

Richard Castle Ryan, I'm doing yours now. Hint, it says that I love you.

Kevin Ryan *facepalm*

Richard Castle :D

Richard Castle wrote on Kevin Ryan's wall:

To be completely and totally and utterly and absolutely positively can't go wrong can't go back honest…I love you.

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Kevin Ryan *facepalm*

Javier Esposito Nice…simple and to the point.

Lanie Parish Lame.

Richard Castle Hey…I said I would be honest…didn't say I would write a book!

Lanie Parish Laaaameeeeeeeeee.

Richard Castle wrote on Javier Esposito's wall:

To be honest…you're the man.

*feed the birds*

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Javier Esposito Perfect.

Kevin Ryan lame.

Lanie Parish Lame.

Katherine Beckett Laaaameeeeee.

Richard Castle Thank you, Esposito for understanding that sometimes the simple things in life mean something.

Lanie Parish lame lame lame.

Richard Castle You just wait…you're next.

Richard Castle wrote on Lanie Parish's wall:

Hold on…can't be lame here. Honestly? I think the connection you have with your dead bodies is feverishly creepy. But I enjoy our letsconversateoverdeadbody talks…even though Beckett doesn't understand them.

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Lanie Parish she'll never understand.

Richard Castle Just between us.

Katherine Beckett What?

Lanie Parish nothing.

Richard Castle nothing.

Katherine Beckett -_-

Kevin Ryan Uh oh…she's next.

Javier Esposito Got my popcorn.

Kevin Ryan Got my tissues.

Lanie Parish Got my OJ.

Richard Castle orange juice?

Lanie Parish don't judge.

Katherine Beckett lol.

Kevin Ryan Beckett, what do you have with you while you await this momentous event?

Katherine Beckett my gun.

Javier Esposito Oh, that burns.

Lanie Parish Girl, Imma smack you.

Kevin Ryan Poor Castle.

Javier Esposito Speaking of Castle…

Kevin Ryan He's offline.

Javier Esposito Dude…he bailed…Imma smack him!

Lanie Parish Already got that covered, babe.

Kevin Ryan Chicken!

Kevin Ryan wrote on Richard Castle's wall:

Dude…I can't love a chicken. Just saying.

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Javier Esposito wrote on Richard Castle's wall:

Yo…you bailed…not cool man. Not cool.

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Lanie Parish Don't worry…he gonna get it Monday.

Javier Esposito What do you say we go for kill shot guys? He's done it this time.

Kevin Ryan Absolutely. Shunned.

Javier Esposito Shunned.

Katherine Beckett Awww, guys. Give him a break.

Lanie Parish Shunned.

Richard Castle wrote on Katherine Beckett's wall:

Kate…to be honest…I can't say what I want to say over facebook. So…open your door.

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Javier Esposito Awww, now that was actually pretty sweet.

Kevin Ryan But now we'll never know :'(

Lanie Parish Girl, you better give me some details. I'm biting my nails here.

Javier Esposito I wonder what he did. He probably hired a professional poet to say some cheesy Castle quote.

Kevin Ryan Actually…I think he did something more classy.

Lanie Parish Like?

Kevin Ryan I bet he just confessed his true feelings for her. Right at her door. In the "to be honest" tone.

Javier Esposito You are such a shipper.

Lanie Parish Oh, please. As if their feelings haven't already been confessed.

Kevin Ryan WHAT?


Lanie Parish Oh…oh…crap. I…gotta go.

Kevin Ryan She knows!

Javier Esposito She's known!

Kevin Ryan :O

Katherine Beckett Oh my word guys, as if it wasn't obvious.

Javier Esposito What?

Katherine Beckett For detectives, you're not very good at detecting.

Katherine Beckett wrote on Richard Castle's wall:

Say it, Castle.

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Javier Esposito here we my popcorn.

Kevin Ryan tissues!

Lanie Parish OJ!

Richard Castle wrote on Katherine Beckett's wall:

To be completely honest… I love you, Kate.

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Katherine Beckett I love you

Richard Castle No…I love you.

Katherine Beckett I love YOU.

Javier Esposito OH MY GOD.


Lanie Parish FINALLY.


Richard Castle Now you see why I couldn't say on facebook at first? You idiots…shunning me for doing a sweet thing…

Kevin Ryan unshunned.

Lanie Parish unshunned.

Javier Esposito unshunned… I could kiss you.

Katherine Beckett Ah, ah…I think I got that covered boys.

Kevin Ryan *facepalm* now we have to deal with the fluffy parents…

Well, that was a bunch of fluff.

I had to do it. Just had to. Let me know what you think!