Chpt 34 The End

Severus and Hermione met with Albus the next day finding Welford and Poppy in the room along with a middle aged wizard sitting in the office.

"Wonderful!" Albus clapped his hands at their arrival. "The relation of one magical is in attendance so we can begin. Severus, Hermione have a seat and Poppy will explain why we are all here today."

"It was nothing at first that I noticed when we first met but it was when Welford picked up Harry's wand to give it to him and I noticed his arm trembled as he handed it over. I spoke to Albus about my suspicion for all First years have that tremble in their arm as the focus their magic and it goes away. I talked to Albus and he agreed to watch and I dropped my wand in front of Welford and Albus observed the same thing." Poppy sat bat down and grabbed Welford's hand and found him look to her with a questioning look in his eyes.

Albus stood up. "I did see it and pulled out the Book to see if Welford's name was listed there and I found that it was." Motioning all to his desk to look down at the old tome finding the muggle man's name there along with the side notes.

All sat back down and Albus remained standing as he continued. "Imagine my surprise at the side notes and went to the Department of Mysteries who denied any involvement and existence of the prophecy that was referenced. I spoke with Lord Malfoy and he agreed to find out about it as he is very grateful for Welford's cure. And that is why Unspeakable Morrison is here."

Morrison stood up looking unhappy of the fact that he was here. "Lord Malfoy was very persuasive and I ask your discretion as I could lose my life for revealing what I am about to. I investigated the reference and I found this." Pulling out a wrapped item and placed it on the desk and unwrapped it revealing a smoke filled clear globe.

"I found the globe and went to the Book and found that Unspeakables visited a seven year old muggle boy and used charms and spells that I cannot reveal surpressing his magical abilities from manifesting. There were no notes from the fifties indicating a time to release them so it was never done. May I leave now Headmaster?"

"Go Morrison for I can release the charms and spells if needed and I thank you for coming here."

"Thank you Headmaster and make sure Lord Malfoy keeps up his part of the deal."

Everyone watched the Unspeakable leave and heard Welford speak out in confusion. "Poppy, I do not understand this. Do I have magic? That is impossible for I remember Henry's complaints of the strange things that happened with my niece before she received the letter. I've never done anything like her."

Albus spoke. "In your time here at Hogwart's you've watched Poppy cast charms checking student's magical signatures. Why don't you allow her to do that now?"

Welford looked at Hermione. "What do think Goose?"

"It's up to you Welford. It might explain some of your eccentric behaviors."

"Despite all of this I can't see how this is true. Go ahead." Welford replied nervously

Poppy patted his hand. "It will be okay Welford." Moving her wand and pointed it to him as a red light flared out before going away.

Albus spoke out in the silence. "Welford you're a wizard. Your magic is low but that is because it has been restricted."

Welford looked to Albus in confusion. "I'm not sure I understand this."

Albus pointed to the globe on his desk. "Welford the answer lies within that globe. Not one muggle has ever been denied entry into this school save you. Only you can pick it up as it is tied to you. Break the globe and you can find out why you were denied your right."

Welford eyed the globe. "If I view this and you release the charm I am bound to will it change me?"

Albus noticed his fear. "I do not know how the magic will affect you when fully released Welford. I make no promises."

Welford moved and picked up the globe watching it flare green. "Poppy come with me so that we can discuss this. I like how I am now despite what others think of me and do not want to risk a change. Severus you understand this."

Severus watched the indecision in the man's face. "I do understand Welford and Poppy will be the best to discuss this with you."

Albus motioned to the door to his bedchambers. "You can go in there and we will stay her for your decision Welford."

They watched the medi-witch and muggle open the door and entered closing the door behind them.

Welford watched Poppy sit and held out the globe. "Do you think we need to hear it sweet Poppy?"

Poppy looked to her man. "I think you want to know why you were denied your right Welford."

"Right then my Love." Dropping the globe and watched it break as a willowy tall woman stood.

"Welford that is our Divination Professor's Grandmother." She whispered.

Both leaned forward as a light female voice spoke out.

"One born related to a lion of the future who will be one of three Lions and a noble Snake to defeat a Dark Lord in time but denied he will be of his true right as he is needed in the future to chase a wolf disguised as a lion.

He will find one that he searched for so many years due to his relation and find one that is of an angel to him. They will help silence the wolf with the blood of the Lion for he will become a master of blood.

His right will be found out while he chases the wolf.

Mark my words for the new Lion will be tempted despite the Angel. If he accepts his inheritance after years of denial then the world will be placed into a fire as the world has never known as the Majics unleashed will come forward and force a good man to the Dark despite what he presents. But if he denies his right then all will remain as it is as he only has one chance to claim the inheritance when realized."

They watched the smoke fade and Poppy watched Welford fall down on the floor. "I wanted to take the gift I found out. Oh Poppy after everything that has happened I cannot risk to be that man. Do all the Prophecy's come true?"

Poppy fell down and pulled Welford into her arms. "I love you as you are now. Oh Welford I curse the day I realized that you might have magic and revealed it."

He struggled for a moment fighting the magic he felt come to the forefront whispering to him. "No Darkness I will not be your vessel as I realize my right. I remember Severus's story. Kiss me Poppy!"

Poppy kissed him and felt Welford respond in kind and felt the Darkness pushed away.

"Poppy does it matter to you if I'm magic or not?" Welford asked.

"No Welford I love you as you are."

Welford moved to the door. "Then we know what I need to do."

They watched Welford and Poppy walk back into the room. "I am a wizard Albus and I choose to remain Muggle as determined by your Department of Magical Mysteries. Come Poppy."

They watched in stunned silence as Welford left with his witch


Six months later found a double wedding at Malfoy Manor with Severus marrying Hermione along with his crazed muggle relation marrying Poppy. After the formal dances and announcements he pulled Welford aside.

"You never told anyone why you did not want your magic released Welford." Severus asked of his new relation.

"You will never tell Hermione of what I am about to tell you." Whispering into the pale man's ear.

Severus nodded at Welford's words and left him without a word moving to his wife.

"What did you talk to Welford about Severus?" Wrapping her arms around him.

"Merely my congratulations Hermione. Look to Draco and Harry."

Hermione looked to Harry, his arm wrapped around Draco and noticed the blonde haired wizard rolled up sleeves arms unblemished.

"So Harry loves Draco and they have been healed and renewed. Take me to our remote house Severus for I find that I want to be with my husband."

Severus chuckled. "Maybe we can enroll you again in my minion course wife?"

She felt Severus pull her to him and turned his heal before she had a chance to respond.