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Daine was on the verge of sleep when she felt Numair's hands begin to move, running up and down her back. Drowsy, she lay still in his arms, enjoying the sensations sparked by his touch. Then she felt his mouth, planting dozens of tiny kisses all over her face. Lingering on her mouth, and she parted her lips to allow his tongue to enter, to tangle with her own.

He moved down, planting kisses down her neck as his hands continued to stroke her back. Her hands tightened on his shoulders. His mouth reached the hollow between her breasts, and she arched against him, a strangled squeak emerging from her mouth. He chuckled softly, and rolled her gently onto her back.

She was in no frame of mind to protest the shift, especially as Numair began applying his attentions to her breasts. He tenderly kissed each nipple, his tongue flicking out to tease her tender flesh. His hands were gently stroking her, barely touching, but her nerves were sensitive to the slightest pressure. It seemed as if there were more hands, more mouths, more tongues on her body than there should have been.

Awash with sensations, floating in some sort of cloud, Daine half formed a thought, Mage…using magic… Then she thought no more for quite a while, surrendering herself to the feelings he was creating within her.

He moved lower down her body, tracing a path down her stomach, and down even lower. A new set of sensations coursed through her as his tongue gently traced patterns on flesh made tender by the night's activities. Agile fingers stroked around her sensitive opening, and waves of pleasure rolled through her body. Numair's tongue and lips found the very centre of those waves, circling, sucking, moving away and back, around and over, tracing along her folds and back again to the centre of it all until she was only dimly aware of the rumpled bedclothes beneath her, except as an anchor for her clutching hands.

"Numair…please," she gasped, not sure what it was she wanted.

But he seemed to understand, even if she did not, and then he was moving back up her body, covering her, positioning himself to enter her gently, slowly, pausing just inside. She felt a stab of pain through the pleasure, and cried out, digging her nails into his shoulders.

Numair froze completely. "Am I hurting you, magelet?" he asked, tenderness in his voice masking raw desire. "I'll stop if you need me to…"

She shook her head in wordless protest. "Never," she managed to gasp.

He resumed his movement, slowly easing closer until his full length was sheathed in her warmth. Gasping, she willed herself to relax, and the pain quickly ebbed away, pleasure again dominating as he slowly retreated, then thrust home again. She raised her hips to meet his thrust, moving her hands from his shoulders, stroking down his back to grasp his hips and pull him closer to her, shifting against him. Moving with him, matching his thrusts as his pace increased and they found a mutual rhythm. Breaths coming faster as the tension built, wave after wave until Daine let herself go and felt herself plummet into ecstasy. She hear herself cry his name, and heard him groan something that sounded like hers as he thrust one last time and emptied himself into her, burying his face in her hair.

Numair collapsed on top of her with a sigh, and kissed the side of her head softly, tenderly, before lying still. He was heavy, but she wouldn't have had him move for anything. Shifting her head, she could see that his eyes were closed, and he seemed to be falling asleep, his breathing slowing to a steady rhythm, still inside her. She felt herself drifting back toward sleep as well, joined together with this man who was friend and teacher and now, truly, finally…lover. Daine smiled, and closed her eyes, and was soon asleep.