Jessica POV

Lauren just called me saying that the ugly duckling Bella swan is still in town with all the Cullen's married to my Eddie. Ugh that little bitch ruined my life i had it all planed out. Eddie and I would have had a huge white wedding and have a lovely honeymoon where we couldn't keep our hands of each other, we would have moved to Florida and have a huge house with little Eddies and me's running around. I'm not sure if i want kids yet but just imagine the looks of our kids. All the other parents would look at us with such envy. -Sigh-. No matter there is still a chance. He only married that thing because he only feels sorry for her. HA. I can't wait to see her face when Eddie sees me, he will dump her right away and beg for my forgiveness while Bella is crying and then we all laugh at her. The only thing about marrying him is his family, ugh i can't even think about putting up with that slut Rosalie and that weird pixie. Luckily i didn't throw away the party invite for the graduation party so i still have their address. But i couldn't go alone so i called for support.

(Jess, mike)

"hey mike it's Jess"

"Oh hey Jess whats up?"

"well the Cullen's are still in town and i was wondering if you would like to visit them with me, Lauren will probs be going as well"

"yea sure that sounds awesome"

(i smiled) "great I pick me up in half an hour OK?"

"OK Jess. bye"


Now a quick call to Lauren.

(Jess, Lauren)

"hey Lauren since you told me the Cullen's are still in town maybe we should pay Eddie a little visit, you know show him what real woman look like instead of that ugly bitch Bella"

"Oh hell yea I can't wait to see his face when he sees us he will leave that whore the second he realises his mistake"

"awesome well Mike will be picking me up soon i will tell him to go past you place too"

"OK great see you soon."

(End of phone calls)

Don't worry Eddie I'm coming to get you.

Lauren POV

OMG no way! The Cullen's are still in town. I can still see my Eddie. yay! I called Jess and told her all about it. A few minutes later she called to ask if I wanted to go visit them. Well duh, of course i wanna see my Eddie. I quickly went up to my room to go change. I put on a mini skirt that was bright blue and had ruffles that showed nearly half of my ass, and a tank top that showed my boobs and it made my chest stand out more, i also had high leather boots, I put on my favourite cherry flavoured lip gloss and a few bracelets (see outfit on my profile). Lets see Edward Cullen saying no to me in this. I smirked to myself in the mirror. Eddie will be mine.

Mike POV

I haven't seen the love of my life for 5 years now since Cullen brainwashed her. He probably abuses her, that's why she wont be with me. Cause she's too scared of Cullen, I bet the whole family is in on it too, they use her for their own sick fun. When I get Bella I promise never to hurt her, I will treat her right way better than Cullen ever had and will treat her. I walked out of my house and got into my car and drove to Jess's house. "Hey Mike" she said to me when she got in, "Hey" i said back. Sure Jess is pretty but she has nothing on my beautiful angle. When we picked up Lauren we took off towards the Cullen's house. I parked the car in front of it. The house was the same as last time but this house had an abuser inside and I will be the one to save the girl. I walked up the steps and knocked on the door.

A woman I think her name was Emma or Esme or something opened the door. "Can I help you?" her asked. "Yea umm we are here to see Bella" "and Eddie" said Lauren and Jessica at the same time. I sighed why would they want to get together with that looser? "umm this isn't a very good time I'm sorry" she said in an uneasy tone. What does she mean by 'not a good time'? Cullen is probably abusing her right now. I stormed past her and went to the living room where i saw Cullen with a little girl that looked about 8 or 9 she was sitting on his lap smiling at him. When he turned around to look at me i swear he growled, i glared back and him and he chuckled. I looked around the room and my eyes landed on a beautiful girl, the weird thing was she looked just like Bella but she changed she was more pale and slender her hair was more shiny and the thing that shocked me her eyes were no longer a deep chocolate brown but a soft golden colour. She looked like one of THEM. "Hello mike" she said in a high bell like voice. I took in her appearance she was wearing black skinny jeans with blue high heals and a spaghetti top with some bracelets and a heart necklace (see on profile)her outfit fit her perfectly made her legs seem longer and her chest, god her perfect chest was just screaming at me to look at them, I heard Cullen hiss but i ignored him, I was startled when i heard she snapping her fingers in my face. "MIKE" she yelled, I looked up startled "my face is up here" she said pointing to her face, I heard Emmett laugh from the couch and i blushed. "Momma?" the little girl said to my Bella. Bella looked down at the little girl "yes sweetie?" she asked in a loving tone. No it couldn't be, Bella can't be a mother that kid is way to old. "Who are those people" She asked pointed to us. I could tell what our faces held, mine held shock, Jess was the same as mine but Lauren had a look of disgust on her face.

Jess POV

"Those people are some old friends of mine sweetie" said this new Bella then she looked up at us "everyone this is Renesmee" she introduced us, and Renesmee waved shyly. I can't believe what I am seeing this can't be the Bella Swan we saw last cause this one actually looks like someone who... belongs next to Edward. I looked at Edward still sitting on the couch he was glaring at me and i flinched back. I looked back at Bella and had a good look at the little girl that was hiding behind her, I have to say the girl was beautiful , she had long Brown/Penny coloured hair she was slender, she was wearing a pink sundress, odd clothing for Forks and had big doe eyes that were chocolate brown sort of like Bella's ones but when i looked up at Bella i realised her eye colour were the same as any other of the Cullen's. "So why did you come visit us so... sudden" Bella asked. "Well I - uh I was just wondering if you would like to go out with me some time, maybe tonight at 7?" Mike stuttered. Smooth Mike, real smooth. Edward stood up and wrapped his arms around Bella protectively, NO he should be doing that to me not that ugly BITCH, Edward growled at me. Bella sighed, "Mike I'm married and have a kid what do you think?" she responded. WHAT? a kid? surely not that little girl. "Your kid?"scoffed Lauren "oh please that girl has to be at least 8 or 9 and we haven't seen you for 5 years that impossible" Lauren continued.

"Actually Lauren this is our kid we adopted her, My brother died in a crash and the social workers tracked me down. She is mine and Bella's child" Edward said to Lauren coldly. Lauren just snorted and looked away.

Lauren POV

I can't believe that my Eddie would marry and then adopt a kid with that ugly piece of shit i am way more prettier than her. "Well i guess we should go then" Mike said sadly. "I think that's a good idea" replied Isabella, i sneered her name in my mind, Eddie glared at me, he is probably just doing that as an act to convince that thing that he loves her. We started moving back to our car and got in. It might not have gone as smoothly as i had hoped but one thing is for sure I WILL get my Eddie.

Jess POV

UGH I can't believe it they are all playing happy family. No matter I will be back and claim what is mine.

Mike POV

I will get my Bella if it is the last thing i will ever do, just think when I get Bella I am going to be a dad to a beautiful little girl. Renesmee Bella and Mike Newton uhhh it sounds so perfect.

Bella POV

"They are going to be back aren't they?" I asked looking up at Edward. He sighed "Yes unfortunately", I sighed to and looked to my Renesmee she was playing with Emmett in the back yard. I smiled nothing can ruin my perfect family. Nothing.