Spoilers: Up to "Furt." Season 2.

Pairing(s): Santana/Brittany, hints of Artie/Brittany. Mike/Brittany friendship.

Sypnosis:I couldn't help but notice the lack of support when it came to defending Kurt against Karofsky. Only Mike, Artie, and Sam actively stepped in. What if to the disappointment of Brittany, Artie didn't step in - along with Finn - when it came to defending Kurt? What if Brittany had stepped in with Mike Chang and confronted Karofsky? This leads to a violent reaction, a slightly injured Brittany, and a completely furious Santana Lopez.

Warning: Slightly dark. Deals with gay-themed bullying.

PS: This is dedicated to noothernames. Thanks for all your wonderful reviews. I'm gonna try a Brittana for you now.

This is only an intended two-shot. This is part one: the fight. But maybe if a lot of people like it, I might continue it and make it longer. ;)











Brittany couldn't help but feel slightly put off.

She couldn't help but feel slightly hurt at her boyfriend's refusal to at least speak up on Kurt's behalf.

The blonde knew she wasn't labeled as the smartest person on the planet - this coming from just about everyone's mouth - but she wasn't stupid. The bullying on Kurt had reached sky high, and even Mr. Schue was noticing the constant commotion around the boy. He was now a walking slush target; he often got slammed into the lockers with a snarky comment as well. Which was Karofsky just about every time.

She wasn't stupid.

Something must have gone down between the two of them.

The blonde was a lot more observant than people gave her credit for. She might not know the square roots to certain numbers or couldn't get past Chemistry like it was nothing, but she was good at knowing what a person really felt. She was good at knowing the real actions and reactions. She would see how Kurt would look at Karofsky like he was a disgusting creature; slight betrayal stinging his eyes more often than not. And she noticed how Karofsky's eyes would narrow instantly when he saw the feminine boy in the hallways; his eyes would sometimes - very briefly, mind you- flicker down to Kurt's lips more often than not. But that's not really what disturbed her the most. It was the lack of reaction for the entire spectacle. Sure, New Directions would talk about how bad this recent development was, but they certainly weren't doing anything about it.

Suprisingly, it was Rachel that said something needed to be done.

And even more suprisingly, Finn had done absolutely nothing for his step-brother.

This made Brittany's stomach boil in anger and a frown overcome her normally sunny features.

To her relief, Mike Chang immediately agreed to finally have words with the boy; she was sure it had nothing to do with the way Tina batted her eyelashes at him.

So she immediately tried the same with Artie.

"It's not right," frowned Brittany, "It's not right what Karofsky is doing to Kurt."

Artie's eyes shifted guiltily to the floor. He opened his mouth to say something, but then he abruptedly closed it as he placed his hands on the wheels of his wheelchair; he looked ready to bolt. This made Brittany glare angrily at her 'boyfriend.' She couldn't believe that the team spoke so strongly of defending each other, yet when it was time to step up to the plate nobody could.

Artie cleared his throat uncomfortably. "I-I don't like it either, Brit -"

"Then why won't you or anyone else do something about it?" Brittany crossed her arms.

"It's just not that simple, Brittany," he sighed, finally looking up at her. "If we say something to Karofsky then him and his buddies will target all of us."

The blonde's jaw clenched in uncharacteristic anger. She was honestly fuming at her boyfriend. Sure, she would be worried about Artie getting hurt if Karofsky decided to do something, but then again there would be several other guys there if the boys of New Directions could get their acts together. Puck was understandable, he didn't want to risk Juvie again. And Sam hadn't shot down the idea of confronting Karofsky like Finn and Artie had. But this was Finn's step-brother, someone he had claimed to grow semi-close to. And Artie should know better than anybody what it's like to be picked on for something you can't control.

So huffing angrily with a pout on her features, the blonde walked away from Artie.

She walked down the busy hallways of McKinley High; she readily ignored his shouts of her name.

And as much as she loved Santana, the girl was all too smug with Artie's reaction.

The blonde had taken to sitting away from Artie as a form of punishment.

And she knew her best friend was all too happy with this recent development. And as much as Brittany didn't want to feel helpless and hurt again, she couldn't help but miss her darker-skinned counterpart. She missed her Santana. She missed her snarks at just about everyone in general, despite the fact that they were mean and cruel; her eyes would soften when Brittany would pinch her arm and reprimand her. And she missed the all too protective arm placed around her waist and the all too protective glare that Santana would sport whenever someone said something mean towards her.

But then she remembered why she went with Artie in the first place.

The blonde was still panting, resting her face against Santana's in the afterglow. "I-I love you, San."

"Don't," the brunette whispered, clearing her throat.

Brittany could only watch with sad eyes as Santana quickly dressed herself and fled as if she was on fire.

And she knew that if she asked Santana to confront Dave Karofsky for her, that she would do it in a heartbeat.

But that was something Brittany didn't want.

She wanted to learn to do things on her own.

Because it was obvious that Santana would run away whenever Brittany expressed her true feelings for her, so she wouldn't always be around to protect the blonde. And it was more than obvious that her boyfriend wouldn't confront anyone about their bad behavior on her behalf. And even if he somehow did, he couldn't really do anything or defend himself against the harsh nature of the jocks at McKinley High.

So Brittany had told Mike Chang that she would go with him to talk to Karofsky.

Mike had immediately given her a head shake.

But after five minutes of pleading and pouting on Brittany's part, he had finally given in. No one ever could resist her pouts.

He had finally explained his reaction though.

"Karofsky's not known to be a pleasant guy, Brit," muttered Mike, his brow furrowing.

"I know, Mike. But I still want to help because Kurt's my friend too," pouted the blonde.

He sighed. "Fine."

She beamed at him and tackled him in a hug.

He hugged her back softly, before grabbing her by the arms and pushing her back to look at her face. His features were set mildly in concern, and this caused her to frown in confusion. She began to ask her friend what was wrong, but he just shook his head and put his hands in his back pockets. She persisted for quite awhile until he finally threw his hands up.

"I just don't want you getting hurt, Brittany," sighed the boy. "Because this might lead to a fight."

"You'll protect me," grinned Brittany, determined to show nothing but confidence in her friend.

He looked uncertain, but she admired him for attempting to look at her with a reassuring bravery.

"So -," began Mike, clearing his throat, "does Santana know you're planning to help with this?"

She couldn't help but grow slightly defensive at that line of questioning. Because ever since the little fiasco with Artie and Santana, the team hadn't gone around and mentioned the girl in front of Brittany. And truthfully, she was still hurt by her best friend's rejection and the way she still had sex with Puck as if it were nothing, but that didn't mean they had to treat her like a child constantly. Because they always asked of Santana's whereabouts or if the girl had been there when Brittany had gotten into another fight with Artie. She always bit back her annoyance and just shook her head at her team.

"No, she doesn't know," frowned Brittany, her annoyance clear. "And I don't see the big deal of her having to know either. I'm not a little girl, Mike."

His lips quirked up affectionately. "I know your not, Brit."

So that's why she was currently annoyed at her boyfriend.

And that was currently why she was now walking down the hallway with Mike Chang by her side.

He looked at her and gave her a concerned look. She looked back at him and gave a little grin of reassurance; he grinned toothily in response and locked elbows with his friend. They had the appearance of two cheerful teenagers walking down the hall, but she knew that it was a lot more than that. She felt her stomach jump in nervousness and her heart start to hammer in her chest.

She knew she could possibly get hurt in this little meeting. Because while Mike was a decent sized guy and had an admirable set of lean muscles, she knew that Karofsky was still a huge guy and had seen the legendary fights the boy had been in. Hell, the boy nearly rivaled Finn in height. But instead of the slight lankiness that Finn possessed, Dave Karofsky made up for that in body mass that probably had a lot to do with all the weight lifting he did. And she had heard the rumors of him putting a senior football player in the hospital for two weeks after the boy had jokingly called him a Queer.

So she would be lying if she said she wasn't worried about this little 'intervention' they were doing.

But they were doing this for Kurt.

For their teammate.

She felt Mike tense up next to her when he spotted Karofsky leaning lazily against his locker, obviously making no attempts to rush; the tardy bell was about to ring.

She released a breath and tightened her arm around his in support.


They stopped in front of Karofsky, who was now looking at them with a scrutinizing look. He raised his eyebrow almost mockingly.

"Chang," nodded Karofsky curtly, before looking at Brittany.

She didn't attempt to look happy like she normally would. Instead, she scowled at the boy and released her arm from Mike's; it made her angry because it seemed like he just knew why they were there, and he seemed to be quite amused by it. He just smirked at her and looked at her mockingly, despite the equal glare on Mike's face. She could feel that anxious feeling bubble up again, but she ignored it.

"Stop playing games, Karofsky," glared Brittany. "You know why we're here. And you need to stop messing with Kurt because -"

He slammed his locker harshly, making Brittany jump.

"Because why?" He was standing up to his full height now, looking intimidatingly down at the two.

"Because it's not right that you're bullying someone based on their sexual orientation," commented Brittany, loosing her fear and forcing her voice to sound firm.

He sneered at her mockingly, and he took a step forward towards the two. She could only vaguely realize that Mike was putting her behind him protectively; her fear was beginning to grow and manifest itself in her entire body, and it was taking all she had to even concentrate and talk to the boy. She was not so sure she liked being on her own now.

"I'm suprised you even know what that means, retard."

She hastily put her hands on Mike's shoulders; his fist were clenched and his body had started forward angrily. Karofsky had a mad gleam in his eye, a gleam that just dared him to dart forward and take that hit. But the blonde was going to try with all of her power to stop that from happening. She did not want a fight to break out in an empty hallway with their team with the obvious disadvantage. And despite the fact that her throat closed up at the very familiar insult - and her eyes welled with tears - she was not going to let it get the best of her. Because she was not a weak girl who didn't know what she was talking about.

"Maybe that's why Hummel's a fag," spat Dave. "Do you have all the girls in your club fight for you guys, Chang?"

Mike's face was contorted in rage, and Brittany had to give it up to him for not attacking Karofsky right there. She opened her mouth to say something.

"Please, you stupid dyke," sneered Dave, his face morphing into one of daring. "Like you and Lopez are any better."

Brittany had to forcefully pull Mike away when he leapt forward. Karofsky just smirked and held out his arms in an open invitation. The blonde began to pant as she held on to a struggling Mike Chang's shirt; he was a lot stronger than his slim body appeared to be. She began pleading with him softly, begging him not to do anything. He finally relented, much to the disappointment of Karofsky; it was flashing on his face like neon sign.

"Just because you're in denial about being gay doesn't mean you have to take it out on people who are!" Her shout echoed off the hallway walls.

That apparently had been the wrong thing to say.

Dave Karofsky's face morphed into something that almost wasn't human. His face went a shade of red that seemed almost impossible; his eyes became so fierce and full of hatred that she felt pure fear travel down the length of her spine. She felt Mike push her out of the way as Dave began walking towards them with his fists clenched; he was panting and hissing like he just ran a marathon.

Brittany didn't know who thew the first punch.

But they were standing and fists were flying so fast that she couldn't even see what was going on.

They were pushing and twisting viciously like two snakes in a heated battle.

It wasn't like the movies where they threw fancy punches and Kung-Fu kicks, this was more wild; realistic fighting of two boys whose bodies were crashing together viciously and whose fists were clumsily fighting and missing. She felt a cry escape her throat when Karofsky suddenly slammed into Mike so hard that it sent him careening into the lockers behind him. She felt the beginning of tears in her eyes when Mike's face transformed into one of pain as he tried to hastily regain his footing, one of his arms pushing back against the lockers.

The scuffle was so loud she was suprised that no one had come into the hall to investigate.

Then again, they were practically on the abandoned side of the school where only three classes resided.

Hope began to rise in her chest when Mike charged forward at the break-neck speed he was known for and crashed so hard into Karofsky's midsection that they crashed into the opposite row of lockers.

Unfortunately, that's when things got even worse.

Karofsky had regained both of their footing and shoved Mike viciously away from him.

And the blonde had no time to react as Mike's body collided viciously with hers.

The force hit her so hard that she instantly went careening towards the ground - her eyes catching the ceiling briefly - until she felt the back of her head hit the ground. She heard a loud crack but that couldn't have possibly been her head. She just felt a ringing in her ears, and there was a flashing of colors underneath her closed eyelids. She struggled for breath and she thought she heard someone say her name loudly. She wasn't quite sure, because she turned on one of her cheeks against the cold ground and heaved for breath; she was trying to regain her bearings.

She thought she felt the ground beneath her vibrating; she heard a shout of rage and the sounds of the scuffle beginning once more.

She pushed her palm down on the ground and heaved in a deep breath as she tried to push herself up to at least sit up properly.

Her arms felt weak and her vision was blurry, but she kept struggling anyways.

She felt her chest constrict when she finally was able to fully sit up; her vision cleared slightly and she could see Mike on the ground with Karofsky throwing punches on him.


With a cry of pain she forced herself up and on her wobbly legs.

With her vision cleared she could see that down at the end of the hallway there were two teachers running towards them. She could faintly see a few heads poking out of the classrooms to witness what was going on. Karofsky just continued throwing punches at Mike's face, until Mike's leg miraculously came up and kicked him viciously in the midsection; Karofsky stumbled back with a hiss.

Mike hastily made his way to his feet, and to Brittany's horror his nose was bleeding and one of his eye's was bruised nastily.

The teachers were almost there, but the two boys still looked ready for some more. They looked like bulls who had just seen a red flag waved in front of them.

In order to avoid even more trouble that they were going to get into, she tried to make her way in-between the two boys.

But she concluded that wasn't the wisest place to be, seeing as Karofsky had his fist raised and it was flying at her.

She wasn't sure what happened next. She felt black enter her vision for the briefest second and it felt like she was out of control of her own body. She could definitely feel something solid collide with her back and the sound rang loudly in her ears. She was aware that she was sliding down; she felt her butt hit what seemed to be the ground. She didn't know; her vision was splotchy and she couldn't make out the loud voices that rang out. She could definitely feel half of her face light up in pain. It felt as if if her cheek were inflamed or something. She tried to blink groggily out of her dazed and nearly unconscious state, but her clouded vision wasn't getting any better. And the voices just got louder.

She was able to feel a hand on her arm though, but she couldn't exactly hear what they were saying to her.

She could feel herself being pulled up into someone's arms, and she felt an arm sweep down underneath her legs and completely pick her up.

She felt her head wobble and she put her head on the nearest solid thing; the person's chest. She could feel the person in question taking deep and frantic breaths. She wanted to tell them she was fine.

She blinked her blurry eyes and could vaguely recognize Mr. Schue's face peering down at her anxiously.

She turned her blurry vision to see - what looked like - Coach Beiste, who had her hand around Karofsky's neck with him pressed against the lockers; she was shouting furiously.

She could make out Mike, who was leaning heavily against the lockers and Emma Pillsbury seemed to be checking on him. It was then she realized the large crowd of students had gathered, and they were all pushing forward anxiously and tried to see what was going on; they were being held back by Principle Figgins. She could hear the faint sound of a bullhorn going off, and all the students seemed to silence. Brittany couldn't think of a worst time for Coach Sylvester to show up and see what exactly happened. She couldn't help but whimper a little at the thought of being kicked off the Cheerios or expelled. She didn't feel that much reassured even when Mr. Schue whispered that it would be okay and pulled her even closer. She could see the blazing lime green of Sue's track suit at she fought her way through the crowd.

She released a breath when Sue suddenly fought her way through; but all the breath left her lungs when she noticed the red, white, and black uniformed girls that had followed behind her.

She watched the woman take menacing steps forward as she went over to him.

She couldn't make out what she was saying to the boy, but it was enough to make the boy snarl and try and verbally retaliate.

Sue's head turned around and she seemed to smirk even wider when she noticed Mike leaning heavily against the lockers.

Brittany suddenly felt as if her condition was suddenly a lot worse than she originally thought, because as soon as Sue caught sight of the blonde that William Schuester was holding up steadily, her face morphed into one of blatant disbelief and then one of outright horror. Seeing Coach Sylvester speechless was definitely going to have to go into Brittany's list of impersonations.

The woman suddenly looked absolutely infuriated. She turned around with the speed of a cheetah and raced over to wear Karofsky was.

"How dare you even touch one of my Cheerios with your disgusting and obviously in denial monkey hands!"

"You go ahead and smirk at me Karofsky, I have Gloria Allread on speed dial and she will be hearing about your assault on my best Cheerio!"

"If this ruins Nationals for us you better pray you get a daddy in prison because I will personally break in and- "

"ENOUGH, Sylvester!" The shout came from Principal Figgins. He was slowly dispersing the groaning crowd, and Emma had Mike by the arm as she walked with him over to where Mr. Schue was still holding the blonde. Brittany held out her hand and Mike anxiously went forward and grabbed it, peering into her face anxiously. He looked so bruised; she suspected the pain on his face had little to do with his and more to do with her getting hurt. She tried to give him a smile, but whimpered in pain when she felt her inflamed cheek move. He looked frantic then, looking up quickly at the two teachers.

"She's looking pretty bad, Mr. Schue" swallowed Mike.

Mr. Schue nodded. "We need to get her to the nurse's office."

But for some reason, she felt panic rise in her chest. The sudden need for Santana was obviously overwhelming her. She wanted to feel her best friend beside her and clutching her hand and whispering words in Spanish because even though she couldn't understand sometimes, just knowing that it was Santana and that it was her way of reassuring and comforting the blonde it made her feel much more calm.

She tugged Mike's hand.

He looked down at her.

She tried to say Santana's name, but nothing was escaping her dry throat.

But he just seemed to know.

"I'll go get Santana," whispered Mike, leaning down and kissing her cheek affectionately. She just nodded with tears in her eyes.

She closed her eyes and leaned her head against Mr. Schue's chest, waiting for them to take her to the nurse.

She really needed Santana.











Yesh? Si or no?