See this? This is what happens when you combine a RP conversation with my Romano with my own, lonely angstiness! I don't even remember the conversation. All I know is I got a text one day that just said "Feliciano!" and after I answered I got "Ti amo, Feliciano, ti amo!" Basically I learned that she had been eating pasta and it had affected her greatly. I said something about everyone liking him (Lovi) better and forgetting about me (Feli) and what it would cause me to do, but if I told you what that was it would ruin the story!

Warning, there is, again, no Ita-cest in this story. Eventually, there may not even be brotherly love, but only time shall tell! Pairings that I foretell showing up are: Spamano, maybe, Gerita, very light hints of it though, and I'm thinkin a little Mr. awesome x –bleep—may just have to happen! (I'm not gonna tell you who, because then it wouldn't be as adorable…I guess…that's my logic)

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I DON'T OWN HETALIA: AXIS POWERS/WORLD SERIES (because if I did, Italy would have a lot of inner angst. :3)


"Oi, Veneziano, where the hell are you?" Lovino called out angrily as he let himself into his brother's house in Venice. He had simply assumed that Veneziano was here, since he hadn't seen him in their shared house in Rome. Taking a look around, though, he knew that it had been several days since his brother had been here, too. Sighing irritably, his nose crinkled as he realized where his stupid little brother was bound to be. He's probably with his damn Macho Potato Bastard.

The thought of his brother's German friend brought a bad taste in his mouth, and he didn't hesitate to spit it straight onto the expensive wool rug of the houses foyer. He stepped on the watery saliva, grinding it into the carpet with the toe of his boot. Serves the bastard right. He might fucking tell me when he's going somewhere.

He turned to leave, when a loud growl sounded from his stomach. He instantly tensed up and looked around himself savagely. If anyone was there to hear that, he'd rip their throat out, but alas, he was alone.

He now realized how hungry he was. He hadn't eaten all day, and the stupid tomato bastard had worked him like a fucking dog in the harvest. He had intended to make Veneziano cook something for him, or treat him to lunch at a restaurant, but seeing as the little idiot was in Germany, which was further away than Rome or Sicily (where his house resided) he'd have to feed himself.

But he really didn't want to cook…

Shrugging, he walked into the kitchen of the house, opening the fridge. What he found made him growl in disgust.

His stupid brother hadn't made pizza at all recently, but he had a whole fucking stock of pasta. Lovino loved pasta almost as much as he loved pizza, but he refused to eat any made by Veneziano. The bastard actually had the nerve to say that he made better pasta than Romano, and to show him that he was wrong Romano had banned himself from eating the crap. He had never even tried it!

"Stupid Veneziano…" he muttered spitefully as he pulled out a Tupperware tub of cooked spaghetti, grabbing the accompanying bin of tomato pasta sauce to put on it. He could see right through his brother's stupid scheme. He was forcing him to eat his cruddy pasta, right? Well if he was going to do it he was going to eat the tomato sauce, none of that nasty Alfredo crap!

He put the stupid pasta in the microwave, not even bothering to cover it as he heated it up. Stopping the timer seconds before it beeped (he couldn't stand the ugly sound it made) he pulled out the plate of sizzling spaghetti, slamming the microwave door and stomping over to the table. At least it didn't smell bad…

Cringing at what he was about to do, Lovino spun the fork in the pasta, and lifted the glop of tomato-y nastiness to his mouth. Cursing his brother one last time, he held his breath and shoved the food onto his waiting pallet.


Feliciano burst through the doors of his house, tears running down his face. "Veee~! Romanooo~! Nii-chan, are you still here?" He noticed a rather unsightly dark spot on his rug, along with dirty footsteps that he followed to his kitchen. "Nii-chan, I'm so sorry! I was at Doitsu's house when Spain-nii called me and told me you wanted to have lunch together!" As he walked in through the doorway of the dining area, he smelled leftover spaghetti, and his stomach grumbled. He hadn't eaten since breakfast, and Germany had worked him exceedingly hard during daily training today.

He was shocked at what he found in the kitchen. Sitting at his table with a plate of almost gone pasta before him was his brother. He had a fork in his mouth and tears in his eyes, and his cheeks were flushed considerably.

Noticing Veneziano standing there, watching him, Lovino's cheeks flushed an even darker red. "Ve-Vene…" He jumped up from his seat, dropping the fork back into the little bits of pasta that remained. Feliciano tensed at this, and began to fidget nervously.

"V-vee, nii-chan, you're not angry are you…?" Cautiously, Feli began to back away, ready to bolt and retreat if Lovi suddenly dove for him or picked up a sharp object to fling at him.

Caught off guard, Feli curled up into a ball when Lovino tackled him into an embrace. "No, Romano, don't hurt me, please!"

Lovino could feel his brother's trembling, and looked at him curiously. Feli's tears were flowing freely down his face. "Nyah, Vene-chan! I won't hurt you!" As if to prove this, he tightened his hold on his brother in an affectionate hug. "I'm sorry, fratello, don't be afraid!"

Confused, Feli began to relax, looking up at his brother quizzically. "L-Lovi, are you feeling alright?" he stuttered out, still trembling. He pulled his arm out from his brother's iron grip, pushing the back of his hand to Lovino's forehead. "You don't feel warm…" he observed, absently.

Lovino began to sob softly, burying his face into Feliciano's neck. "I'm so so sorry, Vene-chan. Your pasta really is better than mine!" As Lovi cried into his collar, Feli just sat there, trying to figure out what was wrong with his fratello if it wasn't fever. He didn't know of anything else that made one delusional…

"Lovi, I told you, I didn't say it was better. All I said was that you could make it better by adding more spices, that's all!" Of course, he did like his better, but his fratello's was good too. Delicious even. He was just a little more inventive with the flavor, is all.

"But it is better! Oh, fratello, I should have listened to you!" Lovino continued to sob, the tears staining Feliciano's uniform. He suddenly looked up and into his little brother's eyes pleadingly. "W-will you teach me how to cook?"

Feli smiled ecstatically. "O-of course! I'll teach you anything that I can, fratello!" he exclaimed. His fratello actually wanted to spend time with him!

"Then will you…" Lovi mumbled sheepishly, burying his face back into his little brother's shoulder. "Will you teach me how to draw, too?"

This set Feli back for a moment, but he quickly got over it and was even more overjoyed than before. "Si, fratello, I'd love to!" His brother had never really cared for art, but if anyone could teach him it was Feli. "How about lunch first, though? I'm starving!"

Lovino's eyes widened as he jumped up off of his brother and tried to help him up. "O-oi! Sorry, Vene-chan!"

Feli stood and brushed himself off, walking over to the fridge and opening it. "I guess you already ate, but are you still hungry, fratello?" Lovino nodded eagerly, making Feliciano giggle. "Did you want me to make you a pizza?"

Lovino blushed and shook his head. "I-I did, but could I have some more pasta, instead?"

Feliciano was surprised. Lovi never turned down his pizza. Granted, his pasta was pretty delicious, too. "Well, okay then. Do you want more spaghetti, or I could give you another kind. I've got a few different kinds of tomato sauce—"

"A-actually," Lovino interjected. "I…I'd like to try the Alfredo, per favore…"

Feli looked at him, somewhat shocked. He looked down at the creamy sauce's bin, pulling it out with accompanying fettuccini. He thought he ought to keep it simple for now. "Alright…that was what I was going to have, anyway…"

Spooning out the pasta and sauce, he covered them carefully, opening the microwave. His eyes widened at the disgusting state of his microwave. Tomato sauce everywhere…

Sighing, he wetted a washcloth to scrub down the mess. He never thought he'd dislike pasta sauce this much.

Noticing what his brother was doing, Lovino suddenly flushed scarlet, and his eyes filled with tears again as he let out a soft whimper.

Feli turned around upon hearing the pitiful sound, and dropped the washcloth when he saw Lovino crying again. He rushed over to his brother, hugging him around the waist. "Oi, nii-chan! What's wrong, ve?"

Between little gasps, Lovino explained, guiltily, what had happened from the time he walked in the door of the house to the moment he heated up the spaghetti. By the end of the story he was sniffling and wiping his eyes every few words. "I-I'm sorry, fratello, I—was angry and—now you have to—clean up my—mess…"

Feli didn't really care about the mess that much, and he could tell how ashamed of it Lovi felt. He patted his older brother's shoulder. "Don't worry, Lovi, it's not that hard to clean up! At least it's not dried on too badly!" His comfort seemed to sooth Lovino, as the older Italian's tears slowly stopped.

He looked at Feli sadly, but then his expression brightened. "A-alright fratello, but you're not cleaning up the mess of it, I am!" With that he ran over to the microwave, picking up the cloth and wetting it again, and started meticulously scrubbing down the inside of the dirty appliance.

Feli watched him without argument. His brother was willingly cleaning?

Idly, he wondered if the boy before him even was Lovino.


Of course Feli loved Spain, he was his brotherly figure when all of the other nations simply wanted a piece of his land (and his churros were possibly the most delicious fried, cinnamon covered snack in the entire world), but this wasn't his reason for wanting to visit him today.

"Well, I was kind of mean to him before I left. I guess we could go over there, and I could tell him I'm sorry… I just hope he isn't too mad at me…" That was why Feli wanted to go. He wanted to know what had happened to his older brother, since Spain was the last to see him before he went to Venice. This…person before him couldn't really be Lovino, could it? He hadn't even said one mean thing all throughout lunch. In fact, he'd done the opposite.

"Wow, Vene-chan, this is tasty, too! It doesn't even have tomatoes in it, and it's still this yummy? You're amazing, fratello!" 'Yummy' really wasn't a word that fit his brother's dialect. It was a stretch to even imagine him saying the food wasn't 'half bad.' And then there was that name, 'Vene-chan.' Where Lovino had picked that up Feli couldn't even begin to imagine. And that last statement…

Feli teared up. Lovi never called anybody amazing, except maybe himself. And he hadn't called Feli 'fratello' in such a long time…

So, maybe he seemed happier, and that was great, and he finally seemed to love Feliciano, which was all the little Italian could ever hope for, but it just wasn't Lovi!

"Nyaaah~! Venetia is so pretty, fratello!" exclaimed Lovino, gaping at the amazing sights of Feli's home as they sped towards Spain, pulling his brother out of his reeling thoughts. "And your people are so happy!"

"Yes, fratello, they always have been," Feli answered sadly. Who are you? Why was he suddenly making that sound all the time?

Lovino looked at his little brother, suddenly confused by the solemn tone of Feli's usually happy voice. "Are you okay, mio fratello?"

Feli winced. He would never call me that…

"Of course. I'm just tired…"

Lovi nodded as if he understood completely. "Mr. Germany must have worked you very hard! When we get back home we should take a siesta together, okay?" Feli sighed. "Get away from me, idiota! You smell like garlic and potatoes, no fucking way I'm sleeping with you!" That was what Lovino said the last time Feli wanted to take a siesta with his fratello.

"Alright, Lovi. That sounds great!" He tried to force a smile onto his face, but all he got was watering eyes.


"Hola, Ita-chan! You came to visit!" Antonio wrapped Feli into a warm hug, making him feel a little better than he had in the car.

He giggled joyfully. "Buon'giorno, Spain-nii! How have you been lately? I haven't seen you in—"

Behind him, Lovino made a small noise of discontent. He stopped immediately. It wasn't the usual huff or grunt of irritation, or the ordinary cursing under his breath. No, the sound Lovino had made was more of a little "peep" in sadness, and it made both Antonio and Feli freeze and look at him.

Lovi blushed and looked down at his feet, tears filling his eyes. He bit his lip and twiddled his thumbs anxiously.

Antonio simply dropped Feliciano, making the younger Italian's heart sink. "Hey, Romano, are you alright, mi amigo?" As Antonio reached out to the crying boy, he cringed as if Spain had intended to hurt him. "Hey, Lovino! I was coming to you next! It's just been a really long time since—"

Without allowing him to finish, Lovino suddenly wrapped his arms around Antonio's waist, burying his face into the Spaniards dirty uniform shirt. Spain froze as Lovi cried and whimpered apologies into his chest. "Tonio, I was so mean to you! You don't hate me, do you? Please say no! I love you Toni, okay? I'm sorry, I love you! I was just—"

"Woah, Lovi! Calm down. It's okay, I lo—" Antonio cleared his throat, blushing. "I love you too, I don't hate you. I couldn't ever hate you, Lovino, you're my little tomato! I know you didn't mean those things, I'm used to it—"

Lovi cried harder. "What do you mean 'you're used to it'? Am I really that mean?" He looked up at Antonio, his face horribly tear streaked.

"Th-that's not what I meant! L-let's just go inside, okay? I'll make you some hot chocolate or something…" Thus, Antonio led the crying Lovino, still cuddled underneath his arm, into the brightly colored Spanish house. "I know, how about some churros!" he offered

Feli froze in his tracks. Wait, what?

Lovino beamed, sniffing and nodding at the suggestion. "That sounds great!"

Happy that he had calmed his little Italian's tears, Antonio laughed, allowing the door to shut behind him, while Feli just stared at the solid oak wood now before him. He couldn't believe what was happening. He knew that Spain and Lovi were close but…

I thought churros were our thing…


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