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Feli didn't stop running until he had no choice in the matter. He was suddenly wracked by a violent choking, his throat ragged from running so far. He fell to the cold concrete, somewhat comforted by the feeling of the autumn evening's chills seeping into him through the ground. It made him feel like he could breathe, like the hot stuffiness was receding.

Crawling so he was slightly concealed from the human passers-by by the bushes of a nearby park, he curled up and continued to cry softly to himself, letting out nothing more than barely audible peeps every now and then. He didn't understand why it hurt so bad, all he knew was that it was worse than anything he'd felt in a long time. Maybe since his childhood when he learned of his beloved's fall...

This really was nothing compared to that. He knew that he shouldn't compare such trivial matters to the death of a loved one, but somehow he couldn't help it. His chest felt as though is would crack and split, and he wasn't exactly sure he would mind if it did. Anything had to be less agonizing than this.

He looked up, peering through the web of needles that was the bush. He watched the happy citizens frolicking through the park. Families, as happy as could be, engaging in picnics, outdoor games, feeding the ducks and other water fowl in the small pond, whatever families do.

He smiled as he watched a small girl running with a young German Shepherd puppy, holding the dog's toy inches from its face so that it would chase her. He laughed absently as the puppy, fed up with the chase, jumped for the toy, landing at the girl's ankles, causing her to stumble and fall to avoid squishing the fluffy dog. But then, he was reminded of his troubles as the girl's older brother ran over to her, exclaiming in concern as he picked his fallen sister up off the ground. That's how I always wanted him to be, wasn't it? He thought back to the days of his childhood, recalling the times he'd fallen and the way Lovino had ignorantly scoffed at or smacked his outstretched hand as he pleaded for help. As he thought back to the cold demeanor, he wondered whether he'd rather that than the new, lovey, somewhat childish attitude Lovino had taken up, meriting a few more tears and an uneven deep breath.

He tried to push the thoughts away, focusing on the family again. The language they were speaking, what was it? It wasn't Italian, or English, but somehow it was familiar to him...

Wiping his eyes, Feli began to crawl out of the bush. When he got out, feeling a bit of stinging here and there from the many places the rough and sharp branches scraped against his skin, he looked around at his surrounding environment. Not one of luxury and art like his own Italia, but something of order and peace...kind of like...

Suddenly he was struck by the horror of realizing just where he was. Why had he gone there? Didn't he want to go home, where he could cry, unknown to the world? Wasn't he aiming for the confines of his room where no one could see him and hold his senseless, selfish pain against him?

His mind racing, he was aware of only one thing: he had to leave. Quickly. The less that noticed him the better. He turned around rapidly, almost running into a tall blond woman. His eyes widened and he stuttered incoherently in Italian, trying hard to speak an apology but too tongue-tied to make it so.

Worry painted the woman's face. She leaned down to Feli's level, placing her hand gingerly on his shoulder. "Are you alright, sir?" she asked in her native language.

Realizing just how awful he must have looked, he suddenly felt very guilty. The woman was obviously very kind-and beautiful. In a normal state of mind, Feli naturally would have flirted with her-and his repulsively depressing state obviously would have caused her, and any other kind person he encountered, even the slightest concern.

Shaking his head, trying to remember anything he could in the language he had been trying to learn since he'd gained a friendship with the indigenous country, he spurted out hastily that he was fine, that he was sorry, that she shouldn't worry, that he was stupid and she needn't give thought to him or his physical state. A look of confusion crossed her face.

"You are a foreigner, I presume?" she guessed, interrupting his stream of apologies.

Feli stopped abruptly, blushing. He knew he was no good with any language that wasn't Latin based, but was he completely incompetent in it? He'd lived around it for so long, both during his childhood and around his best friend, one would think he'd be able to speak it at least somewhat coherently. Ducking his head in shame, he nodded.

The girl smiled warmly. "I can tell. You did alright, though. What is your primary language, perhaps I know it?" He told her, with a stifled smile, that he was Italian.

She pondered it, then shook her head sadly. "I know nothing of the Italian language, but I do speak a little Spanish and English. Can you speak either of those?"

Brightening, Feli nodded gladly. "I speak English fluently!" he chimed eagerly in perfect American dialect. He had to, after all. He was a nation, and English was considered the "Universal Language." He envied Alfred for this, learning other languages was hard! "I know a few phrases in Spanish, but they're only the ones my fratello-ah, brother uses all the time, and they're all a little...inappropriate..." He blushed, thinking of the selective qualities of his brother's mind. Then he sighed, realizing he may never see that side of said beloved brother again.

The girl smiled sadly. She thought for an instant that the boy before her would smile wholeheartedly. The flash of happiness was nothing more than a teaser, however, only succeeding to make her want to see the brilliant beam again, and for longer. That brief instant had shown her that the smile belonged there, probably quite at home being there.

"Well, then why don't we use English to communicate. That ought to make things a lot easier, don't you agree?" He smiled, nodding. She still had a bit of an accent, but he could tell that she had learned Arthur's dialect. Still, it would still be easier than trying to piece together what he knew of her language.

She, too, smiled happily, relishing in the glimpse of the adorable smile again. "So, what brings you here? Are you traveling?" she inquired.

Again, Feli darkened in expression, causing the girl to huff out in exasperation. "Umm-" she began.

A look of sudden terror crossed the boy's face. "Oh, that's right!" he exclaimed, jumping up. He looked at the girl, embarrassed and guilty. "I-I'm sorry, miss. I can't stay here. If my friend sees me...well, I can't let it happen...and I don't know where he is, but he lives near here so-"

"What if we go somewhere else, then? How about...out for coffee?" she suggested.

Feliciano was about to decline, but a cup of coffee or ten might do him some good... He wavered over the matter, then deciding that a cafe may have been the safest place in the country for him right now, he sighed and nodded. The woman stood up beside him, beaming at him in glee. "Then let's go, I know a place where they brew it pretty strong, so it might be better for you." His expression softened, realizing that, though cliche, her suggestion of coffee was actually based on a little background knowledge. She took this as a sign that he was feeling better, and thusly took his arm at the elbow. He blushed at the gesture, but didn't decline. It wasn't as though he wasn't used to walking like this with someone.


Receiving both the mug and the pot of coffee, Feliciano felt instantly rejuvenated. He'd have plenty to get his spirits up.

He'd learned on the way there that the girl's name, ironically, was Felicie. She had delighted at his laughter upon the likeness of their names, especially since her language wasn't Latin derived, so the name was an unlikely coincidence. She explained that he could use her nickname, "Eli", but he only laughed more, telling her that that was what he called Elizabeta (who he described as his "adopted mother" since she might find it a little odd for him to call her his coworker or fellow servent) after her had gotten over the formal stage of calling her Mrs. Edelstein (unsure of what to call her, since technically he had called her by her country name) but couldn't yet pronounce the Germanic name. Finally, in a burst of forwardness, he asked if he could simply call her "Felice," the Italian word for happiness. Blushing, she consented.

He had learned that she was a freshman in college, studying to major in Ancient European history (Feli had a hard time stifling the laugh for that one). Pretending to be interested and uninformed, he perused her library of knowledge on the matter, taking a specific interest in what she had to say about his ancestors. Of course, what she said about the Greek colonization of the south and the Etruscans didn't even begin to amount to any importance in his mind, but the moment she mentioned the rise and fall of the Roman Empire he was immediately swept back into his shroud of despair, fighting hard against the tears that welled in his eyes. If ever he wished that his Grandfather was still alive, it was times like now when he felt alone and worthless. Felice simply watched with careful eyes and squeezed his arm for comfort, gaining at least a little bit of pain from the boy to her side.

Then she started into the attempts at rekindling what Rome lost: the Holy Roman Empire.

Cringing at this, Feli told her that he knew plenty about that particular subject, that he was very well acquainted with the failed empire, and that he didn't need any further details. Well, it was true, wasn't it? They were well acquainted, and he didn't want to be reminded. He knew enough to know that his beloved had fallen, painfully. He knew it could only make the yearning and heartache so much worse if he knew just how painful the fall had been.

After that she had gone on to describe Ancient Greece. Of course, Feli knew Greece, and none of the stories of the ex-city states seemed to describe the lazy, kitty loving nation that slept through every world conference. The only believable parts were those about philosophy and pondering. Herecles definitely did think a lot. Whether it was worldly and wise or not, Feli couldn't vouch for.

After they arrived at the cafe, they had both quieted down, silently sipping their coffee in sanctuary. It was Felice that broke the silence, not surprising for the bubbly Italian's current mood.

"So, you never answered me," she reminded him casually.

He looked up and tilted his head. "What did you ask?"

"What brings you here?"

Feli thought, and found himself without an answer. What could he say? His brother was suddenly nice to him so he ran away? He was sure even Felice would question his sanity at that point. "Umm, I just needed to get away...you know?"

She nodded, seemingly understanding. "From?" she pursued.

Feli bit his lip. Why did she care, anyway? "I just..." He sighed. "Family issues..." he mumbled, folding his arms on the table and laying his head on them.

Felicie, concern clear in her eyes, scrutinized the depressed Italian boy. What could really be so bad? "Family issues, and to get away from them you came all the way to-"

"I-Italy?" a deep voice demanded from the corner of the shop. Felicie looked back quickly, shocked at the exclamation, whereas Feli jumped, crying out a sharp "Oh no!" before burying his face in his arms. What was he doing here, there was no reason for him to be in a cafe! He didn't even like coffee, or tea or sweets for that matter, so what-

"What do you think you are doing here without prior notice?" the blond man inquired, his voice stern.

Felicie turned around, confused beyond reasoning. "Do you know each other?" she asked politely.

Feli, still shivering and hiding in his sleeves made a tiny peep, then sat up, smiling despite his inner frustration and anxiety at having been found by the last person he wanted to see. "O-oh, Ludwig, h-h-how are y-you?" he barely managed to stutter out. "This was the l-last place I exp-p-pected to s-see you! Wh-What are you..." he trailed off, losing his voice.

The German seemed rather confused by the use of his human name, but understood after a thorough once over of the very human woman sitting at the table. "Ja, this is where I always get your coffee, Feliciano." He had to force himself to use the name, and it didn't sound good on his German tongue. Not nearly as sweet as his own had sounded in Feli's soft Italian murmur. He flushed slightly, shaking his head.

Feli, on the other hand, was thrilled. Ludwig had never used his human name, and despite the rough, cacophonous sound his accent gave it, it seemed plenty musical to Feli. Noticing the endearing and blissful look he got from the pleased Italian, Ludwig flushed deeper and looked away. "Well, are you going to answer my question or not?" he growled impatiently.

Still ecstatic, Feli smiled. "I've been talking to-"

"Alright, I've heard enough!" he interjected. He turned to Felicie, and bowed apologetically. "I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience, miss," He spoke in German, but Feli had the language skills to pick out the words he knew, and he knew the word "inconvenience" all too well. He ducked his head, hurt and ashamed.

Noting this Felicie ruffled his bangs. "There was no inconvenience, he was fun to talk to!" she assured.

Looking at her for a long moment, Ludwig looked doubtful. Shaking his head he sighed. "Well, this will pay for the cost of his beverages, I'm sure." He set a small roll of euros on the table. "I'll take him from here, Madame. C'mon, Ita-Feliciano." Giggling, despite the tears in his eyes and the pain on his chest, Feli allowed Ludwig to take him by the hand.

"Alright, grazie Felice! Ciao!" he sang to her as his friend towed him out of the room.

"Ciao, Feliciano!" she called back. The boy was smiling now. That's all she wanted after all.


"G-Germany~!" he cried out, unable to keep pace with the embarrassed German dragging him. "S-slow down!"

"Ne-nein," he denied, too flustered to think clearly.

"P-per favor-e!" he begged, straining the last syllable as he stumbled and fell, slamming his knee into the hard concrete sidewalk. He whimpered silently, his voice still raspy from crying.

Panicking, Ludwig whipped around, jerking the Italian up off the ground and onto his feet. "Oi, s-sorry, Italia!" Now a very short distance from him, Ludwig could see the abnormalities on Feli, the most peculiar being the flecks of green in his auburn hair. "Italia, why are there pine needles in your hair?" he asked. He pulled out the pieces of twig, making Feli shudder. "And your face is all scraped up." His voice was borderline alarmed as he pulled Feli's face up by the chin, examining it carefully. "And your uniform is a complete wreck-did someone throw you in a bush?" he asked incredulously, though not without a little threat.

"N-no," Feli admitted. "I, uh, crawled in on my own..." The incredulousness changed to full blown confusion.

"Why would you do-you were crying," he accused instantly, taking note of the redness where water had corroded the skin of Feli's face.

Tensing, the boy wrenched away from Ludwig, hiding his eyes as they welled again in pure embarrassment. How could he notice, it had been almost an hour since his last tear had fallen, or at least since they had stopped for the most part. He couldn't say he hadn't wiped his cheeks to catch the single ones that had escaped since. "W-why do you think th-that?" he mumbled, proving to the German that he was right. Whatever it was about him, Feliciano always tried to hide his tears. Sometimes he did better than others, but the attempt was always there.

He sighed, trying in vain to get rid of the feeling of warmth in his cheeks. "Because I know what you do when you cry," he claimed. He pulled Feli's face up, searching out the signs. "And I know what to look for when I think you have been." He touched one of the now burning cheeks (though he tried not to contemplate too long over just why his friend was blushing at such rough, simple contact. They were friends, there was nothing wrong with this...) "For starters, your face is dry and rough. I know well enough that you work hard to keep clean, smooth skin, because I've yelled at you for it countless times." He knew he shouldn't yell for such simple things, but it just wasn't right! Feliciano was a man, a soldier no less. Why did he need to have flawless skin? It was a luxury that only proved to agitate the German. Besides, for some reason it made him more feminine, and Germany wasn't so sure about how he felt about that idea. He was either upset that his best friend looked like a woman to him, or not so upset, which proved to upset him because he just shouldn't be thinking like that!

He cringed away from the gloved hand that held his face (of course Germany was in his uniform. Feli wondered if he had to work.), hiding his face in his bangs. "It's just because I..." He deliberated for a moment. "I ran out of moisturizer, and I haven't had the chance to buy more yet..." He was almost positive he would be reprimanded for his description. Something in the genre of "Never say that again, you pathetic girl." Of course, Ludwig was too kind to say it like that, but it would be in that meaning.

Instead, however, Ludwig just regained control of his face, looking into the red rimmed eyes. He wouldn't mention that, it was just a little too...upsetting. Whatever Feliciano had cried about, he had done so quite heavily for the marks to still be there.

"Then what about your lower lip. You chew on it a lot when you're upset, and it's rubbed nearly raw."

Keeping his eyes from contact with the deep blue that bore down on him, Feli smiled nervously. "I...haven't eaten today...so I was gnawing on my lip while I thought about it. Which reminds me, I'm really hungry. I think I'd better go get myself something to eat." He smiled, slipping out of the hand once more, and beginning his bound toward home.

"Wha-wait!" Ludwig ordered, snatching Feli's arm to keep him where he was. Feli looked up at him in confusion and slight worry. "Wh-why don't we get lunch together?" he offered, looking away.

Feeling both a bolting joy and sickening fear at this idea, Feli couldn't force himself to really deny it. "B-b-but you're wearing your uniform!" he pointed out. "Don't you have work?"

The German shook his head, rubbing the back of his head. "Nein, I had a short meeting with my Fuhrer, but there wasn't much to talk about. I was just going to get your coffee and go home. But if you wanted to..." He swallowed, worried with how the wording sounded. "...to go out, I wouldn't mind."

Feli brightened considerably, forgetting momentarily about everything from before. Only one thing mattered right then: Germany wanted to have lunch with him!

"I'd love to!" he sang, flushed a deep red from pleasure.

Ludwig blushed, a little put off by the excitement in his friends voice. So happy. Why? I'm not that special. It wasn't really an insecurity statement, just the blunt truth. Everyone loved little Italy-he couldn't really think of any real reason why they wouldn't-and would be thrilled to have lunch with him, and they were best friends so it's not like they hadn't had similar outings before, but somehow he managed to get this excited. Ludwig smirked, that smile was pretty...cute...and even if he denied it he doubted he could convince anyone that it didn't please him just a little bit that it was for him. Somehow Feliciano had a lot of smiles for him, and he wasn't always so willing to give one back.

"Well then, let's go...do you have a specific place you want to go?" He grew wary as the boy explored the choices in his head. He really didn't like pasta, and ninety nine point nine-not just one nine, either. They were continued until the number of times that wasn't what he wanted was so small it was basically nonexistent-percent of the time that was the thing Feli wanted.

He sighed a little in relief when Feli shook his head. "You can choose, Germany!"

Shrugging, he began walking in the direction of a sandwich shop he knew of. He just wanted something...simple. Feli trotted beside him, humming in contentment.

Suddenly, however, the humming stopped, causing him to look over at his silly best friend. The expression wasn't really that of pain, but more of saddening review. "Is something...wrong?" he asked hesitantly.

Feli bit his lip. "Well, I..." He thought, shrinking into himself with every passing second. "Am I really an 'inconvenience' to you, Germany? Is that all you see when you think of me?" The boy looked horribly dejected, causing Germany to pinch the bridge of his nose in irritation at himself.

"You understood that, then," he assessed. Solemnly, Feli nodded.

"Austria...used it a lot in the beginning...you know, when I was still klutzy and worthless to him..." Maybe I haven't really changed all that much...

"Well, Italien, sometimes you can be, but I wasn't really talking about you." Best to be honest. He couldn't help it, sometimes Italy just wasn't very much help. In war, that made him a liability. "It was just the more polite thing to say, in the case that she had something important planned, or the money was a little more than she was hoping to pay for a cup of coffee. I didn't mean it towards you in a hurtful way."

Smiling, still slightly upset but not on the verge of tears as he had seemed before, Feliciano sighed. "Okay..."

Sensing the remaining hurt there, he felt the need to go further, in hopes that he might get rid of whatever weight Italy held on his heart. "A-and, I didn't know you when you belonged to Austria, and I'll admit that you're still very, very clumsy, but I'm confident that you were never worthless." Now he had himself in a crimson blush, embarrassed about his attempts to convince the Italian of what a prize he was. He was his best friend, though! Certainly a good friend wouldn't let him go on in that pitiful state of self critique.

All he received was a disbelieving scoff. "Right, you wouldn't know..." Ludwig was about to argue, but the boy moved the subject as instantly as possible. "So, um, what am I to you?" he asked.

Ludwig thought, how was he supposed to answer that? Gottverdammt, Feliciano. What do you expect me to say? He tentatively set one foot in the potential minefield. "Well, we are allies of course."

He realized he'd stepped wrong as Feliciano slumped slightly beside him. "Oh..."

"A-and my best friend!" he added quickly to the previous answer.

Feli looked up slightly, afraid of eye contact. "Just as countries, or on a personal level?" he pursued warily.

One more step. "Both! We're not just nations, Italia. We are friends even after that!" His voice was slightly higher than normal talking, though not quite shouting.

"Then why..." Feli began, swallowed, and tried again. "Then why don't we spend time together more often, just the two of us?"

Ludwig looked at him with confusion. "Italy, we practically live together. What more can you ask for?"

"I don't know..." His voice trailed off. He silently stared at his feet as they walked.

Ludwig huffed out. He just couldn't win back the smile. "What else?" he demanded, perhaps a little too sternly.

All he got was a nervous Italian, biting down hard on his already sore looking lower lip. "Tell me what else is bothering you, Italia," he insisted.

He looked unsure, but gave in despite his fears. "I-if we're f-friends away from war, th-then why do we have to use our c-country names?" His words were rushed, but they hit Ludwig hard. Blushing again, he took a deep breath.

"If it should so please you then we can...use the other ones..." he muttered quietly.

Feli perked up, looking up into Ludwig's brilliant blue eyes with hope. "R-really?" he cried out happily, surprisedly.

"O-of course...Feliciano. Any-anything you want. Now, are you feeling better n-"

"Oh, grazie Ludi!" Feli cooed, flushed again from hearing his name on Germany's tongue. He hugged the German with undeniable enthusiasm and happiness, making him stumble.

Ludwig tensed instinctively, his face the color of a beet. "Wh-wh-what are you doi-"

"Ah!" Feli cried. He jumped off and away from his friend, wanting to recoil into a hole and never come out. Ludi had said they could use different names, not hug. He probably felt awkward beyond belief. "S-sorry, Ludwig..."

Noting Feliciano's obvious guilt, Ludwig sighed. He offered his arm out to his friend, still tomato red and completely embarrassed.

Feliciano looked at him in confusion. Carefully, slowly, Feli reached to him and linked arms with him, looking into Ludwig's face to watch for any sign that he had read the gesture wrong. He received none.

He giggled, cuddling up to the arm he was offered, humming to himself in undeniable and unbreakable bliss. Grazie, Ludi. he thought happily to himself. Grazie mille...Ti amo...


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