The rain showed no signs of letting up as the afternoon gave way to evening. I had sent a message to Duram telling him I had found something interesting regarding Sarno but I hadn't told him what. That was over two hours ago and he had yet to call me back. Since then I had accessed my work computer to check the files we had on Joseph Adama to help refresh my memory. I then replayed the holoband recording several times trying to find something I had missed the first time but nothing had materialized by the time Emma had come home from work. Hearing the sound of her dropping her keys onto the table downstairs I decided to call it a day and I made my way to greet her.

She stood in the kitchen with a towel wiping dry her rain soaked hair. When she had finished her once tidy mane of jet black hair was now a mess of dark strands protruding from her skull like some nest of black vipers, an image I found quite amusing as it reflected her sometimes fierce temper.

"Nice look," I said to her leaning against the doorframe to the kitchen.

"I'm a married woman," she replied. "I stopped trying to look good a long time ago."

"Ah that explains it," I said jokingly. "How was work?"

"Don't ask!"

"Alright then I won't," I replied knowing full well that I was going to hear this story anyway about whatever incident she had brought home with her.

"We had a real pig of guy staying at the hotel. First of all he insisted that his company had paid for him to have a luxury suite and we only had a receipt for a standard room so naturally he demanded to speak to the manager, oh uh that would be muggins here, and I had to spend thirty five minutes repeating myself that he could only have the luxury room if he was willing to pay the extra one hundred and twenty five cubits."

"You should have done what I would have in that situation; shoot him."

She smiled in amusement. "Unfortunately I left my gun in my other purse."

"Well that was silly. So what did you do?"

"Well I wasn't going to back down and after thirty five minutes I think he figured that out."

"Did he pay the extra cubits?"

"Unfortunately for Mr. Blight he had to make do with a standard room. Then after that I had to deal with the hot water going off on the third floor…" Her sentence was cut out by the sound of a car horn beeping outside. It was a horn I recognized but nevertheless I went to the window to confirm it. "Who is it?"

Pulling the curtains to the side I saw the rather ominous looking car that had beeped its horn parked on my driveway with its lights on and its engine still idling with a low growl. The rain was lashing against its bodywork creating a hazy spray around it.

"It's Jordan," I explained letting the curtain fall back into place.

"What does he want with you on a Saturday night? Have you been working today?"

"I just checked a few things out for him that's all. You and Archie were out so I thought it would be ok."

"Why does he always ask you? Why not that other Agent, what's her name, Youngblood?"

"It's complicated," I replied trying not to get into office politics with her.

"Complicated? Really?"

"Yeah," I said as I reached for my jacket. Even though he was parked just a few feet from my front door I knew that rain this heavy was going to soak me through to the bone even if I was exposed to it only momentarily.

"It just seems a little odd that's all. A few months ago you two were at each other's throats and now he's Director you're suddenly his golden boy."

"Yeah well a lot has happened since then. I think since he was shot Jordan is having trouble trusting people. Who can really blame him. At the time he was the only one who suspected that something was up at the GDD and I think he's still suffering the fallout from that. I think I'm probably the only one left he truly trusts. We've known each other since we were kids before everything got complicated." The car horn beeped again. "I won't be long."

I opened the door and ran the short distance to Jordan's car before opening the passenger side door and climbing in before quickly closing it. I found myself sitting beside a rather blank-faced Jordan Duram whose cane was resting in the footwell of the passenger seat. I moved it to the side to make it more comfortable to sit in the car before he took it off me and placed it in the back of the sedan.

"Don't you have a home to go to?" I asked him.

"Nothing there for me except a stray cat who eats through my garbage bags and drags the contents across my yard, what would I want to go there for? Your message said you had something about Sarno."

"I said that I may have something for you," I corrected him wanting to make sure that he understood me. "What would you say if I told you that Sarno came into contact with a leading member of the Ha'la'tha crime syndicate less than twenty four hours before he died?"

"I'd say you were teasing me," he said as dryly as he looked. "Who is it?"

"Joseph Adama; you know him?"

"Refresh my memory," he said.

"He used to go by the Caprican name Adams but after his wife and daughter were killed he had a sudden resurgence of Tauron patriotism and changed it back to his birth name of Adama. He was one of the many war orphans brought here from Tauron during the first uprising and while in an orphanage here he was recruited by the Ha'la'tha for the public face of their little organization. He's now their main lawyer. He works nearly all their cases whenever they get to court, if they ever get to court providing any witnesses haven't suddenly dropped off the twelve worlds, nearly all of which he either wins or his clients jump planet while on bail. We know that he was involved in the recent overthrow of the former…Guatrau I think they call their boss and is quite close to the new one."

"Is he frakking her?" asked Jordan remembering that the new head of the Ha'la'tha was a woman.

"I don't think so. He has remarried and his new wife's got a kid on the way."

"So what was he doing talking to Sarno?" asked Jordan who obviously wanted me to now cut to the chase.

"This you're really going to love," I said knowing he had a history with the name I was about to mention. "Graystone, as in Daniel Graystone of Graystone Industries and of course his lovely wife Dr. Amanda Graystone. Sarno was conducting an interview, a kind of follow up to that one we all remember from a few months ago, at the Graystone's place and Adama turned up just as they were finishing."

"Well what was Adama doing at the Graystone's place?"

"I don't know. I got all this from a recording made by the film crew during the interview, it was one of the pieces of evidence Galanos was kind enough to handover. Adama showed up at the end just before they stopped filming."

"Hmm.." murmured Jordan as he thought for a moment before explaining, "We've suspected that Graystone had links to a crime syndicate for a while now. My money was actually on those Basileus boys from Canceron. Looks like it's actually the Ha'la;tha, damn, never saw that coming."

"There is something else I think you should know. Joseph Adama has a brother, Sam, and he is one of their top hitmen."

"Do you really think the Graystones asked for the Ha'la'tha to take out Sarno?"

"It's possible. Maybe Daniel Graystone wasn't too pleased about the damage Sarno did to his reputation after Zoe Graystone turned suicide bomber. Maybe Graystone wanted to give Sarno a chance to redeem himself, maybe even apologise, by doing the interview and arranged with Joseph to have Sam ready as a back up to take out Sarno in revenge if the interview didn't go well?"

"So you think the motive for Graystone is revenge for Sarno helping Graystone Industries fall from grace just before they introduced those Cylon things?"

"Well Graystone did lose millions of cubuts. That's enough to piss off anyone. There is another possibility," I said suddenly remembering something I had read in Adama's file.

"Go on!"

"Joseph Adama's wife and daughter were both killed in the Maglev bombing. It's possible that they met during one of the memorial services and are just friends."

He looked at me incredulously. "Do you honestly believe that?"

The truth was I didn't. "I just thought I'd throw it out there."

"What about Galanos, is he cooperating?" he asked.

"So far. I think he knows that we're going to get in on this case before long and he doesn't want the political backlash that comes from fighting us on this. He resisted but he I knew was going to give in, I could see it."

"Ok, good job. I'll get back to the office and start taking a closer look into Graystone and Adama. I'll call you tomorrow."

"Y'know Jordan it is a Saturday. Why don't you come in for a bit? Have a drink."

"No thanks, I got to get home soon so I can catch that furry little frakker whose going through my garbage. Some other time though. You get back to your family. Emma will be wondering what's taking so long."

I knew he wasn't going to agree to it. He was now more estranged to the world than anyone I had ever met but I hoped that one day he would come back. Rebuffed I therefore took his advice and made my exit back into the heavy rain.