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She's supposed to be this naïve/stupid/innocent. That was the entire point. Even the title of the story 'Falling From Grace' is more directed to her then at Desmond. She's supposed to be the one 'falling', the one that in later chapters becomes corrupted and broken. And just because she's nineteen years of age, doesn't mean she has to be incredibly matured. And ever heard of dumb luck? Yeah, she's full of that! Just cause she's naïve and enjoys to stare at trees in fascination, doesn't mean she can't shoot things and kill them.

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| Chapter Five - Sleep |

Behind his abode, Desmond stood over a corpse. Standing still, he looked over the ocean as the sea breeze swept over him, if the salt filled air irritated the ghouls face, he did not show it.

The sun had already hid behind the sea, and the darkness had swept across the entire island. Nothing but little bright stars covered the sky, as well a big round moon to shed a tad of light into the darkness.

Memories of a time simpler then this swirled through his head as he absent mindedly stood there, seemly reliving these memories through his skull. Days when he would drive ten miles from London toward the ocean, and just lazily sit back on a bench with an arm draped over a petite and smaller body who leaned lovingly against his own. Days when tiny hands filled with seashells reached out toward him and happily exclaimed: 'Mum, Dad, look!'

He had heard her. And it was enough to make Desmond snap back into his senses. That memory had been so clear, he had actually heard her. He quickly took a quick glance around, to make sure there really wasn't anyone around, before he snapped his harsh gaze back downward, and quickly lodged his foot into the deceased mans rib cage. The sickening crack of broken bones and flesh echoed around him, the sound quickly made Desmond forget about the memory, and instead a sly grin spread across his face, before shoving the body off the edge of the cliff. He listened as it tumbled downward, until a large splash indicated it had finally hit the water below.

"About fucking time! Really, disposing of these morons can be such a pain in the arse." He stretched a bit, bones cracking through out his body, before closing his eyes and tilting his head to the side, grunting as his neck cracked as well. "…Who the fuck do they thing they are anyways? Coming to try and kill me… those ignorant pieces of trash should really learn that being my enemy isn't a fucking way to proceed happily with life… Morons."

The ghoul turned around and started walking back to his mansion. Watching as his two pups play-wrestled in the darkness. Their cute half-hearted growls filled the air and he couldn't help himself from rolling his eyes. "Stupid pups…" He muttered to himself as he passed the two, who only looked up at him with wagging tails, before going back to frolicking. While he did love them, the sight of the two overgrown dogs playing made him realize how truly dumb they were.

Entering his mansion, Desmond slowly closed the front doors, quickly leaning his forehead against the surface of both, before sighing and pulling himself away, and lazily strolling toward his little office in the back. He was so goddamn tired. Which was odd for him, really. It wasn't unusual for him to go days with out sleep, he was actually quite used to it by now. But, fuck. Tonight… he would love to go to sleep and just forget about everything. For at least a few hours.

He finally walked into his office. Licking his dried lips and half-mindedly rolling his eyes to look at the monitors before he made his way upstairs to his bed. Only to notice, that the girl he had sent to the cathedral earlier, was standing in his goddamn yard.

Genuinely surprised for once, cloudy eyes widened behind scratched lenses before he leaned forward and looked closer at the screen, before exclaiming. "…You've got to be fucking with me!"

The sleepiness he had felt all but evaporated as he quickly stormed toward the front doors, and practically threw them open out of sheer frustration, and right as he did, the girl had only been a few feet away from reaching them. She jumped a bit, obviously surprised at the sudden introduction. And for a good few seconds, the two simply stared at each other. Eyes wide and unblinking. It was almost comical, really.

Finally, with a rough lick of his lips, Desmond decided to break the silence. "…Alright, kid. I'm going to give you one chance, and one fucking chance only, to tell me… What the fuck are you doing back so soon!"

Tiny hands began fiddling with each other, a nervous tick of hers, as those big hazel eyes quickly flicked downward in both fright and embarrassment. "…W-well… I s-sort of need… some help…" She muttered, a pink blush coloring her cheeks as she refused to look up, and just stared at the floor.

Desmond, had been staring into those big eyes, actually. And when she had looked away, it had annoyed him beyond belief. He had always dreaded when people wouldn't talk directly to him. People who did that, were weak. Like a dog with it's tail between it's legs, cowering in a corner.

She was just like a puppy. Weak and helpless. Easily crushed…

Teeth gritted behind dry lips and without a second thought, his decrepit hand shot outward and roughly grabbed at the girls chin. Causing her to whimper a bit, before he tilted it upward so that they could be at eye level again. "…Of course you fucking need my help." He stated, head tilting to the side as his fingers tips pressed down on her soft flesh, not enough to hurt her, but just enough for him to memorize the feeling. "People for the most part are fucking inconsistent, and can't do anything on their bloody own anymore…" Scoffing a bit, Desmond slowly let go of her chin, and stepped to the side, gesturing for her to enter the mansion.

She blinked, head once again looking downward, before quickly stepping into the warmth of the house. While he closed the door behind her, she couldn't help her self from smiling a bit, and quickly poking at her chin in childish amusement and innocently thinking to herself: 'Just like a tree…'.

"What the fuck do you need my help with?" He slurred as he walked passed her, snapping the girl from her thoughts and looking up at him. He looked back at her, eyebrow raising before shrugging his shoulders. "Well? Do you need me to brush your hair? Do your nails? Or are you really an idiotic child that has daddy issues? I'm going to tell you right now, princess. I'm not your fucking daddy and I have no damned intention of becoming so. Now please, stop wasting my time and tell me what the fuck do you need my goddamn help with."

Evelyn's face saddened from listening at the harsh lecture, but she tried her best to calmly reply. "… I need to know what the Punga Queen is."

"The fuck?"

"…I don't know. It's what they said. The Tribal's won't let me enter the cathedral until I face the Punga Queen... But I don't want to go find it with out knowing what it is, so I came back. I figured you'd know something."

"Well I know what the fuck a punga is, but with those idiots, the 'Queen' of it could be anything. Were you able to find any other information on it? Or did you come back without goddamn anything? If so, I'm going to be disappointed in you…"

"…I-… I just came back, Mister. I was worried. I mean, you don't even know what the Punga Queen could be..."

He stared at her for a minute, understanding her caution, before sighing and muttering a cluster of curse words under his breath, and walking off toward one of the stairs, quickly climbing it onto the second floor, and leaving the girl behind in confusion.

After a few moment, Desmond finally returned down stairs, a little amused at the sight of his pups in the house, seemed that the girl must have opened the door for them, as she herself, was sitting on the floor with her palms happily scratching the back of Geri's neck.

He growled loudly, getting the girls attention instantly, before bringing his palm high so she could see it. "Alright. See this? This, is a fucking punga. It's that goddamn fruit that grows all over the fucking place, these fuckers tend to eat it and it drives them a bit loony as you can tell. They even started worshipping the damn stuff. But I've never heard of a fucking 'Punga Queen' or whatever the fuck they call it. You should have fucking found out though!"

He tossed the fruit at her and was surprised she had caught it. He half expected the girl to miss and instead it would have hit her between the eyes. What a delightful sight that would have been. With her dumbfounded look covered in muck. He walked back into his office. Watching as the girl tilted her head and began to feel the fruit.

"Can I eat it?"


"Is it dangerous if I eat it?"

"Well, if those tribal's worship it, I suggest there is something wrong with it… I've eaten one myself before, nothing happened. But I wouldn't take my chances and eat one every goddamn day either."

The girl eyed him for a bit, before shrugging and suddenly took a nice big bite out of the fruit in her hands. Her eyes widened, she didn't expect the slight explosion of juices that came from it when she locked her teeth. The sweet liquid spurred into her mouth, filling it quickly before it started dripping down her lips, overflowing unto her jumpsuit.

Desmond watched the carless girl in silence, fighting the urge to simple gawk at her. It was almost as if she was trying to make a bigger mess, and honestly, he didn't mind. It was quite a wonderful… distraction. The way her pink tongue poked out from between her soft lips to run across her bottom lip. Trying to scoop up the sticky substance and pull it back into her mouth. He continued to stare intently down at her, his lips twitching into a faint smirk before she popped the last piece of the punga fruit into her mouth, bringing her sleeve up to wipe the rest of the juices off of her mouth. The minute she looked back up at him, the smirk vanished and was replaced with an angry expression, as if annoyed that she had taken so long eating.

"What? Is there something on my face?"

"Not anymore…"

"Oh. Well. That was good!"

"Well I'm glad you enjoyed your fucking snack. Now, take my advice and try to stay away from those things. Eating too much might make you go bonkers."

"Nope! See?" She shook her head, reaching her arm toward him so that he could get a better look at her Pip-boy. "It reduced my radiation level. It must be good for you."

The ghoul barely shot the contraction on her wrist a glance before looking straight at her, eyes half lit in boredom. "…Mhm. Have you ever been drunk, kid? Have you ever done Jet, Psycho, or any of those other drugs? The effects of those things are dangerous, and yet they don't happen instantly. Of course not. It doesn't matter if that shit reduces your radiation, the effect it might give you will be even worse. If the tribal's have eaten enough that they decided to worship the fucking thing, then there is obviously something wrong with it. Let me just tell you right now, kid. If you start going wacko and you dare pull a gun on me, don't fucking think for a second I won't hesitate to pull a bigger, and better one back on you."

"…" The girl frowned. Fighting the urge to snap at the ghoul and tell him to get off her case. Really, he was so mean! But, she quietly nodded, knowing that the older male was right, watching as he rolled his clouded eyes and turned his back to her to walk into his office. "I'm not leaving until you help me figure out what the Punga Queen is." She muttered, firmly. Oh yes. She could be assertive if she wanted to!

"So, you are fucking refusing to help me until I give you some information on this fictional Punga Queen? Look, kid, you are more likely to be the Punga Princess than there being a fucking queen in the first place."

"…I could be a princess?"

Evelyn asked with a raised brow, obviously not catching onto Desmond's sarcasm. The ghoul rolled his eyes as an irritated sigh drawled out from his mouth, before shooting a sharp glare at her direction. It quickly made the young lady realize her stupidity, and quiet down for a good few minutes as he made his way toward his office, but it was remedied a moment later.

"…Listen. I need to help you if I want to finish my own mission, correct? Well, I can't help you if I haven't the slightest idea what this Punga Queen might even be. I rather go out searching for it when I'm sure there's not going to be a trap waiting for me. So yes, I refuse to go to it without your help in return!"

She stomped her booted foot down on the wooden floor as she finished speaking indicating that she would not budge.

Though her actions were childish, and not at all as 'assertive' as she might have thought they were, Desmond admired them anyways, though only slightly because everything else about the girl annoyed the ever living fuck out of him. But, still. Maybe he had underestimated her. Maybe she wasn't as low as a puppy.

"Fine then, you little brat. Come with me then."

Desmond quickly walked out of the first floor, with Evelyn skipping in tow. They walked passed the sleeping dogs, up the stairs, and down one of the many dark halls of the ancient mansion. The two finally entered a darkened room, it's door hung broken from the top hinge, swaying lazily to the side. The lithe ghoul ran his ruined palm across the side of the wall, after a few seconds a soft buzz could be heard, before the dust crusted chandelier turned on, engulfing the room in a dimmed light.

Evelyn's eyes fluttered for a bit, adjusting to the sudden brightness that stung her vision, before running her eyes across the room. It looked like a personal study. There was a desk in the corner, little nick knacks riddled the surface, such as trophies and some pictures she was sure did not belong to the ghoul himself. Most notable however, was a beautiful marble globe standing by the corner of the desk. It looked nothing like the one she had found back in the Capital Wasteland. The hard plastic one with the faded blue surface that now stood somewhere in her kitchen back in Megaton. She smiled at the memory it brought to her, and how she longed to be back in her small, but safe home.

The ghoul, however, had made his way to one of the many bookshelves that stacked one by one against the opposite wall. Knowing exactly what he was looking for, his clouded eyes quickly scanned the books, before plucking one small journal and turning around to face her.

"Alright, you fucking hussy. All I know about the Tribal's are right here. Back when I first came to this shithole, the Tribal's weren't hostile. They were still bonkers, but they never tried to kill me. Besides doing my own personal work, out of curiosity I started observing them and taking notes. Trying to see if they'd be a threat to me or if they could even help me with my work… As you can see, it's been a long time since I've last touched this thing. After a few entries, I assumed they were of no use and stopped giving a fuck. It's not only until recently that they've… reequipped my interest again. You know, since they've randomly decided to kill me and all…" He trailed off before shrugging his shoulders and handing the leather-bound book down to her. "That's all I know about those inbreds. Other then this, I cannot help you further."

Hazel eyes lit up excitedly as she gleefully took the journal from the older man's decrepit hands. It had been awhile since she had gotten a chance to read, she was looking forward to this. She quickly waked toward the desk from earlier, swatting away the unimportant knick knacks, avoiding the beautiful globe, and placed the journal flat on the desk. "Let's see here!" She talked lowly to her self, licking her fingertip before opening the book to the first page. She was greeted with an unseemly surprise though, and her glee turned into confusion. "Uh… Mister?" She turned around.

The ghoul was staring up at the book case again, seeming to be trying to look for another book, or maybe he was just dozing off. At the mention of his new title, however, the ghouls gaze turned back to her, arching a brow, yet he stayed silent.

Finding it as an indication to go on, Evelyn spoke again. "I… can't read this… language."

At this, Desmond's eyes widened a bit before narrowing, a tsk was heard as he quickly made his way toward her. "Are you telling me that you're so fucking simple minded that you cannot even understand how to read English? The goddamned language that you flap your lips to?"

"What? English?" She looked surprise. "Oh, no. I can read and write English perfectly fine. It's actually one of the things I excelled in. But this… this writing is all curvy and connected… It's a mess. It's not English, Mister."


Desmond had to stop himself from snapping at the girl. As much as he wanted to scream and inform the stupid bitch how much of a moron she was, he figured that teaching her something that could actually be useful in her life was much more appropriate, despite his frustration.

"…Alright, princess, listen carefully for I will only say this once. What you're reading there is cursive! In England, when I was a lad, we were all taught to write this way. Hell, I'm damn sure even American's taught their children to write like this, it really isn't that uncommon."

As he spoke, he walked up behind the girl pressing his chest against her back to point down at the writing in the book. He hated to admit it, but the feeling of being so close to another human being was… pleasant. Not even in a perverted manner, honestly. Just to feel something other then one of his pups that breathed against him was a pleasant and very much missed sensation. He'd forgotten how welcoming it could be.

Though, it might have felt much different to her, for she tensed up immediately and turned her head to the side to look at him with wide eyes for a minute, before slowly looking back down at the journal where his yellowed finger nail tapped against the written paper.

"If you look very carefully, you can make out the letters." Her hair smelled clean, just like he had thought when he had first saw her through the monitor. It wasn't necessarily a sweet smell, but it was fresh in a way. She smelled like plain soap, with a hint of honey. A rarity in the Wasteland. "They will appear to look quite similar to the English you're used to reading. See? What letter is that?" He mused over the fact that he hadn't insulted her or even raised his voice. He was actually being gentle with her.

"It's a D." She exclaimed softly, the smile clearly being heard through her voice.

"For Desmond." He stated. He almost continued to slide his finger across the entire sentenced, almost wanting to continue helping her… But suddenly pulling away and taking a good five steps away from her, instead. The sudden departure made the girl turn to face him, confused. "Well, that's enough lessons for you, kid! The rest I'm sure you can fucking learn on your own, it really isn't that difficult, is it?"

"I guess! So the swirlies really aren't just a bunch of nonsense!"

Desmond twitched, eyes closing in frustration as he once again fought the urge to scream at her. This time, for having the audacity to call his writing 'swirlies'. But after letting out a breath of air, he spoke again. "Yes, well, take your time. Learn this and you should be able to read the entire thing, you might be able to even write like this some day. Knowing you it may only take five, maybe six years…" He rolled his eyes to himself and turned to walk out of the room. Maybe he could finally get that sleep he so longed for until she showed up.

But alas…


Not even ten seconds later, he had to hear her piercing voice once again. He also noticed she had called him by his name, and not by the title she had given him. The little bitch was beginning to get confident. To begin trusting him.

"I got an idea! Why don't you simply… read the book to me? And I'll just listen! I mean, really, you didn't write that much. Twenty pages, tops! And honestly, all I really need to know about is the Punga Queen, everything else is irrelevant!" She grinned. "Then when you're done, I can go off and do that thing you want me to do! This is really much more convenient them me wasting my time trying to learn cursive! Honestly, I am so smart sometimes, I even surprise myself."

Oh, that manipulate little bitch! Even the smile he gave him was a sly and mischievous one. He really did underestimate her. Under all that innocence and stupidity, she could really fuck someone over if she tried hard enough.

"…Move!" He growled before striding fast toward her.

Evelyn was rather please to see that he was actually going to go with her plan, for once. She hopped to the side, to give him access to the journal on the desk, and quickly plopped her self down onto the wooden floor, getting comfy. But as she waited, she did not hear the ghoul start to read. In fact, all he was doing was scanning through the pages, rather quickly in fact, much too fast to be able to read."

"Uhm. Desmond? Why aren't you reading—"

"LISTEN YOU FUCKING BRAT! I am not going to read you a damned bedtime story, I am going to rewrite this entire fucking thing in a fashion in which an inbred bitch like you can comprehend! And just so you know, smartass, there aren't twenty goddamn pages, there are fifty! Now sit your ass down there and SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

The girls eyes had widened the more and more the ghoul insulted and yelled at her. Once he was finished, her eyes must have been the size of saucers. "…" She blinked, finally. And if the ghoul was seeing right, her eyes had watered and her bottom lip surely trembled. Though, she tucked her pout behind her teeth and blinked the tears back to the best of her abilities. Before shrugging slightly, and slowly sitting back until she was laying down. Sprawled across the floor. "…You don't have to be so mean about it…" She muttered, eyes starting up at the dusty and dim chandelier.

"Yeah, yeah." Desmond muttered, eyebrow raising as he turned his attention back to his journal, skimming through it half mindedly. "... I'm not going to lie, kid. I do need your fucking help, which is why I'm being kind enough to translate this shit for you. You better be fucking grateful, do you fucking hear me? I shouldn't be wasting my time with the likes of you. Nothing but an idiotic Wastelander... How you've survived this long on your own is a fucking miracle." He licked his lips, and nodded to himself. Rewriting everything on one of his many terminals would be easy. He was fast at typing, always had been. All he'd have to do was retype the whole thing… he'd be able to do it in two hours, maybe less. "Well, isn't that convenient? I'll be able to make it readable for your dumbass sooner then I—"

She had fallen asleep. Laying on her side, huddled to keep her body heat from leaving her. Usually proper hair, was now sprawled messily across the wooden floor, closed lids fluttered as she dreamed, and soft pink lips were parted, as she snored ever so softly.

The ghoul's eyes widened behind his lenses in surprise. He hadn't expected her to fall asleep tonight, she had seemed so energized a moment ago. Honestly, he had almost hoped she would have kept him company while he rewrote everything up. At least he wouldn't be the only one awake at this hour.

He watched her for a few moments. Clouded eyes softening at how peacefully innocent she looked. And for a moment, he found himself enthralled by her once again. There was something about her that reminded him so much of her. Victoria. His wife.

Quickly, Desmond shrugged the memories away. Grunting lowly as he stood up from his chair, looming over her. "…Well, at least one of us gets to sleep tonight." He muttered, soft curse words leaving his mouth in a lazy drawl as he walked out of the room. Only to return with an old blanket. He slowly walked toward her side again, bending over her as he stretched the blanket across her body. Though, not before he noticed the big yellow numbers that knitted themselves unto her blue jumpsuit. 101. He rose a brow, and gently placed the blanket over her. Something about that was so familiar to him… yet, he couldn't quite remember what it was. He quickly dismissed it though, walking toward the desk and plucking the journal from it's surface before giving the girl on the floor, one last glance.

"…Sleep well, kid."

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