Chapter 1: Another Hope

They couldn't keep going on like this. They were getting nowhere in their search for a way to destroy Lucifer without using Michael, and Castiel's search for God wasn't getting any results either. It all just seemed hopeless.

"Dean, maybe we should reconsider things." Sam spoke quietly into the darkened motel room.

"Forget it Sam, never going to happen." Dean responded sharply, knowing exactly what his brother was thinking, for he too was considering it though would never admit it.

"At least half the world is better than no world." Sam looked up at Dean from where he was sitting at the small round table and knew that he would lose this argument.

Dean stopped pacing around the room and froze at hearing those words. That was exactly what his future self had said and in many ways they were both right, but Dean was never going to settle for half, he was going to try his damn hardest at achieving a whole world even if he died in the process.

"Sam that is quitter talk and I hate quitter talk, there is no way I'm going to live that." He turned to stare into his little brothers eyes and wasn't surprised by what he saw in them.

Defiance, anger, sadness and so many other emotions that he didn't have time to decipher.

"It appears that I have come at a bad time."

Castiel's voice interrupted their staring contest and both brothers jumped and turned swiftly to meet the rouge Angel.

"It's the apocalypse Cas, it's always a bad time." Dean was kind of glad that Cas had interrupted them when he had, for it certainly would've gotten worse.

"Do you have any good news? We could really do with some at the moment." Sam almost sounded like he was pleading with the Angel, like anything was better than their current situation which was probably true.

"Yes actually." The rouge Angel said as blunt as always. "There have been rumours for many years and in my search for God, they have gotten more and more common and finally a clue to seeing if they are indeed true."

"And that means what exactly?" Dean placed his hands in his pockets and leaned against the wall impatiently waiting for Castiel to elaborate on his vague words.

"That Azel may have indeed had a child on Earth, if that is true then we may not need Michael or God's help in defeating Lucifer."

The Winchester brothers eyes widened and they both stood up to stand in front of Castiel with astonishment clearly on their faces.

"What did you just say?" They spoke in unison and Castiel had to take a second to recompose himself.

"It would be best if I told the whole story." Castiel sat down on one of the wooden chairs at the table Sam had just been sitting in.

"When Michael cast Lucifer out of heaven, there was one Angel who opposed greatly. Her name was Azel and she mourned the loss of her brother dearly. She isolated herself from the others and eventually disappeared along with Gabriel." Castiel paused and could see that the brothers weren't really interested in the whole story but it needed to be told in order for them to truly understand.

"It was said that Azel walked and lived among the humans for many centuries, drowning her sorrows in the company of those that caused her divine brothers to fight. The rumours say that Azel had spent so much time among the humans she finally took a human lover and gave birth to a daughter. This child is powerful than humans and most Angels. Azel's daughter has the power of heaven and Earth flowing in her veins and so she is incredibly valuable to both Michael and Lucifer."

"But if she's only half Angel, how can she possibly be more powerful than most of you?" Sam asked as he leaned on the table next to Castiel.

"Because Azel was an Archangel and God's most beloved daughter. Azel hated the fighting amongst her brothers and sought a way to defy both their destinies and yours. It is said that Azel used her divine powers to produce her child which makes her daughter a creature that shouldn't exist, and therefore able to refuse the path of destiny."

"But you don't know for sure if Azel ever had a child?" Dean asked sourly, they didn't need more false hope, they had enough to contend with let alone dead end rumours.

"I am fairly certain that she did as Azel's power is no longer residing in heaven and no one has seen her in a few years."

"How many years is a few? For all we know she had a child hundreds of years ago." Dean was getting more and more agitated by the second. If he didn't get the right answers soon he was going to explode.

"25 years to be precise." The rouge Angel sighed before continuing "Now before you ask any more unnecessary questions, I have already spoken to Bobby and he informed me of a Hunter who had a wife by the name of Azel and gave birth to a daughter."

"That was easy." Sam stood up and started grabbing his things. "Where are they so we can get going already?"

"Bobby said that the Hunter's name was Gary Rose and he and his daughter Elizabeth have recently moved back after living in England for 25 years. They are currently investigating omens in a small town called West Creek."

Castiel handed Dean a map and suddenly vanished before either of them blinked.

"Then I guess we're heading to West Creek." Sam said as they gathered their belongings and left the motel room and head to the car.