Chapter 5: Devil's Truth

'Even the best of us all can be corrupted and she is no exception.'

She was standing in a field in the middle of night and it felt like she was waiting for someone to come to her. There is complete silence so she hears his arrival instantly; a small breeze sways the blades of grass surprisingly gently considering who the creature is.

"Hello Elizabeth, it's good to finally meet you, even if it is like this." His voice is like velvet and caring and it is impossible to detect the evil that he wields with his very existence.

She knows who he is despite the fact that this is their first meeting and she hopes that it will also be their last. "Lucifer." His name flows from her lips and she's terrified by the fact that a small part of her actually enjoys saying it. She turns round to see him and is taken aback by his good looks, it is clear that he was an angel but now she sees the corruption that has consumed him completely.

"You're beautiful just like your mother." He stares her up and down and a smile of approval graces his face and Elizabeth shudders, wondering what he's thinking about. "You're also powerful." He states and takes a step towards her.

She doesn't move because there is no point, there is no escape from him in this place. "What do you want?" She demands, his presence unnerves her and she wants this nightmare to be over and done with.

"Isn't it obvious?" He tilts his head to one side astounded by the fact that she hasn't already caught on to why he's seeking her out. "I want you, Elizabeth." Those words are spoken sincerely and if they weren't coming from the devil himself then they might have been appreciated.

Her eyes widen in disbelief and revulsion and she clenches her fists tightly, angry at his audacity to even think of speaking those three words to anyone, let alone her. "I believe you've lost your mind if you think for one second that I'd ever consider siding with you!"

Lucifer merely sighs heavily and shakes his head in disappointment. "That's hurtful you know. But I never lie for I have no need to." His blue eyes capture her green ones and Elizabeth finds herself unable to look away. "Your mother loved me deeply, more than just a brother and I loved her, though we were never together because of our sworn duty to our beloved father. Now destiny has carved out different paths for us and my dear sister wants to stop me from taking vengeance on God."

The fallen Angel can sense the confusion within Elizabeth and he realises that this is perhaps too much information for her to take in at once but there is no other choice. Lucifer knows that she needs to hear everything so she can follow the path that he wants her to walk and not the one her mother intended for her.

"Azel was too weak to do anything so she created you by using her own essence in the hope that you would be able to make the decision that she couldn't. You may not be a creature of creation but your existence depends solely on their whim. So when you've served your purpose or if they get tired of you they will simply erase you and I don't want that to happen."

"Impossible! I don't believe you!" She feels gut wrenchingly sick to her stomach, the idea is simply revolting on every level imaginable.

"You carry some of your mother's essence, her soul within you and I cherish that Elizabeth. I wish for you to join me so that I can ensure your survival and still have some of that love that was directed towards me all those centuries ago. You might not feel it now but when your powers grow, you most certainly will, especially when I take Sam as my vessel."

"What does Sam have to do with any of this?" She shouts at him and desperation starts taking over the anger and all she wants to do is scream and run as far away as possible.

"Only everything dear Elizabeth, you see Sam is my true vessel and Azel created you in order to protect Sam. You're basically everything he's ever wanted and needed, and he's your whole reason for being and it's only natural for the two of you to be drawn to one another." Lucifer laughs and it echoes in the dark world around them.

"When I take Sam's body you'll have no choice but to join me." He smiles gracefully at her and then he slowly fades into the darkness and with it the sleeping field.

Her consciousness propels her violently back into the waking world and before she knows what's going on she's leapt off of the bed and collided into a solid wall. The remnants of the dream still haunt her so she panics when she feels strong arms wrap tightly around her and try to keep her in place. She lashes out, struggling to free herself from her captures embrace when his voice breaks through her dazed thoughts.

"Elizabeth calm down! You're safe now." Sam's words break the spell and his breath on her neck does something to her that she can't resist his command.

Her back is to his chest, her hands gripping his arms that have secured themselves around her waist making sure she doesn't suddenly lash out again. They are both breathing heavily trying desperately to get air into their lungs and calm the adrenaline pumping through their veins. They stand like that for what seems like an eternity, taking comfort in the others presence and bringing themselves back to normal.

Sam is the first to break away, unwraps his arms around her and taking a step back towards the bedroom door. Elizabeth merely turns round slowly to face him, her face a composed mask making it difficult for him to read her expressions. She takes a few deep breaths before feeling confident that her voice won't sound all small and scared, she doesn't want him to know that the dream has impacted her on such a deep and personal level.

"What are you doing here?" She asks him and crosses her arms in front of her, she knows she really should be thanking him but she's stubborn like her father and so she pushes it aside.

"I was just heading downstairs when heard you wrestling around in there, I was going to wake you up but then you just suddenly jumped at me." He smiles weakly at her, trying to lighten the mood but his blue eyes are too filled with concern to fool her.

She shouldn't have been that surprised but for some reason his caring nature unsettled her. No one except her dad had given a crap about her that for someone she barely knew to care if she had nightmares or not made something inside her twist a little bit and she couldn't quite figure out what or why. "Thanks Sam." She says earnestly and she unfolds her arms and decides that she should give the guy a break after all; she'd forgiven him for starting the apocalypse.

Sam can sense that she doesn't want to talk about her nightmare and so he won't push it just yet. Instead he takes in her appearances and fights the urge to blush like a schoolboy because in her struggle to get away from him she tore her shirt to shreds and it no longer hid much for the imagination to start getting ideas.

Elizabeth follows his gaze downwards and laughs slightly at the sight of her destroyed shirt. "Damn and I liked this one, don't suppose you've got one I could borrow for a while have you?" She asks him as she takes her brown jacket off and lays it on the bed.

When he doesn't answer her she looks back at him and knows what he's going to say so she beats him to it. "I left everything I had back at that town, I don't have anything." Her words carry double meaning but she ignores the desire to cry, she's already planned to do that when she gets a nice hot shower.

"Yeah, course." He practically runs from the room and returns a few seconds later with his smallest tight fitting shirt and hands it to her. "It's the smallest one I've got, shouldn't be too big. The bathrooms down the hall on the left." With those words he abruptly leaves and heads downstairs to the sanctuary of Dean and Bobby.

Elizabeth smiles and heads to the shower while thinking. 'I guess I'd be embarrassed too if someone else had to wear my clothes.' The shower is nice and hot just like she hoped it would be and finally she allows the death of her dad to hit her in full force and she cries like she's never cried before.

Meanwhile Bobby has informed the boys of the missing person's reports that have started popping out of the blue in a town not too far away. They are discussing which possible supernatural beings that could be responsible when Dean stops and stares as Elizabeth walks into the kitchen. The older Winchester hadn't really taken in her appearance but now he could easily see how utterly gorgeous she is and how she must have driven all the guys back home crazy with desire.

It's when he notices that she's wearing one of Sam's shirts that he looks to his little brother and raised his eyes suggestively. Sam blanks and shakes his head in disapproval and can see that Dean has already set his sight on their latest travelling companion and inwardly sighs because he knows that sooner or later Dean will get what he wants.

"So what was your dream about to have to attack my brother when you woke up?" Dean's question cuts into her like a dagger and Elizabeth abruptly stops in her tracks for the food on the table and pales.

She is silent when she takes the empty seat in between Sam and Bobby and reluctantly retells the entirety of her dream with Lucifer and waits for their response with anxiety. "So is it true about Lucifer wanting to wear Sam to prom?"

"Yeah it's true, but it's never going to happen." Dean answers sharply and everyone in the room appreciates his determination, no one more than Sam who is still glad that his brother hasn't left him.

"And he wants you to be his prom date. I can already tell that you're way outta his league." Bobby smacks her lightly on the shoulder and points to the remaining food and says "Better eat up before these two devour it."

It's weird that in less than 24 hours Elizabeth already feels apart of their team and in some ways a part of the dysfunctional family out to save the world. She only hopes that she can live up to everyone's expectations of her and actually build up her powers enough to do anything helpful with them.

'She will face many trials and through them she will become his shield and his sword.'

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