Omega. It looked like trash even from the outside. The red lights combined with the dull browns of asteroid rock made it look like a gateway directly to hell. Vox pulled his face back from the dingy window of the passenger transport ship. The station was still fairly small of in the distance, which meant a there was still at least an hour left to the journey. He re focused his vision, seeing the faint reflection of his own face in the glass. He was paler than usual, the white facial tattoos lacking their normal brilliance against his skin. His eyes looked sunken. Well, more sunken than usual for a turian.

The ship gave a slight bounce. He was used to this by now, it was pretty common while navigating through an asteroid field. The other passengers were a sorry bunch, all looking as depressed and downtrodden as Vox himself. The exact type of crowd you would expect to see on a cheap flight to Omega. He chuckled slightly, before letting out a forlorn sigh.

Looking down, he flicked on his omni tool. He scrolled through a series of dates, wondering why he was going to put himself through it again. The good feeling he got from watching the recordings dissipated after every viewing. The depression, sadness and anger seemed to grow.

ENTRY: MARCH, 23 2182

He stopped scrolling. Even looking at the date, the letters glowing softly as they hung in the air, made his insides sink. Vox had never ventured into the world of hard drugs during his lifetime. But right now, he could empathize with the sorry life of an addict. He flicked his finger.


He leaned on his side, letting his forehead rest on the cold glass of the window. His eyes closed at the audio began to play through his earpiece...

"You think we'll like it here.. You know, for the long run?" He heard his own voice ask, in an unusually cheery tone.

"You wouldn't have picked it if you didn't think that." A female turian's voice responded. Vox's heart skipped a beat when he heard it.

"You know what I meant.." His own voice responded again, laughing. The more he heard the oddly cheery voice, the more it sounded like it belonged to someone else. The more it sounded like a dream...

March 23, 2182

"You know what I meant.." Vox chuckled. He followed his mate out onto the balcony, throwing an arm over her shoulder.

"Then why'd you ask?" Aula smiled. The two looked out over the open area of the Citadel. It was an amazing sight. Lush greens and water were below them, while the stars and another wing of the gigantic space station hung above them. There was a few moments of quiet between the two, only the busy hum of the station could be heard around them.

"I have to go... Nick's shuttle should be here soon." Vox broke the silence. His mate nodded, and he quietly left the balcony. He stopped and looked back at her for what seemed like forever. He left the apartment just in time for her not to notice he was staring.

Vox grew up in a fairly rural turian colony. It was a very stark difference from the Citadel. He loved the change, there was never a shortage of things to do and people to meet. He made his way through the busy hallways, heading down to the nearest C-Sec immigration and customs office. He was slowed down as he gotr nearer, as the crowds were starting to thicken.

"..What do you mean I can't bring this with me?" Vox heard a familiar voice through the crowd. He made his way up to the C-Sec security gate, to the source of the annoyed voice.

"I already told you, I am a medic!" Nick yelled at the turian C-Sec officer, his hands waving in the air. His medical kit was titting on the counter, its contents pulled out for inspection.

"But you're not registered, I don't see you in the system. I can't let you on with these drugs and equipment if you're not properly certified." The officer didn't seem too upset, mostly just annoyed. He probably dealt with hot headed individuals from any number of races all day long.

"Come on, man. I trained in the damned Alliance. I don't need a slip of paper to tell me how to use this stuff."

"I don't doubt your abilities. But as officer in charge of preventing contraband from entering this station, I cannot allow you to bring these supplies with you. Not until you get the proper paperwork." The C-Sec officer droned, staring at the human through his glowing eyepiece.

"Fine." Nick spat, his face red. "Officer Vakarian, saving the whole damned galaxy. You're a real hero, you know that?." His sarcasm was palpable. He stormed past the security officer, leaving his medkit behind. The officer let out a quick sigh of relief, before casually waving the next person in line forward.

"Someone hasn't changed." Vox stood and crossed his arms.

"I hate cops... Especially rent-a-cops who take themselves too seriously." Nick walked over to the turian, holding out a hand. "How you been?" He asked, finally breaking a smile.

"I can't complain. Its been... Quiet. I like it." Vox accepted the handshake.

"What happened to the ass-kicking, finely tuned, turian killing machine I knew a couple of years ago? I may not have changed, but you sure as hell have."

"Changed? How?" The turian scoffed, as the two began to slowly make their way through the crowd.

"You're not even out of your twenties, and you're already settling down?" Nick was almost teasing him.

"I wouldn't call it that. Its still exciting here, but I'll have a chance to relax. Maybe you should look at getting a place while you're here." He smiled, knowing that almost vagrant human would never settle down. Especially not on the Citadel.

"Ha! Are you kidding me? The only reason I'm here is because the Council bribed me with a shit ton of money to come and tell them about the geth. The geth attack on that Cerberus colony to be more specific. You know, the one they ignored us about two years ago."

"I remember."

"And the only reason they want to talk to us now is because the geth are attacking more, further outside of their own space.. Its really nice how they turn a blind eye when its the other people getting screwed... They couldn't give two shits if its not their people being attacked." Nick stopped at the entrance to a stairwell, still talking as he turned to face Vox. "Well, I have to go get myself situated. And buy a drink. Or two. I'll stop by in a few hours."

"See you then." Vox gave a wave before the human disappeared up the stairs. He sighed contently. Being young and "settled down" wasn't a bad thing. He liked the relaxed lifestyle of a civilian. Not that military life was overly dreadful, but it does wear on you after a while. On top of that, he had enough time to change his scenery again if he didn't like life on the Citadel.

"How was Nick?" Aula asked as Vox returned to their apartment.

"He was yelling at a security officer when I found him."

"He hasn't changed a bit then, has he?"

"Nope." Vox turned his back, typing something into a wall mounted display panel. The room became oddly quiet, he couldn't hear anything besides the faint tones from his typing. He paused, listening intently for a brief moment. Before he could turn to block the attack, he was grabbed from behind. He was shoved into the wall, then pulled back and thrown onto the ground. Aula landed on top of him instantly after he hit the floor, pinning his arms down.

"You need more sparring practice... You're getting rusty."

"I could go for some now." He spoke mischievously. "Nick isn't stopping by for another couple hours..."

"Hey, buddy." Vox heard the distinct voice of a batarian, and felt a stiff prod on the shoulder. He opened his eyes, and lifted his head from the window.

"We're docked. Welcome to Omega." The batarian walked back down the aisle, laughing slightly on the last part of the sentence. He looked down at his omni tool.


Vox flicked off the device, he must have fallen asleep before the recording had finished. He stood, lifting his only bag, and swinging it over his shoulder. He was the only passenger left on the shuttle.

Omega was offensive to almost every one of the senses. At least in the docking areas, other places were slightly more tolerable. There was the constant rumble of air processors. Shouting from the vaious species as they offloaded themselves and cargo from docked ships. The air was heavy, and burned at his nostrils. The whole place was covered in what looked like a grimy layer of rust. Trash littered either sides of the metallic streets.

But vox wasn't here for the scenery. He was here because he wanted another yet another change in his life. The memories of life on the citadel dogged him at every turn. He needed a new purpose. There was a man he was looking for, a man he wanted to join.


Archangel was some kind of vigilante. A rather successful vigilante, having pissed off almost every major criminal organization in the terminus systems. He didn't know much about Archangel other than that. He had a put together a small group, a group Vox hoped to join. The man managed to stay in the shadows, not letting many details of his private life escape into the public eye. Vox didn't even know the race of the vigilante. From various rumors, it would seem that he was either human or possibly a turian.

Vox had everything ripped away from him by an evil force. The only idea that gave him some sense of comfort was to strike back at the forces that had taken so much from him. He recognized there was no direct connection between Sovereign and the common mercenary thug. But they did have something in common: They took from the innocent. Lives, wealth, loved ones... Maybe it wasn't the best reason to go out looking for trouble. Maybe Vox had become so bitter he just wanted an outlet for his anger. Whatever is was, he was going to find Archangel. Or end up dead trying.