Walking down the hallway, a young teen mentally berates herself, wondering how exactly she managed to get herself stuck in this position once again. She shudders as her mind sets back to the prior week in which she unfortunately had a collision the one and only, self- absorbed Fuwa Sho.

"Yo… Kyoko!"

Dressed in her incredibly tacky bright pink coveralls, also known as the 'Love Me' uniform at LME studios, Mogami Kyoko's grudges start to grow in response to the voice of teen heart-throb musician and sworn enemy, Shotaro.

"What!" the young girl hastily quips, hoping to make this reunion as short as possible. Smirking at the response, the singer takes refuge in the fact that he is still Kyoko's number one, whether she realises it or not.

"Just trying to find out why such a plain and boring girl such as yourself hasn't jumped at the opportunity to work with such an esteemed celebrity such as myself again. You'd get to wear make-up and everything"

Restraining herself from becoming distracted and wandering into the fairyland devoted to cosmetics, Kyoko lets out a snort.

"If I'm such a plain and boring girl, why would such an egotistical chauvinistic pig such as yourself consider wanting to hire me, huh?"

"What are you afraid that a musician will out act you? Just goes to prove how talentless you really are"

At this her grudges start to menacingly swirl around Kyoko's body screaming 'Talentless?' in horror.

For a moment Kyoko stands there in shock before an evil smile starts to cross her lips as the embodiment of Natsu begins to take over to deal with the obnoxious brat. Sho watches this change with fascination and a hint of longing as the little girl he knew transforms into a sex conduit in front of him.

Strutting up to entranced musician Natsu takes her hand and lightly trails it down from his collarbone along his taught abs and stops just at the top of his rather low riding leather pants. She smirks as his breathe hitches in response to wear her fingers are lightly running across the band of his pants, it takes all of his strength not to devour this new Kyoko's lips savagely in response.

"Well, I guess I'll just have to defend my honour by acting alongside you then…" Natsu purrs much to the horror of Kyoko who currently has no control over her body.

"Mmmm… I think you just might" Sho responds, finally recovering enough to speak but not to fight against his body's natural response to flirt back at such actions.

"Maybe, if you do happen to act better I might just have to do a little something for you in honour" Natsu runs her finger along Sho's lip to emphasize her meaning before strutting away down the hallway before Kyoko could return and ruin the fun of messing with Sho's mind.

Sighing, Kyoko pushes open the door to the meeting room and braces herself for the unfortunate appearance in another one of Sho's P.V.'s.

The number one actor in Japan walks up to the front desk of Akatoki, the rivalling agency to LME and calmly asks the receptionists (who clearly recognize who the very attractive young man is) where the meeting for the Fuwa Sho PV was being held. Following the directions the excited women gave him, Tsuruga Ren walks up the stairs with his incredibly nervous (and also handsome) manager in tow. Knowing the reason behind his charges decision to accept this job offer, the manager can't help but wonder whether the decision was really a wise one.

The always exuberant director (president) of LME, Takada Lory welcomes the familiar faces of his number one actor Tsuruga Ren and his manger Yashiro Yukihito into his large office, offering them seats on the couch in front of his desk. He takes his own seat behind his desk and waits for Ren to speak what is on his mind.

"I came here to say, I want to accept the Job offer to appear in a P.V. for Fuwa Sho, the top musician in the Akatoki Agency."

Yashiro squirms in his seat, knowing exactly what kind of problems could arrive from this kind of acceptance. Clearly the director who desperately wanted Ren for this P.V. has no idea of the current circumstances that lie between the singer, Actor and blooming actress Mogami Kyoko.

The President just smiles smugly intending to push his actor's buttons for the reason behind this choice.

"Ah… Ren. Do you think this is really such a good idea? It's not as if I don't know about the tension between you and that pretty boy… why would you accept a job offer such as this?"

The actor glares at the president knowing full well that president knows exactly why he's choosing to accept this offer. Ever since he found out that Kyoko had to appear in another one of Sho's P.V.'s he had no other choice but to jump when he was given the opportunity to be there to support her throughout this endeavour. True he didn't exactly favour having to deal with THAT guy more than normal, but he would do anything to be the one to protect his Kyoko-Chan.

"Ah – so could it be due to the appearance of the other actor in this P.V.? What would you do Ren if I said no to this?"

Ren cocks his head with a smirk on his face

"But why would you? Consider this a part of my journey to finding love" Ren replies knowing exactly how to get what he wants from the President.

Yashiro snaps his head at the ease in which his charge approaches the subject, considering this is someone who denies any feelings for his kouhai, this is a huge step for the actor Tsuruga Ren.

The President just chuckles and nods his head. "Very well. I guess you best be on your way then – I'm sure you have a busy day ahead of you"

Ren nods his head and begins to exit the Presidents office, with a flustered Yashiro stumbling after him.

Walking in to the room, neither Ren nor Yashiro are surprised to see that Kyoko is already sitting patiently at the table waiting for others to arrive.

Fuwa Sho believes it his right as the number one musician in Japan to arrive fashionably late to meetings – this occasion was no different. Although he was eager to see Kyoko after their last meeting which had left him feeling the great need for a cold shower, he also didn't want to show her any hints of this emotion.

Sho was intrigued to find out who the opposing actor would be for his P.V. he knew it would probably be a fairly well-known one considering this was the condition in order for him to get Kyoko back to work for him - his P.V. this time around was going to have a more mini-film like quality to it. It didn't matter who the other person was as long as he had Kyoko by his side where she belongs – under his control.

He smirked at the fact – although she had managed to manipulate his feelings a little during their previous encounter – he still knew how to persuade her to do exactly what it was he wanted, it was fun to make her think she had some sort of control over the situation, he would let her play for a bit longer but one of these days he will wrap his fingers around her and bring her back to his side and show her who really has the upper hand in their relationship. Sho smirks as he goes to push open the door to the meeting room thinking about the power he holds over her.

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