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Ren was left wearing the worn leather pants and jacket, but this time they changed him into a black silk dress shirt that was unbuttoned to half way down his chest and accompanied with a black chunky pendant one a long, rustic looking chain. To say that Ren oozed sex appeal may have been an understatement – but then again what else could they expect from Tokyo's number one desirable man?

After about 10 minutes of just the couple walking through the theme park everyone had already made up their mind that a role reversal would have been amazing for this PV, just by the way the two actors seemed to be so in sync with each other. However, as much as everybody might want for something like that to happen; they knew professionally it wasn't possible as Fuwa Sho was the one singing this song, not Tsuruga Ren. Keeping that in mind, Director Yuki gave a quick call to the couple on set to remind them that their relationship needed to look like it was fragile and on it's way to breaking.

Kyoko desperately fought the urge to apologise to the director and fall to a dogeza for letting herself slip into the comfortable state that had developed from her relation to Ren through the Heel siblings. Instead though, she altered her body a little to make it seem like she was almost clinging to Ren's character sub consciously as she refused to acknowledge the fact that taunted her saying that he didn't love her; that way she wouldn't be wasting precious film time and her change in posture would acknowledge that she had heard and taken on Ashima Yuki-san's direction. She would just have to apologise to him later.

Ren on the other hand had to snap himself back into focus as he realised that he had unprofessionally let his mind wander back to trying to figure out what the hell had gone down with Kyoko in the trailer earlier. Concentrating now, on his character, Ren felt Kyoko's small grip tighten, enlightening him to the fact that Kyoko had made an adjustment to her own character's body reactions, to portray the insecurity she had in their relationship. Picking up on the fact that the two of them were still unconsciously walking in step, the tall actor deliberately altered his walk timing to take it off beat to Kyoko's own long, despite her small stature, steps.

Feeling Ren's own adjustment's, Kyoko began to feel Kimiko's insecurities in the relationship begin to surface back into the scene as she longed to feel that sureness that came from being totally in sync with someone you care about. Desperate to get an acknowledgment of her presence or a beautiful smile that she knew was hidden behind her partner's cool display, Kimiko began dragging him to different area's of the Amusement park to try out the many different attractions that a normal couple would take part in.

It tore at everyone's hearts as they watched the girl who had been so joyously dragging around the other Male earlier on in shooting go to dragging this one with a tense and forced happiness that almost made her look like she was going to cry, whilst the guy opposite her seemed to be bored and wishing that he was anyplace but here having to do these things with her.

Each time a pierce went through his heart as Ren would release his hand every time Kyoko tried to hold it, shift so that Kyoko couldn't rest her head against him or stare off into the distance whenever she was talking to him, Ashima Yuki just knew that he was going to have many moments to work with in the editing room that would grip the emotions of whoever watched this PV.