Yo Yo, guess who's here. It's your friendly neighborhood KL21 here with another fic for (what I hope will be) your viewing pleasure. This is a bit of an AU. nothing outlandish mind you, but its not set in the show's universe. Sam and Carly know each other... they're friends... they don't know Freddie... Freddie and Gibby are little more than co worker's at the start. ages are 22-23.

A bit of an additional disclaimer: the sexist remarks in this chapter, do not, in any way, reflect my opinion of women. any offense caused i deeply apologize for.

i think that's all I got so...

I present to you, the first chapter of "Paper Hearts and Cardboard Boxes" Written to the tune of "The Dance Floor Anthem (I Don't Wanna Be In Love)" by Good Charlotte.

Please, do enjoy.

Chapter 1

"Whatever, Rick. Have fun with your whore." She ends the call and throws her phone on her bed. She wasted four months on that douche bag. Maybe it wasn't such a long time in the grand scheme of things but it was four months that she couldn't get back. She could've been doing anything… focusing on school, focusing on friends… eating, the possibilities were endless and every single one of them equated to a better use of four months than spending it with that cheating scuzz-bag. She shakes her head to get the regret out of her mind.

She goes through the drawers finding all of Rick's things. She grabs an old packing box from the closet and tosses all of his things inside. She sets it by the door. She starts to dial his number to inform him of where to pick up his things. She is suddenly struck with a better idea.

She sends Carly a txt.

Hey Carls, another
1 bites the dust
well… dis 1 decided
2 kill himself. I'll xplain
l8r jus meet me at the park.

She hits send and goes to get her jacket. She goes to grab her keys and sees that she hasn't gone through her mail yet. Deciding that she had nothing better to do she sifts through it now. "Junk… crap… garbage… bill… bill… bill…" She comes across a flyer that she figures she picked up outside of a bar last night. "hmmm… 'V-day throwdown at Heartbreaker's, ladies free before 11,'" she scoffs at the flyer, "'Throwdown?' What year do they think it is?" She shrugs after giving the flyer another thought.

She stares back at the box of Rick's clothes and other miscellaneous items. A devious smirk plays across her face. "Looks like mama's goin' clubbin' tonight." She retreats to her room to grab a change of clothes. She stared at her bed in disgust, silently reminding herself to burn the sheets when she returned. She yanks her sheets off of the bed and throws them in the box with the rest of Rick's junk. She tapes up the box and throws it down the hall into the living area. The box takes out a lamp on its way down. She shrugs… Rick bought that lamp.

She kicks the box to the door, and grabs her keys and jacket. She picks up Rick's box on the way out and sees the flyer again. Giving a dismissive laugh she sets the box down and pulls the door closed, "Throwdown… that is ridiculous." She locks the door and picks up the box and carries it to the elevator. The sound of her cell phone cuts through the silence of the ride to the bottom floor.

She sighs in exasperation, someone obviously doesn't know what 'later' means. She checks the screen on her phone. Instead of seeing Carly's name, as she suspected, Rick's name flashed across the screen, which was just as expected, but a lot less welcome. See ya Rick. She pressed the end button, thus, ignoring his call. She placed the phone in her pocket. She reaches her car and throws the box into the bed of her pick-up truck. As she jumps into the driver's seat she feels her phone vibrate against her leg. She gives an exasperated sigh, knowing that it's a voicemail, and reaches into her pocket, pressing the end button, not bothering to check it. There were more important things to take care of.

She takes her phone out of her pocket at the sound of wind chimes, I've really gotta change that. She looks at her phone and sees Carly's response.

Why r we meeting at
the park? We usually
just meet up at the GS?

Sam sends a quick response, eager to purge what is left of Rick from her life.

Just trust me Shay.
It'll b fun.

Sam sends the message, starts the truck, and heads to the park. The chimes sound again… she really needs to change that tone. She reaches a red light and checks her phone.

Dear Lord, fine
I'll c u there n about
10 min.

Sam smirks reveling in the tiny victory that she knew was coming.

Cool nd I promise u
Carls once I tell u wat
happened u'll understand
nd it'll be just as fun 4 u :)

She sends the message and continues her trek to the park, ignoring the cacophony of blaring horns and the plethora of lewd language being lobbed at her for holding up traffic. Nothing could bring her down right now, This was going to be a fun night…

a very fun night, indeed.


"You know what Freddie?" Freddie didn't even turn around to acknowledge the voice that had, over the past few weeks, become extremely irritating. "It's Saturday, Freddie… Saturday."

She had just come through the door, not twenty-five minutes ago, and she was already whining. Freddie heaved an annoyed sigh, though he was sure she didn't notice… or didn't care to notice, "Yes, I'm aware of what day it is." He came to, what he felt, was a good stopping point. He turned to address her, "Is there any specific reason you're bringing it up… again?" she had been nagging him for a while. He had no idea when she got so naggy, but he had long since, decided that he didn't like it.

"I wanna go out tonight, Freddie." She whined, with a pout.

Freddie ran a hand through his hair in frustration, "I told you that I had to work tonight."

Freddie was a film editor. Actually, Freddie was trying to break his way into film editing, but being fresh out of college, or even two years removed, he wasn't in very high demand and was, in fact, largely unknown. And, on top of that, he was more or less a freelancer. He had done one successful commercial for a low budget car dealership. They liked the job he did so whenever they needed a commercial they would come to him. The dealership even dropped his name a few times. Unfortunately, the only people the small time dealers knew were other small time companies. He would take the work where he could get it but the pay wasn't great.

There was some value to working for yourself. Freddie had decided, however, that money definitely wasn't one of those values. However, he was hopeful that a job at a production studio was right around the corner. He just had to find the right people.

Speaking of the right people, "Why do you have to work tonight?" He was positive that his girlfriend wasn't one of them.

"Because, Cassandra…' He says turning back around to continue his work, "… you had me take you out every other day this week. And now the deadline for this project Sunday." He snarls at his computer screen because he knows that, had he not been out with her for a majority of his time, that he would have finished two days ago. "And if I want to keep my place, then I need to be finished by then, because, if I don't meet the deadline; I don't get paid."

Sandra huffs in indignation, "Fine! I'm going out with or without you." Freddie watched, rather apathetically, as she picked up her jacket and keys and walked out of the apartment. "Give me a call when you come to your senses." Freddie raises an eyebrow as she exits and slams the door behind her.

He lets out a despondent sigh. He's not gonna get anything else done tonight. He decides to call the director of the indie film he was editing.

He waits for a response. Finally he gets an answer, "Hello?"

"Hey Gib, this is Freddie."

"Yo, what's up Freddie, my man? How's my favorite editor?"

"If I remember correctly, Gib, I was the last choice."

"Details… minor details. You got the job, didn't ya?"

"Yeah, about that… something came up and I was hoping I could get an extension."

"Well… that depends, what came up?"

Freddie's multitude of options flew across threw his mind. There were a number of suitable lies that would suffice. He could say his mother fell ill, but if she fell ill, for real, then he would feel terrible. He could say his computer crashed, but that could get him kicked off the project entirely. He decides to settle on the truth. What's the worst that could happen?

He shakes his head, "Having girl issues."

"Hey man, say no more. I know how they can get sometimes. You know that God gave women two sets of lips?" Freddie has no idea where Gibby's going with this, and he's almost positive that he didn't really want to know, " Yeah, now they can piss and moan at the same time. Am I right? Am I right?" Freddie hazards a small chuckle hoping not to fall out of the good graces of, who was essentially, his boss. "Anyway, there's a thing going on at Heartbreaker's. You down for getting' out tonight?"

"I would but I don't have any money. Well… any extra money."

"Don't worry about it bro…" Bro? "I got you."

"Cool. Thanks again man."

"No prob man. You know what they say: the best way to get over one girl is to get under another one." Freddie released another small chuckle. "See ya there at 10… on second thought, make it 10:30."

Freddie thought to ask why, but decided he'd rather not hear the answer, "Cool, see ya there." He ended the phone call.

He leaned his head on the wall. If he had his way he'd be working right now. He wouldn't be dealing with his demanding girlfriend, and he wouldn't be dealing with his perv of a director. He glanced at the clock on his desk.


He had about an hour before he had to leave. He had no idea what he was going to do until then. He had no idea what he was going to wear. He had no idea how the night was going to go. But there was one thing that he was certain of…

I really hate my girlfriend.


Sam and Carly stood in the park looking at the results of their "fun". Sam pressed a few buttons on her phone and returned it to her pocket.

"Are you sure we should be doing this?" Sam stares at her friend with a scowl. How could she say that knowing what he did, "I know what he did but this seems a little excessive."

"Excessive! Carly, he cheated on me… with Sandy, of all people."

Sandy was her lab partner, even more than that, Sandy had become something close to what she could consider a friend.

"Well, what did he say when you talked to him?"

She scoffed at the silly and pointless question, "He rattled off some junk about still 'loving' me and being tricked into it and it being an accident… standard male douche bag stuff."

Carly nodded. She could tell by the tone of her friend's voice that another relationship had indeed bit the dust. Though Carly couldn't be too disappointed if what she was hearing was accurate. "You said he left a voicemail?"

"Well, someone did. I'm assuming it's him because it came shortly after he called. I got a couple of others too."

"Well, should we hear the 'dishrag's' final words?"

Sam shrugged. It couldn't hurt, right? She went through the process and put her phone on speaker.

"Sam? You gotta believe me! It was all a mistake! She means nothing to me! It's only you baby, it's always only ever been you! Call me back, Sam! Let's talk this over!

Sam erased the message and moved on to the next one. It was from Rick as well.

"Sam? I just got back to the apartment and you weren't there. Where are you? I really think we need to talk about this. C'mon Baby I lo-"

Sam ended the message before it finished. "Lying, tool whore of a…"

"Sam, you've got one more message." Carly sighed when Sam stopped her tirade. She never really was a fan of the language that came with it, though to be honest, it was appropriate in this case.

"Yep, one more message… then he goes on the good ole' 'block list.'" She played the message.

"I found a flyer for the Valentine 's Day throwdown… throwdown…? Wh-Whatever! Is this where you're goin'! huh! Is this where you are! You better not be because I swear to God if I have to come down there and get you, it won't be pretty! Are you out with your little Brunette friend… what's her name…? Carly! Are you out with your little skank friend… dancing around… bein all flirty and whatnot! Shakin' it for some other guy! You bet-"

Sam stopped the message with trembling hands. She was pissed… pissed that he had the nerve to attack her like that, when he was the one who was caught cheating. She was even more pissed that he attacked her friend, her best friend, and didn't even have the audacity to remember her name in his inane rant. And to top everything off… He had the nerve to think he could tell her what to do.

She turned to address her friend, "So Carly." She looked at her friend's face, which was now scrunched in anger and contorted in exasperation, "What do you think of the "fun" we had now?"

Carly's weird expression subsided, and returned Sam's devious smirk with a playful one of her own, "Best time I ever had."

"Kid…" Sam hangs an arm around Carly's shoulders, "… you ain't seen nothin' yet."

As they saunter to Sam's truck, Rick's voicemail replays through her mind. She bares her teeth.

Nope, He hasn't seen anything yet.

Well there ya have it. The first part of what can be considered an extended one shot. The second half is coming soon… so any questions you have will (may) be answered in the next fic. A bit of an additional disclaimer: the sexist remarks in this chapter, do not, in any way, reflect my opinion of women. any offense caused i deeply apologize for.

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