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Chapter 3

Freddie had no idea how this was happening. One minute he taking his own advice and 'making it a night to remember,' the next, he was taking Gibby's advice and 'being himself' and to his surprise it seemed to be working, then he was taking her advice and trying to 'feel the music' that didn't work quite as well. Still she stayed, and before he knew it he was lost. He was lost in the music. He was lost in the moment. He was lost in her.

Unfortunately, he was found. And the guy who found him… like that… with her… did not like it. "WHAT'S GOIN' ON HERE!"

The blonde girl, who's name he had never asked for, recovered from her temporary and brief shock. "What do you care? Go run back to your whore, it's what you're good at." It seemed that this girl had more sides to her than he thought. His mind briefly filled with ways to get to know these sides, "and if you don't take your hand off of me, no one will be able to find it." That last part came out in a growl. Maybe he didn't quite want to know all of the sides. She pushed the mystery guy off of her and stood next to Freddie.

"What do you think you're doing, Sam?" Freddie was too scared and a lil too tipsy for his logic to work. Freddie didn't know if the question was directed at him or at the girl who was apparently called Sam.

Freddie began to stammer out an answer when the girl answered quickly, and sharply, "I've already met a guy who treats me better than you ever did." The next thing Freddie knew, a small hand was placed around his waist in quite the possessive manner.

"Sam, you better not…"

The guy didn't have a chance to finish and Freddie didn't have a chance to process anything before a set of soft lips were on his. At first the kiss was rough and angry, tainted with the satisfaction of a vengeance that had been well carried out… and alcohol. Then the mood shifted. He felt a hand rise to the back of his neck. The kiss had turned passionate and delicate, sweetened with a hint of desire… and alcohol.

"Freddie!" both split apart at the sound of his name. They turned to see who had called out his name.

"Cassie?" "Sandy!" One voice came out sounding confused, while the other was steeped in anger.

Freddie's girlfriend, stared at the girl and Freddie could see the fear in her eyes. He turned to look at Sam, "Wait, how do you know my girlfriend?"

Sam scoffed, "Girlfriend! I walked in on the cheatin' skank while she was in my boyfriend's lap."

Freddie pieced everything together. That's why she had taken a shower when she got to his apartment. That's why her hair was a mess. That's why she didn't answer her phone… That's probably why she never answered her phone. He walked over to her, eyes narrow with determination. "it's… over."

The noise seemed to ring louder than it should have. The sting sent heat spreading across his cheek. Then, with that, she stormed off. He could smell the strong alcohol that the guy had been drinking, as he said over his shoulder, "Maybe if you had been more of a man, she wouldn't have had to come find me." Freddie knew that he should have fought the guy but the whole experience left him feeling empty inside.

Rick seeing that he would get no sport out of Freddie turned to face Sam. "You're comin with me." He seized her by the wrist, this time forcefully pulling her.

"Rick, let go of me!" Freddie heard her cries as the drifted away from him.

Freddie turned and walked over to the guy. "Hey…" Rick turned to look and Freddie's fist met him right under the eye.

Rick staggered a bit but regained his composure and lunged at Freddie. Freddie side stepped but Rick was not deterred. Rick backed Freddie down and eventually sent a punch across his face. It connected with his lip. Freddie staggered backwards, this time. But did not go down. However, Rick took his opening and tackled Freddie to the ground. Freddie quickly rolled over and hit Rick a couple more time connecting with his face. Rick flipped them yet again so that he was on top of Freddie. He punched at Freddie. Freddie moves his head and Rick connects with the floor. Freddie assumes that alcohol makes you impervious to pain because Rick seemed to have suffered no ill effect from the assault. Before Freddie could react, Rick reached down and was choking him. Freddie lay on his back gasping for air, while trying to pry Rick's fingers from around his throat. He could feel his consciousness fading when the weight was suddenly lifted off of him.

Coughing and gasping for air, Freddie looked for his rescuer. Gibby had pulled the guy off of him and the brunette girl that had come with Sam, had fetched the club security to escort Rick off of the property. Freddie just listened as the scene played around him.

"Oh my God! Sam, are you okay?" Freddie assumed the foreign voice to belong to the new girl that brought the bouncers.

"I'm fine Carly." There was a pause, "A lot better than he is." He assumed tehe comment was directed at him.

"Hey Fred, how you feelin'?" Freddie recognized the voice as belonging to Gibby, "You were in it for a while man." Freddie could hear the smile in Gibby's voice, "and you took it like a champ." Freddie cracked a smile of his own.

"Move," that was Sam's voice. Everything seemed to have stopped, he opened his eyes to see what was going on. The sight that greeted him was him being stared at by Gibby Sam and Sam's friend… Carly was her name. "Get up!"

Freddie was shocked, Gibby was taken aback, Carly smiled. Sam continued speaking, "Ok lets start pickin' up the pace here, people. They're starting to stare." Freddie looked around. Surely enough they were making a scene.

Freddie decided to speak. "Ok well someone should probably call me a cab, because I can barely walk right now." Gibby took out his phone.

Sam sighed loudly, "Is your name really Gibby? Nevermind. I suppose I can take him home in his car. Carly can drive my truck, and Gibby can take his car home… no worries. And since I locked myself out of my place, looks like I'm crashin' at your place." Freddie could do naught but nod. Gibby helped Sam get Freddie up off of the floor. Once he was steady, Sam looked over at Gibby, "Okay, you're his friend right? We'll have to follow you to get to his house. First, follow Carly and make sure she makes it outta here without being groped."

"It'll be my pleasure."

"You don't grope her either."

"I know, I'm not an animal."

"Yeah, I'm right behind you so watch yourself." Sam slowly started forward and Freddie eventually picked up the pace.

They reach his car and prepare to follow Gibby to Freddie's apartment. Sam says to him as she starts the car, "You know he would've killed you, right?"

Freddie looked over to her, "Yeah, probably."

"What were you thinking?"

"I wanted to make up for my embarrassment on the dance floor."

"By embarrassing yourself in a fight?"

"Well you either are a good dancer or you're not, but I figured that with fighting I would have a chance."

Sam could only shake her head, "You're such a nub." Freddie watched as she tilted her head in thought. "Still, I had a great time tonight… Thanks for that, I guess."

"You're talking like it was a date." Freddie chuckles and quickly stifles it. A date?

"Well if you think about it, it kinda was. We danced, we talked, you even defended my honor… and almost died in the process." Freddie laughed. She had a sense of humor. "We kissed…" The car grew silent… deathly silent.

Sam cleared her throat. "I meant it…" Freddie's eyes widened, "What I said in there, about you treating me better than he ever did." Sam heaved out a sigh, "So I guess the kiss can be thought of as a kiss of gratitude."

Freddie nodded. He liked the kiss maybe he could try to earn another, "So how about a kiss for defending your honor and almost dying in the process."

He didn't know what he was expecting to hear. He just asked for a kiss from a, more or less, stranger. He awaited her answer with baited breath. She chuckled a bit, "I'll think about it."

The rest of the short ride home was just small talk. Just finding out small things about each other. Her name was Samantha Puckett. She took a couple of years off after high school. She didn't tell, he didn't ask. No use making anything awkward now. She was a computer science major. It was one of her guilty pleasures, and she wouldn't have told him about it had they been in high school, but she figured there was money in computers, so she decided to 'give it a shot.' She had known Carly since she was little; seven or eight years old. . She and Cassandra were lab partners in chemistry. They'll probably switch on Monday. She and Rick only dated four months, she didn't get too attached. She made the right choice.

His name was Fredward Benson. Fredward was a stupid name. She made her opinion known. He edited film. He was having trouble finding work, but he found enough to keep busy and did well enough to pay bills. He even had a commercial that played during some primetime spots. The one for Al's Car Barn. That was her favorite commercial. He was also working on an indie movie, which was being directed by Gibby. He was hoping that could propel him or Gibby to the next level. He and Gibby hadn't been friends for long… less than a day according to him. He had been dating Cassandra for 6 months. He hadn't been lucky enough to detach himself completely but he had started falling away from her long ago.

They reached his apartment complex and Gibby made his trek home. Waving to the two as they left, yelling out of his window, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" Freddie blushed and fumbled with his keys.

He could hear Sam laughing behind him.


They walked in and she made herself comfy on his couch. Freddie disappears into the back room. She waits silently. This room isn't much to look at. There's a couch a coffee table and a tv. A desk with a laptop on it sat against the wall. She guessed that was where he worked. The kitchen was across room. She got up and headed to his fridge.

While searching through it she heard his voice behind her. "Find anything you like?" She heard the smile in his voice and was not amused.

"Are you serious! Your fridge is empty!"

"No I'm not serious, hence the fact that I'm laughing." She glared at him and his cheeky grin, "Before you rip my off, though, I do have cereal… and it is technically morning. So what do you say?" She watches him pull the cereal box from the top of the refrigerator. "Care to join me?"

Why not, if she had to spend the night here, she might as well eat."Sure."

They ate more or less in silence. Running out of small talk, they just stared at each other. Sam noticed that a smirk had developed on Freddie's face. "What?"

"Well I was just thinkin' about how you said this was a date." Sam just raised her eyebrows to urge him to continue. "Well, now that I've supplied food, it makes our date official." She giggles and he starts to laugh with her.

"Normally I'd call you cheap and tell you to go out and get me somethin' to eat, but since you're cute I'll let it slide."

Just like that, everything stopped. They stopped laughing, they stopped eating, they stopped making reasonable eye contact, and all other evidence would point to them stopping this conversation.

Sam cleared her throat, "Well thanks for letting me crash here, and for the cereal, but its getting late and I should get some rest."

"Umm… sure." She looked at Freddie and he seemed jumpy, "well since I've been sleeping on the couch all week, you can take my room. The sheets are clean so no worries there."

"No, I couldn't take your bed."

"It's fine, really. Because of all the late nights that I spent editing the bed is more for show anyway and the couch probably smells worse."

Sam wouldn't argue that point. "Lead the way."

She followed him to his room. He gave her a pair of sweats and a T shirt and turned to leave the room. "Good night, and thanks for driving me home."

Sam stares at him a bit and smiles as she walks over to him, "Thanks for tonight. I had a great time."

"The way you say that makes it sound like a date."


And with that she closed the distance between their faces. She feels Freddie's hands wrap around her waist. She snakes her arms around his neck. Both are well aware of what was happening, this time. She feels a tongue slide across her lips. She feels her own lips open as she is acting solely on instinct at this point. Freddie's tongue enters her mouth and they fight. Their tongues fight in such a coordinated fashion that some may call it dancing, if they were privy to such a show as this. They get lost in the aforementioned dance and Sam pulls back towards the bed. Freddies follows her willingly. Sam rubs the back of his neck, grazing a spot behind his ear that draws a throaty moan out of Freddie. That sound lets her know that Freddie, at this point, would follow her anywhere.

And she would gladly take him.


Freddie woke up in a haze the next morning. He surveyed his surroundings. He hadn't woken up in his bed in a long time. He had no idea he'd feel this good. He hadn't been away from his bed long, at least not long enough to have it feel this good. He feels a figure moving next to him. Suddenly the previous night comes flooding back to him. He blushes and turns from her, then remembers that she is still asleep.

How could he have let this happen? He liked her, sure. But was it enough? Was it enough for her?

She wasn't drunk, so he didn't take advantage of her in that aspect, so at least his conscious is clear on that front. But she was vulnerable, he was vulnerable, they had just left relationships in a rather loud and fashion. What if he was just a rebound guy? Could he handle being dumped twice in a span of hours? He'd rather not find out.

But that would mean a relationship. Could he go through that again? She was a completely different person so maybe it would be different. Maybe this time he coul- "Mornin' sunshine." Said Sam, interrupting his thoughts.

"Mornin' sunshine? Is that all you have to say?"

He watched her as a face of indifference set in, "What's for breakfast?"

"Sam… I think we need to talk about what happened last night."

He heard her sigh in resignation, "When a guy and girl decide that they like each other, they develop certain 'feelings'."

"Not that talk! I've already had that awkward moment."

"Really then why'd you say we needed to talk about it?"

"I wasn't talking about the act I was referring to the implications and consequences of the act."

"Oh… those." There was a pause, "You used a condom so there shouldn't be any severe long term consequences."

"Are you serious?" Freddie had to draw upon all of his will power to keep from slapping his own forehead and losing his temper. "I mean 'us', you know?" He looked at her face and he knew that she knew what he was talking about.

There was another long pause. He wishes he could read her mind and know what she thought… how she felt. He watched her as she got up and walked over to her jacket and pulled out a camera. She walked out of the room and to the front of his apartment and he diligently followed, curious as to where she was going. She walked over to his laptop and turned it on. He opened her mouth to let her know that the laptop was password protected. However, at the first sound that left his lips, she silenced him. He begrudgingly sank back into silence. She typed in the password and the laptop showed his desktop.

"how did you…"

"You're very creative when it comes to technical stuff. But generally the trade off is not being creative with arts of all forms. Knowing that I imagined that your password would unimaginative, perhaps like your ex girlfriend's name."

"Well I was gonna change it, but I was, otherwise, preoccupied." He shot her a smirk as he caught a faint blush.

She smirked back and turned around. She clicked on a couple of items that Freddie couldn't quite make out. She eventually found what she was looking for. A video of some kind. She paused it and turned around. "Freddie, I'm well aware of what happened. I'm well aware of what it currently means and what it could mean. I've given this a lotta thought."


"I woke up a couple of hours before you did. And decided to do some poking around. Also I had something to do and I needed your laptop to do it."

"That video?"

"Yes, now don't interrupt."

"Ok, ok."

"I reviewed the whole night. The way Rick spoke to me, lied to me, and tried to manhandle me. I reviewed the scrunges that approached me at that club. On dirty scrunge in particular. Then I reviewed the way you treated me… even when you were drunk. You had every opportunity to act just as bad as the others did. But you didn't, you didn't pressure me and you didn't belittle me." She looks up at him and he starts to walk over to her. "You were different, you are different. And I believe that you deserve a shot."

Freddie closed the distance between them and placed a kiss on her forehead. She smiled and stayed wrapped in his embrace.

Then she smirked, and returned to the laptop. "If, however, you prove to be… not different… this will happen." She clicked play.

~~start video~~

The video starts with a close up of Sam's face. "This is a video letter to the cheating douche nozzle formerly known as Rick."

"Dear turd munch, I'm tired of you and everything about you." The camera turned to show that she was in a parking lot. They looked to be at the park but it was hard to tell, "'everything' includes…" The camera rests on a card box labeled 'Rick's Crap' "That's right, you sniveling weasel, that is every piece of anything that you had at my place. Take a good look at it because pretty soon it'll live up to the name on the box… not that it doesn't already."

With those words she handed the camera to someone and ran to her truck. Whoever was holding the camera stepped back to get both the box and the truck in the same frame. There something else next to the box but Freddie couldn't quite tell what it was.

"Is that his stereo system?"

"Yes, now shush, this is the best part."

The engine roars, as if it was a lion announcing its murderous intent. The truck backs off screen. With one final roar the truck surges forward. And crushes the cardboard box and obliterates the Stereo. Sam silences the truck's content purring and gets out of the truck cackling like a maniac. She goes around to the truck bed and puts on a pair of gloves and some safety goggles.

"Where'd you get those?"


She pulled a gym mat out of the truck bed and threw it on the ground and watched as it unfolded. She returned to the truck bed, apparently to fetch three statues. She placed them on the gym mat and returned to her truck bed once more. This time she came out wielding a sledgehammer.

She raised the hammer over her head and brought it down on the first statue. Her voice sounded, "That was for me having to put up with you." She repeated the action with the second statue, "That's for the next girl dumb enough to put up with you." She repeated the action one final time, dispatching of the statue with a grotesque satisfaction. "and that was for your mother who was smart enough to stop putting up with you." She tosses the sledgehammer into the truck bed. "Sam, Be careful!" Comes a concerned voice from behind the Camera.

"Is that Carly?"

"Of course, now quiet down this is the big finale."

Sam retrieves a tank of gasoline and a pack what seem to be fireworks. She places the fireworks next to Carly. She proceeds to douse the remains of the cardboard box in gasoline. Having accomplished this step, she set off retrieving a rocket. She aimed it and lit the fuse and addressed the camera once again, "So Rick, in summation, this will be symbolic of that Hell that you put me through. It is also symbolic of the future of this relationship." The rocket's fuse finally ran short and it fired into the cardboard. It exploded behind her. The camera closed up on the damage. Sam spoke once more, "If you haven't guessed by now, We're Done." Her and Carly viewed their damage, Sam spoke once more, "Sincerely with hatred, Sam Puckett."

The fire burned about ten minutes. Then Carly sounded, "Sam, maybe we should put it out now."Sam shrugged and went to the truck. She came out wearing the club outfit. Sam grabbed the camera while Carly left to go change. "See Rick, next time you'll think twice before cheating you sorry excuse for a scum bag."

Carly returned shortly thereafter. "Ooh, we should take pictures and send them to my brother. I really likes fire. "

"Good idea kid, This has been Sam Puckett, saying, Good riddance Douche." And with those words the video ended.

~~end video~~

Freddie stared at his computer screen. He knew that Sam just had to be laughing at him. Sam stopped her giggling fit. "Are we clear?"

Freddie nodded, "Crystal."

"Great… so, boyfriend…" He would be lying if he told you that he didn't like the way it sounded, "About that breakfast."

He nodded, "Well I'll wash up and get dressed and we can take you out to eat." He watched her dance up out of the chair. I will be waiting. As he was brushing his teeth a thought occurred to him. She had gotten rid of all evidence of her ex. It was time he did the same. He spit out the toothpaste, rinsed and poked his head out of the door.

"Do you have any more cardboard boxes?'


Rick woke up the next morning with a killer headache and a hazy memory of the night before. He took a couple of asprin. He checks his phone and sees a message from a number he didn't recognize.

Check your email for
a special surprise.

While the night was hazy he did remember being dumped. Maybe this would be a good surprise. He sits at his desktop and opens his email account. He sees a message from Sam.

"She sent me a video." He says to himself. He checks the date, "She sent it this morning at 3:52." Maybe she decided to take me back.

He plays it.

"What the…"


"Is that my stereo?"

"What is she about to do with that truck?" The sound of a roaring engine and the image of his exploding stereo will haunt him for the rest of his life.

"OH MY GOD!" He sat, staring wide eyed at the computer screen.

"What is she doing with that sledg-…" he watches as Sam shatters his priceless statues, "I got those from my Grandfather!" He sat and watched helplessly, as he watched his statues shatter.

He rubbed his eyes hoping that it was all a dream. Or some crazy side-effect of something that somebody put in his drink. The sound of Sam's voice brought his attention back to the computer screen.

"So Rick, in summation, this will be symbolic of that Hell that you put me through. It is also symbolic of the future of this relationship."

"Wha-…" his query was cut short by the sound and sight of a rocket firing and colliding with his box of stuff that was labeled 'Rick's Crap', followed by the sights and sounds of the aforementioned box going up in flames. Rick was brought out of stupor once again by Sam's voice.

"If you haven't guessed by now, We're Done. Sincerely, with hatred, Sam Puckett."

This was, officially the worst surprise of his life. He went to exit out of the video and the screen went blank. Rick went to press the delete button, because he had literally no idea what to do. The screen flashed white and a flash animation of Sam popped up on the screen with what looked like a bazooka. Flash-Sam shot the bazooka towards the screen, it exploded and Rick was left looking at a blue screen.

This really was the worst surprise of his entire life.


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