Callie shook out her hair and straightened the seam on her skirt, and with one final glance in the mirror she blew out a puff of air and pulled the chain that led to the closet light.

She reached for the doorknob in the darkness and barely managed to bite back an 'eep' when she felt him slip his arms around her waist.


"People – like Mark - are going to wonder where we are." She smiled into the inky black of Meredith and Alex's spare bedroom closet, "At least, they'll wonder where 'I' am." She turned around in his arms. "You," her voice was husky as her body rested against his, "Dr. Shepherd, are suppose to be at work."

"So I got off a little early." His nose was at her ear, his lips at the top of her neck. "And I wanted to see you. I haven't seen you for three days." One of his hands dug in to the flesh of her hip, while the other got tangled in her hair. "I missed you." The whisper was low and deliciously mischievous.

"So you sneak in to the Karevs', mmmmm, and kidnap me from their dinner party, so you," she darted her tongue out and licked the curve of Derek's adam's apple, "can have your way with me?"

"I took you to their closet. Does that really count as kidnapping?"

Callie released a heavy, mock put-upon sigh, "Okay, fine, how about 'dragged'. You 'dragged' me away from their party."

"Caveman style?" Derek offered almost hopefully.

Callie chuckled lightly, her laughter fading to a soft moan as Derek pressed her against the closet door – his body firm against hers.

Sliding her hand down his arm, along his side, and then, deftly moving it between their bodies, she agreed with him. "Just like a caveman." Stroking her palm along his length she added, "Have I mentioned recently just how much I like your club?"

His voice a little hoarse with excitement, Derek responded, "I think you may have said something to that affect a few minutes ago, but uhm, feel free to tell me again."