"Don't forget, you've got a date tonight." Ginny called from our kitchen. I stopped dusting the living room and turned to face her. We'd bought a flat in Diagon Alley after we graduated from Hogwarts, Luna lived with us as well, but she was working right now.

"I have a date? Why wasn't I told about that?" I called back, feeling torn between amusement and annoyance. I knew who had gotten me a date. Mrs. Weasley, my surrogate mother and determined matchmaker. She'd been determined to hook me up with someone ever since Ron and I had broken up. I'd never realized it when I was younger, but the woman was an incurable romantic. She thrived on setting people up together. She'd gotten Luna and Ron together; Fred and Angelina back together, Percy with Annabelle, and Charlie with Brianna. Now she had her aim on me and George, thank Merlin I wasn't the only single one left. At least I had George to keep me company.

"You weren't told?" Ginny called, her voice coming nearer. She appeared in the door way, wearing an apron and holding a wooden spoon. "I could have sworn she sent an owl."

"Then you probably read it and forgot to tell me." I said, turning back to my dusting with disinterest. "Did she mention who I was going out with?" I was getting bored of her choices, she always picked men who were so smart they were cocky, or to dim to even be slightly interesting.

"I think it is Michael Corner." She replied, heading back towards the kitchen.

"You have got to be kidding me-that will be so awkward!" I exclaimed, turning back towards her in utter horror. "You two used to go out, what if he wants to talk about you, or thinks I'm like you?"

Ginny laughed at that, turning towards me with a huge smile. "Mum doesn't care, he's single, and that's all that matters." She turned back towards the kitchen, disappearing within it. "You might want to dress up; he's taking you to Madame Puddyfoots."

"George and I double dating?" I asked hopefully, that would be my only saving grace. He could save this evening, he could make it fun.

"Yeah, mum hooked him up with Katie's friend, Lea." Relief flooded me and I found myself smiling as I finished my dusting. George and I had become great friends since the war. With Harry dating Ginny, and Ron dating Luna, I'd found myself being a third wheel far too many times. I'd ended up seeking out the twins company, and found out that I'd actually enjoyed it. We'd go to the Three Broomsticks and hang out, or go to some place like an arcade, bowling, I'd even got them to go skating with me. Our trio had been downgraded to a duo when Fred had started dating Angelina again. That was when Mrs. Weasley stepped in. She'd decided that she was going to find us a perfect match, and she wouldn't let up.

It wouldn't be so bad if she didn't pick out such creeps. Even the girls she got for George were awful, most of them bimbo's or humorless. We'd gone on a double date once and it had been far more fun than going alone. So we decided to try and keep double dating, that way we could use each other to help get out of there. We'd gotten really good at reading each other during this whole debacle. Knowing he would be there tonight made me feel far better; at least I would have a laugh.

I finished the dusting quickly and changed my t shirt and jeans in for a cocktail dress. I left my hair out, pulling a little of it back with a hair comb. I grabbed my bag and apparated over to the Burrow. Mrs. Weasley always had our dates meet us there, I had no idea why. I didn't mind though, at least that way they didn't know where I lived.

"Hey 'Mione, you're early." George's chipper voice sounded behind me when I reappeared. I smiled and spun around, grabbing him in a tight hug.

"Evening George!" I said happily. "I was hoping they would already be here. Thought we might could go ahead and get the date over with, we might even have time for a drink at the Three Broomsticks." George laughed at that, looping his arm around my shoulder as we walked towards the Burrow. He was wearing green dress robes, long and dark. They looked really nice on him; they went well with his vibrant hair.

"So what'll our excuse be to get out early tonight?" He asked, opening the door for me and letting me through.

"Umm, we could always use the excuse that one of us has a headache." I said, stepping into the Burrow and doing a quick check to see if anyone else was there. We were still alone. At least no one was here yet.

"Okay, you or me?"

"How about whoever has the worse date?" I asked, giggling. He laughed at that, sitting down on the sofa in front of me.

"How was the shop today? Did you figure out how to fix the problem with the gabbing gum?" I asked, sitting down on the edge of the coffee table. His eyes brightened and he sat up straighter.

"Yep, the venetian flower did the trick. Thanks for that tip. I tried it out on Fred, he couldn't stop talking, and it was hilarious! Ange kept trying to kiss him but he couldn't stop moving his mouth." I laughed loudly at that, picturing Fred trying to stop his mouth, it would have been quite a sight.

"Good evening Michael, I'm so glad to see you!" Mrs. Weasley's bubbly voice came from the front of the house and I felt myself cringe. I did not want to go out tonight, well, not with him anyway.

"Lea, so glad you!" Mrs. Weasley gushed. George shot me a look, his eyes wide and his mouth in a grimace. I laughed, covering my mouth with my hand to muffle the sound. A smile lit his face at my laugh before he stood up, offering me his hand. I took it, letting him pull me up.

"Their waiting for you in the sitting room, it's right through there." A moment later Michael and Lea stepped into the room. He was wearing blue dress robes, they weren't bad, but they didn't look quite right with his skin tone.

"Please," I said, forcing myself to be polite. "Have a seat. He sat down on the couch opposite of me, a smirk on his pale face. Lea joined him, sitting at the far side of the couch. I glanced at George before sitting down. He sat next to me, stiff and tense. We spoke for a while, mostly about school and work. Apparently Michael was going for a masters, something I hadn't realized a wizard could get, and Lea was working as a secretary for Mafilda Hopkins. We still had another twenty minutes until we had to leave for Madame Puddyfoots. I was bored out of my mind and already trying to think of a way out of this date.

"I'm going to get a drink, would you like anything?" I asked, being careful not to specify anyone.

"Yes, I'd love a butterbeer." Lea said her voice airy.

"I should enjoy some elf made wine, if you have it." Michael said, his deep voice pompous.

"I'll help you." George said, standing up beside me. I fought a laugh at his eagerness and walked into the kitchen.

"How's it going?" Mrs. Weasley asked the minute we stepped into the kitchen. She was smiling excitedly and looked like she was about to burst with joy. Not good, I couldn't stand this guy and she was thrilled by him. "Isn't he handsome, and he's going into magical law!" She said, beaming as she started on the drinks. "And Lea, I can't believe she's single, she's gorgeous!" She finished the drinks and turned back towards us. "Here, take this to them, can't leave them waiting."

I grabbed the proffered glasses and turned towards George, my eyes wide and horrified. Five minutes later and I needed to get out, Michael wouldn't shut up.

"Excuse me. I've got to go powder my nose." I said, smiling pleasantly before standing and leaving the room. I headed straight outside, heading towards the oak tree at the edge of the garden. I sunk against it, leaning my back against its gnarled trunk. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, just enjoying the cool night air.

"Any plan on attending the wedding my mum's already planned out for you?" George asked, coming up and sinking down next to me by the tree. I smiled and opened my eyes.

"How about you? Picked out your china yet?" I asked, smiling cockily. He let out a loud laugh, leaning his head back. I joined him, feeling all the tension from earlier slip out.

"What's say we just disapparte to The Three Broomsticks, I'll buy."

"Sounds great." I said, smiling before standing and taking his hand. We'd let Michael and Lea have fun together. I doubt they'd even notice we had left. They were both far too interested in themselves.