Title: Mediation

"Explain this to me again." Solomon's voice quavers with suppressed laughter, earning Ray's death glare and Florian's long-suffering sigh.

The silence drags, but Solomon can almost set his watch by Florian's inability to remain silent. He manages not to laugh while Florian explains how he and Ray ended up naked and handcuffed together. Again.

Solomon frees them, then pleasurably distracts them until they finally fall asleep. He slips out of bed in search of Laila. Solomon enjoys a joke as much as any of them, but switching the play handcuffs for real ones was only funny the first three times.


Title: Labels

Laila takes a cautious sniff from the open jar. She pulls away quickly, coughing. The mislabeled container joins five others on the worktable and Laila scowls up at the untested jars on the shelf.

She takes great pride in these herbs. They're what she uses for the salves and elixirs that keep Ray's household healthy. The very idea that someone would deliberately...Oh.

Ray's finally forgiven her for the latest handcuff incident, and Solomon found it amusing, but Florian...

She scowls at the handwriting on the neatly labeled jars and grudgingly admits that Florian could have a promising career in forgery.