Title: Spring Fever

Author: Smenzer

Rating: PG

Pairing: None. Young Hercules

Archive: Yes, please. Let me know if you take it, OK?

Teaser: Ares thinks Herc needs a pet!

Disclaimer: The characters are not mine. They belong to Studios USA or

Whoever owns the Rights to Young Hercules. This is just for fun. No money is being made.

Hercules was walking down the path towards the Academy. He was just coming from having lunch at Cora's and was in no real hurry to get back to the school. There was a big test coming up and well, he just didn't feel like studying. Besides, who wanted to study on a beautiful Saturday like this? Spring had finally arrived and birds were singing in the trees, the soft breeze was warm on his face. He just wanted to goof off! But deep down inside he knew that he should study, as he hadn't been paying attention in class at all the last week. Instead, he had been daydreaming out the window!

Ares popped in front of Hercules without warning.

"You know, I know what's wrong with you." Ares said.

"What? What's wrong with me?" Hercules asked back. He had no idea what Ares was talking about really, but maybe he should humor his brother?

"You don't have a pet, that's what!" Ares replied. "All boys should have a dog, don't you think? Take it for walks, romp together in fields, that sort of thing. That's why you turned out like you did. And I'm gonna fix it for you!"

"You are?" Hercules by now was totally confused. "I didn't know there was anything wrong with me, except for this Spring Fever."

"Well, you wait right there!" Ares told him and popped out a second later.

Hercules waited. He kicked at a pebble weakly, then stared up at clouds floating in the blue sky. He knew Ares was probably up to some horrid trick and would try to kill him soon, but he just couldn't get excited about it. Spotting an extra thick bed of sweet scented grass, Hercules lay down to wait for his older half brother to return. Yawning loudly, Hercules stretched his arms high above his head and almost fell asleep. He was just drifting off to slumber land when he felt something poke him in the ribs.

Hercules opened his eyes.

"AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" Hercules screamed and scrambled away as quickly as he could! A huge monster had poked him in the ribs! The thing was some sort of giant lizard. In fact, it was the biggest monster he had ever seen! The thing's head alone could swallow a man with no problems. The creature walked on four thick legs and had a big tail trailing behind itself.

"What's the matter, Little Brother? Don't you like my dog?" Ares laughed.

"That isn't a dog!" Hercules told him. "It's a monster!"

"Of course it's a dog! It's the Dog of War. His name is Graegus. He likes to snack on soldiers who get on my nerves." Ares informed his little brother.

Hercules backed away from Graegus but the creature followed him! "Why did you bring it here for?"

Ares laughed. "I thought you'd like to take it for a walk, go have a romp in the field. Like I said, every boy should have a dog. And since you don't have one...."

"Umm....that's very generous of you, but I have to study for a test!" Hercules took off and ran towards the Academy. He glanced behind him and saw Graegus chasing him at full speed. Hercules ran even faster. Finally the Academy was in sight and he passed through the gates. He skidded to a halt and peered out. Both Graegus and Ares was gone.

Hercules realized he was now wide awake and in a studying mood!

"Thanks Ares, I guess." With that, Hercules went inside to go crack open some scrolls.