A/n: Hey, people! Sorry, I haven't been writing for a while, I knida got lazy, after finishing Damsel in Distress. This one-shot is to basically promote my new poll about my new story, The Months in a Year(don't worry, I'm definitely changing the title). This short one-shot is in short, Yusei and Akiza meeting when they both take a nightly walk.

In the Moonlight

Yusei quietly stepped outside into the silver glow of the luminous moon. He sighed relaxingly, feeling emotions of stress and tension slowly evaporate. He knew he shouldn't relax, since there was still a lot of danger around, but it was nice to let go for a little while. It had become a habit for him to take these nightly excursions and he enjoyed them.

He started walking along the sidewalk to a cherry blossom tree. The delicate pink petals were swirling in the grasp of the gentle wind. He saw a figure reach out to catch one, but miss, and slowly lower her hand.

The raven-haired man stepped forward, some leaves crunching under his foot.

Akiza(for of course it was she) whipped around, her hair flying and resting on her shoulders. He brown orbs flashed for a moment then calmed.

"Yusei," she acknowledged.

He took a few more steps towards her. "Akiza," he replied. She stood up, facing him, a sleepy smile gracing her lips.

Suddenly, she leaned forwards and hugged him, wrapping her arms around his neck and burying her face into his chest.

Yusei was surprised, but he smiled, closed his eyes and put his hands around her back, hugging her close.

Akiza lifted her head, her dark eyes shining in the glow of the moonlight.

"Yusei," she said hesitantly. "I know I've told you this before, but thank you." She pulled away and looked into his dark sea-blue eyes.

"Thank you for accepting me, saving me and helping me," she said quietly. "Thank you for everything.

Yusei squeezed her hands. "No. Thank you, Akiza."

His stare was intense as he explained. "You've shown me so much I've never known. I loved Martha, Jack and Crow as mother and brothers.

"But, Akiza, everytime I see you, I feel something. I didn't know what it was," he looked deep into her cat-shaped chocolate syrup orbs.

"Akiza, you're more than my friend. I love you."

Akiza looked as if she couldn't stop smiling. "I love you, too, Yusei," she whispered contently.

Yusei cupped her face and lifted it gently up to his. Their lips pressed against each other, gently rejoicing in their union. Akiza sighed happily, as she tasted the mingled flavours of berried and sweet vanilla. Yusei dropped his hands to her hips, pulling her closer. She moaned into the kiss, as he tasted her strawberry taste and sniffed her sweet rose scent. Akiza wrapped her arms around his neck as their tongues tumbled together. They came apart, panting hard.

Akiza looked into his eyes sleepily. "Love you, Yusei," she said quietly.

Yusei chuckled, watching her eyes flutter in exhaustion "We better get you home, Akiza."

They went to her house and he watched her drift off into unconsciousness.

"Love you, too, Akiza," he said quietly. He stepped outside, wanting to say more. But he knew, that somehow, there in the moonlight, it was enough.


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