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~ Chibi Moyashi ~

~ Chapter 1 - Party Planning ~

On occasion, Howard Link come to genuinely despise his job. A man had only so many limits. A mountain of paperwork, he could handle within a few hours. Following around a certain white-haired teenager constantly he could manage fairly well, even with the few comments about him actually being a stalker rather then an observer. This certain situation however, was most defiantly beyond his personal capability.

Allen Walker could be a tiring person every now and again, though on a whole he was fairly well to get along with, especially when you actually considered the pair's predicament. Over time Allen had even started to consider the blond man as a friend, despite the tension between them, and even though Link would never admit it to anyone, even himself, he also thought of Allen as someone whom he was somewhat close to. With this in mind, it was often difficult for Link to record Allen's actions without corrupting the information with his opinions and emotions. He was almost starting to become like Lavi, his cold heart slowly starting to melt. That thought made him squirm slightly in realisation every time he witnessed the red head's rather unorthodox behaviour.

However, it did not really matter how close the two of them would become, as it was simply Link's job, his assignment. As soon as it expired, as would their short friendship, it was as simple as that. This may have been the reason why Link would often try to distance himself from the boy. It may have also been the reason why he was so unenthusiastic about helping with the preparations for the next day's celebrations.

"Come on, Two-Spots, would it kill you to do this one tiny, little thing for us? For Allen?" pleaded the overly cheerful exorcist, showing yet another reason why Link did not want to end up acting like him. Lavi had shown up late that nigh, making sure to come after the time Allen often fell asleep and when Link would catch up on his paperwork. His powers of observation where really quite surprising.

"I do not see why you would need my help in this," he told the boy, frustrated with the fact that he had been interrupted during the few hours a day he actually had to himself.

"Look, just keep him distracted and out of the dinning hall until lunch tomorrow, please!" Lavi practically begged the blond, clasping his hands together in a desperate appeal.

"Why is this so important to you anyway?" Link asked, curious as to the reason for the very unusual request.

"Oh, it's not just me," Lavi ensured him. "It's also important to the science department, Komui, Miranda, Kro-Chan, a couple of finders and especially Lenalee-Chan. She's been planning this for weeks. Yu's coming to, though I have a feeling he's a lot less enthusiastic about the whole thing."

The man raised an eyebrow. "That doesn't answer my question."

"It's for Allen!" he said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Look, since no one knows when his birthday actually is, we've decided to have a party for him tomorrow."

"You don't know when he was born?" Link wondered. They where is friends, shouldn't they know this type of trivia about the boy. Though, now that he actually thought about it, even he wasn't sure either. That section had been left blank when he had filled in his papers. He really should get that filled in at some point.

"Nope. He hasn't told anyone. To be honest, I don't even think he knows when his birthday is," he said, his usual happy voice dragged a small tone of sadness with it, the grin on his face shrinking slightly.

"So why tomorrow?"

"Because that was the day he first came here," the broad smile returned instantly. "And since he thinks he's about fifteen, this means hat It'll be his sixteenth birthday! Do you know what that means?"

"That you apparently think that I can't do math?"

"No, silly. It's meant to be a big celebration! Besides, he's the youngest, so it is kind of our job to make sure he has a good party, right?"

"That is not part of my job," he told him, not seeing why he had to help them at all. Surely if they where this desperate, then they could just do it themselves.

"I didn't mean it like that. I meant our jobs as a family!" Lavi protested, catching Link way of guard.

"F-family?" he stuttered, surprised by the suggestion.

"Yes. Look, around here, we are all part of a big family. In our group of the family, we have Lenalee, a motherly big sister who tries her best to make us happy. Komui, a crazy overbearing dad who seriously needs to die down on the coffee. Everyone in the science department are out uncles, who are al fun to hang out with. Kro-chan is the uncle who doesn't really get out much, but we love him for it. Miranda, the over apologetic aunt who blows small things out of proportion. Finders, the friendly next-door neighbours who lend us a hand when need be. Me, a charming brother who can be both reliable and irresponsible at the same time but can make you smile when you need it. Yu, an antisocial big brother who secretly likes us though he would never say it out loud. You, a weirdo cousins who is constantly stalking us."

"For the last time, I am not a stalker!"

"And finally, Allen. The sweet little brother that we all look out for. That there is our family. It's like any normal one. Big, loud and really dysfunctional," he finished, looking rather proud about his explanation.

"I see," Link nodded, though he wasn't quite sure that he really understand the reasoning.

"So you'll do it?"

"Fine," he sighed in defeat, not wanting to have to put up with the red head for much longer, let along try to get through another one of his speeches.

"Thank you!" Lavi beamed, jumping up and down a little. He would have gone in for a hug, had he not been sure that the man could have punched him in the gut. "Oh, and one more thing. You know that cake you made before? The one with all the chocolate and frosting? Do you think you could make it again?"

"How am I supposed to do that if I have to watch Walker?" he snapped, angry about the fact that he now had two extra jobs that he would have to do.

"Oh, come one, you'll think of something!" Lavi told him, as he rushed back off down the hallway back to the large dinning hall.

Link sighed heavily, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. He had a feeling that the next day would be very tiring for him. What he didn't know however was that he would be far more exhausted then he had ever thought possible.

The day had started of perfectly normal, for the first five minutes that is. Link had woken up in his small cot that had been placed in the corner of Allen's room, after a good few weeks of constant back pains due to sleeping on the cold, stone floor, he and Allen had both settled on the arrangement. He knew that it was morning before he had even opened his eyes, as he could feel tiny rays of warm light hitting his face. He mentally groaned. It was that he was a lazy person, if anything he was the complete opposite considering how dedicated he was to his work. It was just that he didn't want to wake up. It was warm underneath his covers, and he knew for a fact that it would be freezing outside of his little cloth cocoon. But the again… he still had to sigh all those left over papers from last night, not to mention filing then all alphabetically and numerically. That could take forever. They would have been done by now if a certain red head had not interrupted him late last night. Plus, he would have to get washed, changed and eat that morning as well.

He cursed himself for using his own logic against him. He hated it when he just had to prove himself wrong. Sighing, he uncurled himself, shivering as the cold air flooded towards him, quickly reliving himself of the comfortable warmth. Glancing over the room, he saw a small lump underneath the blankets on Allen's bed. Good, he hadn't gotten up and wandered of yet. That at least gave him some time to get ready for the day. He quickly tiptoed across the room, trying to avoid to icy floor to grab his clothes and dash of to the bathroom. True, he was meant to be around the boy at all times, but five minutes where not going to change anything, especially when those five minutes where going to be spent with him sleeping. He managed to get washed and ready in private, as he assumed most people would be either asleep or in the dinning room with Lavi and the others, and was back in their room in exactly five minutes, to the second. He enjoyed being punctual when he could. Glancing over towards Allen's bed, he was happy to find that the tiny lump had not moved from its spot. He smiled in slight relief. He had half expected the small boy to disappear somehow.

He suddenly froze, his breath getting caught in his throat, his eyes stiffening their glance on the bed. The bump was tiny. Not just small, as the snort boy would often curl up in his sleep, but far smaller then he had even seen him, impossibly small. He growled in anger and frustration at the realisation that Allen much have snuck out at some point, placing something under his blanket to trick him. It defiantly wasn't the first time that it had happened, and Link felt embarrassed to have fallen for it once again. He muttered a few insults and curses quietly underneath his breath, as he reached out to grab a corner of the blanket to pull it of, a little curious about what on earth he had hidden this time. A pillow maybe? Unfortunately, the thing that he found was most defiantly not what he was expecting.

It was a person. A small boy, to be precise. He looked about seven years old, possibly eight at the very most. His hair was dirty brown, shaggy and long enough to hang bellow his shoulders, his skin was pasty pale white. He was also ridiculously skinny, making him look even smaller in the huge nightshirt that he was wearing, which fell past his knees and the long sleeves completely covered his arms.

Link couldn't help but stare in shock at the child. How on earth did this happen? Five minutes. He had been gone five minutes, and this had happened! Or had it happened before he had even woken up? But the important questions where not when it had happened, but more of where Allen was now, and who exactly this child was.

It was at this point that the child had decided to wake up. Sky blue eyes opened widely in surprise and shock, immediately looking up into the man's own eyes. Uncomfortable, awkward silence filled the space between them for several second, before the boy shattered it.

"Who. The fuck. Are you?" the boy suddenly yelled, his blue eyes glaring with such intensity that they seemed like tiny shards of ice. He had scrabbled to his feet, making him stand up on the bed, pointing an accusing finger in Link's direction. At least, he assumed he has pointing, as the sleeves of the nightshirt where so long that they where completely covering the boys hands, slipping a little at the shoulders.

"I should ask you the same question," he told the child, glaring slightly at him. "Who are you, why are you here, how did you get here and where is Allen Walker?"

"Just a little higher, Miranda," Lenalee told her friend from the bottom of the ladder she was holding, as Miranda was trying to stick up the last corner of a large banner that they had made the night before.

Miranda wobbled a little bit at the top of the high ladder, nervous about possibly falling off. "L-like this?" she stuttered, putting it a little bit higher.

"A tiny bit to the left," Krory said, stepping back to get a better look.


"No, no, no. Right. Right!" Lavi told her.

"R-right? Are you sure?"

"Down a bit!" called Komui.

"Argh!" Miranda toppled slightly, making her let go of the whole banner as she did so. It came louse at all the other corners as well, making it pool to the ground in a large heap. Everyone groaned. "I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry! I didn't mean to do it, please forgive me!" Miranda wailed desperately, as she clung on tightly to the wooded ladder.

"Oh, don't worry about it, Miranda," Lenalee tried to assure her, helping her older friend down from the ladder. "If these guys would actually let you do your job, this wouldn't have happened."

"What, you think this is our fault?" Lavi asked, trying to unravel the cloth.

"I'm sorry," Miranda mumbled in a depressed voice.

"Why don't you go help Jerry in the kitchen?" Lenalee suggested, hoping to cheer her up a bit.

"Y-you think that's a good idea?" she asked, sounding very unconvinced.

"No, you can cause less damage in there," Kanda growled, absentmindedly picking louse splinters out of the old tables.

Seeing Miranda about to cry again, Lenalee quickly said, "What Kanda means is that you've got a good eye for detail. So, you would be able to see if the food looks good or not, right?"

"R-really?" Miranda asked, looking very surprised and happy at the same time.

"Most defiantly. I'll help out with this, okay?" she told her, guiding her towards the kitchen door.

"Are you even going to help us or not, Yu-Chan?" Lavi asked, as he started to climb the ladder, a corner of the banner in hand.

"No. And don't call me that!" he shouted out.

"Oh, come on now, Kanda. You could at least put up some balloons for us," Komui said, looking over at Reever and Johnny, who had both just finished blowing up what looked like hundreds of balloons, looking very tired and red in the face.

"Forget it," he snapped.

"Oh, I'll do it, I'll do it!" Krory volunteered enthusiastically. He had grown rather fond of the balloons, having never seen them before hand.

"Can I leave now?" Kanda asked Lenalee.

"No!" she told him, putting her hands on her hips. "We haven't even finished setting everything up yet, and then we actually have to have the party."

"I don't like parties," Kanda told her, scowling a little. "Do you remember the first one you tried to give me?"

"How can we not? I still have the scars," Komui sniffed sadly.

"But it's for Allen-Kun," Lenalee protested.

Kanda simply raised an eyebrow.

"That's not enough to change his mind, Lenalee-Chan," Lavi laughed, only to immediately drop the cloth as he did so. "Oh, come on. Gravity, you are such a bitch…"

It was at this point that the large doors where sprung open, slamming itself into the wall. Everyone turned towards the sudden noise in surprise, only to be stunned into silence at what they saw. It Link, who seemed to be carrying a small boy, who looked roughly seven years old, wearing nothing put a ridiculously large shirt. By carrying, this meant having the child tucked under his arm and need his chest, as the boy tried desperately to wrestle his way out of the mans hold, kicking, punching and shouting all the time.

"Komui Lee!" Link shouted towards the supervisor. "We need to talk!"

"Me?" Komui asked innocently.

"Is this your doing?" Link snapped, pointing to the still struggling child.

Komui blinked. "Mine?"

"Komui, you dark horse! I can't believe you've got a son!" Lavi stared at the man in shock, looking back and forth between the child and Komui.

"M-my… son?" Komui squeaked all colour draining from his face.

"You had a love child? With who?" Reever asked.

"B-but I don't have a son!" he said desperately, shaking his head vigorously as he did so.

"Why didn't you tell me, Nii-San? Oh, my God, I'm an aunt!" Lenalee cried out.

"Are you sure you don't have a kid?" Krory asked him.

"Yes! No!" Komui stutter, clearly confused and overwhelmed.

"No kid?" asked Kanda.


"What about kids?" asked Johnny.

"I don't have one!"

"…Not even a little one?" Lavi double cheeked.

"That is not what I mean!" Link snapped at them all. "I mean, is this child another one of your experim – Ow!" The men suddenly released his hold of the child, who somehow ended up falling onto his stomach, before sprinting out of the door again, screaming insults and curses at them as he did so.

"He bit me!" Link yelled out in pain as he held in injured forearm, which had very clear indents of small teeth, as well as a bit of blood where the skin had been broken. "Oh, why that little…"

"Link, what is going on?" Lenalee asked, more then a little confused and shocked by what had just happened.

"When I had woken up this morning, I found that child in Walker's bed," he explained. "I have no idea who he is, or where Walker may have gotten to. I figured that Komui would be the one most likely to have some answers."

"Why me?" Komui asked. "It's not like every single strange thing that happens in this place is my fault, right?"

Everyone just gave him looks that clearly showed that they did not agree with him.

"Wait a second, so you're saying that Allen is missing and that boy suddenly appeared out of nowhere?" Lavi asked, trying to wrap his mind around everything.

"Basically, yes."

"Then what are we still doing here?" he demanded. "Lets go and grab that kid!"

Kanda sighed as he grabbed hold of Mugen's handle. "Damn that Moyashi. Would it kill him to stay out of trouble for five minutes."

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