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~ Chibi Moyashi ~

~ Chapter 2 - CHild Hunting ~

He had no idea where he was. The last that he could remember was when he had been with the circus, in a small place at the edge of Ireland. This was most defiantly not the circus he was used to. In fact, he doubted that it was any kind of circus. This was inside. Inside a large building at that. In is whole life he was sure that he had never actually been in such a big place, from the inside or the outside. But he didn't really have time to contemplate about where he was at the time. He had more important things to do. Such as actually getting out of the ridiculously large building that he had somehow gotten himself trapped within.

The boy ran as fast as his short, weak legs could carry him, which was actually quite fact when you considered boy's small body and the face that he had woken up not ten minutes ago and was still rather drowsy. The large shirt he was wearing did not help him with this endeavour very much, nor did the fact that his knotted, messy long hair kept on flying into his face, annoying him greatly as it did so. He really needed to tie it back at some point. He often did this, though the black string that he usually used to tame it was now missing. He always tided it around his wrist when he slept. But now it was gone. The boy was not even sure where he was meant to be running to, as he had no idea how to actually escape the building. All he knew was that he wanted to get outside and away from with people inside the huge structure. He couldn't help but feel confused about the whole situation. He had no idea where he was. After running down what felt like a hundred corridors he had finally given up, his stubborn nature won over by his tired legs giving in underneath him, making him flop down onto the cold stone ground, using the equally cold wall to support him. His breathing was laboured, burring his small chest as his lungs breathed deeply. A thin layer of moist sweat covered his body, making his hair and shirt cling slightly to him. His body aced from all the running, yet he was surprised that it did not hurt as much as he had once thought. He blinked down at his own body, pulling at the louse collar to inspect it further as already covered. He couldn't help but star in both shock and confutation. All of his bruises and wounds that had once littered his body had disappeared. Every last one of them. He frowned in bewilderment. It did not make any sense. He had been practically covered in them when he had fallen asleep. There was no possible way they could have all healed in just one night. Where had they all gone?

As he was busy inspecting his now injury free body, he had failed to notice soft footsteps approaching him, echoing through the dimly lit corridor and immerging from the shadows.


The little boy jolted sharply in surprise of the loud, booming voice that carried a strong tone of anger with it. He was no stranger to this type of voice, as he had heard it almost everyday for as long as he would remember. Looking up he was met with cold, dark eyes glaring down at him. Kanda had been the first to find him. He chose to simply glare back.

Kanda hade never been one for children, this was a very simple fact about him that everybody would guess. He found them annoying, whiney and just plain irritating, every last one of them. They where all brats as far as he considered. This one was most defiantly no exception to his rule. If anything, he was the very reason for the rule. He was causing for more hassle then he was worth.

"What the hell do you want!" the child spat viciously, leaping back up to his feet.

"Do not get bratty with me, boy," Kanda told him, his voice chillingly calm as he chose to silently simmer his anger. "You've already put me through enough shit so far, I do not need anymore. Now come with me."

"Think again, Woman!" the boy yelled, side stepping away from him a few steps, as his back was still too close to the wall to move backward.

"I'm male, you little brat!" Kanda yelled, forgetting his cold demeanour. In his opinion, the kid was just asking for a punch in the jaw.

"You sure about that?" the child asked, looking very unconvinced. "Then why's your hair so long? Only girls have long hair. Are you soft or something?"

"I am not fucking soft, and I am most defiantly not a girl!" he shouted, not even caring that he was now having an argument with someone less then half his age. Forget the punch, what he really wanted to do at this point was to slice him up with Mugen.

"Yeah, keep telling yourself that, whatever helps you sleep at night," sneered the boy. "Now, I'd love to stay and talk. Really, tea, cake, the whole shebang, but I'm leaving now." With that, he turned to try and run away from the man looming over him.

"We'll just see about that," Kanda growled.

As the boy tried to make a quick dashed away from Kanda, the older teenager had grabbed him roughly by the collar of the large shirt before lifting him up to his eye level with it, shoving his small body against the stone wall. Not hard enough to actually do any damage, not enough to even bruise the boy, just enough to knock the wind out of him and startle the boy a bit. It seemed to do the trick, as the boy simple dangled there for a few seconds, a look of complete surprise on his face. Kanda couldn't help but smirk at his sudden silence. The moment did not last long however, as the child tried to pry open his vice like grip, having difficulty due to their large difference in strength, and the fact that the ridiculously long sleeves where still completely covering his hands.

"Let me go, you bastard!" the child grunted, his attention and efforts all going into getting out of the man's hold.

"Stop it," Kanda snapped at him, growing irritated by his childish actions and his insults towards him.

"Let go of me, Idiot!"

"Forget it. I need you to tell me exactly who or what you are," he told him, his temper grown with every passing second because to the squirming child.

"Fuck you!" he screamed, his face showing a look of pure hatred. Kanda couldn't help but mildly wonder where that sudden anger had come from, though he didn't particularly care whatever the reason. The boy started to wildly kick his legs, not caring that they where too short to actually reach the man or that the back of his heals hurt whenever they bashed into the wall behind him. "Let do of me!"

"Stop it!" Kanda spat angrily, finally reaching the end of his patience with the child.

"Fine!" the child shouted, before he stopped struggling. Kanda blinked at his sudden cooperation. At least, until the boy had gripped hold of his left sleeve with his right hand. Shoving the baggy sleeve up is arm, he quickly moved his hand towards him, palm up. "Look, I'm cursed! I'm cured, see?"

Kanda didn't reply. He was genuinely speechless. The boy's arm, it was his arm. It was blistering red, wrinkled and twisted beyond all possibility. The joints on his arm looked like those of a puppet, his fingernails coal black and dead. It was Allen's arm. This child was Allen. Due to his pure surprise, Kanda's grip had loosened. Only by a tiny bit, but it was more then enough for the boy. With a huge push, Allen had managed to shove the teenager's hand way, before he landed ungracefully on the hard floor with a loud thump. He had them scrambled to his feet and dashed away before Kanda could even react in time.

"Oi!" Kanda shouted after him, quickly snapping back to reality. "Moyashi! Get your ass back here!" He then presided to running after the now even shorter Allen.

He wanted to kill him. He genuinely wanted to kill him. Not only had he ran off again, but he had also managed to lose him. Kanda growled angrily under his breath. The brat was always finding ways of ticking him of beyond all belief, but this one was just ridicules. How he had even managed to get himself into this situation was beyond Kanda. Though, now that he thought about it, he could help but wonder why he was a child once again. There was no doubt in his mind that the boy was in fact Allen, even if he did not look like him very much. It was not only that either. It was the fact that boy did not recognise him, or Link or that matter. He also doubted that he could recognise anyone that he had once known. But how on earth did this all happen?


Kanda winced at the loud, overly cheery voice. Looking to his side, he saw Lavi coming out of a corridor into the hall Kanda was now standing in. "Oh, Yu. Hey, you seen Chibi-Chan anywhere around here at all?" he asked, smiling at him. He was rather pleased with the little nickname he had given the boy.

"Do. Not. Call. Me. That!" Kanda spat out each word angrily, glaring furiously at the red head.

"S-sorry," Lavi apologised quickly, seeing the murderous look in the teenager's eyes.

"He ran this way," Kanda told him. He then paused. "It's Moyashi."

"Huh? You mean you saw Allen-Chan?" Lavi asked looking hopeful. He had become quite concerned for his friends safety after learning that he had not been found that morning. Allen did not really have the best experience when it came to staying out of trouble.

"Sort of," he grumbled, trying to concentrate on listening for the pattering noise of a small child running on the stone floor.

"What to you mean, sort of? You either have, or you haven't," Lai told him, wondering what he actually meant, a small pang of worry back in his chest.

"It's him," he said simply.

"Who him?" Lavi frowned in confusion.

"The kid," He snapped slightly, frustrated that he could not hear anything besides the red head's ramblings.

He blinked "Chibi-Chan?"

"Yes," he finally yelled, wondering how many times he would have to say it until Lavi actually understood what he was trying to tell him.

"W-wait, Chibi-Chan is actually Moyashi-Chan?" he couldn't help but stutter. He was shocked. The kicking, screaming little brat that they had all seen not ten minutes ago was actually Allen? It didn't make any sense to him. They both seemed to have two completely different personalities.

"Pretty much," he sighed, giving up on his attempts to locate the boy.

"Are you sure?"

"That arm isn't exactly something a lot of people would have," he told him, frowning a little bit as he did so.

"Point taken," admitted Lavi.

"I don't think he remembers anything," Kanda admitted, frowning to himself once more.

"What? Like 'anything' anything? Or 'some things' anything?" Lavi asked desperately, hating not knowing exactly what was going on.

"'Anything' anything."


"When am I not?"

"Again, point taken." Lavi sighed, scratching the back of his head. "How did this happen?"

"Like I would know?"

Lavi nodded absentmindedly before he paused for a few second, the gears inside of his head slowly turning. "Wait a second, how exactly did he manage to get away from you?"

Kanda did not answer.

"Oh, don't tell me. The amazingly scary Yu couldn't keep only of once tiny little Moyashi?" Lavi smirked, his voice sounding very smug as he did so, enjoying the fact that he could actually tease Kanda about something besides his name. Before Kanda could do anything to the annoying boy, a loud scream from a young, obnoxious voice, echoing off the stone walls that surrounded them.

"Let go of me!"

"That's him," Kanda said, before quickly taking off, following the direction of the voice, Lavi following closely behind.

After turning a sharp corner, they where bet with a rather strange sight. Stood in front of them as Krory, holding onto a squiring little Allen, or at least trying to. Somehow because of the boy's struggles and the man's desperate attempts to keep him in his hold, Allen hand somehow managed to wind up upside down in Krory's arms, one of his feet kicking the man in the jaw and his fists waving around furiously as he tried to punch him either in the gut or the groin. "I told you to put me down, Vampire Boy!"

"Lavi! Could you please help me?" Krory called out desperately, his voice being muffled with the ever-present kicks to the cheek.

Lavi started laughing out loudly at the ridicules slight, wrapping his harms around his stomach, as his sided started to hurt from laughing too much. "You look so funny, Kro-Chan," he said happily between laughs, whipping his only visible eye from a few tiny tears that had from whilst he had having his laughing fit.

"It's not funny!" Krory protested.

"Put me down, you Dracula wannabe!" Allen screamed, trying to not be forgotten in the mix. His face was growing red, though it was not certain if it was out of embarrassment of being laughed at or that the blood was rushing to his head too fast.

"D-Dracula?" Krory stuttered, looking hurt by the name-calling coming from the tiny child. "I'm not a vampire, I'm a human!"

"Yeah, right, and I'm a talking duck," Allen grumbled. "Now, put me down!" With a powerful kick, he managed to both push Krory away and himself down, making the man release his hold on him. This resulted with Krory having a slightly swollen cheek and Allen on the floor, flat on his back before sitting up.

"Ow," they both grumbled, Krory holding his cheek and Allen holding the back of his head, where he had hit it a little when falling.

"You okay, little buddy?" Lavi smiled down at Allen. He had to admit, the kid did look sort of cute this way, even with his bratty side.

"I'm not your buddy!" he snapped, glaring up at the older boy. "And don't call me little!"

'I guess Kanda was right,' Lavi thought to himself. 'He doesn't recognise him, Krory or even me. This can not be good.'

"Relax, Allen. There's no need to get all worked up," he grinned, as he squatted down in front of his small friend until they where at eyelevel.

Allen stiffened, scooting back a little bit, trying to make some distance between himself and the red head, his eyes glancing towards him suspiciously. Ever bit of his body language was screaming that he wanted noting more then to get away from them, though that would be impossible as both Kanda and Krory where stood behind him, and Lavi was now in front of him.

"Wait, Allen?" Krory asked, looking down at the child, whom had his back turned to him.

"Yes," Kanda answered him, as he crossed his arms over his chest, glaring down at the boy.

"B-but how? He doesn't even look like Allen," he said, feeling the same confusion as the other two had just experienced.

"Don't ask. We don't know," he replied coldly.

"So, how old are you?" Lavi asked him. Depending on how old Allen actually was, he might be able to now how to act around him. If he was younger then he thought, then he didn't want to scare the kid too much.

"What's it to you?" he snapped defensively.

"Nothing, just wondering. I'm eighteen by the way," he offered the child.

"We should get him to Komui," Krory suggested. "Maybe he knows something about this."

"Yeah, you've got a point there," Lavi nodded. It was true that before Komui looked as if he had no clue about the boy, but now that they knew he was Allen the situation may have changed. "Okay, Chibi-Chan, lets get going."

"Forget it! I'm not going anywhere with the likes of you creepy stalkers!" he shouted at them, as he stood back up to his feet. "Why don't you all just leave me alone!"

"Sorry, little man, no can do," Lavi told him. With that, he moved forward to grip hold of Allen under the armpits before the boy could even try to run off. He the stood up with Allen still in his arms, and swung in over his shoulder like he was just a back of flower.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?" Allen yelled at him, as he started to punch his back in an attempt to get away from Lavi.

"Carrying you," Lavi grinned in response.

"I think Komui and the science department when to his office," Krory told them.

Kanda nodded. "They probably went to try and find something to clean up this mess."

"Okay, Komui's lab it is." And with that, the three headed towards their destination, Allen kicking and protesting the whole time.

"I'm telling you, this time I really didn't do anything!" Komui protested loudly in defence, as the sciences department glared at him.

"Well lets face it, Chief, your track record isn't exactly the best one, now is it?" Reever told him, raising one eyebrow.

"Okay, I'll admit that, but this time I really didn't do anything!" he whined.

"Do you remember the last time you said that?" asked Johnny. "You do remember, right? The pudding incident?"

Everyone shivered at the horrifying memory.

"I thought we agreed on never again mentioning that incident," Russell interjected.

"But I really am telling the truth this time," Komui cried out.

"Forgive me for not believing that," Link scowled, as he finished wrapping up his still injured forearm with the bandages that Reever had given him.

"Don't you have a job to do?" snipped Komui.

"Yes, but I can't do that until I find out where Walker is and what that child is doing here," he snapped at the supervisor. He was deeply troubled and irritated about the whole situation, mostly because it had happened right under his nose when he had been on watch.

"Nii-San?" Everyone trued to look over at the door. There stood Lenalee, looking a little out of breath, her now shoulder length hair sticking out a little bit. "Any luck?"

"Lenalee! Their all being so mean to me! Make them stop!" Komui begged his little sister as he hugged her around the waist, sounding as if her where a five year old being picked on by playground bullies.

"Nii-San, are you sure that you had nothing to do with all of this?" she asked, looking down at him uncertainly.

"What! Not you too. I'm innocent I tell you, innocent!" he yelled, over dramatised tears running down his face.

"Nii-San, you're getting my top wet," Lenalee smiled weakly at her over protective older brother.

"What's he so upset about now?" asked a gruff voice. Everyone turned to find Kanda Krory and Lavi carrying a struggling child with him enter the room.

"You found him!" Lenalee smiled happily, even though she was put off slightly by the profanities that where coming from the boy.

"Uh-huh," nodded Lavi a little wearily. "I'm starting to realise why you three had a tough time holding onto him. He won't stay still for even a second."

"Finally!" rejoiced Komui, letting go of his sister and throwing his arms up in the air happily. "Now I can show you that I didn't do this!"

"Don't count on it," Kanda growled irritably, glaring at the older man.

"Wha? What do you mean by that?" he asked, once again becoming nervous.

"Well, it's just that… erm, you see…" Krory trailed of a bit, not completely sure exactly how to explain the situation to Komui, mostly because he himself did not even know exactly what had happened.

"It's Moyashi," Kanda said calmly, though his voice sounded cold and hard. That was never a good sign.

"What!" shouted pretty much the whole of the room's occupants, stunned beyond belief as they stared at the child over Lavi's shoulders, who was not kicking or punching as much as he had once done.

"Just look," Lavi butted in, seeing that Krory was having trouble explaining. He then walked quickly over to the small couch in the middle of Komui's messy office before plonking the miniature version of Allen onto it. The boy tried to get away, but Lavi placed his hands firmly on both of Allen's shoulders, crouching down in front of him once again so that he could not get away. "Hey, don't worry. I'm not going to hurt ya."

"Yeah, right!" Allen glared at the teenager angrily, is voice full of sarcasm and scepticism.

"Come on, you can trust me," he smiled at the boy.

"I can't and I won't!" he spat out, struggling in his grip. The only problem was that he was excused. After running and fighting of three practically grown men his little body did not have very much energy left inside of it, especially not enough to resist the red head in front of him.

"Well, that's up to you, I guess. I can't force you," Lavi shrugged, as he moved his hand down from Allen's left shoulder onto his arm, before pushing up the fabric that covered it.

"What are you doing! Get off of me!" he screamed once more, wriggling as much as he could.

"Relax. I just need to show these guys your arm," he told him, nodding towards the small crown of people that where a good three meters or so behind him. Lavi could not understand. He could understand why Allen so flustered about his arm, after all it may have been a sensitive subject for him when he was younger, but why would he be putting up this much of a fight about it? "Look, we're not going to hurt you, I just have to let them take a look."

"No! Screw you, ya Ginger Nut!" he yelled, gearing at Lavi, though his stare seemed to have something else with it. It was a glimmer or fear.

"Oh, for the love of…" Kanda grumbled angrily, before stomping over towards the two of them. He then gripped tightly onto the boy's wrist before lofting up his arm, despite the boys shouts. He then roughly shoved down the white sleeve, revealing his deformed arm.

Allen was stunned into silence, only staring up that the far older boy in shock and panic, as if waiting for something terrible to happen.

"You're right! It's Allen-Kun!" Lenalee declared, happy to actually find out both where her friend was and who the boy was.

"What did you do to him!" the whole science department yelled at Komui, glaring at his viciously.

"I didn't to it!" sobbed Komui from a little corner of the room that he was now mopping in despair.

Link felt both relived and concerned, as he had now found his charge, though this had happened under his watch. Would his boss blame him for the whole thing?

Kanda sighed before letting the boys arm drop down, where Allen presided to quickly try to cover it up once again. Lavi let go of the boy, but still stayed in front of him. The boy was now looking down at the ground, though his body was stiff, as though he was getting ready for something.

"Allen-Kun, are you okay?" Lenalee asked, walking closer to Allen, wanting to make sure her little friend was not hurt in anyway.

"Don't call me that," the grumbled under his breath.

Lenalee blinked. "Huh? Call you what?"

He shot his head back up, glaring at the girl. "That! Allen! Stop calling me that! That's all I've heard since I've woken up! Allen, Allen, Allen! My names not Allen!" he yelled angrily.

"You're… not Allen?" she asked slowing, not understanding.

"No!" he snapped.

"Then, who are you? What's your name?"

He huffed. "Don't have one. But people sometimes call me Red."

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