Something I wrote forever ago, and just found it back. Thought I might as well put it up here. Nothing special, written for a former friend.

Without any further thought, Sora got in his car. After putting on some hard music he drove away, all the way to his destination: Axel. All he wanted to do was just be there for Axel. That probably was all he could do as well...

He felt so bad for his best friend. He wished he could take part of the burden Axel was carrying along. He wished for Axel to be happy again, to sleep properly again, to live again. He had seen Axel in the beginning, being a wreck. But Axel got over that, with some help, true, but he got over it. Now, when Sora looked at Axel, it was way worse than the first time. And he meant WAY worse.

As he made his way on the highway, Sora came to think about those 4 years he had known Axel. Four years? Well, nearly then. In January it would be five years since they first talked. February the 14th, Valentine's day, it would be four years since they first met. It seemed that those days were so long gone, but at the same time so close by. He remembered all the fun times they had shared, the bad times, and the beautiful times. The times they couldn't live without the other, not without the comfort of knowing that there would always be this one person that would be there for the other, no matter what. Sure, they had fights from time to time, but they never hated the other.

That was the beauty of the bond they were sharing; they both knew that nothing would be able to break it. Nothing and no one. No matter what, the other would always be there. At any time, at any place.

As he left the highway, Sora got more and more anxious to just be there already. No matter what others said, a small piece of his heart still belonged to Axel, and it always would. When he finally entered the neighborhood where Axel lived, the lights in every house was out, even the cats were safely inside, nice and warm. Safe.

As Sora parked the car, he saw a small ray of light coming from the room he was heading to. Soon, he had locked the car and made his way to the backdoor, through the door (not noticing the thing should be locked at this time) and made his way to the stairs.
Slowly, steadily and most of all quietly he made his way up the stairs and opened the door that lead to the room that had been his destination all along: Axel's room.
When his eyes had gotten used to the dim light, he saw a long, lean figure lying on the bed. A figure that hadn't bothered to undress, or even to cover himself with the blanket.

Sora threw his bag aside and quickly did what he could to make it a little more comfortable for Axel; he pulled the blanket from underneath him and covered him with it. The trembling got a little less, and after Sora had put his pjs on and lied down next to him, the trembling stopped. Sora crawled against Axel pretty quickly, wrapping his arms around him and holding him close.

Soon, Sora had drifted off to sleep, to be woken roughly when Axel shot up, away from him and clearly awake. Very awake and very panicking. 'Axe... Axel.. it's okay, you're safe, you're at home and I'm here with you.' Sora didn't think he had seen Axel turn around that fast ever in his life. 'So-...Sora?' Sora nodded and sat up himself. 'Yeah, it's me. I came for you Axe. You're not alone, because I'm always here with you, but now I'm here in person. You'll be okay. Everything will be okay. I promise.'

Axel lied down again and cuddled against Sora, in a desperate attempt to feel a little safer, in his own house, his own bed. Soon, Sora's whispered caring nothings were to be heard while he kept gently stroking Axel's back, causing the tall redhead to fall asleep again.

When Sora turned off the light and lied back down, Axel crawled against him once again, hugging him close and sighing deep and satisfied. Sora whispered a small prayer to the gods he never believed in: 'Please, dear gods, please, big time please, make Axel see the pretty things in life again. The happy, funny things, the beauty of being alive, the beauty of having people that care about you. Please, make sure my Axel will be okay again. Of all people I know, Axel's one of the persons who deserves happiness the most. Make Axel want to live again. Make Axel want to experience the pretty things in life. Even though he might not realise that at this very moment, all he wants is to be loved. Someone who loves him for who he is. Someone who doesn't care about what Axel did, someone who loves him unconditionally and never stops loving him. Dear gods, please make sure Axel will be okay again.'

After the short prayer Sora crawled even closer to Axel and fell asleep shortly after. A worried look on his face, but the tiniest smile on his lips, knowing that Axel would be okay again, some day.