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Dave nervously ran his fingers through his curly, brown hair. He was supposed to be reading a chapter in his Incantas about-oh, he didn't even remember. He absent-mindedly flipped through the pages of the ancient book.

Balthazar took notice of Dave's worry even from across the room. "What's the matter with you?"

"Nothing. I'm fine." The apprentice mumbled with obvious apprehension.

Balthazar sighed and took another sip of tea. He could sense Dave's nervousness from all the way across the room and it was very distracting.

"In case you haven't noticed, I am trying to read my book and your jittery behavior is extremely annoying." Balthazar said irritably.

"Sorry, I'm just… preoccupied." He mumbled.

Balthazar sighed and tried to get back to his reading. "Oh for God's sake, what is the matter with you?"

"My parents are coming to visit." Dave said flatly.

"All this fuss about your parents coming visit?"

"Look, they don't know I'm a sorcerer."

"Ah. That could get complicated. So what are you going to do?" Balthazar asked Dave curiously.

"I don't think I should tell them." Dave said distractedly.

Balthazar didn't say anything. There was nothing really to say or do to help his apprentice, it was his family.

"When are they coming?" Balthazar finally asked.

"In two days." Dave sighed.

"Oh, that might be a problem."

Dave gave Balthazar a perplexed look. "Why?"

"Well, since Horvath lost his magic, he's been recruiting sorcerers and they've been causing problems."

"Okay. So, how is that my problem?" Dave asked, although he already knew the answer.

"Oh, I don't know. It's not like you're the Prime Merlinian or anything." Balthazar's voice was thick with sarcasm.

Dave sighed and rested his head on his Incantas. Why was his life so complicated? He just wanted a normal life and he ended up having Merlin's blood.

"You need to accept who you are, Dave." Balthazar said quietly.

Dave slowly lifted his head and faced Balthazar. "Okay," Dave said shakily. "What can I do?" his nasal voice gained confidence.

Balthazar let a smile flicker across his face for a moment. Dave had really come a long way since he first met him.

"There's an abandoned building a few blocks away where a few recruits are in hiding."

"In hiding? What are they hiding from?" Dave asked curiously.

"Believe it or not, people don't like to be blasted to death by the Prime Merlinian." There was that sarcasm again.

"They're hiding from me?" Dave was in awe. He would never get used to the fact that he was the enemy to millions of Morganians.

"Who else would they be hiding from?"

"This conversation is going nowhere. Are we going to the building or what?" Dave said with frustration.

"Sure. Let's go." Balthazar was enjoying Dave's frustration a little too much.

The two sorcerers began walking up the stairs of Dave's lab and walked out into the night.


"This is the one." Balthazar said tensely. He was beginning to wonder exactly how many Morganians were in the abandoned building.

Dave took a deep breath. He could tell that even Balthazar was worried, which was rare for the master sorcerer. Before he could respond, there was a loud crackle of electricity and the doors of the building were forced open. There stood a man dressed in all black, aiming a plasma bolt straight at Dave.

But Dave was faster. He quickly made a plasma bolt between his hands and threw it at the mysterious man. He grunted in pain and stumbled backwards, but quickly regained his balance.

"So this is Prime Merlinian? I was expecting someone who could actually throw a decent plasma bolt." The man said with a slight English accent.

"Sorry to disappoint." Dave said sarcastically and willed fire out of his hands. The ember blaze spread quickly to the Morganian who tried to step back. But he found himself totally engulfed in the flames.

Dave looked around and found Balthazar fighting two sorcerers. The master sorcerer was struggling to protect himself with a weak shield. Dave formed another plasma bolt and with all of his strength, threw it at the sorcerer. The sorcerer fell backwards, but just as he hit the ground another Morganian appeared almost out of nowhere.

"What the heck?" Dave muttered as he stared dumbfounded at the sorcerer that just appeared in front of him.

The newly appeared sorcerer formed a plasma bolt and hit Dave squarely in the chest. The apprentice grunted in pain and almost fell backwards. He weakly made yet another plasma bolt and threw it towards the Morganian. But the bolt of electricity had no effect on the sorcerer. He formed a shield to block Dave's weak attempt on a plasma bolt. Then the sorcerer pulled something out of his pocket and dropped his shield, but before Dave had a chance to attack his enemy; a glint of silver appeared in the sky and hit Dave right in the arm.

The youth winced in pain and looked down at his arm. There was a large gash, blood poured out of the cut and dripped down his arm. When he looked up, the Morganians were gone. All that was left was the silver pocket knife.

"You okay?" Balthazar asked as he walked towards his apprentice.

"Yeah, mostly. You?"

"I'm fine. What does 'mostly' mean?" Balthazar asked gruffly.

"I have a cut on my arm, but its fine." Dave insisted.

"Let me see it."

Dave held out his arm to reveal a large, deep gash. Blood still trickled down his arm.

Balthazar studied the deep cut. It was a little more serious than "just a cut", but it wasn't fatal. He looked at the silver knife which was stained with blood.

"You lost a lot of blood." He commented.

Dave looked down at his arm, it was stained red. "Yeah, that is a lot of blood." He muttered.

"Does it hurt?" Balthazar tried not to sound concerned, but it was a pretty deep gash.

"It kind of stings."

Balthazar took the knife out of his apprentice's hand. "The blade was made out of dragon talons."

Dave looked up in alarm. "Did you say… dragon talons?"

Balthazar nodded. "They are poisonous, but not fatal. I have the antidote."

"Poisonous? Oh, God, oh, God…"

"Relax. You just need to rest for couple of days, just until the cut heals." Balthazar said calmly.

"How can I relax? My parents are coming in two days and I have a giant, poisonous cut on my arm!"

Balthazar ignored his apprentice's panic and motioned for him to follow. "If you don't get the antidote in your system, I'll have to amputate your arm."

Dave looked at him in horror.

"Just kidding." Balthazar said with an amused expression.

"Can we get the antidote… like, now?" Dave asked, he wasn't totally convinced that Balthazar was joking.

"Sure." Balthazar said simply, but the big smirk on his face gave away how much he was enjoying Dave's worry.

The two sorcerers walked away from the abandoned building and towards Balthazar's apartment.

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