The Silence School

It is a dark stormy night and the school looks creepy at night. You walk into a dark empty room with no light except the light from the street. The chairs are stack on the tables and there is a small area for games.

You hear something move as if it was running across the floor on its nails. It is light foot steps. The next thing you know is the door slamming shut.

Then you hear a thud from outside the class room and you go and investigate, and you find a small child figure lying on the floor. You walk closer to the figure and you see a blood wound to the head. The child was wearing a jumper which says 'St Peters Primary School'.

There is something coming out of the shadows and it looks evil. It has dark skin with pig like hair and is small like a Chihuahua. It has horns coming out of its head like the devil and it hisses at you when you went closer. So you stepped back.

The creature starts to walk to the dead child and you watched in horror to see the creature starting to suck the child's blood out of him like a leech. It takes the blood from the neck like a vampire.

It then starts to eat the flesh like piranhas. You are starting to feel sick now and you want to run before it turns to you but your feet are stuck to the floor as if you where glued to the floor.

There is nothing but silence. While you are watching in horror thinking, it will turn to my next.

Then the creature finishes eating and turns to you. You run and run for your life and then you stand and turn around to see that the creature has gone. Or so you think.

When you go back to check the boy, all you see is a skeleton body with one hand missing, half a leg and a whole leg missing. You felt sick inside. All you wanted to do now was to run. But when you turned around you saw the creature, and you was feeling very scared, and you had gave up hope and you knew there was no way you could escape the creature.

The creature pushed you onto the floor and when you fell, the creature jumped onto you. It was very heavy. It started to suck your blood and you were feeling very weak after a few seconds. Then it stopped to let you feel the pain as it started to eat the flesh from you feet upwards. It was very painful and you were wishing it all could just stop. You wished it was all a bad dream a nightmare.

Blood was squirting everywhere and the creature was eating even faster now. You started to become light headed and were feeling worse. By now the creature has started to eat the flesh on your hips. The creature was eating even faster the more he ate the faster he became.

You finally die when he gets to your heart. Where the blood squirts everywhere and when the creature finished eating the flesh, the creature started to drink the blood that had gone everywhere.

One week later the newspaper said that there were 13 skeletons found at St Peters Primary School and that everyone should leave before anyone else ends up like them.

The whole area became silence and there was no-one ever to be seen there again. The town became silence and always will be.