"We've got him, man!"

"What? You got who? What the hell are you talking about?" And then he was there. With a thud, the Green Hornet hit the floor, hands tied behind his back with zip line, ankles bound with more of the same. His hat was askew, but remained on and his mask was still perched perfectly on his face.

"Why didn't anybody take his mask off? Are you guys stupid? C'mon! It's the fucking Green Hornet! Let's find out just who the hell this guy is!" Obviously the leader, the man gestured with his gun and the Green Hornet sat quietly, staring up at him like it was no big deal, like he'd had guns in his face every god damn day of his whole god damn life and there wasn't shit you could do to scare him.

The three men around him, though, looked wary. "We can't just unmask him, man." A cigarette was lit with shaking hands. "You all know what happened to Chudnofsky, right? Unmasked the partner in that big damn newspaper building. You know how they found his body?"

They all knew. Two stakes in his head… right in his eyes. No mercy. The Green Hornet and his masked companion had no mercy.

The boss, the one with the biggest one, took a couple of steps forward, put his gun right at the Hornet's forehead. "You think you can kill me? If I unmasked you right now, you think you could do something about it? I can find out who you are and kill you, mother fucker." He cocked it, put his finger on the trigger. "You think I can't? You think I won't?" And he quivered. "Stop staring at me like that, you sick mother fucker! I ain't afraid o' you!"

He made to bash the side of his gun against the Green Hornet's face and suddenly had a blast of green gas in his face and he went down. He looked up at the other three men, grinning widely. "Prosthetic hands," he explained and each of them went down.

And when he saw his partner, he blew out a relieved breath. "Holy shit! Untie me! Untie me now! Holy shit! They almost pulled my mask off! Holy shit, that was awesome! Did you see that?" And the Green Hornet and his masked companion rode off, identities still a mystery.