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Author's Notes:
This scene popped into my head and I had to either write it out or drop dead laughing. Obviously, I chose the former, though that hasn't stopped the helpless giggling. Hopefully it'll be equally amusing to others.

The Hopspacer
Featuring Kuga Natsuki and Suguira Midori

"Hey! Heeeeeey, Kuga! Lookitis!"

Obligingly but reluctantly, Natsuki looked. "It's a space hopper."

"Yesh!" Midori nodded happily and lifted the oversized rubber ball by one of its handles. "Hopspacer! Nonono! Spophazer! Shee?" She shoved the object forward enough for Natsuki to have to take a quick step back to avoid getting knocked over. "Nice, ye? Only shixtynoons ye... yee..." she paused and scowled. "Only! Shixtyninyhunnerd monneys!"


"Nice hopspacer!"

"Very." Natsuki eyed the swaying woman dubiously. "It's... um, very pretty."

"Itsh a rappit!"

"Say what?"

"Look!" The ball was shoved into her face again, and Midori slapped at the design on the front with an unsteady hand. "Teeths! Rappit-teeths!"

"Oh." There actually was an appropriately cartoonish-looking rabbit-face on the rubbery surface, with the handles obviously meant to represent the ears. "Yeah, rabbit-teeth, I see th- whoa!" She grabbed the older woman by the arm when Midori seemed to teeter just a little too far. "Easy! Where's Sagisawa?"

"Hum?" Blurry eyes blinked, and then abruptly sharpened in a way the made Natsuki decidedly nervous. At least in the half-second it took before Midori lunged at her. "Lemme shee your teeths, Kuga!"

"Eh? Hey, watch it you crazy- ow!"

"Heheheheh..." Midori giggled and kept her grip on Natsuki's face, smooshing her cheeks up and down and making raspberry noises. "Oi-oi-oooooi! Pretty teeths!"

"Suguibwa... I ab going to kilb you."