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Featuring Fujino Shizuru and Kuga Natsuki

"I cannot believe you did that!" Natsuki half ranted, half-wailed – albeit very softly – as she paced agitatedly in small circle.

Said rant-wail was aimed at Fujino Shizuru, who was leaning back against one wall with her arms crossed over her chest. The latter part was more out of necessity than anything else, as she did have to hold up the sheet somehow.

"How was I to know you had company on the way?" she finally asked reasonably.

Natsuki immediately halted in her pacing and spun on her heel in a move that would have made professional dancers green with envy. Too bad the current performer was red with embarrassment.

"I tried to tell you!" she responded hotly, and actually stomped her foot. "Only you were so lost in your little Triple-X tirade that I couldn't get a word in edgewise!"

Shizuru made a soft noise that might have been a hastily-swallowed chuckle, and found something terribly interesting to study on the tile floor as she tried not to smile. Her little surprise certainly hadn't worked out as planned, but a terribly cute and flustered Natsuki wasn't a bad consolation prize.

Besides, she had sort of wondered about the point of all those protestations she had to keep cutting off with her own lips. "At least Natsuki wasn't the one naked when they did show up."

"No thanks to you, Fingers." A sigh. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'll gather up the tattered remains of my dignity and find some clothes for you." Pause, and a resigned groan. "And a drink for me. Probably have time to finish a whole damn bottle by the time Mai and Midori stop laughing."