Resident Evil: Redemption


The end is the beginning is the end

Beep, beep, beep.

A pulse monitor blared loudly as its alarm sounded in warning. In the center of the room lay a single person,

strapped to a gurney. As the body started to convulse, two scientists rushed to the readout controls. Another

two individuals stayed outside the room however, viewing the scene from the one-sided safety of a Plexiglas


'You know, I hated hospitals as a kid. So, If you ask me how I became a top viral engineer at the prestigious

Umbrella Corporation; I honestly couldn't tell you..I guess it honest started as a kid, when a man named

Ozwell E. Spencer came to visit my parents. All I can remember is going away to boarding school, and

never coming back. The only thing I know is I wanted to do something good…wanted to help people. After

starting the job at Umbrella fresh out of college, there was only one condition to my research working

conditions. Any human testing would be administered directly to me…

""There's nothing worth discovering that is worth more than your own life.""

Spencer agreed immediately. I guess when looking back on that, I should have viewed that as odd. Eight

years later and the need has finally arisen. The type T Progenitor virus has completed it's animal testing and

needs a human subject for further analysis…and of requested…that the chance to become a

glorified guinea pig in the name of science! We were supposed to help people and attempt to eradicate

disease.. We were wrong…'

The pair of lab coats were working feverishly against the clock. Mere seconds ago the pulse monitor had flat lined,

indicating that their precious experiment was failing. The two men outside the laboratory exchanged uncomfortable

looks. One of them was wreathed in darkness, the small amount of light that trickled in from the window reflected off

the silver glaze of his sunglasses. The masked blue eyes that lay behind watching intently. Unlike him however, the

man next to him was losing patience as the attempt to resuscitate his pet project failed repeatedly. The calm one turned

to the other and breathed out a sigh. "Calm down, William. Obviously her DNA was not compatible. We just need another

test subject.."

A soft chirp from the monitor quieted them both, causing full attention to be diverted back.

"God, it hurt like nothing I've ever felt. A complete DNA re-write feels like someone is splicing your organ

piece by piece. Fire replaces your blood, coursing through to your eyes and heart. Everything was quiet.

Everything was dark. The pain was overshadowed by the primal fear of dying, of never opening my eyes

again. But after a moment, I realized I never did shut them to begin with..'

William placed his hand on the Plexiglas, hope resurfacing as the comforting beeps of the monitor resounded once more.

But something was off...

One of the rattled scientists pressed the intercom switch, his voice sounding confused. "Dr. Birkin the subject is stable,

but...her vitals read a comatose state."

Puzzled, William shoots his companion a sidelong glance of surprise. The other man was oblivious to his colleague. His

gaze was transfixed to the woman on the gurney. She was obviously cognitive, actually struggling against the restraints. As

the two scientists let her free, the female seemed disoriented. Aquamarine eyes flickered a brief feral red, causing the subject

to rub at them. Blood capillaries had burst, causing morbid tears of crimson to have run into the long, white blonde hair. The

woman had no color about her skin now, pigmentation going a soft pale cream. Muscle tone began to change slightly at the

virus bonded within, perfecting every flaw. Again the monitor flat lined, even though the patient was obviously much more than alive...

'My sense blasted me with new, tangible smells, feelings, colors, sounds. The body around me felt

smoother, cold..inhuman almost to it's perfection. The fuzzy world about my eyes became clearer than it had

ever been, my reflection staring back at me from the mirror like glass. Unfamiliar eyes stared back from my

face…their hues haunting me.'

Birkin stared in triumphant glee. The creation seemed to have even stunned the man next to him, his cool demeanor caught

off guard. She was beautiful, a work of scientific art, but he could not allow himself to wander mentally too long. Turning to his

colleague, Albert Wesker cleared his throat. "We will be transferring to the Arklay facility for further tests. Spencer wants to try and integrate

her back into society. Raccoon would be the perfect controlled environment."

Birkin silently nodded, he knew far better than to argue with his friend. Wesker moved forward, cold blue eyes locking on the

unseeing eyes of the woman in the room. "When she's ready."

'My name is Angelica Burrows, codename Angel Project. And this…is how I died.'

Chapter one.

Welcome to the Jungle

one year later.

"This is nice."

The words reverberated through her mind hollowly as she stepped into the newly furbished apartment. It had been

over a year since anything had felt like home to Angelica. After transferring to the Arklay facility, she had been

under constant observation. They had been putting the young woman under intense training, to see what exactly

would emerge from the experiment. At times it felt like she was a caged animal..

Enhanced reflexes, hearing, sight, pheromone output, and occasional psionic abilities had resulted in the "inoculation."

It was now by top orders from Spencer himself, that she be transferred directly into Raccoon City. But of course,

not without being under the watchful eye of Albert Wesker.

Who actually was accompanying her on the orientation trip. Raising her eyebrows at him as he followed her

into the room in which she had wandered, Angelica noted his cool demeanor was cracking slightly. Possibly

because the man had decided to get all of her luggage at once...with one arm. Dropping it quickly, Wesker

folded his arms behind his back silently. He was an attractive man, maybe a few years her senior, blonde hair,

blue eyes. But he held a command that a man twice his age should have, making him one of the most revered

men in Umbrella Corp. The man was always business with her, despite he seemed uncomfortable whenever she

looked at him too long.

"You will be reporting personally to me. Also as a training protocol, you are being recruited into the local S.T.A.R.S

unit. Is that understood?"

Twisting her jaw uncomfortably, Angelica nodded in affirmation. She knew he was going to be hard on her, he

always was...with everyone...

The silver sunglasses that shielded his eyes showed no emotion as the stiff male headed for the exit. "Report

to the S.T.A.R.S training facility O' eight hundred. Do not be late. I do not tolerate delays." Raising her hand in

a mock salute, Wesker did not even look back before exiting. Sighing, the woman couldn't help but wonder how

this next day was going to transpire. Wesker was the captain of the local response unit...just another source of

power he could lord over her. Shaking her head, Angelica went off to explore the rest of the apartment.

The living quarters were spacious.

Spencer had enough money to spend, that was for sure. After a mild look through her new abode, and a shower to

calm the excited nerves, Angelica now sat in her bedroom area; staring at the woman that reflected in the vanity mirror.

The mutations from the "inoculation" hadn't been very anatomically changing. All except the eyes...Whenever using the

newly acquired abilities, the iris would flush a feline crimson. And would stay that way temporarily...Only problem was that

they were not changing back to their normal light hues as quickly now. It reminded her of demons eyes, the way the pigments

glinted evilly.

Calming herself with a few second breathing exercise, the flustered woman looked back at the mirror. Their the comforting

ice blue of her eyes met Angelica's expectant gaze. Blinking, the woman decided she needed rest, threw the robe that clothed

her over the chair, and headed for the large bed that awaited a sleeping form. Curling into the sea of sheets, the warmth

comforted her frigid skin, helping the woman to drift of into unpleasant dreams.

She was a lovely specimen of

the human female. Blonde hair that tumbled down her back, piercing blue eyes that were devious in nature, and a well

trained body that a model would kill for. But all those qualities weren't the main reason why he was curious. It was her

mind. The woman had been able to successfully project over eighty percent of the experiments that she had conducted,

Angelica's potential limitless with the enhancement of the virus now. Wesker sat leisurely behind his home office desk,

a crystalline glass of scotch in one hand. His computer screen displayed the inside of the apartment he had visited earlier

that day, Angelica's new home..

Spencer had hidden various cameras about to place, to view the female's habits in every day life..

And That's exactly what Wesker was doing. On occasion he would handwrite information on a legal pad, only to abruptly

end doing such to enjoy some of the more. revealing information.

The cold blue eyes stared in male appreciation. The sheets upon the bed grayed in comparison to her pale skin, the covering

comfort barely hugging the supple curves of her body. A smirk met the rim of the glass as Wesker stood from his seat.

Shutting down the feed, the man headed out of the room for his own repose. "I do enjoy my job.."

Next Day: S.T.A.R.S Raccoon City Training Facility

The training gym smelt of sweat and commitment. That's exactly what the S.T.A.R.S were made of. The specialized squad

which stood for, Special Task and Rescue Squad. Founded by an anonymous funder, the team had grown to a country-wide

task force, breaking down into three major divisions. Alpha, Bravo, and Delta.

Alpha team members Chris Redfield, Barry Burton, and Brad Vickers were at the weight area. The two former were focused

on actually exercising, as the latter kibitzed. Relaxing on an unused bend, Vickers drawled on. "You know that new recruit is

supposed to be here today. We could use some fresh blood round here ya know? Specially when Wesker said it was a chick.."

Barry shook his head at the younger man. Chuckling as he heaved a weight onto the rack, the happily married man looked back

upon the days of the dating prowl.

Chris didn't even hear the conversation, having turned on his head phones a few seconds beforehand. Side glancing at Brad,

Burton mopped some of the glistening sweat from his brow. "Now don't make her feel out of place. We all know how, er..Charming

you can be?"

Simultaneously nudging Chris to drop his music, and prodding Vickers to sit up, Burton nodded towards the door as

a new face

stepped through "Speak of the devil."

Barry sent a friendly wave to the woman, motioning for her to come in their direction. Brad leaned in close to Redfield,

whistling low. "Damn.. I know who I'm taking to the Christmas party this year."

The other man sent him a disapproving look, disengaging himself from the weight equipment as she drew closer.

Evidently she knew what she had gotten into. The slender female had dressed in off style military attire. Tan khakis,

white tank, and a loose fitting S.T.A.R.S jacket hugged the toned frame. The combat boots barely made any noise upon

coming to a direct stop before the three men. If she was shy, the girl certainly didn't show it. Blue eyes sparkled excitedly

at them, a wide grin painted across the full lips. Chris extended his hand in welcome, which was received almost immediately.

The young man's head cocked to the side ever so slightly. "Chris, Chris Redfield. These are my colleagues Barry, and Brad.

You are?

Clearing her throat, the woman's voice was gentle. But an underlying tone of command and self confidence tinged with

excitement. "Angelica Burrows, but you all can call me Angel."

Vickers butted past Chris, taking her hand in his. "I bet you are. I'm the Alpha team leader and would love to buy you


Barry came up next to him, clearing his throat in interruption." Don't be fooled, he's just the pilot. Besides you already

met our captain at your recruitment interview more than likely, right?"

The younger man slunk back to his bench, ego deflated. He grumbled, but one stern look from Burton, and Brad fell

uncomfortably silent.

Angelica's eyes glinted with amusement, which quickly turned confused. " Well actually I'm not supposed to be here for

another twenty or so minutes. Today was my orientation and aptitude test. Guess captain wants to see whether I'm a

Bravo, or an Alpha."

Looking at his watch, Chris nodded. Motioning towards various areas for warm-up, he smiled. "Well, feel free to warm

up. All you need is a cramp during the physical exam. Maybe Jill can.."

At that moment, another woman entered the room, files in one hand coffee in the other. The dark haired female

looked up from blowing the steam from the drink; her eyebrows raised. "Jill can do what?"

Waving her over, Chris motioned towards Angelica. "Jill, this is Angelica Burrows, the new recruit. Angelica, t

his is Jill Valentine."

Valentine waved comically, trying her best not to drop papers, nor coffee.

"I was hoping you could show her some of the stuff she can use in here to warm up..You know before

Sergeant Grumpy shows up?"

Nodding slowly, Jill set down her coffee. She gave it one last longing look before moving towards a different

part of the gym. Calling back over her shoulder, two fingers parted in warning snake eyes. "Anyone drinks

that, they die, ok?

Angelica mouthed the words thank you to the three men, and sprinted quickly after Jill.

She had liked them, but still wasn't sure what to think of Valentine. The woman seemed to be a rigid individual,

but it may have been because of the lack of caffeine...

Either way, they all seemed quite close, like family almost. Sighing inwardly, Angelica eyed the various punching

bags that Jill had lead her to. The other woman patted one of the largest out of the bunch, almost lovingly. "This

is Bruiser. Now he's great for getting frustration out, but be careful. He likes to hit back." The massive punching

bag was daunting. It had to be thrice each woman's weight, and at least twice as tall. Angelica stared at it, a longing

to try her fist at it starting to broil to the surface. Valentine recognized the look, and smiled knowingly. "Have at it, girl.

But I'll be right back, Gotta get my coffee before someone else does." Winking, Jill moved off to the bench were she

had placed her morning drink.

Raw power coiled at Angelica's muscles. It was cold and bitter..It felt good...It felt wrong.

A flying back kick must have been the last straw for the over used bag. The powerful blow shattered into the side

of the bag, sounding like a dropped anvil. Jill had already made her way back over, and was watching intently. Her

caffeine relish was quickly stifled, a bolt from the ceiling flinging into her cup. "What the hell..."

Looking up in surprise, Jill's gaze alighted upon Bruiser. It's bolts that held it into the ceiling, were ripping from the

drywall, rapidly..

Throwing her cup down, Valentine leapt for the other woman, before the four hundred pound deadweight came

crashing down.

The bag slammed down heavily, barely missing the rolling bodies by inches. The tumble was interrupted by the front

of a steel toed boot. Wesker stood over them both, raised eyebrows in question. The tip of the shoe had clunked into

the back of Angelica's head painfully, causing blue spots to briefly appear upon standing up. Jill was brushing herself

beside the confused woman, laughing quietly. "Be more careful next time. Oh and Wesker..I think we need a new Bruiser

..Oh shit my coffee!" Vaulting towards the spilled liquid, Valentine moaned.

Angelica stared at Wesker, her pale hues reflecting apology. A hint of amusement tinged at his features...She had never

seen that before. A gloved hand clamped about her shoulder like a vice as he leaned forward to whisper in quiet conversation.

"Try not to destroy my facility, Angelica..."

The three men who she had met previously were sitting dumbstruck, staring for all their might. Wesker turned to them,

cold eyes daring anyone to voice curiosity. "I see that you have met Miss Burrows already. Every single one of us will

be giving her an appititude test grading team placement. Is that understood?"

Silent nods met his challenge as the young woman within his grasp set her jaw in determination. She was going to blow

him away. She was going to be an Alpha.

"Son of Bitch..."

Angelica sat down for the first time in several hours. Her wrists her from the accuracy with a fire arm test..Her fingers

hurt from deciphering Jill's locks, her mind reeled with the various styles of disarming a person with only your knife.

This was a little harder than first supposed, but what bothered her was the last and foremost..The hand to hand. Squinting

her eyes at the man who sat down across from her, Angelica groaned with realization. "Don't tell me you're gonna be my

last test."

Wesker sat across, a smug look now spreading across his face. The man was an imposing fighter. Known at Umbrella

for destroying every physical test that they ha to offer. Softly growling, the flustered woman rose. "Alright, Big boy. Show

me what you got" Jerking her head towards the tumble mats, Angelica stared her commanding officer down. His blue

eyes greeted the challenge, and moving from his seat, began walking towards the sparring arena.

He liked her, no..he hated her. Moreover he was envious of her. Disrespect dripped from her like cytoplasm from an

ameba. Angelica was strong willed, intelligent, beautifully angry woman. Wesker eyed her as he stepped to the edge

of the mat, assessing her weak points. He would put her in her place, and maybe much more..

The rest of the team had gathered for what most viewed as an impending slaughter. Brad was taking bets, as Redfield

acted the honorary referee. Wesker had always remained undefeated, making a few wonder why he had stepped up for

this in the first place. Angelica limbered up in one corner, keeping her eyes upon her opponent. Both removed their

S.T.A.R.S jackets, revealing similar taste in undershirts. White Tank and Wife beater cloth faced off, Angelica's bare, toned

mid drift tensing. Chris' hand fell, signaling the start of the match.

Angelica stayed were she was, letting the circling Wesker take the first move. A cobra strike was deflected barely, the

woman's body feinting to the left. Another blow was aimed towards her, but the female's deft moves narrowly escaped

it's devastating pain. Snaking down, Angelica's elbow slammed into Wesker's kneecap. The surprised man limped

backwards, as his adversary somersaulted out of reach. With the grace of a dancer, her long legs wrapped about his

broad shoulders in a jump, twisting Wesker's torso down to the mat.

a gloating elbow raised to crash into the back of his neck, only to find itself slamming into the mat below. Having

rolled out of the way, Wesker moved quickly. Grapping Angelica's arm, he pinned her knees down onto the floor.

Chris began the nine second count of defeat. Growling close to the woman's ear, the triumphant man was sadistic,

twisting the arm painfully as she struggled. "I like my women on their knees, Angelica. Welcome to Bravo team."

His groin pressed to the small of her back in humiliation, the seconds now to a near end.

Anger peaked within his prey, Angelica's head jerking back towards his exposed facial area. The blow smashed

into the forefront on Wesker's nose, breaking it upon impact. All the team heard was a sickening crack, and he was down.

Wesker was now in switched positions, laying on his back as a torrent of blood seeped through his protecting hand.

Angelica sat on his torso, gripping him to the floor. Her arms pinned his hands away, even as the life flow trickled down

Wesker's chin. Cocking her head to the side as Redfield counted down the seconds, Angelica growled.

"Really, Albert..I like men on their backs."

Applauding as the count ended, Redfield lifted Angelica from her defeated opponent, arm high in the air.

"Welcome to Alpha team, Burrows! You deserve it."