Strike Zone

By Princess Artemis

© S.D.Green, 2000, except for the obvious.

This is an answer to write a scene from the first person POV of one of the Ghostbusters.
In this case, the episode is "Night Game" and the POV is Winston.

Man, this is making me nervous. I got a bat in my hands, and a demon from Hell on the mound. Peter's soul's on the line...and Egon's over there just not getting it.

God, I pray he gets it in time. I can't do anything to stop him. All I can do is fulfill the role set for me, and I'll do it fine...because I have to do it fine. That ball's gonna sail right into the stands. I'm not lettin' Peter down.

I'm nervous, but I know what side I'm on. The Good Book says you stand before the devil, and he'll flee from you. And that's what I'm here to do. I'm here to make that demon realize no amount of cheating'll break the real rules of the game.

I glance at Egon...yeah. He's pullin' back.

Back at the demon, and I got a smile on my face.

Just a little tighter grip...a few practice swings...

And a look that tells Hell to bring it on.