(A view of the Batcave is seen with Batman working on a strange piece of equipment that appears to look like some type of door; Alfred Pennyworth is seen entering to keep Batman company)

Alfred: I trust this must be a science project for the League sir?

Batman: Something I've worked on for awhile.

Alfred: Ah a hobby I see?

Batman: Curiosity.

(As Batman works, the reader will hear Batman narrating the story)

Batman's Thoughts: With some free time on my hands I've worked on…this to figure out a theory I had in mind.

Alfred: Shall I warn our guest that you will be occupied at the moment?

(Superman enters)

Superman: Thanks for letting me in.

(Alfred nods and leaves to let the two men talk, throughout the conversation Batman still works)

Batman: I didn't.

Superman: You haven't been in the tower lately. Wanna let me in why?

Batman: Last time I checked I'm barely in the tower.

Superman: Bruce we haven't heard from you in weeks, we thought you went missing or killed even.

Batman: It's me, remember?

Superman: You should at least catch up with us sometimes, what are you doing?

Batman: Something.

Superman: Can you be more specific? All I see is a door.

Batman: It's an arch. Heat this.

(Superman uses his heat vision and "glues" all the pieces of the equipment together. It has the shape of an arch on a platform complete with a ramp. The arch is wide enough to have a tank go through it)

Batman: Perfect.

Superman: A thank you would be nice but I can settle with a perfect.

Batman: I wasn't talking about you, I was talking about this.

(Batman switches the arch on. The entrance of the arch is glowing with a golden like color)

Superman: What did you just do?

Batman: I made a universe or more of an entrance to one. Have you ever wondered that there's something out there?

Superman: Bruce I am that something.

Batman: More than that, a world or worlds that we could cross. Universes that have different outcomes of what could have been.

Superman: Or maybe something else entirely. Can we go in?

Batman: Yes, but I need to make some more tests. Come back tomorrow and I'll have the results.

(Hours later Batman is still seen making adjustments to the arch)

Batman's Thoughts: Five hours pass and I'm not even the slightest tired. This is something I simply cannot avoid. Although I fear that whatever I find in here should be best left alone.

(The arch suddenly turns on by itself)

Batman's Thoughts: Impossible.

(Something emerges from the door)

Batman's Thoughts: No one couldn't have activated this…unless…

(What appears to look like a man in a robotic suit walks down the ramp and gets a good look at Batman for the first time)

Batman's Thoughts: Someone from the other side has.

Iron Man: And you must be…?

End of Chapter One

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