(Scene skips to the Batcave, with Thor, Superman, and Batman inside)

Thor: By the Gods, doust thou another liar of Hela!?

Superman: It's just a cave.

Thor: Oh

Batman: We're going back.

Superman: Where?

Batman: Here.

(Batman enters the portal)

Thor: He never rests doth he?

Superman: Nope.

(Superman and Thor enter as well. We are taken back to New York City in the Marvel universe; we see a familiar figure swinging on the rooftops)

Spider-Man: Lovin the view today.

(An explosion is heard from afar along with an alarm)

Spider-Man: Wonder who could it be now?

(Spider-Man than slings over to the danger)

Spider-Man: Hey buddy! Might wanna rethink your game plan, less noise and more quiet usually works.

(Suddenly a rubber chicken is thrown over to the ground)

Spider-Man: Wait wha-

(The rubber chicken explodes, out of the smoke and debris reveals the Clown Prince of Crime)

Joker: Oh but that just takes the fun out of it! HAHAHAHAHAHAH

Spider-Man: Oooookay, we got a new guy.

Joker: Oh how rude of me I forgot to introduce myself. Many have called me the Harlequin of Hate. The Lord of Laughs. But all know me as Joker.

Spider-Man: Look, I've heard this speech in like 25 verses. Just fight me already.

Joker: HEHEHEHEHEH a sense of humor! That's new!

(Joker pulls out a gun and pulls the trigger but reveals only a tiny flag)

Spider-Man: I think you forgot the bullets.

Joker: Oh yes how troublesome. Oh wait-

(Joker pulls the trigger again and the flag is shot out towards Spidey. Thanks to Spider-Man's sixth sense he dodges it in time)

Joker: I didn't.

Spider-Man: This guy's nuts.

Joker: Did it really take that long to notice? Kiddo you don't even know the half of it.

(A tentacle attacks Spider-Man from behind but dodges again. The tentacle belongs to Dr. Otto Octavius)

Spider-Man: Doc? Figured you get out soon enough. Good behavior or bail?

Octavius: When will you ever shut that mouth of yours?

Joker: I think we're going to have to teach him some manners, 4-Arms…the good ol fashioned way.

Octavius: I couldn't agree more.

Spider-Man: Shit.

(Octavius releases all four tentacles on Spidey. But Spider-Man jumps to safety and lands on a street light)

Spider-Man: Sure, try to attack the guy who has a sixth sense.

(Suddenly a repulsor blast is shot towards Octavius, Iron Man flies in just in time)

Iron Man: Figured you need a hand or three.

Spider-Man: Got this all taken care of.

(Octavius then grabs Iron Man and Spider-Man with all fours)

Octavius: No. You don't.

Iron Man: Okay, I'm out of ideas.

Spider-Man: Yeah, me too.

(Captain America then dives in by bashing his shield headfirst on Octavius. Octavius is knocked out and falls thus releasing the two subdued heroes)

Captain America: Gentlemen.

Spider-Man: Cap.

Iron Man: Steve.


Captain America, Spider-Man, and Iron Man: ….

(The next scene skips to Joker behind bars and being held on Ryker's Island.)

Joker: I'm sensing a lack of trust here.

Iron Man: We should've gotten him a muzzle.

Spider-Man: Where'd he come from?

Iron Man: He's not from here. Or even from this world.

Spider-Man: Makes sense.

Captain America: Whatever he had on him looks like it came from a gag factory.

Joker: I'd hate to intrude fellows but I should warn you! You don't know me very well…

Captain America: I know that this'll keep you in hold until we get this mess figured out.

Iron Man: Let's get out of here, this idiot's givin me the creeps.

(Iron Man and Captain America leave with only Spider-Man and Joker alone. Spider-Man feels this sense of déjà vu when suddenly a flashback of the Green Goblin laughing as Gwen Stacy falls to her death at the Brooklyn Bridge occurs in his mind. But is then interrupted by the Joker's words)

Joker: What's the matter? Cat got yer tongue?

Spider-Man: …

(Spider-Man leaves the room)