Chapter 15- As We End


"So, you still going to finish that story of yours?" I asked, as the everyone but Joy, (who was upstairs) sat on the couches. I sat next to Fabian, leaning against my love.

"Yeah, guess we should." Amber sighed.

"So, who's going to tell it?" Mara asked.

Everyone looked around once and there was a chorus of 'Nina' and 'Patricia'

"Nina can't tell it," Amber said.

Patricia sighed, "So I'm finishing the story?" Everyone nodded and Patricia began the story…

Nina and Joy ended up going to a old, tower. Nina was scared out of her wits, since she was just at the ball and was now in a carriage.

Joy came in, hit Nina on the top of her head once more before Nina even had a chance to see what was going on.

Joy bound the girl's hands and started dragging her to the tower…

Fabian and the others got to the tower to find that Joy had Nina at the top and was about to push her.

"Don't you dare!" Amber screeched, jumping off her horse with the others and running to the tower.

"Fabian is mine!" Joy screeched.

Fabian was the first in the tower. Mara and Mick were at the bottom, seeing what they could do.

"RAIN!" They yelled, black clouds rolled in and began pouring rain.

"Nina!" Amber yelled. Alfie and Jerome turned into the werewolf selves and ran up to stairs to the tower after Amber. As Fabian got to Joy…

Patricia stopped and I swear everyone was going to hit her.

"You can NOT do that!" Alfie said, angry.

"I can and I will."

"PATRICIA!" Everyone groaned.

"Fine, fine, don't get your knickers in a twist."

Fabian grabbed Joy's wrist before she could push the unconscious Nina out.

"Joy," He whispered.

"You love her, you're suppose to love me." She said, looking into Fabian's eyes.

"Joy, Joy, Joy." He shook his head, "Don't kill her, she's a friend, that's all."

"Wait a minute," I said, hands on my hips, "We better not be going where I think we're going."

"SHH!" Everyone but Fabian said, and Patricia continued her story.

Fabian grabbed both of Joy's hands as Nina sunk to the floor. He pulled her into a kiss, leaning her over the tower edge. He put one hand behind his back as Amber, Jerome, and Alfie made it to the top.

He used one hand and motion for them to come forward, and grab Nina.

Amber gasped, as Jerome and Alfie ran to Nina. Joy's eyes shot open, and stared into Fabian's.

She pushed his away and screamed, "LIES!"

Fabian pulled her up and said, "You know the penalty for kidnapping." And with that he pushed Joy off the tower, "Death." And Joy fell to her water grave on the rough ground below.

"Wait," Joy said walking in, "I'm the bad guy?"

"Well, we're meaning copy Joy, of course." Amber said, "But at the time when copy Joy was here it was you… But it was really copy Joy and…"

"I get it," Joy said, sitting next to Patricia.

"What a horrid trick!" Amber said and smiled, "But the girl deserved it."

Fabian nodded and ran to the still unconscious Nina who was bleeding.

"Nina? Nina?" He asked, holding her in his arms. "Nina?"

"Yeah?" Nina asked, groggily.

"Nina, are you alright?" Fabian asked, she looked at him and pulled the prince into a kiss.

When she released him she asked, "Does that answer you question."

He nodded.

"Aw!" Amber said, smiling.

"YAY!"Amber squealed, which I rolled my eyes for.

"What happened?" Patricia asked, coming up the stairs, "All I saw was Joy fall to the earth and…" She stopped as she saw Nina and Fabian kissing, "Of course, why do I even bother?"

"And the two lived happily ever after." Patricia smiled and we clapped.

Of course we clapped.

It was a happy ending after all.

And the whole love started between an American newbie, a kind Britain, a mystery, and a couple of good friends to push the two together all in the end. Nothing could ruin it.



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