Escaped convicts and all-around psychopaths, Cyn and Al didn't expect crashing on a desert planet would be so much FUN.

Cyn is an animal in every sense of the word, but that doesn't mean she's above playing with her food. Going on the 'Hunter-Gratzner' with the intent to find entertainment with her only friend, Al, she didn't expect the trouble that would befall that vessel. But when she meets the most wanted convict in the universe, Cyn decides that the entire experience isn't ALL bad...

Being an escaped convict shouldn't be as fun as it was, Cynthia thought to herself dismissively.

Sure, there was the whole 'running for her life' thing, but hunting her pseudo-hunters was well-worth the trouble.

Flexing her claws, she watched them catch the light, like prisms made out of diamond, rainbow colors dancing along her palm.

How many times had blood stained her claws, and yet they always came out so clean…

Distracted from the fracturing light, her claws slid into hiding as a group of mercs came up to the Hunter-Gratzner, guarding a single man in heavy shackles.

He seemed oddly calm amid all the chaos, and Cyn went still as his gaze rested on her.

A sense of danger and something distinctly primal was in that gaze, rolling off his strong frame, causing a purr to rumble in Cyn's throat and the ax-like blades in her tail to flash out of their sheathes.

On her planet, such a reaction showed a female's interest in a possible mate, and was as distinct as any Earth-bird mating call.

It was almost as if the bound man knew what it meant, because a smug smirk crossed his face as his muscles flexed beneath the chains.

Cyn didn't know if it was a show of strength or him preparing to break out and ravish her, but she liked the view all the same.

Unfortunately, the merc that had captured her new interest had arrived, and the entire group disappeared into the vessel.

Leaning against the hull of the Hunter-Gratzner, she debated going aboard.

'If the mercs find out who I am, I'll be outnumbered and outgunned with limited maneuverability…On the other hand, HE'LL be there.'

A slow smile graced her face as Cyn walked onboard.

'This is gonna be fun.'