"Okay, if anyone else EVER asks us to do something like that again, I say we ghost the f***er…" Cyn grumbled, wincing as she tried to straighten her back.

Rolling her eyes at her mate's whining, Al returned to cataloguing her injuries.

All she had were an assortment of bruises and a dislocated shoulder, minor compared to Cyn's bruised ribs.

"Hold still."

Large hands on her shoulders made Al go still, though she flinched when a thumb probed her dislocated joint.

"Should have been more careful." Riddick scolded, feeling the heat rising from Al's bruised flesh.

"Probably." She admitted, using her good arm to pull her top down off the stinging joint.

"And you call ME reckless…" Cyn needled, hissing as she pressed ice onto her ribs.

Al's glare could have melted solid steel, but Cyn only smiled cheekily in response.

A sickening pop was the only sign that Riddick had taken advantage of her distraction, and Al let out a sharp breath, arching at the pain.

Releasing the bat-girl slowly, he leaned in at the scent of her arousal, tracing the mating scars on her shoulder-blades.

They looked like little angel's wings…

Sensing his nearness, Al felt the urge to hold her breath as Riddick pressed into her neck with a deep inhale.

"Get off on pain, huh?"

Al couldn't find it in her capabilities to speak, so she nodded instead, trying to push through her lust and BREATHE.

Watching with growing interest, Cyn grinned as she lay down fully on her back.

"She's got a sweet spot just below the jaw."

Al would have glared fiercely at the betrayal, but Riddick's mouth was under her jaw and she practically melted.

Scrabbling for something to hold onto, something to relieve the pressure, Al whined when Riddick pinned her hands.

"Don't move." He growled, nipping sharply at the underside of her jaw.

Nodding jerkily, Al tried to regulate her breathing as Riddick pulled her top off completely, tweaking one of her nipples harshly.

That shot all of her self-control to hell…

Brushing her hair over one shoulder, he ran a hand over the smooth skin in-between her mating scars, taking hold of a shiv with the other.

Knowing his intent, Al went completely lax, eyes closed and ears twitching.

When the tip pierced her skin, the bat-girl moaned, fighting the instinct to arch as pleasure shot straight to her groin.

She nearly whimpered when the shiv retreated, but Riddick's tongue licking up her blood made it a groan.

Cyn had clearly been the sole dominant in their relationship before…

Unzipping her pants, Riddick bit into her shoulder as he pushed them off, disregarding where they landed.

Panting now, she fought to keep from begging to be filled, to be touched, for ANYTHING he would give.

He slipped a finger into her slicked passage, and Al moaned, nearly losing her internal battle.

When his finger didn't move, refused to move, she nearly growled at Riddick in frustration.

"You gotta beg for it, doll."

She was about to refuse, to fight, but the slightest pressure on her clit made her aware of how long it had been.


Al could feel him smirk against her neck.

"Please what?"

She would have cursed at him in about twenty languages if Riddick hadn't added a second finger.

"Please f*** me." She forced out through the pleasure, her entire body pressing into the convict instinctively, searching for more.

"That's my doll." He rumbled, pulling his own pants down while moving his fingers inside Al's passage.

"Hands and knees."

Pulling her feet beneath her with some difficulty, considering her heightened arousal and Riddick's hand, Al positioned herself as he wanted.

Lowering her torso, Al shivered as her hardened nipples touched the cold metal of the examination table.

Growling, Riddick pulled his fingers out, licking them clean as Al watched him over her shoulder.

The red 'R' between her shoulder-blades seeped some more blood as the convict aligned himself, licking the fresh blood.

Taking advantage of her distraction, he pushed in, sinking his teeth into her neck as she tensed.

She had never felt FILLED before, and pushed back to take more of Riddick in.

Watching them with half-lidded eyes, Cyn groaned as she slipped her tail past her pants, teasing her own slit with the tip.

The moment her virginity was breached, Al's back arched and she let out the deepest groan possible.

Pressing more urgently, she speared herself on his length, muscles tightening as an orgasm threatened to wash over her.

Riddick tensed over her, growling lowly in pleasure until he could move freely again.

Pulling out only two inches, Riddick thrust back in hard enough to rock Al forward, her breasts pressing fully against the metal table.

Both women moaned in unison at the action, Cyn's tail inside of herself and Al rolling her hips backwards.

It was no surprise that Al came first, her orgasm drawn out by Riddick's continued thrusts.

Shuddering as she came down from her high, Al mewled when Riddick released her shoulder, licking the marks he had created as he sped up the pace.

Her release had caused an oversensitive, almost painful, reaction to the friction this caused.

Al loved it.

They released together only a minute later, Al going completely lax and dropping onto the table with Riddick on top of her.

Practically purring at the feeling of being trapped beneath him, Al felt him throb inside of her.

Sitting up, Cyn licked her tail clean of juices and smirked.

Her and Al knew the routine; the dominant marks first, then the submissive.

Riddick watched as Cyn turned off the light and Al took off his goggles, his shiv in her hand now.

It was going to be a long, FUN night…

Sorry that I jumped all the way to the end, but I was afraid my muse would fly the coop and I didn't want to leave you all hanging.

I hope you still liked the story, and if you want to make a sequel/side-story/anything with my characters, don't hesitate to ask.

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