December 11, 2000

I wrote so much last time that my hand hurt the next day. It's easy to get out of the habit of handwriting, the stuff I wrote the other day even looks a little sloppy.

But at least I got down everything about the two biggest S & M highlights: how sick Miranda was, and how I think they are both really powerful wiccans.

But there are some smaller, nicer highlights, too, like I'm going to bake a cake for Stephen's birthday. I found out that his birthday is January 9th, and I'm going to make a totally from-scratch cake and I'm going to do it myself, Dad and Pop will only help if I really need something. (Miranda's birthday is October 4, and she didn't even mention it!)

I wanted to cook a whole dinner for Stephen, but Miranda said while it was a "kind idea," Stephen doesn't like to do anything special on his birthday. He honestly prefers it that way! He doesn't want candles or people singing to him or anything. Not even presents. But she said she was sure he would appreciate the thought and that he would be glad to have a cake.

I'm going to write him a poem, too, and copy it out with curlicue letters and draw pictures of plants along the edges of the paper. I've got the first stanza already written, here it is:

Today is the birthday of Stephen.
He likes to grow plants and he even
Gave me one of my own
From the seeds that he'd sown,
And I hope that he won't soon be leavin'.

(I had to take the "g" off "leaving" so that it would rhyme. I may have to trash this whole thing and start again, though. It's harder to find things to rhyme with "Stephen" than I thought.)

I put in that "leaving" part because it's something that's been worrying me ever since the night Stephen did his ritual. I can't forget that he said to Miranda, "It's time to go back," and she agreed.

I hope hope hope hope hope hope HOPE this doesn't mean they are thinking of moving back to Scotland. That would be the worst thing ever. I kind of want to ask them if they're going to - - just in general, not like I already heard them talk about it. But I'm a little afraid to, because what if they say yes?

I'm trying not to think about it right now, because I don't want to take away from the really fun highlight that is coming up this Friday. I'll write about it, but first I have to explain something else fun: Pop got Miranda to join the Community Chorus!

This is a group Pop co-founded with one of the people from the Music Department at the university, only it's not just for college people, it's for any grown-up in the city whose voice is good enough. But alot of college people are in it, of course. Dr. Reese is, but Dad isn't.

The university music things are mostly only for students who are getting degrees, but Pop and Dr. Wallace (the music prof) wanted something that was just for fun, just for anybody who likes to sing. But they wanted it to be good, so they have auditions. They always do a Christmas concert and then one in the spring that is not for any particular religious holiday.

I think at first Pop wanted Stephen to join more than Miranda, because they always need men, and Pop is sure Stephen must have a nice singing voice because he sounds so smooth normally. But when Pop asked him to audition, Stephen said it was impossible because of his medical condition.

Pop thought maybe it had something to do with the injury Stephen got when he and Miranda got caught in a war* (*N.B. - - see my other journal, August 25, 2000). So Pop said, "a medical condition of the throat?" and Stephen said, "no, a medical condition of allergic reaction to any pastime involving the word 'community.'"

Pop thought that was funny; he said Stephen was just wry, not rude, and anyway, not everyone likes communal activities. It's just a matter of personal preference.

But Stephen did say that Miranda had a lovely voice and might be interested. She's a little more sociable than Stephen. So Pop asked her, and she said she'd audition, and if Pop liked her, she'd be willing to commit to at least the Christmas concert.

Pop was a little worried that her accent would stand out, but after he heard her, he said she blended well and had a high, clear sound, and that's almost as hard to come by as male participants. (What I want to know, though, is why she said she'd only do the Christmas concert? Are she and Stephen going to move away before spring? OOOOOOWWWWW! - - - - That's me screaming in pain at the thought.)

Well, anyway, Pop did invite Miranda to join the CC, and she said yes! She missed some rehearsals while she was sick, but otherwise she's very reliable (not everybody is, but you can't be too demanding with volunteers, Pop says).

When I'm a little older, I'm going to audition to be in the CC, too. They have really pretty Christmas costumes. Everybody wears their own black pants or skirts, and they all have white Rennasance-style blouses with puffy sleeves that are tight at the wrist and then have long, ruffle-y cuffs. Over top, they wear sleeveless velvet lace-up bodices, the men have green and the women have red. I really want to wear one.

Alot of the women wear pants instead of skirts, but I'm sure Miranda won't; she never does. I asked her could I see her in her costume, but she said she doesn't have it yet. Most people just order theirs from this costume catalog Pop has, but Miranda must be getting hers from someplace else, because Pop says she didn't use the catalog.

So I said to Pop, "where is she going to get hers?" And he kind of waggled his eyebrows and said, "I don't know, Gladys. Maybe she's going to conjure it out of thin air, or maybe she'll just change her regular clothes into a costume by wiggling her nose." (He was teasing me because of last summer, when I saw Miranda do the magic trick with the glasses, and Pop said then that I was like Gladys Kravitz in Bewitched.) I just roled my eyes at Pop.

Anyway, I can't wait to see how Miranda looks and then hear the concert. I keep bugging Pop to let me go to the rehearsals, but he just laughs and says no, I can wait and "be dazzled" like everybody else.

The concert is the fun thing that is going to happen this Friday, December 15. It's in the Woodson Auditorium on campus, and Stephen is going to come! He's going to ride with Dad and me. (Pop and Miranda have to be there earlier.)

And afterward, there's a party at the Wallaces' house. Dr. Wallace and his wife provide wine and beer and pop, and then everybody in the CC brings something. Pop is making stuffed mushroom caps. Miranda said she'll bring shortbread, the traditional Scottish kind.

"In other words, the fresh and edible kind," Stephen said. "Something unknown to these wild shores." He was sitting at the table in their kitchen when she told me about it. He hates store-bought American cookies.

I can't wait!

~ o ~ ~ O ~ ~ o ~

December 16, 2000

The concert was GREAT! At breakfast this morning, Pop was talking about various mistakes they made, but really, you couldn't hear any. They did lots of Christmas carols and a couple of what Pop calls "avante-garde" pieces that sounded pretty strange to me, and then they ended with the "Hallelujah Chorus," and everybody stood up. It gave me chills.

Miranda looked really nice. She still had her hair in a bun, but it was softer. And she had silver earrings on. I was right that she wore a skirt, her usual long black one. Her blouse and bodice matched the others perfectly.

It's the first time I've seen her wear something without a high collar. At breakfast, Pop said she had a "nice rack" (a nice bust-line, he meant), and of course Dad just roled his eyes. Pop burst out laughing; he loves to get Dad's goat like that.

Also, a few days ago, Pop bet Dad a kitchen-clean (that means whoever loses has to clean the whole kitchen himself after dinner) that Stephen would wear something other than his usual completely-black clothes. Pop was like, "It's Christmas, Jimmy. He'll have on something seasonal, like a red tie or something, you watch. Not even the Sultan of Sarcasm is going to dress like an undertaker at Christmas."

"Not everyone feels the need to turn themselves into human Christmas trees at the holidays," Dad said. "And Stephen's not the sort to go along with the crowd. I think he'll dress just the way he normally does. So you're on, Tim."

Then Pop was like, "If he wears anything other than total black, even just dark-green socks, you lose."

Dad said, "You are not going to ask the man to show you his socks," and they laughed.

And it turns out that they both won! Because Dad was right - - Stephen's actual clothes were just black pants and a turtleneck, but it was pretty cold last night, so he wore a black overcoat, too, and he had a green-and-silver scarf with it!

Pop said it was obvious that the green was for Christmas, but Dad said the colors were pretty subdued, and that in any case, outer-wear didn't count; that was just for warmth, not a fashion choice. Pop said it did too count. So they agreed they'll each do a kitchen-clean for the other.

But I've saved the best part for last. It happened at the party after the concert. We left Pop's car on campus, and we all went to Dr. Wallace's in Dad's car. He and Pop sat in front, and I got to sit between Stephen and Miranda in the back. I was amazed that Stephen agreed to come, but like I said, he goes more places with Miranda since she was sick.

Dad spent most of the time in one corner of the living room, talking to one of the math professors. Pop was all over the place, of course, and S & M mostly kept to themselves, although I did see Miranda talking to some of the chorus members. She introduced Stephen to people, and he shook hands and talked a little, but I'm sure he would rather have been at home.

I could have gone in the back bedroom where the rest of the kids were hanging out, but the ones I knew best were Kayla Marshall and Amber Farelli, and all they want to do is talk about boys, which is okay for a while but then it gets boring. So I stayed with the grown-ups, and I'm so glad I did.

Now here's the good part. There's this woman in the creative writing department named Professor Sowinski. I've met her a couple of times at Dr. Reese's, and I don't like her. When Dr. Reese told her I was a writer, she said, "Isn't that sweet?" like I was about six, and she didn't even look at me when she said it.

Pop and Dad know her too, of course, and when I told them about it, Pop said not to mind her because she's a "sex-mad, no-talent, pea-brained hack." Dad was like, "Don't hold back, Tim. Tell us what you really think of her."

Well, she was at the party, and I was talking with Dr. Reese when Professor Sowinski barged over and butted in. She just totally ignored me again and said, "Quick, Caroline, tell me - - who's that Mr. Tall-dark-and-handsome over there, the one all in black? Do you know him?"

She meant Stephen, of course. I've said before, he's not actually handsome, but there's something about him. People find him really interesting. Professor Sowinski obviously did.

Dr. Reese wasn't too happy about being interrupted like that. She put her hand on my shoulder and said, "Jennifer, you remember my neighbor, Adela Edwards?" Dr. Reese has never said so, but I can tell she doesn't really like Professor Sowinski, either.

"Yeah, right, hi," Professor Sowinski said, but she never took her eyes off Stephen. "Come on, Caroline, spill. Who's the dishy Lord Byron?"

Dr. Reese gave up trying to make her be polite and just said, "His name is Stephen Smith. He lives - - "

But Professor Sowinski said, "Never mind that. Tell me the important things: Is he single, and if not, who is it he needs to break up with?" And she laughed really loud. I think she had alot to drink.

Dr. Reese bit her lip and snapped, "Well, he's here with his partner, if that tells you anything."

"His partner?"

"The woman next to him. Miranda Robinson."

Professor Sowinski was like, "Who, her?" and she jerked her head toward Miranda. "Oh, a research partner, you mean? Okay, thanks, Carrie. See you." And she took her drink and headed over toward Stephen and paid no attention when Dr. Reese started to say, "No, she's. . ."

Just then another person came up to Dr. Reese, so I slipped away and went after Professor Sowinski. I admit it, I wanted to hear what Stephen would say to her.

On the way I met Pop. He saw Professor Sowinski sort of slink up to Stephen and Miranda, and he grinned at me. "Now, this is going to be fun, Della-bird," he said. I thought so, too.

Somehow Professor Sowinski managed to get herself in between Stephen and Miranda so that she could face Stephen and cut Miranda out of the conversation completely. Miranda raised her eyebrow in that way she does. I couldn't see Stephen's face, but I just know he was scowling.

Pop and I got closer, and we could hear Professor Sowinski saying, "Hi, how do you do? Stephen Smith, isn't it?"

Pop stepped right up and said, "Evening, Jen. Have you met Stephen and Miranda?" While he was talking, Miranda walked around and stood on Stephen's other side. She didn't take his arm or anything, but you could tell she was with him, if you know what I mean.

And then, nooooooooooo! At that very second, Dr. Singh, who is chair of Dad's department, tapped me on the arm and said, "Good evening, Miss Adela. You enjoyed the concert?"

So of course I had to talk to him, it would have been rude not to. He's a nice man, it's not that, it's just. . .I wanted to see what was going to happen with S & M and Professor Sowinski! I knew Stephen was going to make one of his snarky remarks, and it was going to be great!

But I missed it totally! I had to wait to hear about it from Pop this morning. All I knew last night was that somehow Professor Sowinski spilled red wine all over herself, and she was wearing a white wool skirt.

It was after midnight when we all got home, and even though I pleaded with Pop to tell us everything, he said he was too tired to do the story the dramatic justice it deserved and that Dad I would just have to "possess our souls in patience" until this morning.

Dad was like, "Timothy Jevic, you are the world's biggest ham, you know that, don't you?" But then he hugged Pop and gave him a kiss. Dad really didn't mind waiting. For some reason, he's never been as interested in S & M as Pop and I are. I mean, he likes them and everything, but he's not fascinated.

But he will be once I prove to them about S & M being wiccans and having powers and all that. It's going to be really fun!

On Saturdays, we always have a nice big breakfast. Dad makes pancakes or French toast with fruit, and we have chicken sausage. The Cajun-spice kind is my favorite. Today, after we sat down, Pop FINALLY told us what happened with Stephen and Miranda and Professor Sowinski. And it was excellent, just like I knew it would be. I hate that I missed it.

But first Pop put this big piece of French toast in his mouth and chewed it really slowly until Dad finally said, "Tim. Stop torturing the child."

Pop swallowed and grinned and said, "Oh, okay. Here goes. Now Della, what's the last thing you heard before the Singh-meister swooped in and kidnapped you?"

"You asked Professor Sowinski if she'd met Stephen and Miranda yet."

"Right. Well, Jen gave Stephen that smoldering look - - you know the one, Jimmy, she always gets like that after a few glasses of wine - - and she said, 'Yes, Stephen and I are just getting acquainted.' Then she leaned close to him and smiled, and you'd have thought she had no idea Miranda was even there."

"Typical Jennifer," Dad said.

"Yep," said Pop. "Then she finally did look at Miranda, but like she was surprised to see her. Which was a bit of a feat to pull off, of course, considering that Miranda tops her by about three inches. And Jen says, "Oh, and this is your, um, research partner, or something? Er. . .Melinda?"

"Research partner?" asked Dad.

And Pop goes, "Yeah, who knows where she got that idea? Of course, it could have just been a subtle way for Jen to suggest that she couldn't imagine how their relationship would be anything but platonic."

"Since when is Jennifer Sowinski subtle?" Dad said, and I was a little surprised, because he usually doesn't like to be gossipy about his colleagues.

I was just thinking how he must really not like her when Pop laughed and said, "What, you don't think she was subtle that time at Penny's New Year's Eve party?"

"What time?" I said, and Dad grimaced and said, "Tim. Della doesn't need to be hearing about this."

"No, tell me," I said, and Pop said, "Oh, it was years ago, you weren't even in school yet. Jen had a few too many at a party and draped herself around your dad and told him he was too uptight and that his problem was he just hadn't met the right woman."

"It was nothing," Dad said.

But Pop said, "It was pretty funny, actually. Although your dad was not very amused at the time, were you, Jimmy?"

"Never mind," said Dad. "What about last night?"

"Well, like I said, Jen looks at Miranda and says, 'Oh, and this is your. . .research partner? Um, Melinda?' And then Stephen stared down his nose at her- - you know how he does, like you're some gross organism from another planet - - and said, 'Her name is Miranda. And she's my bed-partner.'"

Dad practically choked. "He said what?"

"Did he really?" I couldn't believe he'd tell their business to someone he didn't even know. He and Miranda never say anything about their private lives.

And then Pop was like, "Oh, wait, it gets better. Jen kind of blinked and looked confused - - I think she genuinely was - - and she stammered, 'I. . .you. . .she's your what?' And Stephen says, 'My bed-partner. My lover. My sexual companion. My inamoratta."

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! \o/ \o/ \o/

Dad shook his head. "Amazing. And what did Jen do?"

Pop's mouth quirked, and I could tell he was looking forward to this. "She gave him that smouldering look again and said, 'Oooh, so you're into cougars, huh? Well, be careful; you know they have claws."

"Oh, god, she didn't," Dad said.

And I said, "What did she mean, into cougars?" I thought that was so weird until Pop explained.

He said, "That's what some people call an older woman who likes younger men." (Pop and Dad always explain stuff like that to me when I ask. I'm glad they do.)

I thought it was mean of Professor Sowinski to say that about cougars and claws, and I said so.

But Pop was like, "Don't worry, S & M didn't seem upset."

"But what did they do?" I said.

Pop drank a little coffee and set the mug down very carefully and then said, really off-hand, "Oh, not much. Stephen started to paw Miranda, that's all."

"Stephen pawed Miranda?" I said. "Really?" I honestly couldn't tell if Pop was joking or not.

Dad threw his napkin at Pop and said, "Now that I absolutely refuse to believe."

Pop ducked and laughed. "Well, it was what passes for pawing with Brits, anyway," he said. "He put both his arms around her waist and stood behind her, and she folded her arms over his and leaned back against him."

"You're right, I'd say that counts as pawing," Dad said. "Stephen-and-Miranda-style, at least."

"But how did Professor Sowinski spill her drink?" I asked Pop.

"I'm not really sure," he said. "It was strange. She had a big glass of red wine in her hand, and after Stephen stopped feeling up Miranda. . .hahaha, all right, Jimmy, I'll stop. After a minute, Stephen and Miranda stepped away from each other, and Miranda reached into her pocket, and suddenly the wine glass just broke in Jen's hand."

I said, "It broke because Miranda reached in her pocket?"

"Oh no, that was a coincidence," Pop said. "No, it was just a weird accident. Sometimes glass just gets brittle like that. Well, the wine went all over Jen, white skirt and all. We got her some napkins, but I don't think S & M were all that unhappy about the whole thing. I saw Stephen look over at Miranda and raise his eyebrows, and she gave him this little smile."

I didn't say anything, but if you ask me, it was no coincidence. No way. Miranda obviously made it happen. It's wiccan magic power of the mind, it has to be. HAS to be. Somehow she was able to think that glass to break. I bet she had a special crystal in her pocket.

This is a really great piece of evidence. Pretty soon I'll have enough to just come right out and ask S & M about being wiccans.

It wasn't long after the wine business that we left. When we got home, Miranda said thank you, it had been very pleasant outing. Pop gave me a little wink and said, "What about you, Stephen? Did you have a good time?"

Stephen said, "Well, I've certainly had worse." Which is kind of saying he didn't mind it. So I don't think they had too bad a time no matter how Professor Sowinski acted.

~ o ~ ~ O ~ ~ o ~

December 17, 2000

Christmas is only one week from tomorrow. Usually by this time I'm so excited I can hardly stand it, but this year I'm feeling a little down. It's because I'm getting older. Granddaddy says youth is a time for getting things and old age is a time for losing them, and now that I'm 13, I can see he's right.

This is what I'm losing: Stephen and Miranda are probably really going to move away.

Here's the story:

This afternoon, I went over to S & M's house because on Friday, Miranda said I could come by today for shortbread if I wanted to; she'd made alot of it. Well, of course I wanted to.

She came to the back door to let me in (I always go to the back, it's quicker). She was wearing her usual high-necked dress again, and her bun. Stephen wasn't there. I kept my jacket on, because it's always chilly in their house. They like it that way. Miranda says it's what she's used to, and Stephen says he doesn't understand why Americans like to turn their homes into miniature tropical zones.

But I think Miranda must have turned the heat up for me, because it got warmer all of a sudden, and I could take my coat off.

She set out some shortbread and got a glass of milk for me and tea for herself, and we sat down at the kitchen table. I like that better than being all formal in the living room because in the kitchen I don't have to worry about dropping crumbs or spilling anything. Not that I'm usually messy, but you never know.

We talked a little bit, and then I asked Miranda what she and Stephen were going to do for Christmas. And guess what - - she said they had decided to go back to Scotland to visit some friends there. They're leaving Friday and won't be back until after New Years! I'm so disappointed, because I wanted to do First Footer with them like Miranda told me about.

But I just said I hoped they'd have a good time, and then I asked did they need someone to drive them to the airport, because Dad or Pop would be glad to. She said that was very kind of us, but they'd already made "other transportation arrangements."

I said, "Scotland! I really, really want to go there someday," and she said, "Someday no doubt you shall."

And then I figured I better go ahead and ask about them moving. What's the point in not knowing? If it's going to happen, it's going to happen whether I ask or not.

So I said, "Miranda. Do you think you and Stephen will ever move back to Scotland for good?"

And she said, "We're considering it, yes."

Oh no, oh no! :( :( :( :( :( :(

I couldn't stop myself, I jumped up and threw my arms around her and said, "No, don't go!"

She seemed surprised, but she kind of hugged me back and said, "Don't fret, it won't happen immediately." And she patted my shoulder.

After I sat back down, I said, "But why do you want to leave? Don't you like it here?"

And she said they like many things here, but "your world is a complicated one, Miss Edwards, and we're finding many things about it to be more difficult than we'd expected. And to be honest, there's much that we miss about our home."

That's the thing about different cultures: stuff that seems perfectly normal and usual to you seems strange and weird to people who are from somewhere else, even a place like Scotland where they speak English and everything. I mean, I never thought anybody would find anything "difficult" about the way we live here. But maybe it's being both British and wiccan in America that makes things so hard for S & M.

Just then Stephen came up from the basement (he has his workshop down there where he does experiments, but he's never let me see it). He had that wiccan power stick in his hand again, but when he saw me, he put it in his pocket and said, "Ah, Miss Edwards."

And to Miranda he said, "Is there any more shortbread, or are you afraid it will over-sweeten my disposition?"

Miranda laughed and said, "Luckily, there's not enough shortbread in the world for that. The tin is in the pantry."

Stephen got himself some and poured a cup of tea and actually sat down with us!

And then I made a decision. If they're going to be moving, I might not have many more chances to find out about them being wiccans. I thought I'd better ask while I could.

So I said, "Can I ask you something, Stephen?"

He said, "Is there a chance you'd pay any attention if I said no?"

"Do you and Miranda practice witchcraft?"

I guess I really startled him, because he'd just taken a big sip of tea, and he started choking. He coughed and coughed, and Miranda stood up to pound him on the back. And she said, "What on earth do you mean, Miss Edwards?"

I think they were both kind of unhappy with me, so I said really quickly, "Well, there was all that business last summer, and then once I heard Stephen make an incantation, and the other night Professor Sowinski's wine glass broke, and I know wiccans do mind over matter and telewhatsis, you know, moving things with your mind, because wiccans try to harness the power of the universe through concentration and crystals, and Miranda can do magic tricks, and I think maybe they are wiccan magic, and Stephen, at the party you said Miranda's an inamoratta and it sounds like a wiccan word."

I hadn't actually thought of that until that very minute, and I guess if I'd really stopped to consider it, I would have realized "inamoratta" couldn't mean anything wiccan, because Stephen wouldn't have mentioned it to Professor Sowinski of all people. But S & M were both staring at me with these amazed expressions on their faces, and it was making me nervous. Sometimes when I get nervous, I talk alot.

I went on, "It's okay if you're wiccans, I don't think there's anything wrong with it at all. I'm not one of those people who thinks you are Satanists and into black magic or anything. I think it's cool, actually, and maybe you can teach me how to break things with my mind."

Stephen had stopped coughing by this time, and he said, "No, Miss Edwards, Miranda and I are not wiccans. We do not do wiccan magic, black or otherwise. And much to what I'm sure will be the world's relief, we cannot teach you how to break things with your mind. About my supposed incantations - - I suspect those are simply the many prayers I mutter to the gods, asking for strength and patience to meet the daily trials I face in this vale of tears. As for an inamoratta. . ."

Then he stood up and did something totally astounding that put the whole wiccan thing right out of my mind for a minute. He said, "An inamoratta is someone who makes you feel like doing this."

And he swept Miranda into his arms and bent her over backward like. . .I don't know, like they were tango dancers or something.

Then he started kissing her!

I thought she might laugh or push him away, but she didn't. She just slipped her arms around him and kissed him right back.

When they finally stood up straight again, she was smiling at him, and he was wearing that special Miranda expression that he gets.

Then she said, "Stephen is correct, Miss Edwards. We are not wiccans. I'm sorry if that disappoints you; I'm sure it would be much more fun for you if we were. But I'm afraid we're just ordinary human beings."

Stephen said, "Indeed. Well, now that we've answered your questions, Miss Edwards, I think we'll have to say goodbye. It's time for Miranda's nap."

"You take naps?" I said to Miranda, because she'd made a little snorting sound. But Stephen said, "Yes, it's important that she go straight to bed this minute. We don't want her becoming ill again, do we?" And he put his arms around her.

He's right, I'd hate for Miranda to get sick again. That was scary. I don't want anyone I know to get sick at all, ever.

So I said goodbye, and Miranda said they'd see me again before they went away on their trip. As I went out the door, I saw Stephen take Miranda's hand and head toward the stairs. I bet she wouldn't take her nap at all if he didn't make her.

So I came home to write this. I'll tell Dad and Pop about it all later, but I'll say in writing here: I DO NOT WANT STEPHEN AND MIRANDA TO MOVE AWAY!

But if they do, then I know what my New Year's Resolution is going to be: I'm going to resolve to get a ton of babysitting jobs and save alot of money, and I'll get Dad and Pop to save theirs, so we can all fly over to Scotland to visit.

I'm still not sure I believe S & M about not being wiccans, though. I'll keep my eyes open. And I think I'll ask Dr. Reese's friend Judith if she can start teaching me how to do wiccan mental magic. It would be the best surprise for S & M. I can't wait to see their faces when I get to Scotland and float a glass or something across the room to them.

And not this year, but one of these years, I think it might be nice to have an inamoratta of my own.


Thanks for reading and reviewing! I always appreciate it, and so does Adela.