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~Alice of Human Sacrafice~

There was once a little dream.

No one knows who had dreamt it; it was really such a small dream.

This made the little dream think… 'I don't want to disappear, how can I make people dream me?"

The little dream thought, and at last, had an idea.

"I will make people come to me, and they will make my world."

{Alice of Red Spade}

There was once a little girl who lived by a forest. Everyday she played in that forest. She was well known with everyone, and everyone could regognize her.

She had beautiful brown eyes, and short red hair. Her lips were a cherry red, and they were the same hue as her nails. She loved the color red, all her clothes were red, and that was how everyone knew her.

She was born in a small cottage outside of a small town. She was raised to be a harmless young lady, and that was what she was. She never harmed anyone or anything, not even a fly.

It was quite a while before she had taken a stroll in the woods for the first time, and she loved it. All the animals quickly became used to her presence. She would tell her family about the adventures her and her animal friends would make. Her paernts soon forbid her from going to the forested area.

So for years the girl sat by her window staring at the trees. Of all those trees she had climbed almost all of them. "Maybe," she said, sighing and placing her elbows on the windowsill. "I should visit, for old time's sake of course."

That night, while her parents were asleep, she put on her best red dress and put a white apron over it. Slipping on her shoes, she quietly opened the door and exited the house, running to the wood.

Placing a hand on the first tree, she manuvered her way past fallen trunks and leaves. Some animals had already started following her, including a white rabbit. She kept walking; feeling memories of the past fill her head.

Oblivious to her surrounding, she fell into a hole and ended up somewhere. She looked around and saw the animals had not followed. All but one stayed. The white rabbit had followed. The red girl smiled. "You must be a brave rabbit, following me here. You must go back," she said, but instead the animal hopped foreward, almost leading her to another area of the unknown woods.

She followed, her red shoes getting dirtier by the dirt. She saw the rabbit stop for a moment or two, beckoning for her to follow. "I wonder where that rabbit is taking me…I must get home before morning."

She walked a little longer, before noticing a lone sword lying on the ground. She walked causiously to it, but didn't pick the weapon up. The white animal who had lead her here, was nowhere to be found. "I wonder," she whispered to herself as she picked up the sword. Looking it over, she walked to a patch of flowers and swung.

Not a single flower missed, the girl smiled proudly, but then gasped slightly. "If I am seen with a sword here, I might get in trouble. I…I should find out where it belongs."

Walking further down the path with that sword, she stumbled across a young man, possibly the same age as her. "Hey, little lady, what are you doing in a dark place like this?" he asked.

"Please let me pass," she replied.

"Oh, what a pretty sword, what are you going to do with it?"

"I will return it to whoever lost it. I found it earlier now let me pass."

"No," the man said stubbornly.

Not feeling any type of rage, she lifted her right hand and swung the blade through the man's neck, severing his head. Blood flew, and the girl stood shocked. She didn't feel any type pf guilt or pity, instead she felt…happy. Her opened mouth turned into a sickening smile, and a red spade slowly drew on the hand with the sword.

Returning to the surface world of which she had come, her dress had become wiped clean, and she noticed that not a single minute had passed since her fall. Smiling slyly, she jumped back down, feeling the blood appear on her apron and face, and the red mark of an Alice appear on her right hand.

Picking up the sword that she had purposly dropped, she began walking through the woods, and everything was quiet, nothing was stirring. She came across a small village, and within a single night, she had blood all over her apron, hands, and sword and the screams from her now dead victims were still vibrating in her head.

She felt alive and full. Everything was turning out better than she had ever respected, and this Alice had remembered that she was not to hurt anyone or anything. "Must be in my head," she thought outloud. "I have already killed so many innocient people tonight. Perhaps tomorrow night I shall visit another village in this world, and make it smeared with blood."

In fact, she couldn't contain herself and she had killed the entire population of another village the same night. She felt like she was doing everything as if she knew it would happen. She had even found a woman walking alone in her now proclaimed territory, so the red woman severed her head the same way she severed the first.

Grabbing that woman's head by the hair, she began walking the path of the forest searching for her next victim. The white rabbit followed her, or rather, followed the bloody red path the head of the victim was leaving.

Twirling the sword in her hand, the Alice didn't notice the animal following, only she walked foreward. Reaching the next village she dropped the head an entered the small town, and almost instantly, she had already killed one. People cowered in fear and one woman dared to ask, "W-who are you?"

The mass murderer only smiled evily and pointed the tip of her sword at the woman's chest. Grabbing the handle of the sword with her left hand, she showed her right hand with the mark to all who could see. "I'm only a little girl in red passing," she began with a sweet voice. "But, you all may call me Alice."

Thrusting the sword into the woman's chest, blood quickly spilled, and she dragged the woman to the path. She turned to the villagers. "You are all lucky I spared you," she said, her voice echoing. "But, tell anyone and, you will never see the light of day ever again." Smiling, she walked off, dragging the dead corpse behind her, leaving another trail of blood.

She walked into another unknown area of the forest, and looked around. Dropping the dead woman, she walked foreward, digging her sword into the ground. She made a sharp turn when she heard bars smash into the ground. She was trapped, for good. Her sword stood up straight and behind itthe Alice saw a red path. She crackled maniacly and screamed, "Ha! You finally caught me! But can this really repremand for all the deaths that I have caused?" her voice settled on a low octave. "Heh, I guess this Alice is caught. I should just die and be forgotten."

And so she was, but before she died, she witnessed a lone girl picking up the sword and running further into the forest, her laughter hitting the trees. The Alice of Red Spade was forever forgotten in Wonderland.

{Alice of Red Spade}

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