A/N: My school performed this last year and it opened my eyes to a wonderful show. However, being a cast member, I had to see the show over and over and over again, which lead to me thinking a lot more about the other characters. When revisiting my obsession, I decided I might give my favorite characters a chance to shine.

Every story has its sides; every character has their own way to tell what happened. Most people only ever hear what the main characters have to say on the story and most don't bother to wonder what the side characters, or even the antagonists think.

That doesn't change the fact, however, that every character has a side to the story and their own thoughts and feelings on what happens. Maybe if those stories were told, it would shed a little light onto why they acted how they did and why they felt their actions were justified.

There's a chance these stories won't do that. In fact, there's a chance these stories won't change anything at all. But the fact remains that these stories have yet to be told and it's still unknown what ran through the heads of the side characters as the main characters got their moment to shine.

So, you want to hear these stories? Glad to hear it, just sit back and enjoy the side stories of The Music Man.

A/N: First up will be my favorite character, Charlie.