WOW square: When Dean's grumpy, he doesn't always listen. Sam, take note …

Inspired by Vanessa Sgroi's wonderful 'Midnight under Moonlight' ... *giggles*

Disclaimer: I own nothing except a twisted imagination and raging hormones … I blame the boys, no really I do.


"It's freakin' stupid;" griped Dean; "I've gotta paint a sigil on myself for protection from the harpy?"

"Yep;" Sam replied, "that's right".

"Where's it go?"

"Over your heart; a circle within a square bisected by an inverted trident." Sam hesitated, "need any help?"

"No," Dean scowled, shucking his T-shirt. He snatched a paintbrush and began.

"Friggin' paint's cold."

Sam rolled his eyes.

"An' sticky."

Sam sighed.

"okay … m'done."

Sam turned, staring at the sketchy sigil daubed across Dean's chest, watching a stray dribble of paint that trickled lazily down his belly.

"Dude;" he groaned, "I said trident – not tripod!"