Skins: The Fourth Generation; Parallel.

"We're the same, we're like... parallel lines, we just run. We can't stop, or else we just dissappear."

Chapter One: Jake.

I can't believe it, I'm really moving here. This is a shithole. Oh, look here we go, pulling up at the house. Nice faded bricks, rubbish all over the place and some burnt out cars for good measure. This place should be a right fucking riot.

"Jake, get the boxes whilst I go and sort out the rooms" my Mum as usual, giving me all the hard labour and her getting to swan off and do the easy shit.

"Yep, whatever" I said, just keep smiling and all that. Then, there she was, one of the fittest girls I think I've ever seen. She walked along like it was a fucking dance or something, perfect. I swear she looked at me, smiled... or was it a smirk? whatever it was, I wasn't gonna hang around to find out.

"Mum, I'm just going out!" I shouted up to my Mum, she didn't reply, it didn't matter. I'm not waiting around for anybody now.

So off I went, running down the pavement to try and catch up with the girl. She looked she was heading towards that completely run down park up the road; So that's where I headed. I crossed the road, turned left at the traffic lights and found myself in the small clearing before the main part of the rec. I looked around, that angel was nowhere to be found. Instead I was greeted by some fat bloke with a skinhead and a packet of fags in his right hand.

"Alright?" I said, trying to start things off friendly before he found a reason to knock me out.

"Mate, you don't wanna go running around like that. Little girls don't want trouble now do they?" he said, trying to get a rise out of me, not gonna happen.

"Listen, I'm not looking for trouble, and I'm not gonna get in your way. Just leave it out yeah?" I said carefully, keeping a vulnerable tone just in case.

"Yeah but you're fuckin' around aren't ya mate? Running about like you own the bloody place. You're nothing, I ain't even seen you around before, you fuckin' queer."

"Fuck sake Mate, I'm not even doing anything, you want trouble go look for someone else"

"I'm gonna fuckin end you, you're gonna learn from this mate!" He said, and he lunged towards me. But before he could even get there, out of nowhere this little guy just came up behind him and smashed him over the head. Then motioned to me and said "Run". Without thinking, I took his advice. Didn't wanna stick around for that guy to wake up.

"I'm Neville by the way..." he said as we finally gave ourselves time to slow down and think of how much distance we'd made between ourselves and the skinhead.

"Hey, I'm Jake, nice to meet you Neville" I said, I was pretty grateful for the rescue to be honest.

"You're new round here aren't you?, I mean, I've not seen you before..."

"Yeah, I only moved here to day actually, been in this shithole for about an hour..."

"Wow, yeah that's awesome. It doesn't get any better I'm afraid mate..." Hearing this made me even more excited about starting college in six weeks, thank god I had summer to keep me entertained.

"When did you move here then?" I said.

"Oh, uhh, about four years ago I think" I was confused by his hesitation, just seemed a little odd.

"Awesome, whereabouts?" I continued.

"Just y'know, around..."

"Oh... okay" I replied, not really knowing how to make the conversation go on any longer.

"Well, not today hasn't already been eventful enough, but I was wondering if you'd like to experience Neville's magical and mysterious tour of Bristol and it's many wonders?" I laughed, it was nice to finally have a reason to like Bristol, Neville was alright.

"Sure... well, I've got fuck all else to do anyway!" I said, trying to sound as into it as I could, this guy was like a little puppy following me along already. So we went, we walked, and walked, and walked. I tried to take in what this guy was saying. y'know the humour, the serious stuff, and everything in between. Finally we reached the end, and it looked like Neville had something to tell me.

"So Jake... there's this party tonight. It's a girl called Grace's, she's alright, so fit, like top class, A fucking plus shag" Neville said, I had to laugh after the A fucking plus bit.

"What? You fucked this girl then?" I said.

"Well, no... but I hear she's good, and she is well fit. She walked by me actually, over at the park" I raised my eyebrows, and finally twigged, that was the girl I saw, Grace. Beautiful.

"What? I saw her this morning, she is so fit man. We've gotta go to that party, can anyone go? or is it invitation only?"

"Well, she said strictly invitation only when she was bragging about it to some of her mates the other day when I was listening to their conversation in Town." Neville said, sounding like he himself were picking holes in his own plan, brilliant.

"Okay... we'll just have to take a chance then right?" I said, I'm starting to wonder if this is a good idea. It was getting dark, so I decided that we should probably make tracks and get to this party that Neville's going on about. Off we went, more walking, my feet were killing me, felt like I'd been smacked in the ankles or something.

"Here we are" Neville said, we arrived at a small detatched house in a pretty quiet cul-de-sac. Of course, this house was booming with noise and there were about one hundred people inside the house.

"Great, let's go I guess" I said, as Neville and I moved up the steps to open the door. Neville grabbed the handle and the door pushed open by itself. We were swallowed up straight into this fucking huge clump of people, all pushing past each other to get wherever their friends were.

"Okay, what the fuck are you doing here you cree- Oh, wow. Hi, I'm Grace... I think I saw you this morning actually" It was Grace, she looked perfect, wearing a nice tight black dress with studs lining the bottom, I took in every bit of her, from head to toe, she was so fit.

"Alright? I'm Jake... It's real good to meet you, and yeah that was me this morning." I said, feeling like a twat.

"Aww you look so nervous? don't worry it's just little old me" she said, winking as she grabbed my hand and led me further into the house. As we moved further through, I noticed her waving to some guy in the back of the room getting off with another guy. Must have been one of her mates... Then this awkward looking girl, about half my height bumped into me by accident.

"Oh god, sorry!" she said, looking like she thought I was gonna turn round and smack her one.

"Fuck sake Angie, are you like the biggest idiot in the world? or were you just born that way?" Grace said, talking to her like she was a pet, or slave.

"Sorry Grace, do you want me to get more drinks?" she said, shaking a little.

"Yeah, go ahead" Grace said, and she nudged Angie away slightly. I tapped Angie on the back, just to let her know it was alright.

"Listen, don't worry, I get it was an accident, don't swear it, yeah?" I said, pratically encouraging her to calm down.

"Yeah, sorry, but I've gotta get drinks!" she rushed off, hurrying past the boy I'd seen earlier. He wasn't getting off with anyone now, he looked past me and saw Grace and quickly got up.

"Hey Grace, this party's pretty fucking good, didn't think you'd have the balls to pull it off..." he said, talking in a similar way to how Grace spoke to Angie.

"Oh come on Toby, I know you're queer and all, but you don't hold some monopoly over parties" she said, and after a couple of seconds they both burst into laughter and rushed off to dance with a bunch of other people. Then I realised, Neville was gone.

"What the fuck? Neville!" I shouted over the music, I couldn't see him... I wandered out into the hallway and found him stuffing some food into his big coat pockets.

"What the hell are you doing?" I said.

"Oh god, ummm, I'm just y'know, stocking up... thinking ahead" he said, literally shaking at the fact he'd been caught out, but I was too tired to drop it. So I just left him and went back to Grace. But before I reached Grace, Neville tapped me on the shoulder and said: "Can we go?" I felt guilty, I wanted to stay but I wanted to go back with Neville because he was the first real friend I'd made.

"Alright, let's go I guess..." I followed Neville back down the hallway. Then, out of nowhere this guy came up from behind and started pushing me.

"What's your problem huh? Stay the fuck away from my sister." this guy said, he looked a hell of a lot like Grace, but maybe a year older.

"What? I haven't gone near her, yeah I spoke to here but... n-nothing happened" I said.

"Yeah well it looked like you were flirting , just stay the fuck away, and keep that tramp mate of yours out" he said. Thankfully Neville didn't hear, I did wonder where he got that insult from though...

"Alright?" Neville said as I got back outside.

"Yeah, just almost had some fucking King Kong lookalike back in there... Grace's nutty brother."

"Yeah, that'll be Scott, he's mental. Mad protective and all that... anyway, I really have gotta get going." he said, I realised it was the opposite way to me.

"Don't you only live across the Park? I can walk with you mate..." I said.

"No, No!" he said, practically screamed it at me.

"Woah, calm down Neville, It's fine, I don't mind walking with you..."

"No please, don't, I need to get home quick or else I'll get in trouble" he said, and then rushed off without another word. I was curious, hell, I wondered why he'd been so suspicious. Not to mention the food, and what Scott said... So I followed him, slowly stalking behind him, but staying a good few metres away. Eventually, we reached Town and got pretty close to the alley next to the bank where alll those massive bins are kept. Neville went down the alley, and I saw him settle down on top of a discarded and flattened cardbox.

"What the fuck?" I muttered to myself, this shit is weird. Why was Neville sleeping in an alleyway? Neville was homeless.

Well, that's my first chapter/episode of this Skins fanfic. I know it doesn't seem related right now, but I promise in the grand scheme of it all it does have some similarities and nods to older characters. You've probably noticed they won't be at college for this first 'series' of eight episodes, it's all going to be set over the summer, and I really, really hope you enjoy my stories enough to follow them through the first eight chapters and continue to follow my characters in the next series/collection of chapters.

Thanks alot for reading, and I know it's a little short, and far from perfect, but I've invested a lot of time in developing the characters you have, and haven't met and am extremely proud of how they came out, so I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it.

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