Skins: The Fourth Generation; Parallel.

"I'll pretend it's alright because that's easier than falling apart"

Chapter Seven: Scott

I'm scared, this is too fucking difficult. I don't want to get up, I can't hear Grace moving either... I can hear Mum, but today's not really affected her as much... she's probably just being strong for us, fat lot of good that's doing. Today is the tenth anniversary of when our sister died, when I was meant to be looking after her. I left her alone for just one minute, and she had to be a little idiot and let something fall on her, and bang, she was gone. You don't realise how fragile life is until you lose someone close to you, she was the first, and still is the only person close to me that I've lost, good God I hope I never lose anyone else... it'll probably be me next.

"Scott?" Grace whispered, she moved slowly into my room. She wasn't the usual arrogant girl I'd gotten used to. Of course, after I showed her the photos she wasn't too happy then either... something tells me she'll go and kill Jake later for that, can't wait to hear what she does.

"Yeah?" I said, I turned over to look at her.

"I was wondering... could I get in with you?" She said, reminding me of when were little and she used to come in here if she had a bad dream, but we're not kids.

"No Grace, go back to bed or something, fuck off" I said, I'm not in the mood to be around people today, or ever to be honest.

"Please..." Grace said, ugh... fine.

"Okay, okay" I said, and she walked over and got in next to me, I didn't cuddle her like I used to, I used to hold her... but we were older now. Things like that aren't innocent anymore, not now they're the sort of things we do with other people... that's the beauty of being children, nothing is rude, or anything like that... it's just innocent and really kind of special. It wasn't until an hour or so later I finally decided to get up, Grace had fallen asleep, I left to go sit by the river... I liked to go there, even though people think I'm a complete idot that only likes playing football and hanging out with my mates, occasionally I do like to stop and think. I saw Toby there too, he looked a little messed up.

"Sup Gay boy?" I asked, he'd get I was joking.

"Hi..." He said, fine then.

"What's wrong with you? You've got a face like a slapped arse" I said, sitting down next to him. He didn't react like he normally did when I made fun of him, he just looked a little... bored. "Seriously, what's wrong Toby?" I asked again.

"Why would you care? You just use me remember? It feels good, that's why we do it right?" Toby continued, where'd this come from?

"Why are you even talking about this? Does it even matter?" I replied.

"Yes it does! Nathan's coming back." Toby said, that wanker.

"Why the fuck is Nathan coming back? I thought me moved away after him and Grace... you know..."

"Yes! I know..." Toby replied, "He's coming back for college in a week, he convinced his Mum to let him come back." Toby said.

"Well that's shit, don't get back with him though" I said, feeling protective... why?

"What? Are you saying I'd get a better offer from you, hmm?" Toby said, he knew I felt protective too.

"No obviously not dickhead, just you know... I don't wanna see you get hurt" I said, gotta cover up the caring and all that. Toby laughed, he didn't think I was serious.

"Listen Scott, you're a wanker okay? You're an idiot, you're like a frickin Caveman. You're stupid, you mess people around, and you're conniving and a little messed up in the head. You took pictures of Angie kissing Jake just so you could split Grace and Jake up, you're pathetic, and I'm pretty sure I hate you." Toby said, nobody had ever really spoken to me like that, great to see what people really think.

"Well fine, I don't care about you Toby, you're right, you're a prick and a dirty little gay... so stay the fuck away from me, you're a fucking hypocrite by the way... I saw you egging Angie on, you two faced cunt." I said, and started walking away. I heard Toby shout something after me, but it's just a blur, I'd rather ignore it and go get fucked up. I walked home, I could hear Grace shouting at Jake in the back garden, why the fuck were they back there? Time to do some listening I think.

"Grace... I'm sorry... she just jumped me, I didn't ask her" Jake said, haha, this is so perfect.

"Shut up Jake! She didn't, you're a fucking dirty cheater, you can have her for all I care, she's an idiot and so are you, stay the FUCK away from me." Grace shouted at him, I saw her push him away, and she started running towards the front door, shit! Start pretending you're walking to the door Scott, go! I pretended to walk to the front door, Grace asked if I heard anything, naturally I said no. I let Grace in, then walked outside to talk to that little cunt Jake.

"Oi, wanker." I said, Jake turned round.

"Fuck off will you? I've dealt with enough shit today." Jake said, arrogant little twat.

"Shut up, you dirty prick. You've gotta learn to keep it in your pants mate!" I said, I knew this would fuck him off.

"You're the one that fucking took the pictures! Wouldn't surprise me if you set that shit up!" Jake said, I laughed, making him think I did.

"You're such a cunt, what did I ever do to you?" Jake asked, he hadn't done anything, but nobody hurts my sister, and I knew he would.

"You came near my sister, stay away from her okay? She doesn't want you, and I don't want to see you around here again... now fuck off" I said, I started walking away when I felt Jake smash me round the back of the head. I reeled round and punched him in the chest, he clutched his chest and I kneed him in the face.

"Fucking prick!" I shouted, and I started kicking him as he fell to the floor. I hear the front door fly open and Grace come running up behind me, she grabbed me and pulled me away. She was crying.

"You're fucking mental mate!" I heard Jake say, fucking prick.

"Scott stop! For fuck sake stop!" She shouted, "Jake go." She said, always fucking loving him.

Then I said one of the last things I'd ever say,

"If I ever see you around here again, I'll kill you".

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