Title: Shark Point-The Movie (Shark Point 2)
Author: DancingStar
Pairing: Connor / Lindsay
Spoiler: One year after my FF "Shark Point"
Rating: 12 (I guess)
Summary: The Bloodening continues...
Comments: What a bummer! I had six days off in February and I wasn´t able to write one single line. When I had to go back to work I had 1,000 ideas...! By the way I am pleased to watch one of my favorite series again, "Germany's Next Top Model", on March 3rd. If you get the opportunity, watch it!

Shark Point-The Movie

"Have you heard that?", Peter wanted to know from Cooper, "Bruce Ryder finished his filming of Shark Point. The movie takes place today in cinemas." Peter poured Cooper and himself a cup of coffee while they waited in the headquarters for the next case.
"Who plays my role?", Cooper asked out of interest. Peter even had a magazine in which he could read the first details about the movie. "I'm sorry," Peter said suddenly, "Your role has been deleted from the movie... But Lindsay's role is played by Amanda Peet and Connor is played by Keanu Reves."
"Supposedly, the production of the film devoured $ 9,400,000", said another voice and suddenly Peter and Cooper looked at the door, leading into the rest room.
"You're back," declared Peter, "How was your stay in China?"
"Very nice," said Connor, "Where is Lindsay?"
Cooper told him Lindsay was staying in her office and while Peter tried to figure out which actor took his role, Connor was on his way to Lindsay's office. He was lucky she was alone: She looked up with a beaming smile from her computer, when he had closed the door behind him. "I got your message that you´ve already returned from China," she said and got up to hug him. He was surprised when she quickly sat back behind her desk.
"Didn´t you miss me in the last two weeks?", he asked and sat on her desk.
"A little bit," she admitted, "But we shouldn´t do this in here, it's wrong."
"Because of your wife. Don´t you have any conscience?"
"Why should I?"
Lindsay looked at him and shook her head annoyed. "You should hear yourself talking…. What if someone catches us?"
"Let me know if you're in a better temper," with these insulting words, Connor was on his way to the door when he remembered something very important.
"I have something for you," Connor said suddenly, as he reached into his jacket pocket. He went back to her, stood behind her, and then carefully put a gold chain with a Chinese pendant around her neck.
"It was manufactured just for you in China," he told her and pressed a kiss on her temple, "This signifies eternal love."
"It is very beautiful," said Lindsay, when she saw the present, "Thanks!"
"Then you won´t mind if you accompany me to the premiere of Shark Point tonight..." They got tickets for the movie premiere, after they were the presentation of the story.
"Too late. I´ll go to the movies with Peter, Cooper, Natasha and Sandra Miles. But yes, you can come along if you want", she smiled, while Connor now went to the door. He had to write a report about the case in China. "I think I prefer to bring my wife to the premiere", he said and left.

When Connor came home from work, he handed his wife a gift that he had brought for her in China. It was a beautiful red silk kimono and it fit her like a glove. Now they were preparing themselves for the premiere of Shark Point-The Movie. They had never been to a movie premiere and that famous Hollywood stars came to town was particularly exciting.
Connor was standing ready in the hallway and looked again at himself in the mirror. He looked perfect in his black suit. Actually, he was not vain, but ... "You look great", his wife was the same opinion, when she entered the bedroom. She wore a long, patterned dress and she arranged her hair in a beautiful hairdo.
"It's really sweet to take me with you," she smiled and her eyes sparkled.
"Hm ... Would you mind if we go in separate cars?", he asked suddenly and she was a little bit surprised.
"But we'll meet later?", asked his wife and he nodded.
"Yes, we'll meet then." He kissed her goodbye and left the house through the back door.

When he reached the cinema where the film was to be premiered, he met Lindsay in front of the building. "Hi," she smiled and grabbed his hand. Connor convinced himself that they wouldn´t be seen by anyone and leaned to her to kiss her. "You look very pretty," said Connor and Lindsay asked him why it took so long until he had noticed this. This afternoon was beautiful and sunny weather then a rain shower raged over the city. Most movie-goers and some press people already entered the building in which the cinema was located and they decided to do the same.
Peter was talking to a person he knew and Connor and Lindsay came to him. Peter then ended the conversation, told his friends he had just met the director and he gave them each a glass of champagne, but Lindsay refused politely. "By the way I found out who's playing my role in the film. He is a real Superstar, the three most exciting names in TV history. It´s...", Peter wanted to tell them when the lights turned off and on for one moment. That was the sign the movie would start and they could now go to their seats.
Lindsay was sitting next to Connor and from her seat she could see what dress Amanda Peet wore today evening. "Don´t worry, you look much better," he muttered, when the cinema lights turned off. He took her hand and held it in his.
"You wanted to share this evening with your wife. So, where is she?", This question seemed to him like a dig.
"I haven´t the faintest idea", he replied, "I hope she won´t be mad at me because I suggested to come in two different cars." So the problem was done for him.

The film took almost two hours and when it was over, Peter, Natasha, Sandra, Connor and Lindsay left the cinema together. Peter asked them what they wanted to do now, after all, it was only shortly after 10:00 p.m. Natasha and Sandra told them they would have to get up early tomorrow, because they would fly to Europe. Therefore, they left.
"Maybe my wife is already waiting for me", Connor said. He went alone into the car park where he had parked his car, but he didn´t wait in front of his car. Instead, he leaned against Lindsay's black car. It didn´t take long, Lindsay came just five minutes later. "You were waiting for me?" , She sounded surprised, "You wanted to drive home, remember?"
"Maybe you haven´t missed me while I was in China, but I've missed you a lot."
She pushed him roughly aside otherwise she could not unlock her car.
"Give me just one night, Linds...", he said and she shook her head amused: "Stop flirting with me."
"Too bad, I enjoy this so much."
"You never give up, eh?"
Connor knew he had caught her now. She was aching to be alone with him, too. Of course, she had missed him while he was in China, but she did not want to show it. "Get your car," she said finally, "I hope you still know where I live."

After 01:00 a.m. in the morning, Connor stretched in bed and put his arm around the blonde woman who was lying next to him. Lindsay smiled at him happy. It was so good to spend the night with him. As she snuggled up to him, she noticed a bouquet of white roses, standing on the dresser beside the door. The flowers were a present by him.
The floor of the bedroom was literally paved with their clothing. She still remembered how he sent her a bouquet of white roses to the hospital one year ago on Valentine´s day. Afterwards their relationship became great, but some day they came to the point where it wasn´t how they had wished for.
"Connor, I hate it."
"What?", He didn´t know what she meant.
"The secrecy. The problem is, I can´t hide for long."
He lifted his head confused. "What do you mean?"
"I'm pregnant," she told him quick and easy, "Two month." She knew it since two weeks but she couldn´t tell him about the baby on the phone. Because then he wouldn´t be able to stay focused on his case and it was very hard for him to do so when she was thousands of miles away. Since she worked in the headquarters his trips were never the same.
And now she had no clue how she should think about it. She was tired of playing hide and registered only half when Connor kissed her euphoric on the temple. He whispered how wonderful it was and how much he wanted a baby.
"The problem is, everybody is thinking you´re cheating your wife with me..."
"No one thinks that," he corrected her and tried to kiss her.
"Everybody thinks, you´re cheating your wife with me," she repeated, "But they don´t know that I'm your wife."
Peter was the only one who knew about it. He had caught them one day in the office when they had kissed. At these time everybody at the office already knew, that Connor was apparently married (once he had forgotten to take off his wedding ring), Peter had asked them if they were actually quite crazy. After all, Connor was just married. Connor then said Peter should not be upset- after all they weren´t doing anything wrong, because Lindsay was the woman he had secretly married. Peter had to promise not to tell anyone and he kept his word. Actually, Peter had suspected that there was more between Connor and Lindsay, one year ago at Shark Point. And he wondered why he hadn´t noticed for a very long time. Somehow, they managed to do it secretly... But it wouldn´t last longer now. When their superiors would find out that they had been married months ago, they would fire at least one of them mercilessly. Connor did not want that Lindsay lost her job. She loved her job, but he knew she loved him much more. He was ready to give up his job because of her and she was ready to put her career on hold for him. They found something that was much stronger than anything else in the world. Love.
"Where will we end up?", he thought to himself. "We will handle that, do you hear? And we´ll have a beautiful, sweet and healthy baby."
She nodded in agreement, before they fell asleep a little calmer.

Connor was surprised at the very next morning about a report on breakfast television. First, the newscaster reported about the premiere of Shark Point, which was nothing strange. But then they showed pictures of a destroyed water tank and a semi-submerged aquarium plant. Connor didn´t believe these report was part of the film and followed the story for a while. As he learned a shark, which had disappeared without a trace this morning, lived in the basin. On the shards of the destroyed tank blood traces were found that were examined at the moment.
"Good morning," said Lindsay, when she entered the kitchen of their home. Today she felt very well: For a change she hadn´t to struggle with morning sickness today. Of course, she noticed he was watching the news.
"Who steals a shark from an aquarium plant?", she asked, biting into a muffin. He reached for the remote control, turned off the TV and asked her how she was this morning. She stated she felt fantastic. Now that Connor knew about the baby, it felt even better when they made plans for the future together. "I was thinking that I may could start to work in headquarters, too," Connor said suddenly, "Then I´d be home and could help you with the baby."
"Connor," she admonished him and took another muffin, "We both know you would never be happy with office work."
"This is exactly the point, my darling," he muttered, getting up and kissed her on the cheek, "To be happy. This is the most important thing. And I wouldn´t be happier with you and the baby." She thanked him for this wonderful speech and then they set off to work together.

"Guess where the shark, who disappeared from the Sea Life Aquarium, comes from", asked Peter and submitted Connor a newspaper. The news was even in the newspaper and Peter had called the aquarium and asked some details about the shark. "The shark was caught in the vicinity of Shark Point in Oregon and was brought here for research purposes."
"But who steals a shark?", asked Lindsay.
"I don´t fear that it was stolen," Peter's voice sounded very dramatic, "Meanwhile, we evaluated the blood on the shards of the tank: it is shark blood. That means he did it. The shark destroyed the tank." Excited, Peter went up and down in the small office.
"Where is the shark now?" Lindsay recalled that the aquarium was fairly flooded in the morning news. The shark hadn´t been found there. She knew what Peter would say next: "Either he was stolen but that´s impossible", the door of the aquarium was destroyed from the inside and not from the outside how evidences proofed, "Or even he did that. Perhaps this animal is mutated like the Whale Shark one year ago. Perhaps its mutation already progressed much further", Peter hardly dared to think, "So he can travel on land."
Connor thought it was nonsense, but he should realize soon enough Peter and his presumption should not be wrong: In lunch break, he invited Lindsay and Peter for dinner in a nearby restaurant. They had a table right by the window and Peter cut an egg roll in a half. "Taste spring rolls better in China?", Peter asked.
"Much better," agreed Connor. His two-week stay in China was nice, but he still had not learned to eat with chopsticks. Lindsay looked at him with a loving smile as he told about his journey. And he just mentioned to work in headquarters!
Connor noticed how she was staring at him and he asked if everything was alright. She nodded vigorously and said she had just thought about their conversation this morning. Peter wanted to ask what it was, but he left it.
"Connor suggested today morning, to work in indoor service now," Lindsay reported. Finally, before Peter they hadn´t to mince matters. Peter furrowed his brow and Lindsay noticed it. "He believes I can´t handle the baby."
"The baby?", Peter was surprised.
"Yes," Lindsay nodded without batting an eye, "We're pregnant ... Or better: I'm pregnant. Due Date will be in October."
Excited they were waiting for Peter´s reaction and he opened his mouth to say something, in this moment they heard, however, outside a loudly screaming woman in the street. At an adjoining table two police officers sat who now frantically got up and went outside. They wanted to check why the woman was so upset. In no time a crowd had gathered around them. Peter, Connor and Lindsay also left the restaurant and in the crowd they pushed some people aside. They saw a human body wrapped in a tarpaulin was lying behind a dumpster. It was a man, he had opened his eyes and mouth wide and the lower half of his body was missing. The blood on his remains had already been dried and his skin was pale.
Lindsay suddenly felt sick and she felt as if her lunch would come up again every moment. She turned on her heels, leaving Connor and Peter at the situation. More and more policemen arrived, they sent away the crowds. But Connor found something strange next to the body. He discovered a razor- sharp tooth. He knew immediately where he had seen it before.

The next day, a Saturday, they picked up their guest from the airport. They needed help cause they knew they couldn´t solve this case alone. Actually, Connor and Lindsay had also thought the nightmare would had come to an end one year ago with the death of the mutant female Whale Shark, but apparently this was not the case. Now it went on here.
When Connor found the tooth on crime scene it was clear that this was not done by a dog or other mammal. The memory of how a female Whale Shark opened the giant mouth right in front of them was still present. So he called yesterday evening at the Shark Reef aquarium on the island of Shark Point. First, he and Sandy talked about various things and Connor told he already saw Shark Point- The Movie. Then he wanted to know whether she wanted to leave her home for a while and come by. Sandy had promised to help and she was delighted they had asked her.
They invited three suitcases into the trunk of their car and Connor wondered why she needed all that luggage. "I'm going to Georgia afterwards. There is a large aquarium, in which Whale Sharks live", she said, "The animals in these aquarium plants can´t reach the same size as the wild animals in the sea."
"Fortunately," Connor muttered and they drove off. When he thought about that such a giant shark was to blame for the incident in the city yesterday, then... While he drove, he looked for the tooth in his jacket pocket and handed it to their guest. "Can you tell me what kind of a shark it was?"
"Great White Shark", the answer came immediately, "Where did you find it?"
"Here," Connor braked the car in front of the restaurant where they ate lunch yesterday and where the body was found. But they were in the middle of the city. They decided they needed to show something to Sandy. So they went into the aquarium where a shark disappeared yesterday. Meanwhile, the municipal fire brigade had pumped the water out of the building, so it was accessible again. It was also re-opened for tourists. Connor, Lindsay and Sandy were only allowed to enter the area with the damaged shark tank because Connor and Lindsay show off their ID Cards. With a scrutiny Sandy looked at the pots in front of the destroyed tank. "Peter says the shark who lived here, was caught off the coast of Oregon."
Sandy knew what Lindsay wanted to say. "Do you think the shark is also mutated?" It was even obvious, no one had stolen it: transporting a living shark was not easy. "Which shark lived here in this pool?", she asked.
With a nod Connor pointed to her hand. She held the answer in her palm and a small information board next to the destroyed tank, was also saying it was a Great White Shark.

To look for the shark in the city was as pointless as looking for a needle in a haystack. The police still believed they were looking for a maniacal killer who cut his victims abdomen. Actually, this detail was true, but it was a shark: A mutant shark that was not only on the road in water but also on land. While Connor and Lindsay showed their visitor from the west coast the OSIR building, Sandy tried to imagine how the shark might looked like. She wondered if the shark had some legs?
In all probability, because without the shark could not move on land. But how was it breathing? Out of the water it was impossible to survive with gill breathing.
Sandy was happy to see her uncle and Peter again. The building it was very impressive. Then it was evening and Lindsay invited her to their house for dinner.
"In which hotel will I stay?", Sandy asked during the meal. Connor on the phone had promised he would take care of everything, including her hotel.
"You´ll stay here."
"What? On your couch?"
"Because of the film presentation of Shark Point, all hotels are booked into the city," recalled Connor and he reported again, whether he liked the film. After dinner Sandy helped with the dishes, Connor had gone upstairs to his office.
"How are you?", asked Sandy. She had the feeling something was different than usual.
"I´m very fine. I have followed your advice one year ago... The thing with the grave stone, do you remember?" One year ago in the hospital Sandy told her that Lindsay should do something if she and Connor were no couple. Otherwise, Donner would be the name that would be written on her grave stone. "We got married ... And I'm pregnant. But keep it to yourself. Except you only Peter knows."
"This are very good news."
"Yes... Are you tired?"
"A little bit."
"Then I'll leave you alone now," suggested Lindsay and took a small ice cream cup from the freezer. Fortunately, she had already brought her guest pillow and blanket before. With the ice cream in her hand, she walked up the stairs. Connor was still in his office, but he wasn´t sitting behind his desk. It was a very nice office, right next to their bedroom and Lindsay was curious to see how he responded to the question to establish the nursery room here and if his office could move into the basement.
"Honey?", She called softly after him because she couldn´t see him immediately in the dark. Finally she discovered him: He was sitting with outstretched legs on the floor, leaning against the wall.
"Is everything all right?", she asked anxiously. She thought he was sitting there because he was not well.
"I've been thinking a little bit," he said and smiled at her.
"About what?", She sat down on his thighs and started right in front of him, to eat her ice cream.
"I can´t believe that we are so unlucky and another mutant shark appears... And also, hundreds of miles away from Shark Point."
"One year ago we didn´t know how many animals were involved in the incident," said Lindsay while she was eating, "Who knows, perhaps there are more." Those were nice prospects!
"I want you to take care about yourself as long as this shark is out there. I could not bear if something happens to you or the baby."
It was very sweet of him he was worried about her and she nodded in agreement.
"Is this strawberry ice cream?", he asked then.
"Yes, it was still in the freezer."
"And it´s the last cup. After you ate all the other cups, I actually wanted to eat the last one." He tried not to sound reproachful. Finally she was eating for two now.
"Sorry," Lindsay took a look at the paper cup. It was empty. Suddenly she had an idea. If he really wanted to try the ice cream... then she put down the cup, put her hands on his cheeks and kissed him. After the kiss Lindsay asked if he was tired, she was very tired. Connor nodded and smiled at her. He was amazed how she always managed to turn his mood from one moment to the next into contrary. All at he felt much more relieved than before. They got up and together they went to bed.

The incident with the half corpse still seemed to bother the press. At Sunday's breakfast Connor and Lindsay watched a report about the incident and because they heard nothing for the rest of the day, they decided together to go out at night. So they met Peter in the evening in a sports bar. They liked to meet in such places, because usually none of their other colleagues came here. Here, Connor and Lindsay could behave like a normal couple which was in love. There were not many places except from their home, where this was possible.
While they waited for their drinks, Peter and Connor watched a rugby match on television. They watched how the men in black uniforms on the field danced a strange performed. "What's that?", asked Sandy.
"This is the Haka. The All Blacks from New Zealand used to dance this before each rugby match."
"I don't wanted to know!", Sandy interrupted Peter and she drank a glass of brandy with one sip. She coughed, because the drink was so bitter. A sports host on television told the victory of today's match would be worth one million dollars.
"One million dollars, that would be what we need now, right?", Connor asked his wife. He held her in his arms.
"Connor read that a child can cost up to $ 100,000 till it´s eighteen," Lindsay told to her friends and she drank a sip of iced tea. They actually had no financial problems.
"And what will you do then with the remaining $ 900,000?"
"Having nine other kids," was Connors response and Lindsay puffed him gently into the side.
"Ten kids!", she cried, laughing, "Oh, you're crazy. I would be happy with one healthy baby."
But first, Connor thought, he should buy his sweetheart a gift. The day after tomorrow was Valentine's Day and again he had a great idea to surprise her and show how much he loved her. Finally, it was a special day for them and that's why he had brought her a further, valuable gift from China. It was a golden bracelet which other Chinese pendants.
A waitress brought them their drinks and they stayed in the bar until the rugby match was over.

"What kind of lunch do you like today?", asked Connor on Monday when he walked into Lindsay's office and closed the door behind him.
"You could almost think you're the pregnant person in here", she whispered, grinning. She did not want anyone to hear them. "Unfortunately I have to work here..."
It was quiet in the city, no more mysterious incidents had happened, but they had heard the police raided all waters and woods.
"Then I go with Peter and Sandy and we'll get every food you want", he suggested.
"That sounds good... I would like fried vegetables with rice and for dessert, in honey fried bananas."
"Your wish is my command," Connor kissed her goodbye, left her office and he went with Peter and Sandy to the Chinese restaurant where they had lunch last week. They ordered their food and waited for ten minutes, when again out on the road a woman screamed for help. This time, Peter and Connor were faster: they rushed through the crowd. Peter stopped next to the bewildered woman who had called for help. Behind a dumpster Connor discovered one pair of legs, which lay motionless on the ground. He noticed the blood and when heard a noise in the darkness of the shadow, he discovered an upright walking figure with angular head, sharp teeth and soulless eyes. Connor knew immediately what it was.

She was sitting behind her computer and wrote a report, when her phone rang. "Just this sentence," she muttered, tapping on hard and then answered the phone. "Hello?", she asked and trapped the phone between shoulder and cheek.
"Lindsay, this is Sandy!", the caller´s voice sounded very panicky, "You have to come! The shark is here... Connor is hurt... We are in hospital." The connection broke and the phone fell on the table. Connor was injured! That was all she could think about. With trembling hands she searched for her purse, her car keys and then ran from her office. Stunned, she went into the garage and in her car she drove to the hospital.
Desperately, she tried to find Connor and when she saw Peter sitting in front of a hospital room, she wanted to talk to the nurse which had just spoken to Peter.
"Can you tell me how Connor Doyle is? He's my husband!"
"Your ID, please," said the nurse and Lindsay desperately searched in her purse after her identification card. However, she only found the old OSIR- ID card.
"It says your name is Donner..."
"Yes, this is my old card ... I... I have not applied for a new one." That was the truth.
The nurse wondered if she should believe Lindsay, or not. "I'm sorry, I can´t tell you how he is."
"She IS his wife", Peter approved, "Please tell her."
"No," said the nurse, "I can´t tell you."
Lindsay thought she knew why she didn´t want to tell her. She suspected that he... Oh, God. He was dead! She felt as if someone pulled the rug out from under her. Her heart began to race and her throat was like constricted. What should now become of her and the baby? She wanted to scream, but she couldn´t. Tears shot in her eyes. A thick lump formed in her throat.
Suddenly the door the room opened to and Connor came out. He looked very tired. "Connor," she cried and hugged him, "What happened?"
"A man had a heart attack. Peter and I brought him here... Don´t worry, I'm fine." He felt how relieved she was. Lindsay wanted to chop Sandy´s head off! What occurred to her to scare her to death on the phone!
She breathed deeply and broke the hug with Connor, whose shirt was smeared with dried blood. She noticed in the corner of her eye, how Sandy came to them. She apologized for the phone call: When they had heard the shouting in the street and Connor and Peter had run out, she lost track. Suddenly, the screams became even louder and Peter yelled to her from the middle of the crowd she should call an ambulance. Sandy had thought Connor was hurt and after the doctor was notified, she decided to call Lindsay. She had no idea that another man at crime scene had a heart attack when he saw the corpse.
"I have to sit down for a while," said Lindsay. She felt nauseated and dizzy.
Connor sat down with her on a couch in the waiting room, Sandy and Peter got her something to drink. He came back five minutes later and looked very upset. That he had brought a cup of mineral water for Lindsay, he had almost forgotten.
"I heard two police officers talking!", said Peter, "They said, bloody footprints were found at the crime scene and judging by the profile, it is Nike´s."
"You mean, we´re looking for a shark with sneakers?", asked Lindsay. Her circulation was suddenly well, she felt much better.
With a loud bang the door to the waiting room opened and Sandy rushed in. "It's not a real shark," Sandy told and turned on the little TV in the waiting room, "It´s on the news! Someone here played a bad trick on us and the police. Some people in television are assuming Bruce Ryder is responsible because he had feared Shark Point- The Movie would flop at the cinema box office. He needed a good lead story for his film. His assistant was just arrested in a shark costume in Downtown."
"But the shark's teeth... and the corpse..."
"It was all part of the plan. No idea where he got a half corpse from."
"Where is Ryder now?"
"I don´t know. He probably left the country and is somewhere where he can enjoy the publicity for his latest film."
"If that's true," said Peter, "Then we all fell for a perfect trick." But things still didn´t fit together. If it really was only a perfect show, where was now the shark which had disappeared from the aquarium in the city? He said that question out loud.
"This is obviously a mystery," agreed Sandy, "And to be honest, I don´t know. Last night, few people from Greenpeace abandoned a shark off the coast. Probably it was the missing shark." It was quite impossible that someone stole a shark. But maybe someone broke into the Aquarium, had destroyed the tank and brought then the shark to another place. Maybe that someone had spared no effort to manipulate the evidences.
"So, we have to resign the fact we have fallen for a trick?", asked Connor and everybody nodded. It wasn´t a nice imagination and he would have felt much better when he knew that the beast was finally dead. They weren´t even hunting a beast, but a phantom.
"Let's go home," Lindsay suggested in a soft voice and reached for his hand.
That was actually a very good suggestion. Together they walked to the exit and Connor put his arm around Lindsay. "Do you know what you're doing now?", she asked. The public hug irritated her.
"I know. Now everybody should know about us and they can talk about it as much as they want", he finally turned to Peter, "Peter, won´t you stop by for dinner next weekend? And bring the team."
"Are you sure?"
"As Lindsay said: We won´t be able to hide it for long."

They had never invited their friends to their home. Lindsay was looking forward because it was a step into the right direction. With this dinner they showed them they were a couple. A happily married couple, who was having the first baby in October. For some reason, however, Lindsay was nervous. What would her colleagues think if they saw her home for the first time? For a moment she regretted that she hadn´t invited them not just to a restaurant. But at that moment the door bell rang. So it was too late to call everyone and take back the invitation.
"Honey, would you please take the cheese from the oven?", Lindsay asked as she walked to the door.
Peter was their first guest. He greeted with a loud "Hello" and handed her a bottle of champagne. Then he entered. "Very modern," was his comment to the house and Lindsay noticed it with a nod. She had feared that someone would think her home looked like a sterile doctor's office.
The bell rang again, and with the champagne bottle Lindsay went back to the door. Cooper and Claire were horrified when they saw the bottle in Lindsay´s hand and Claire now took the bottle. Then some other friends arrived. After they had eaten, Claire presented her gift and she apologized she did not know what she should buy: So she had purchased a pink and a blue baby romper suit.
"Oh God, they are so tiny!", Lindsay called out delighted when she took the romper suits.
"Actually, we also wanted to give you something, isn´t it true Uncle Cooper?", Sandy asked her uncle and he nodded approvingly, "But we thought a young Carpet Shark for the garden pond is a fairly hindering pet." She saw the relief in Connors and Lindsay´s eyes. Carpet Sharks were not dangerous.
"Then we decided to get you another gift," Sandy went into the hall, where her uncle had dropped a box with air holes after entering the house. She told Connor and Lindsay, that their new four-legged roommate was man's best friend but he took no food, needed no walks, he never barked and veterinary costs were virtually zero. Connor and Lindsay stared to the brown box, when Sandy put it on the floor and when she reached for the lid everybody was expecting that a dog was going to jump out of the box. But nothing happened.
So they looked into the box and found there a cream cake on which a dog was shown. "The dessert is opened!", declared Sandy.
Lindsay laughed, relieved and hugged Connor. "Oh, I thought a dog would be sitting in the box."
"Would that be bad?"
"No. Honey, I know how much you want a dog, but we still have plenty of time to buy one." First, they would have to accustom to the baby when it was born.
Cooper has now received a piece of cream gateau. "You may like to have one of my dogs?", Sandy asked as she handed out the cake. She recently had two dogs and they were terribly annoying.
"As long as we own no shark, it's okay", still on Connors side, Lindsay patted affectionately her husband´s chest.
"After what happened, I would be very grateful if we never need to see a shark", announced Peter. With exception of Sandy everybody agreed. Although this time the shark and the horror had not been real, they hoped they´d be spared in future.