This is definitely femslash M! The main characters of Law & Order and Law & Order SVU belong to Dick Wolf and NBC Universal. This is meant for entertainment, not profit.* This is the first in a possible series of one shots pulled from the Changing Partners (TY laurel hardy) game in the story "Double Time" Erin Mathison is an original fictional character (Yeah mine). This and upcoming one shots in this Changing Partners series can be read alone, but will probably have a little more meaning if you have read "Stepping Time" and are reading "Double Time"

My heartfelt thanks to the magnificent Airy8 for collaborating (writing the majority) with me on this one! It indeed has been quite pleasurable!

So without further disclaimers and ado-

Abbie/Erin/Olivia from Olivia's point of view

Oh for the love of god, how the hell do I manage to get myself into these situations? I mean come on, is the word no really that hard to use, its only two letters long for Christ's sake.

Although, on second thoughts, this might not be such a bad idea, in fact it's kinda hot….

My girlfriend is currently stood about 3 feet away from me, kissing one of my best friends rather passionately. I can see Erin's tongue slide into Abbie's mouth, hear the slight moan Abbie lets out as the kiss deepens.

"Fuck" I breathe out before I can stop myself.

Erin moves her hands up into Abbie's hair as Abbie snakes her arms around Erin's waist, pulling her closer as she slides a thigh in between Erin's. I watch as Erin grinds down onto the thigh and moans loudly, her grip on Abbie's hair tightening.

Fuck, I'm so turned on that sitting down the wrong way would probably make me come. I presume you're wondering by now what the fuck is going on. A threesome, that's what! It's one of those 'once in a lifetime, never spoken about ever again' type things.

I must admit I was hesitant at first, I mean, I love Erin, I don't want anyone else going anywhere near her, but they both had some pretty convincing arguments, including the fact that Erin loves me and it would purely be just sex. Kind of like those nights or mornings when Erin or I reach into that special drawer with toys, well except Abbie is 5' 10 inches of living, breathing pure gorgeousness. Standing here now, watching them kiss like that, I feel my arousal flood my underwear and I think I moan again.

I watch as Erin's hands go to work on Abbie's buttons, quickly pushing her open shirt down over her shoulders and throwing it into a corner. Abbie makes quick work of Erin's belt, pulling it out of its loops and dropping it, her hands snapping trouser buttons open and pushing them down my girlfriend's hips. Erin does the same with Abbie's trousers as Abbie pulls Erin's t-shirt over her head.

They're both stood in nothing but their underwear, Abbie's mouth has migrated to Erin's throat, to that point just above her collar bone that I know makes her knees go weak. I feel my mouth drop open and my tongue sweep over my bottom lip as I see Erin shudder slightly and her nipples harden through her black lace bra.

Abbie pulls her mouth away from Erin and they smile at each other, turning towards me at the same time.

"You like what you see babe?" Erin smirks at me.

"I don't know Erin" Abbie says, "She looks kinda funny."

"Trust me" Erin replies cockily, "She likes what she sees."

"Really?" Abbie replies, sounding slightly horrified, "Please tell me that's not her usual horny face, cos if it is, how the hell did she ever get you to sleep with her."

Erin snorts with laughter and slaps Abbie lightly on the arm.

She walks over to me and lightly kisses me, inching my shirt up over my head and pulling it off. I pull her closer, lightly scraping my nails down the naked skin on her back. She groans gently. God she feels good. I'm completely helpless when it comes to this woman, I turn into a quivering heap, complete putty in her hands, and she knows this.

I hear more than see Abbie make her way over to us and move behind me. She starts trailing lazy kisses across my shoulders and I feel a shiver run through me. It feels good, really good. Erin feels me shudder and pushes her tongue into my mouth, the kiss heating up instantly. Abbie slides her hands around my waist, her lips still trailing across my back. She starts to undo my pants, pulling my zipper down and pushing them over my hips. I step out of them, never breaking my kiss with Erin, and kick them away.

Abbie's hands move to my back and flick my bra open. She slides it off me and I take this as my cue to do the same with Erin's. Abbie moves her hands off me and I can only presume she is taking her own off. My suspicions are confirmed as she moves back up against me, her breasts pressing into my back. I can feel her hard nipples protruding into me. I wonder if she's cold or if it's because she's as turned on as I am.

I slide my hands down Erin's toned stomach and hook my fingers into the waistband of her underwear, sliding them down her smooth thighs. She kicks them away. I feel Abbie slide mine down and look down to see hers join them on the floor.

Erin starts to pull me towards the bed, Abbie following.

Oh crap, crap, crap! The realisation hits me that this is actually going to happen, I'm about to jump into bed with my girlfriend and one of our best friends. I wonder again why I agreed to this.

"Lie down baby," she says softly. She knows how nervous I am about this and she's trying to make me feel comfortable. Before Abbie arrived, Erin asked me one last time if I wanted to back out. I ended up spilling my guts about how worried I was because of my lack of experience. I mean come on people, this is Abbie Carmichael we're talking about here, she has slept with half of Manhattan and the only reason she hasn't slept with the other half is because they're male. What if she's better than me, what if Erin prefers what she does?

"I love you and only you, today, tomorrow and always," Erin whispers reassuringly in my ear. "Pinch once or twice," she adds, and I am reminded of our non-verbal code in case either of us want something to stop or the whole thing to stop.

I nod my head trying to think of something equally reassuring and romantic to whisper back. Instead I do as I'm told and lie down on the bed, pulling myself up to the top, my head resting on the pillows, I feel a fresh surge of wetness pool at my entrance and gasp, "I'm so fuckin' wet."

Erin and Abbie lie down, Erin on my right lying beside me, Abbie on my left, resting on her elbow and slightly hovering over me. I notice first Abbie's smirk and expect a joke from her, but then see her eyes darkened with desire. "So am I," she husks.

Oh yeah, that's why I agreed.

Erin leans down to claim one of my nipples with her mouth as Abbie leans over and kisses me roughly. I hear myself moan and I'm not sure whether it's because of Erin's mouth round my nipple, Abbie's tongue in my mouth or a combination of both.

I push my tongue into Abbie's mouth, simultaneously wrapping my hand in Erin's hair. Her mouth is still attached to my nipple and I feel her shift herself so that she's straddling my thigh. Fuck me, she's soaking. I push my leg up into her and feel her rock down hard onto it as she moans.

Abbie tears her mouth away from mine and looks down, watching Erin grind down against my thigh.

"Fuck you two are hot," she breathes.

My confidence surrounding this little scenario has been growing with each passing second so I decide to really join the party.

"Wanna join in?" I husk out as I move my free hand down Abbie's stomach and cup her between her legs. She's just as wet as Erin is, if not more so.

"Oh, god" she groans, as I slip my fingers between her soaking folds and start trailing them slowly up and down her. Abbie locks eyes with me and nods. She lifts her head and bites at her bottom lip and I find the tip of my tongue blazing a trail from under her jaw line through the cleft on her chin and between now open lips.

Oh my fucking hell. My body reacts violently as someone, I think it might be Erin, drops a hand and pushes two fingers inside me without warning. The fingers curl up and instantly hit the spot that has my back arching and my head thrown back in pleasure. Yup, definitely Erin's hand, only she knows exactly where that spot is well enough to hit it first time. She starts a steady pace in and out of me, fucking me slowly but deliberately.

At the same time I feel Abbie push herself against my hand.

"Liv, please" she gasps, "I need you to fuck me." Well screw me stupid, who the fuck knew Abbie Carmichael would willingly beg.

I hear Erin groan at Abbie's words, pushing herself harder onto my thigh. "Fuck her Liv. Make her come, baby," Erin cries.

Abbie hisses sharply as I push two fingers inside her, thrusting as far inside her as I can get and pulling back out. I set a rhythm and quickly realize it's the same one Erin has set inside me. Abbie moves up slightly so that I have easier access to her. As she does Erin detaches herself from my nipple and looks up. They both look at me, lust darkening their eyes. They turn to each other and lean in, their lips meeting in a hot, wet kiss that has my arousal pulsing out of me. I know Erin feels it flow over her hand as her fingers spasm inside me and she moans loudly into Abbie's mouth.

She picks up the pace of her fingers inside me but also of her own rocking on my thigh. I can feel the heat coming off her, as well as the warm liquid running out of Abbie and down my own hand.

They break their kiss.

"Fuck, I am so close," Abbie rasps out. I have stilled the movement of my right wrist and let Abbie take over the pace, fucking herself on my fingers, pushing herself down hard, grinding her hips to achieve maximum contact.

"Me too" Erin moans. I can feel her slipping over my thigh, her juices coating my leg. I know she's close because her movements are starting to become more erratic. Even if she is in control and setting the pace she never can coordinate her own body when she's about to come, I find it sexy as hell.

I can also feel Abbie start to tighten around my fingers and I move the pad of my thumb over her swollen clit, stroking side to side.

"Fuck yeah Benson," Abbie pants.

God this is so incredibly hot, I have Erin about to come all over my leg and Abbie about to come all over my hand. If someone had told me I'd find myself in this exact position I would have laughed and told them they needed to stop smoking crack.

"Oh, fuck, I'm gonna…." I stutter out as I feel the tightening in my stomach coil for release.

"Oh Christ" Abbie groans as Erin moans loudly, thrusting herself hard onto my thigh. Erin's body shudders out her orgasm on top of me, rippling up my thigh and hitting my centre. I feel Abbie clench down around my fingers as she drops her mouth to my left nipple, her body jerking erratically as her come runs down my wrist.

I push down hard onto Erin's fingers as my own orgasm takes hold of me, my body thrusting back up to meet her pumping fingers as she leans up and takes my lips with her own in a deep kiss, swallowing my moans until my body starts to calm down. I feel her slump on top of me at the same time as Abbie collapses beside me.

Erin gently pulls her fingers out of me and wraps her tongue around them, licking them clean. She leans over me and brings her lips up to meet Abbie's, letting Abbie taste me on her. Abbie breaks the kiss and takes hold of my wrist, pulling my fingers out of her centre as she brings them up to her own mouth, licking them clean, before she leans down and gently pushes her tongue into my mouth, kissing me deeply. I've gotta admit, Abbie tastes good, but then I never thought for a second that it would be any other way. Not that I've spent a lot of time imagining what Abbie Carmichael tastes like you understand. What, I haven't, honestly.

I know it has only been a minute or two since our breathing has returned to normal, but it seems longer and all I am really hearing now is the ticking of the old fashioned battery-operated alarm clock that sits on the nightstand next to Erin's (our) bed in her apartment here in D.C. I am still so turned on and I want more, more of Erin, more of Abbie.

As I feel Abbie start to stir next to me and place two soft but brief kisses next to my ear, I'm expecting and fearing her to slide out of bed and retrieve her clothes. Instead she trails her fingertips across my breast and down my abdomen sending a quiver through my torso. She traces small circles over my thigh, still damp with Erin's release. She brings her fingertips just under my nose and I inhale Erin's scent. I watch Erin's hand slide between her own legs and Abbie do the same. They each prop up on the elbow of their free arm alongside of me and lock eyes.

"More Liv," I hear Erin ask or state in a whisper. She brings her hand from her core and runs the tip of her coated index finger over my bottom lip before I greedily suck the digit into my mouth. I open my eyes again and see Abbie's hand sliding from her centre, her fingers covered in her juices, and she briefly circles my once again erect nipple with her index finger.

"Oh fuck," I moan as I watch as Abbie takes three of Erin's fingers into her mouth sucking hungrily as Erin does the same with her drenched digits. I see Abbie whisper in Erin's ear as Erin withdraws her fingers. Erin nods and moans softly moving her mouth to my neck, "We want to make you come, totally let go, and come so hard," Erin says.

Oh Christ!

I feel Abbie's lips on my nipple, then the side of my breast and then lower as she slides down the bed. Erin snakes an arm under my shoulders and urges me up. As I sit up and see Abbie crawling from the edge of the bed between my legs, Erin slides behind me. Abbie starts trailing kisses up the insides of my calves, her arms extended and her palms resting on my hips. I hear Erin wrestling with the pillows while my eyes take in Abbie. Her dark nipples are taut and her dark, trimmed curls are glistening with moisture. She feels my eyes on her and she meets them with a predatory hunger.

"You are so fuckin' sexy Liv," she purrs. "I want to taste you, fuck you with my tongue and have you come in my mouth."

Oh fuck me I want that as well, so badly.

"And I want to watch, stroke you and kiss you," Erin husks, pulling me into her so the back of my head is resting between her breasts. Christ I want that too. The mental images flooding my brain of what's about to happen is making my head swim.

I moan loudly as she adjusts under me slightly and I feel her soaked core press into my lower back. She slides her arms under mine, one hand on my stomach the other palming my breast. Abbie's lips have moved up past my knees and she's kissing and stroking the inside of my thighs with her tongue. Erin reclines further, her movement lifting my hips off the bed and onto her, her head above my shoulder.

"Relax and enjoy the ride baby," Erin growls nipping at my ear lobe.

Fuck me. Where do I put my hands on this ride? This position is kind of like the luge doubles I watched during the last Winter Olympics, except Erin is my sled, and oh fuck I think the comparisons might end there. Well, there's certain to be G-forces and contortions too.

I watch Erin's hand slide lower down my abdomen as Abbie spreads my legs wider and wraps her arms around my thighs. Erin takes my throbbing clit between her thumb and index finger, stroking gently as I feel Abbie inhale my scent.

"Beautiful," Abbie murmurs as she slides her tongue between my folds and then meets Erin's thumb and finger at my pulsating bundle of nerves. A shudder runs the length of my body and I dig and curl the fingers of my right hand into the bed sheet. My left hand falling over Erin's at my breast.

Fuck this feels good. Erin continues to roll my nipple between her thumb and forefinger as her other hand occupies itself with my clit.

Oh fuck I think I've just died and gone to heaven. Abbie Carmichael has just slid her tongue inside me. My body bucks as I feel waves of pleasure sweep up me. Abbie uses her arms around my thighs to anchor me to the bed.

She continues to thrust her tongue into me as Erin's fingers glide over my clit. The sensations are causing my brain to short circuit somewhat, made worse as Erin's tongue starts trailing its way down my neck. I can feel her shift slightly behind me, pushing herself into my back. She's wet as hell and must be desperate for some form on contact.

"Oh fuck" I moan out as Abbie's tongue thrusts particularly hard. My hips start thrusting up to meet her mouth, my grip on the sheets tightening.

"That's it baby" Erin whispers seductively down my ear, "Come for us."

I hear Abbie moan into my centre at Erin's words. I can see her hips moving gently against the bed as she fucks me with her tongue.

"Abbie please," I groan, "Harder."

Erin lets out a long, low growl behind me.

"Do you like it baby? Do you like how Abbie fucks you? Tell me."

"Oh god yes, she feels so fucking good inside me. Your fingers feel so fucking good on me."

"Fuck you're so sexy" she moans, "I want to see you come."

Abbie increases her thrusts inside me and I can feel myself begin to come undone. Erin's strokes across my clit speed up to match the movements of Abbie's tongue. My grip on the sheets tightens as waves of pleasure wash over my body.

"That's it baby," Erin whispers, "Let go, I want to watch you come in Abbie's mouth."

"Oh fuck yes!" I cry out as my orgasm floods over me, my body jerking violently as Abbie milks everything out of me.

She slows the movements of her tongue as I collapse back against Erin, her fingers stilling on my clit.

"Fuck" Erin breathes out. She's still moving slightly underneath me and I know she needs her own release and soon.

Abbie runs her tongue along the length of me one last time and looks up.

"Fuck Liv you taste good," she husks out. She looks towards Erin and I see something silent flash between them. Abbie smiles and moves up the bed until she's straddling me, giving me a perfect view of her incredible breasts.

She leans over my shoulder and kisses Erin. I turn my head slightly to watch them. I see Abbie thrust her tongue into Erin's mouth, Erin accepting it hungrily, kissing her back with enthusiasm.

Abbie's hips are bucking up and down on top of me and she moans loudly into Erin's mouth. Erin brings her right hand up to trail across Abbie's thigh and down through her soaking folds. Abbie breaks the kiss and groans, dropping her head to my shoulder.

"Fuck Erin, please," Abbie chokes out, "I need you to fuck me, I need you to fuck me really hard."

Christ this is incredible. Erin pushes two fingers into Abbie and Abbie begins riding her hand, thrusting rapidly. I eventually get a clue and take one of Abbie's nipples into my mouth. I bite down lightly and Abbie cries out.

"Fuck Liv, harder please."

Well bend me over and fuck me backwards, who the hell would have ever imagined Abbie Carmichael begging me for anything. I comply with her wishes and suck her nipple further into my mouth and bite down until she cries out, her body rocking into me.

"Erin, fuck, more, please," she chokes out.

I feel Erin exhale as she pushes a third finger into Abbie.

"God you're so tight," she moans.

I move my mouth to Abbie's other nipple and clamp down around it making her moan loudly. Her thrusts down onto Erin's fingers are increasing in speed and she looks like she's about to lose control.

"Oh fuck," she groans, "I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come so fucking hard."

Erin and I both moan at Abbie's words and I feel my centre clench as Erin tries to thrust against my back. It really isn't the best position for her and the poor thing must be desperate by now.

"Oh god yes," Abbie cries out and leans in to kiss Erin as her orgasm hits her. Her body shudders on top of me and she pushes herself down hard onto Erin's fingers. I can see Abbie's come running into Erin's hand.

Abbie's body slows as the last waves of her orgasm leave her and she slumps against me, her head resting on my shoulder.

"Fuck that was good," she says shakily.

Erin slowly withdraws her fingers and I feel Abbie wince slightly. I grab Erin's wrist and bring her hand up to my mouth, sucking and licking them until all traces of Abbie are gone. I look up to see Abbie watching me and Erin moans behind me.

"I'm so turned on right now," my girlfriend moans out, almost pleadingly.

"Well then I think we need to remedy that," I say.

"I agree," says Abbie, leaning down and kissing me, her tongue sliding into my mouth. She pulls away after a few seconds.

"How about I go grab a few beers from the fridge and then we can continue this party," she says.

"Sounds good to me," Erin replies.

Abbie climbs off me and swaggers out of the bedroom. I turn round to look at my girlfriend.

"You ok baby?" I ask

"Yes" she replies, kissing me hard.

"I just need to stand up for a second and stretch" she continues, "I'm starting to cramp up."

I move to let her up. She stands and stretches her arms over her head, arching her back, her breasts pushing out.

My god she's so beautiful. I stand quickly, moving in front of her, running my hands down her body as she continues to stretch.

"Hey you" she whispers as she leans in and kisses me gently. "I don't want gentle."

I push my tongue into her mouth and tighten my grip on her hips. She moans and pushes her body against mine. I walk her backwards and shove her up against the nearest wall, pushing against her, covering her entire body with my own. She moans into my mouth and I push a thigh between hers. She immediately grinds down hard onto me, crying out. She's soaking, her juices covering my leg as she thrusts onto me.

I hear Abbie enter the bedroom.

"Starting without me?" she asks.

I tear my mouth away from Erin's as she calms her movements on my thigh. Her body continues to twitch and I know she's in a pretty desperate state.

"Come join us," I rasp out, incredibly turned on myself by Erin's display.

Abbie drops the beers onto the night stand and saunters over to us. I step to the side slightly as Abbie runs her hand down my back and leans in to capture my girlfriend's lips. I move behind Erin and start trailing kisses across her shoulders. Abbie backs us both up slightly so that my back is pressed against the wall, Erin's back pressed against my front. Abbie presses herself up against Erin, sandwiching her between us as she continues to kiss her. I bite down lightly on the base of Erin's neck as I slide my hands around to her front, one resting on her hip and the other trailing through her short damp curls until I hit her swollen and throbbing bundle of nerves. Her body jerks as I brush my fingers across her clit and she moans into Abbie's mouth.

From my vantage point over Erin's shoulder I watch Abbie run her fingers up the inside of Erin's thigh and cup her centre. Erin jerks again and pushes herself onto Abbie's hand, tearing her lips away from the kiss.

"Oh god please," she chokes out, the desperation in her voice is clear.

Abbie takes pity on my overtly aroused girlfriend and roughly pushes three fingers into her.

"Oh fuck yes" she gasps out, "Please Abbie, I need you to fuck me hard."

Abbie complies and starts thrusting into Erin with vigour as I continue to make circles on her straining clit. I can feel her breathing quicken as she cries out, hips jerking out to meet Abbie's probing fingers.

"You are so god damn sexy," I whisper in her ear.

"Fuck" she gasps out and I get the feeling this is the only response she's capable of making.

Abbie leans in closer and kisses me hard. I accept her tongue willingly, pulling it into my mouth and stroking it with my own. I can feel the thrusts of Erin's hips speed up, her breathing has become incredibly laboured.

"Oh god, I'm so close," she moans. To be fair she's lasted longer than I expected her to. Doesn't look like she can hang on any longer though as her body starts to tremble and her head drops onto Abbie's shoulder.

I speed up the movemets of my fingers on her clit as Abbie comtinues to thrust into her hard. Its only a matter of seconds before her entire body stiffens, before she cries out and shudders violently against both me and Abbie. I tighten my grip on her hip in an attempt to keep her upright.

"God, so good," she manages as her body continues to convulse.

"Fuck" moans Abbie, "You feel so fucking good when you come." Abbie's right, I know exactly how good Erin feels when she comes.

Erin's body starts to slow as her orgasm recedes. I still my fingers on her clit as Abbie stills inside her.

"Christ that was good," Erin sighs, "But I really think I need to sit down."

"Game kicks off in an hour," Abbie smiles. "Pizza or Thai? And I'll definitely buy."