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Abbie/Alex/Olivia from Abbie's point of view

"Alex Cabot drinking a longneck domestic on a bar stool wearing faded jeans and a very flattering blouson tank," I smile sliding on the stool next to her. "New York always has a surprise or two for me."

"You act like I'm your grade school teacher that you are seeing in the grocery store for the first time Abbie," she laughs. "It's not like we haven't ever had a few drinks together."

I order a beer and another for Alex as the bartender approaches.

"Very true Cabot, but I am certain this is the first time I am having drinks with you outside of some formal work function," I counter.

"What about Mulroney's?" she smiles.

"You left after two glasses of wine and you were in court attire and half the One-Six was there. Don't call that drinking socially with you either. And it's a cop bar, a work bar, not entirely social," I say.

"So you prefer I don't even ask you how work is going for you in D.C."

"Okay," I smile taking a swig of my beer. "How about we agree no more work talk after you finish that beer and I finish this one?"

"My half-full beer or the one you just ordered for me?" she asks.

"I was thinking the half-full one," I smirk. "Figure you'll still be nursing that one after I finish this one."

"Really," she exclaims, turning on the stool so her feet are resting on a lower bar of mine. "I think we should only talk work through these beers because I am quite curious what other personal misconceptions of me you might have. So answer my work question counsellor."

I'm liking this new personal taste of Alex I'm getting and wondering if this is what Olivia has been meaning when she speaks of seeing glimpses of a totally different side of her recently outside of work.

"I really like it," I say. "Still getting my feet wet and working a lot of hours while doing so. That will slow down and then hopefully I'll get a social and sex life again."

"Cheers to that," she says, tapping her beer bottle with mine and then draining the rest of the beer she had when I sat down. "Think my work update is about the same. Working many hours and although I'm not new to it anymore, still astounded by some of the cases."

"I wouldn't have made it in SVU more than a year max," I say honestly. "The few cases I handled…Well you know you handle them day in and day out. You've really made a big and positive impact there."

"Thank you," she says sincerely. "But you know it wasn't just Don who looked at you as their ace closer on the big cases when there wasn't a permanent ADA."

I finish my beer and smile. "So that's work and work compliments exchanged…and a baseball reference from you which was unexpected as well."

"Red Sox here though," she grins and turns towards the bartender ordering another beer for me and two shots of tequila.

"You are full of surprises Cabot," I say as I hear my cell phone beep twice. The text from Liv reads that it will be about another hour before she can meet us.


We're two shots later and finishing our second beers when Olivia sends Alex a text apologizing that they just finished their interrogation, but they got their confession and that she will meet us in less than an hour. It isn't even 9 p.m. yet and it's Friday. I've only been in town since 11 this morning and don't have any more government business until 8 a.m. Monday.

My trip came together at the last minute and as I shared with Alex this new job has temporarily quashed my sex life. Liv and I have had a very discreet arrangement between us the past couple of years. We have our friendship and we have more when we need and want it. Our arrangement was the first thing I thought of when my boss told me yesterday afternoon that I'd be on a flight this morning and at a hotel here through Monday afternoon. And I was glad it was echoed by Liv when I called her to tell her that I would indeed be in town.

"You dance Carmichael?" Alex asks as I put my now empty beer down on the bar.

"Yes, I do, but usually I prefer music and a dance floor," I smirk looking around the bar we are in.

"Good," she says handing the bartender a credit card. "I know a place right down the street. I'll text Liv to meet us there."

She quickly signs the credit card receipt and grabs her purse and my hand leading me out of the bar and out onto the sidewalk. She looks to her left and then her right and then back both ways again.

"You said right down the street," I say sarcastically, "so maybe we should go right."

"Shut up," she says still gripping my hand as she decides the place is to our left. "I can be a bit directionally challenged," she laughs, "but I know it is that way because it is two doors down from the deli there."

"Two doors down from the deli, two doors?" I gasp, knowing which club is there.

"Oh good," she winks at me. "Sounds like you've been there before too."

"A few times," I mutter grabbing my cell and reading a new text from Liv.

"With Liv," Alex smirks seeing at least part of the text message starting with WTF from Liv.

"She doesn't like to dance much usually," I try.

"Well that's a bit disappointing," Alex says leading me into the club. "But you do right?"

I suddenly feel like I am on the witness stand and Alex is toying with me before the kill. I have to admit though I am totally intrigued. I don't know where she intends to lead, but I'm willing to follow. It sure beats discussing work and case law for a couple of hours which I had fully anticipated when Olivia said she and Alex had already made plans to meet for drinks after work.

Alex wraps her arm around my waist and pulls me towards the bar ordering each of us a beer.

"Well now you are surprising me Carmichael, because I never anticipated you being shy about anything," she grins.

"I'm not. And although I am still a bit surprised I am very pleased," I say grateful for the arrival of our drinks.

"So tell me why it is that most hot women, who are also very smart, assume I'm straight?" she whispers in my ear.

"So only dumb and sexy hit on you?" I joke.

"Let's just say usually not so intellectually stimulating, that's less rude," she grins, grabbing my hand again and leading me to the dance floor. She stops just shy of the dance floor. "Did you text Liv back yet?"


"Think you ought to, so she doesn't come up with an excuse for not showing up. I'm tired of us being shy around each other," she says firmly.

"Well Liv is only shy until she knows or has a very big clue she can have what she wants," I blurt out as I send the text message.

"Really, so how long…."

"No, no, no," I say flailing my arms. I wonder now if she thinks I am one of the dumb sexy ones as she has easily deposed me. "We have never been in a relationship."

"So you're fuck buddies," she laughs stepping onto the dance floor. "I understand and like that better."

"Alex please don't let her know that I told you," I say almost pleadingly as we start dancing.

"I won't, besides you didn't tell me I figured it out. But if it makes you feel better, I have such a friend from back to undergrad days. We graduated law school together. She's in Boston."

I just shake my head and laugh and step closer to her wrapping my arm around her waist. She presses into me and I hear myself moan slightly.

"You're really hot Carmichael," she husks.

"And usually at least somewhat intelligent," I laugh. "You feel really, really good," I add sliding my thigh between her legs.

"So Liv isn't going to come in here and kick my ass?" she questions as she grinds into my thigh.

"Uh no," I gulp. "I think…I know…I know she is going to be incredibly turned on."

"Are you turned on," she husks, wrapping her arms around my neck and nipping at my pulse point sending a shiver down my body.

"Fuck yeah," I gasp, sliding my hands over her ass. Suddenly her lips are on mine and my tongue is duelling with hers. Jesus Christ I'm wet.

She breaks the kiss and slides behind me rocking her hips against my ass as her hands snake around my waist.

"So have you and Liv ever expanded your discreet arrangement?" she whispers, nipping at my ear lobe.

Oh my God. Please let Liv be open to this idea.

"We've never had such an appealing offer," I say as I see Liv enter the club.

"So I take that to mean we just need a yes from Liv," she says sliding around me once again and riding my thigh.

"Liv is here," I moan.

"I know," she smiles. "How many sips of beer do you think it will take for her to join us?"

"I…I don't know."

"Is she watching us?" Alex asks softly and I nod. "Kiss me Abbie," Alex commands, bringing her lips back to mine. I close my eyes, but I can still feel Liv's eyes on us. I also feel another surge of wetness pool at my core.

Alex breaks the kiss and turns once more, her back and ass pressing into me as she continues to move to the music and me. She reaches her arms back wrapping them around my neck and I see Olivia drain her beer and set the empty bottle on the bar. She shifts on the chair and I think she might be coming to join us instead she just smiles at us taking a sip from a fresh beer.

"I think she likes," I say as the song ends and a slow song begins playing. She drops her arms from my neck and grabs my hand leading me off the dance floor toward Liv. I stop once off the dance floor excusing myself to use the restroom.

I see Alex's hands on Olivia's thighs, both are smiling and laughing as I walk from the bathroom back to the bar.

"We ordered you another beer," Olivia says handing me the bottle.

"Work your magic," Alex whispers in my ear after excusing herself to use the restroom.

"You a 'lil hot and bothered there Abs," Olivia laughs as Alex saunters away.

"Fuck," I laugh. "I was thinking I'd be discussing Constitutional Law for three hours waiting for you."

"I'm pretty sure you've got Alex worked up quite a bit as well," Olivia grins, skimming her fingertips up the sides of my shirt. "Maybe I should just go home and watch a movie."

"I don't think that's what Alex has in mind," I husk into her ear, inhaling the scent that is uniquely Olivia.

"Really," she purrs. "Do you want Alex to fuck you? I know you want to fuck her. I know that look. And I'm glad I know it well."

"What do you want Liv?" I ask stepping closer so my hips are between her legs as she sits on the chair at the bar.

"Kiss me Abbie," she says. "I've missed you."

Our kiss heats up instantly, my tongue finding hers and her hands running over my back as she pulls me even closer. We figured out long ago that we wouldn't work in a relationship, but damn the sex is amazing. She talks of the look I give, but when she wants, she needs to fuck me she can get me wet with just her eyes and the tip of her tongue running over her lips.

"Very hot," Alex husks, pressing into my back.

Olivia pulls back and smiles. "You two want to get out of here after we finish these drinks?"

"Yes," Alex says simply, taking a long drink from her beer.


It was a quick cab ride to Liv's apartment and now that she has fully joined in the fun we waste no time in dragging Alex over to the sofa, not that she needs dragging. I think Alex is slightly confused as to how it went from the two of us being the aggressors, to Liv and I suddenly taking the reins, shedding our clothes in seconds. I can see her internal struggle cross her face for a couple of seconds before she decides to relent and enjoy the ride, quickly stripping off her clothes.

Olivia positions herself in the middle of the couch and pulls a surprised Alex down so that she's sat in between her legs facing outwards. Liv pulls Alex's hair to the side and begins to kiss the back of her neck, running her hands along the outside of her thighs. I watch as Alex leans her head back onto Liv's shoulder and moans. Liv starts to trail her lips across the back of Alex's shoulders and I see Alex grip Olivia's knees and push herself back slightly, bringing Liv's centre into contact with Alex's lower back. Olivia twitches slightly but manages to hold it together. Olivia's eyes flick up to meet mine and I take my cue, moving in front of the sofa. I lean over Alex as Liv looks up at me.

I reach down and stroke one hand up the inside of Alex's right thigh, using my other hand to tangle in the back of Liv's hair and pull her lips into mine. Alex takes advantage of being sandwiched between us and latches her lips onto my neck, biting down gently on my pulse point. I moan into Liv's mouth at the sensations rocketing through my body. I hadn't ever really thought that Alex Cabot's mouth on my body would feel quite so good.

I deepen my kiss with Olivia, running my tongue across her bottom lip. She opens her mouth and accepts my tongue greedily, pulling it into her mouth and stroking it with hers. The kiss is intense, sending shivers down my body and settling in my core. I can feel my arousal on the insides of my thighs and am starting to lose control, Alex's tongue doing wonderful things to my neck. I can feel my hand working its way higher up Alex's thigh, her heat radiating out of her. I need to stop this otherwise it's gonna be far too quick and with me in an awkward position. I pull away from Olivia's kiss, moving my hand off Alex's thigh at the same time. They both whimper at the loss of contact and I can see Liv's hips rocking slightly, trying to gain some friction on Alex's back. I think all three of us are in the same desperate state but I know that poor Olivia is the one that's gonna have to wait the longest for some release.

I lower myself down onto my knees in front of Alex and gently ease her thighs apart a little more. I look up and see the lust and need on both of their faces. Liv's hands have wandered to stroke up the sides of Alex's breasts and I watch and she trails them lazily across the front, Alex's nipples instantly going hard at Liv's touch and her body arching slightly into it. Liv cups Alex's breasts in her hands and I see her sharp intake of breath as she kneads them gently.

"Fuck, Liv," she whimpers out. I suddenly realise these are the first words any of us have spoken for a while.

Olivia continues to work her magic on Alex's breasts, her lips attaching back to her neck, as I lower my own lips to the insides of Alex's thighs and start working my way up. Her skin tastes amazing and I can smell the level of her arousal. I inhale deeply, savouring it.

"God, Abbie, please," Alex moans and I hadn't realised how desperate she'd become. Liv's hands on her body and mouth on her neck and shoulders had served to work her up to where I wanted her. I move my lips higher until they brush over her already throbbing bundle of nerves. Her hips buck out wildly and her hand shoots out to grip the back of my head. I pull her forward slightly so that I can gain better access and I feel Liv shift forwards with her, still seeking to keep some contact between her own centre and Alex's back.

I slide my hands under Alex's ass and lift her up slightly, lightly flicking my tongue over her clit. Her grip on my hair tightens immediately.

"Abs, I can't deal with you teasing me, please fuck me, I need you to make me come."

Judging by how incredibly fucking wet she is, and how amazing she tastes, she's pretty far gone. I run my tongue down to her opening, teasing her entrance. I know I should give her what she wants but I want this to last a little.

I flick my eyes up to see Liv watching me, completely transfixed by the sight of my tongue gliding up the length of Alex, lapping up her juices and making her hips jerk erratically.

"Fuck Abbie, that is so fucking hot. Alex, you are so fucking sexy," Liv gasps out. The poor thing looks that desperate that I'm surprised she hasn't taken it upon herself to slide one of her own hands in between her and Alex and sort herself out.

"I need one of you to fuck me. Better still, I need both of you to fuck me," Alex growls out. I have to agree with Liv, Alex is damn fucking sexy, especially when she's being demanding. Again I flick my eyes up to meet Liv's and silent understanding passes between us. I use my hands still under Alex's ass to lift her a touch more and slide my tongue inside her, Liv bringing her right hand round to settle on Alex's clit at the same time.

"Oh fuck," Alex moans loudly, her hips arching up off the sofa. I have to move both hands around her thighs to anchor her down. Liv uses her free hand to press down on her stomach gently, holding Alex to her body.

I continue to slide my tongue inside her as I feel her muscles clamp down on me. Out of my peripheral vision I can see Liv's fingers flicking over her clit. She slips them further down to gather some of Alex's juices before moving them back up. Alex's head is thrown back onto Liv's shoulder and she's emitting small whimpers of pleasure, her hips rocking to meet the thrusts of my tongue, Liv keeping up a steady rhythm on her clit.

"Oh god yes…that feels so fucking good," Alex gasps out. She doesn't need to tell me how good it feels, I'm the one with my tongue inside her, feeling every ounce of her arousal running into my mouth, feeling every spasm of her inner muscles as she races towards her release. The fact that I can see Liv sliding her fingers over Alex's clit is also increasing my own arousal. It's pretty damn fucking hot.

"Abbie, faster, please," I hear Alex moan.

I speed up the movements of my tongue and see Liv match me with her fingers. Alex lets go of the back of my head and grasps out for something to hold onto, landing on Liv's thighs.

"Oh fuck yes, Christ, I'm gonna come," she cries out as she arches her entire body off the sofa. Both me and Liv struggle to hold her down as shudders wrack her body, her inner walls spasming violently and clamping down so hard around my tongue that its hard for me to move. Liv keeps up her frantic pace on Alex's clit as the waves of orgasm wash over her.

"So fucking good," she chokes out as her body starts to slow down, the waves of pleasure starting to subside. As she slumps back against Liv's body I slowly pull my tongue out of her, making sure I capture every bit of her come on my way out.

As I raise my head Alex moves her hand back to my hair and pulls me up to her, crashing her lips to mine and instantly demanding entrance to my mouth with her tongue. She wants to taste herself on me. Fuck that's sexy. Liv obviously feels the same as she groans loudly and I feel her hips thrust as she watches my tongue slide in and out of Alex's mouth in a hot, wet kiss.

When oxygen becomes a necessity Alex pulls back slightly and grins at me devilishly.

"Up here," she husks out as she starts to guide me to my feet. She pulls me forward onto her lap, spreading my legs wide so that they're positioned on either side of hers and Olivia's. Olivia reaches a hand up and pulls my head down, stopping mere inches before her lips reach mine.

"I want to taste Alex on you," she whispers as she closes the last of the distance and presses her lips against mine roughly. I kiss her back hard as I feel one of her hands move from its position on Alex's stomach and move up the inside of my thigh, pushing between my folds and running the length of me. As Liv deepens the kiss and pushes her tongue into my mouth I vaguely feel Alex's head drop to watch Liv's fingers play amongst my dripping wet folds. I know that Alex can feel damn well how wet I am as most of it is covering her thighs and her stomach from where I've been pressed against her.

"Liv" Alex gasps out, the arousal in her voice surprising me considering her recent release, "I want to watch you fuck Abbie." Oh Christ, I feel a flood of wetness run out of me at Alex's words. Liv groans and thrusts two fingers into me, easily sliding them in as far as she can get.

"Oh fuck yes," I cry out, one hand shooting over Alex's shoulder to grip the back of the sofa, the other wrapping itself in Liv's hair. I push myself down, trying to get Liv's fingers further inside me. Alex's lips and tongue on my neck are doing a good job of increasing my levels of arousal and when I feel her slide a hand around and stroke down my stomach, settling on my clit, I completely lose all ability to think straight.

"Oh god please," is all I manage to choke out.

Liv settles into a steady rhythm, her fingers moving slickly inside me, my copious amounts of wetness helping in her mission to fuck me hard and fast. Alex has set the same pace on my clit and my head is starting to spin, I'm so not gonna last. The combination of being fucked by two beautiful women and only moments ago watching a beautiful woman come hard whilst I fuck her has my arousal levels through the roof.

"Oh fuck, harder, please," I moan. My hips are thrusting wildly, both Liv and Alex doing well to keep up with my erratic jerks.

"Come for us Abbie," Alex moans out, her mouth letting go of my neck so that she can go back to watching Olivia fuck me. I feel Liv's hand slow and am about to protest when she pushes a third finger into me. She allows me a couple of seconds to adjust and then picks her pace up at exactly where she left it. Oh Christ that's fucking good and I hear myself whimper as I grind down onto Liv's hand. Alex's fingers are making delicious strokes across my clit and I can feel the first waves of my orgasm start to spread through my body.

"Fuck I'm gonna come," I gasp out, my vision blurring as my grip tightens on the back of the sofa.

"That's right baby," Liv whispers, "Let go and let us see you come."

"Christ" I stutter out as I begin to convulse. I clamp down around Liv's fingers as Alex speeds hers up on my clit. My entire body jerks erratically as I come hard all over Liv's hand and Alex's lap. Waves of pleasure sweep through me and I swear I will never regain the ability to see straight. As the waves recede to quiet ebbs I slump against Alex. Both women still the movements of their fingers. I lift up slightly as Liv slides herself out of me gently. I whimper slightly at the loss of contact, suddenly feeling somewhat empty. Alex grabs Liv's wrist as she goes to move her hand and pulls it towards her mouth, taking her fingers into her mouth and licking every trace of me off them. She moans loudly.

"Fuck you taste good," she says seductively, looking up at me with shining blue eyes from underneath long lashes.

"And you feel fucking amazing when you come," Liv husks out. Poor woman looks like she's on the verge of throwing both of us off her and taking matters into her own hands.

"I think it's time me and Alex repay the favours you have given us both tonight."

"And what exactly do you have in mind Counsellor?" Liv asks, looking incredibly relieved that she's about to get the release she so obviously needs.

"Bedroom" I growl out, climbing off them both and sauntering into the bedroom without a backwards glance. Call me smug but I know neither of them will need any persuading to follow me. I'm right, they're both hot on my heels, Alex trailing only slightly behind Olivia. I reach the edge of the bed and turn, Liv comes to an abrupt halt to stop from running into me and I crash my lips to hers before she has time to realise what's happening. I feel Alex slide up behind Liv and I'm pretty sure her lips have immediately latched onto the back of Liv's neck.

I hear and feel Liv moan into my mouth. I deviate away from her lips and start my way along her jaw line. A quick flick of my eyes down reveals that Alex has snaked her arms around Liv's waist and is running slow circles across her clit with one finger. Liv's body is trembling slightly and I don't know how much longer she can stay standing. I pull back and look at her.

"Get on the bed," I growl out at Olivia, taking hold of Alex's wrist to keep her next to me. Olivia does as she's told and moves towards the bed lying down in the middle of it, her head propped up on the pillows.

"I want to watch you both come," I say turning to Alex. Her eyes widen for a second before she presses her body against me and runs her tongue around the shell of my ear. I look up to see Liv watching us, lust evident on her face.

"Would that turn you on?" Alex husks down my ear, running one hand down my stomach, coming to a stop just above my patch of short hair.

"Oh fuck yes," I stammer out. Up until tonight I really didn't think Alex Cabot would have the power to turn me on so much.

"Does the thought of it turn you on enough to get you off?" she again husks down my ear. Right at this point in time a stiff breeze could most likely get me off again.

"Yes" I manage to choke out.

Poor Olivia must be on the verge of insanity by now but she's still watching me and Alex, transfixed. I have a feeling Alex might be doing this on purpose to wind her up as much as possible. I'm also starting to get the impression that Liv and Alex know each other a whole hell of a lot better than I originally thought.

The idea that I may have been played by these two irritates me slightly, for all of a few seconds until Alex spins me around, presses herself up against my back and slides her right hand down my stomach and across my clit. My knees buckle at the contact and Alex uses her other arm to wrap around my waist and hold me up. Her fingers continue to play across my clit as I watch Olivia watching us. I see Olivia's hand move towards her own centre but Alex quickly puts a stop to that.

"Don't even think about it Benson" she growls out.

"Fuck," Liv moans, and I think it's more out of arousal at Alex's demanding tone than it is out of frustration at not being allowed to touch herself. Not that I would mind watching her touch herself.

"Alex" I choke out, "let her."

"No" Alex says forcefully, "I want us to make her come".

Alex's words spark something in my arousal fogged brain. This isn't the first time they've been together, not by a long shot. From my position I can see the way Liv is looking at Alex and I don't know how the hell I didn't see it before. Considering I'm part of this little party and that Liv hasn't put a stop to our little arrangement, I'm presuming they're not exclusive but from the look on Olivia's face and the possessive tone of Alex's voice, both of them sure want to be, they just haven't admitted it to each other yet, and probably not even to themselves!

Alex continues to makes circles over my clit with her fingers as my hips jerk out to meet her. The look on Olivia's face alone is enough to make me come.

"Fuck her," she whispers, almost too low for either of us to hear. I suddenly realise that this particular little scenario isn't about me, I'm simply a prop for them to work each other up into a frenzy, and fuck that turns me on, it turns me on so much that I can feel my juices running down between my thighs.

Alex slides her fingers lower until they're running through my folds. My hips jerk and she tightens her grip on me to keep me upright. She teases my entrance, pushing a finger in only up to the first knuckle. I try to thrust out to meet her, to push her finger further inside me but she holds me in position.

"Alex please," I moan out. Liv moans as she shifts on the bed. I can tell she's desperate for release and her hands move back behind her to grab the bed frame, probably to stop herself using her hands for other things.

"Oh fuck yes," I gasp out as Alex takes me by surprise and pushes 2 fingers inside me. I can tell it is taking most of her strength just to hold me up as my legs almost completely give way.

She begins to thrust into me and I can tell by the direction of Liv's eyes that they're watching each other. The look of pure, unrestrained want on Olivia's face is intoxicating, she wants Alex badly.

"Alex, harder please," I manage to gasp out. I can't believe how close she's got me so quickly. My hips are thrusting out to meet her fingers in a steady rhythm and she feels so fucking good inside me.

"Let it go Abs," she whispers in my ear as her fingers increase their speed again, "I want to feel you come. I want Liv to watch me make you come."

Oh hell, that's enough to tip me over the edge. Liv is writhing on the bed, still clutching the metal bed frame, her thighs pressed together to try and gain some slight relief. She's looking at Alex's hand fucking me, her eyes transfixed and her mouth slightly open. She looks like she could come without anyone touching her.

Alex brushes her thumb over my clit as she makes a particularly hard thrust up into me and my orgasm hits me hard. My head drops to my chest as my muscles clamp down around her slender fingers. I reach behind me and grab her ass, purely for something to hold onto. The waves of pleasure are crashing through me and I'm pretty sure I'm moaning loud enough to wake everyone in the building.

I feel myself slump forward slightly as my orgasm recedes, my body still shuddering with small tremors. Alex still has a tight hold on me as her fingers still. She kisses the side of my neck gently and I whimper as she removes her fingers, trailing them up my stomach and circling my nipples in turn.

"Did you like that?" Alex asks, and I'm not sure whether she's directing the question at me or Olivia. I settle on nodding, Liv actually manages to answer.

"Fuck yes," she groans out, "But I need you, I need you to make me come." I'm wondering if I should leave her and Alex to it until I look up to find her eyes swinging between both me and Alex, looking pleadingly at both of us.

Alex turns to me and smirks, leaning in and whispering in my ear. Oh Christ, I like the way this woman thinks.

"I'm really fucking horny," she purrs out, turning to look at Olivia. Olivia's response is to groan in undisguised arousal. "How would you feel about helping me out while Abbie helps you?"

"Anything," Olivia chokes out. Oh yeah, these two have it bad. Alex grins devilishly and saunters over to the bed. I'm not far behind her. Knowing what she has in mind I move into the middle of the bed, gently ease Liv's thighs apart and settle on my stomach between them. Alex climbs onto the bed and swings a leg over Liv's body, settling high on her chest.

"Oh god," I hear Liv moan and I'm pretty sure she's just inhaled deeply and caught on to how aroused Alex is. I take the opportunity to run my tongue the length of Liv's centre and I feel her lower body buck up to meet my mouth, her top half staying anchored to the bed by Alex's weight.

"Christ," she hisses out. Alex glances back over her shoulder and nods slightly at me. Turning back around, she scoots up a few inches until she's settled with her legs on either side of Liv's head. I watch her take hold of the railings in front of her and lower herself down onto Liv's mouth. I take the opportunity to push my tongue into Olivia's opening and she cries out in pleasure, her hands shooting up to grab hold of Alex's hips. The long groan Alex lets out indicates that Olivia did exactly as Alex wanted and pushed her tongue inside the blonde attorney.

I settle my tongue into a steady rhythm inside Olivia as I watch Alex ride her face. From my position I can see how tight she's gripping the bed rails, her hips thrusting wildly onto Liv's face. Liv still has a firm grip on Alex's hips and is using it to pull the young lawyer harder down onto her tongue.

"Oh fuck Liv, more please, fuck me harder." Fuck this turns me on and I become aware that my own hips have started their own gentle rocking on the bed.

I pull my tongue out of Olivia and she whimpers. I don't leave her bereft for long as I quickly fill the void with two fingers and attach my lips to her clit. She immediately arches her body off the bed, her grip on Alex's hips the only thing stopping the blonde toppling off her. I can hear Liv moan loudly, her noises mingling with Alex's. Olivia's body is starting to tense up and I can tell she's getting close. Alex's rocking is increasing, as are the noises escaping her throat.

"Oh god yes, fuck Liv, that's so fucking good."

Alex is frantically thrusting on Liv's face and Liv in turn is frantically thrusting herself down onto my fingers. I step up my speed inside her and suck her clit between my lips.

"Oh yes, Liv, right there, don't stop, please don't stop," Alex cries out. I see Liv move one hand from Alex's hip and around in front of her, I can only assume she lands it on Alex's clit as Alex is propelled instantly into orgasm, her body jerking violently, thrusting onto Liv's face. Olivia is only a second behind Alex as I feel her inner walls clamp down around my fingers, her juices spilling out onto my hand as shudders wrack her body. I continue to flick my tongue over her clit until I feel both her and Alex start to slow the movements of their bodies. I see Alex slump forward, resting her head against the cool metal of the railings as Olivia's body relaxes back into the mattress. Considering how much we tortured her, I'm surprised Liv lasted as long as she did.

"Fuck me that was good," Liv mumbles as Alex moves back slightly. She swings her leg back over Liv's head and collapses back onto the pillows next to her. I prop my head up on one hand and look at them both. I decide to dive right in.

"So," I start, "Which one of you is gonna grow some balls first and tell the other one how you feel?" I have to stop myself from laughing at the startled looks on both of their faces.

"Oh come on guys," I continue, "It became obvious to me quite a while ago that this is by no means the first time you've slept together. It also became painfully obvious that what you have is so much more than friends with benefits, whether either of you are willing to admit that or not. Just take one piece of advice, please," I say as I lift myself off the bed, "Life's too short, don't waste time being scared, be honest and take what you want." I hear my cell start to ring as I finish my little speech, giving me an excuse to leave the bedroom for ten minutes.

What I find on my return is two very cosy looking individuals, curled up together so closely that I can't tell where one ends and the other begins, the comforter pulled around them. They both look up and smile at me.

"Had a nice chat have we?" I smirk. They both nod and Olivia kisses Alex's temple.

"Abs, about our little arrangement," Liv begins. I hold my hand up to stop her.

"I love you both, you know that, and Liv, its always been fun. Alex, tonight was one hell of a ride, but you two deserve to be happy, and I'm pretty certain that now that you've finally admitted how you feel, well neither of you wants to be with anyone else. And anyway, if either one of you ever cheats on the other I'll bury you where no one will ever find you." I attempt to insert a stern tone to my voice on this last part but I think the smile tugging at my lips contradicts it.

"Thank you," Alex says to me, the sincerity in her voice evident, "For giving us a kick up the ass".

"Any time," I smile. I stand up and kiss them both on the head.

"Unfortunately, I now have to love you and leave you so I am going to retrieve my clothes from where you horny pair flung them in the lounge earlier and I shall see you later. Dinner tomorrow night or sometime before I head back to D.C.?"

"Definitely," says Liv as Alex bobs her head in agreement.

"Marvellous, I'll call you," I throw over my shoulder as I head out the bedroom in search of my underwear.