Ichigo The New School Arc

Chapter 1 Stand Tall Ichigo "I will protect all creation"

Set in an alternate Universe where Aizen was destroyed by the combined might of the Goto 13 on the Sokyoku hill and the hogyoku was sealed off in a different dimension by Urahara where it can never be used again.

The bus Ichigo thought was creepy, not only that but there was something inherently wrong about being on a bus by yourself. His famous scowl was set on his face as to show his unhappiness at life in general.

It had been three months since his journey to the soul society to save Rukia. The ending of that story had been very confusing to Ichigo, because apparently everything that had happened had been the planning of this Captain named Aizen. He had appeared in the aftermath of the battle determined to get at Rukia. But before that could happen the head Captain Yamamoto had stepped in and unleashed his Bankai the moment Aizen had declared himself a traitor.

Ichigo remembered little, there had been a flash of fire that reddened the sky, a crushing Reiatsu and a dragon the size of a city rearing its head to strike. Latter he had found out the fact that he had been the only one able to see it and breathe while doing so. Even now he still did not understand people thought that was some great feat. Sure it was hard but the way they looked at him was as if they believed it was impossible.

Ichigo shook his head no matter, ever since he had left all commutation with soul society had been cut. Apparently reforming their ruling body was not easy or fast even Rukia had sent no word. Ichigo was somewhat bitter about that thought he could not figure out why. But everyone even his dad had noticed it, and of course his dad in the act of trying to help him screwed him over in the worst possible way. He had decided to give Ichigo a change of venue and send him to a new school.

Ichigo had been furious his dad had not even asked him before paying for it and getting all the paperwork done. Then had given Ichigo a story of how their family was sacrificing so he could go to school. True or not his dad was well a wear of the fact that if put that way Ichigo would agree to almost anything. And so he had to go inform his friends that he would be spending the school year at a place called Youkai academy, a school for gifted youths.

His friends had not been happy with that announcement, Orihime had started crying and hugging him, Tatsuki had hit him for making her cry, Ishida had murmured something about how he didn't care.

Chad had taken it the most calmly and to Ichigos eternal shock had said "This is probably a good thing for you Ichigo, you have been trying to hide it but we can all see that you are unhappy."

Ichigo had looked away in shame.

"Perhaps this time in a new place with help you get your head straight and be ready for whatever comes next." Chad had then shaken his hand and whispered so only he could here while doing so, "Don't worry Ichigo I'm sure Rukia had not forgotten about you."

That had given Ichigo much to think about as summer ended and School began, and so here he was sitting alone in a bus with a Driver that looked like he belonged in some Zombie movie.

"Oy" Ichigo said "How long is this Tunnel, we've been going through it for half an hour?"

The bus driver turned his head and smiled at Ichigo "you're the new student for Youkai academy are you not?"

Ichigo rolled his eyes "Yes why?"

"You will find it's a very scary place there." "Um right… but that does not answer my original question."

The Bus driver turned around "Some would say that it is haunting" then he started laughing to himself " Ha ha ha, haunting."

Ichigo shook his head "Never mind" and closed his eyes. He focused his mind on a point somewhere in the middle of his forehead and within moments found himself standing in a vast emptiness with a small blue hole the size of a needle point in front of him.

Over the months since the assault on soul society Ichigo had been determined to never forget again what the source of his power was, to never lose sight of the blade of his soul. It had started with him just simply talking to Zangetsu in his mind. He never answered back but Ichigo never stopped trying, over time he had began to feel a slight pull in his head whenever he tried to talk to him.

One day under the pretence of sleeping late he allowed himself to be pulled by that force and had come to this point. He had never been able to pass beyond this point, all his attempts had failed. Now he just stood there "what do I do!" He shouted at himself "I've tried everything!"

A voice spoke in his mind "Everything but instinct king"

Ichigo stood still "Who's there?" but no one answered. "Instinct? What do my instincts tell me" After a long moment Ichigo came to the conclusion that all they were saying was "Run, run at it." Ichigo wondered "could it really be that simple?" After a moment's thought he decided "What do I have to lose?" And sprinted at the hole, he closed his eyes and after a moment felt himself begin to fall.

His eyes open in time to see a blue building approaching at a very high velocity and with of battle cry of "O SHIT!" he righted himself and with a call to his power over the spirits of air, and came down with only a small crater under his landing point. After a moment of time to allow the adrenalin fade he began to look around. It was his inner world but something was wrong. It was raining, just like on the day his mother died, the buildings had lost their usual luster, the sun was completely hidden and everything seemed to have a slight grey tinge to it.

"It has rained here for ages Ichigo" a voice said behind him, Ichigo let out a sound that might have been considered unmanly and turned to the source. Zangetsu stood there hair plastered to his face cloths dripping and shriveled with the constant exposure to the elements. "I told you to trust in me and you have, but you have lost trust in yourself."

Ichigo stared "What do you mean Zangetsu-san?" Zangetsu looked at him "You have dispersed and your inner world reflects that." Zangetsu lifted his hand and the falling rain seemed to form and shape itself after a few moments a image appeared in the form of Rukia. Ichigo's heart skipped a beat and part of him realized that the rain had stopped, the clouds were still there but all was still. "It is as I thought" Zangetsu said. "This girl is the source of your despair"

Ichigo opened his mouth to protest but Zangetsu continued "And the source of your hope as well" Ichigo was silent, "Follow me" Zangetsu ordered and began to walk. Ichigo followed no part of him even considering disobeying; it seemed like hours that they walked in complete silence, through the maze of this sideways world.

Until they came upon on one building that stood out, it was a dome shaped place rising thirty feet off the side of the blue building it was on and made completely of ice. Zangetsu stopped " When you first gained you powers Rukia had transferred everything." Zangetsu looked hard at him "Her Reiatsu, her Knowledge, and her Zanpakuto." Ichigo stared " That's right Ichigo for the first weeks of my birth, so to speak, I spent them with Sode no Shirayuki here in your inner world." Zangetsu smiled to himself "As a rule we did not get along and she spent a lot of time trying to hit me." Zangetsu glanced over at Ichigo "Sound like anyone you know?"

"Rukia" Ichigo whispered to himself. Zangetsu nodded "When her brother destroyed your soul chain she was freed to return to Rukia, but she even though she did not know it, she left something. By simply being here for even that small amount of time she bonded to your soul, she became part of it." Ichigo spoke "What are the affects of this?" Zangetsu frowned "So far, all it means is that should Rukia die, or should her Zanpakuto be removed from her in any way Shirayuki will be forced flee here. And it also acts as a portal form your inner world to hers."

Ichigo stared in complete shock " You mean that she had one of these to?" "No Ichigo I was never part of her soul, this acts as a way there and back for you and you alone, I don't know of any other affects but there might be more." Ichigo frowned "Why have you taken me here?"

"Why are you despairing Ichigo? Why do the clouds appear whenever you thoughts turn to her?" Ichigo was silent for a long moment before answering "She became part of my life, something I had grown used to, someone I wanted to protect. I guess that now she is gone I wonder, did she forget? Was I just a small distraction in her life?"

Ichigo shook his head and idly noted that the rain had started falling again. "Ichigo I want you to go into the dome, and go to her inner world but when you do so think of her and if I am right you should end up being able to see her." Ichigo froze for a moment and almost against his will turned and began to walk towards the ice.

The moment he touched the dome it parted before him like a veil of water and he stepped through, there was darkness for a moment and when it cleared he found himself standing over a small bed in a small room, with a bunny carved on the floor.

Rukia was there sleeping peacefully "Rukia" Ichigo murmured and before he could stop himself his hand reached to touch her, and passed right through her body "While you're here Ichigo you can not affect the real or spirit world." Ichigo glanced over and found Zangetsu standing beside him. "Look on the table beside her bed Ichigo" he did and there on it was a picture, a picture of him, Rukia, Chad, Orihime and Ishida.

"Ichigo take heart she had not forgotten you," Zangetsu nodded "It's time to go you need to wake up soon" Ichigo felt that same strange sensation of being pulled to a spot between his eyes and found himself in his inner world again.

Over head the clouds were breaking up and the sun was shining again Zangetsu nodded in approval "Ichigo it is time for you to go"

"Zangetsu-san will you run with me?" He nodded and both of them took off a high speed running towards the end of the building they were standing on. "Zangetsu-san I wanted to ask you something, I am sure that I have not mastered all you powers, sure on a instinctual level that there is more to you then Getsuga Tenshou." Zangetsu said nothing "will you teach me?"

They had almost reached the end before he answered " All you had to do was ask Ichigo, meet me here when you have the time and I will teach you more about me." Ichigo slowed for a moment to say "Thank you partner" Zangetsu stopped and let Ichigo head out "Abandon your fear. Look forward. Move forward and never stop. You'll age if you pull back. You'll die if you hesitate. Trust in me trust in yourself and the rain will never fall again. Now take flight Ichigo and never stop growing, never stop learning, never look back." There was a flash and he was gone.

"I think I'll let him stay king awhile longer." A voice mused Zangetsu glanced at his shadow and a mouth moved within its darkness. "I would like to learn your other powers to." The voice paused for a second "Keep him safe Zangetsu-san one day all that power will be mine."

The shadow faded back to normal "Ichigo you trials are only starting, you will face much more than you realize but I believe, I believe in you Ichigo Kurosaki.

Ichigo open his eyes and noted that the end of the tunnel was in sight sitting up he stretched out the kinks in his body. The bus driver said without turning his head "You sleep like the dead."

Ichigo shook his head "Do you got any better puns?" The bus driver said nothing, Ichigo began to get the feeling that it was his strongest conversational strategy. The bus doors opened and Ichigo stepped out "Remember Youkai academy is a horrifying place" he said and then the bus then did a one eighty and speed off down the tunnel.

Ichigo shouted after it "Get some better sayings you crazy bus driver."

Only then did Ichigo began to look around he was standing on the edge of a cliff that overlooked a vast dark sea. A glance around showed him a forest of dead trees and flocks of ravens everywhere and in the distance a place that looked like the generic version of a haunted house complete with random lightning bolts. "Knowing my luck" Ichigo murmured to himself and started off towards the house "that's my school."

He had not gone very far when her heard "Gyaaa, oh know, coming through." He whipped around in time to introduce his nose to the tire of a bike.

Any other human would have gained a broken nose for that meeting, but Ichigo was different, ever since coming back from Soul Society the hollow attacks had slowed to a trickle of what they had been, in fact he had entered his Shinigami form three times since then. Because of this he started to notice some changes in himself, the muscle mass he had gained in his Shinigami form had transferred over to his human body.

He became stronger and faster his senses increased and he found himself able to use Reiatsu on a small scale. Nothing like his other form, but it was still noticeable, also his skin had become harder to the point where his dad had been forced to use all his strength to push a needle through it. Needless to say all Ichigo got from the bike accident was a nose bleed.

His eyes cleared after a moment and he found himself lying flat on his back with something on top of him. The first thing he saw was pink hair the next thing he felt was his wrists which were pinned by light but surprisingly strong hands. The hair shifted and a face came into view it was one of the cutest things Ichigo had ever seen, green eyes a small mouth, button nose, and pale skin.

" Oww I'm sorry I got dizzy from my anemia." The girl said, and at that moment she finally seemed to be able to look at him clearly, it was at that moment when blood started to trickle out of his nose.

The girl stared at it and slowly started to lower her face to it "Umm excuse me Miss but what are you doing?"Anything else he was going to say was silenced by what happened next.

The girl closed the distance between them and LICKED the blood of his face. Ichigo nearly flipped out what the hell? He thought

"I'm sorry but it's just the scent," she shivered "the taste, you see I'm a Vampire" and with that she bit his neck.

And his skin which had nearly blocked a needle parted before her teeth, "no not teeth, fangs" he mentally corrected. Like a piece of meat. For a long moment Ichigo just lay there in complete shock she was drinking, she was drinking his blood!

When that little though finished Ichigo reacted and overpowering the girls surprising strength pushed her off him. She landed with a "oww" Ichigo pushed himself to his feet and felt at the spot she had bitten, and there was no mark, no puncture, nothing.

He took a deep breath before screaming "What the hell!"

The girl epped "I'm sorry"

Ichigo was beginning to think that was her main phrase. "I was just overcome by it."

"By my blood?"

"Yes, you see I've never tasted blood from a living person before," she blushed "you were my first."

Ichigo almost blushed "Ok, ok, you're a vampire right? She nodded "Ok let's start over, I'm Ichigo, Ichigo Kurosaki, and you are?"

She smiled, it was a pretty smile and held put her hand "I'm Moka, Moka Akashiya." She frowned and in a small voice asked "You don't hate Vampires do you?"

Ichigo was still trying to wrap his head around what was happening so he answered her with the truth "As of right know, you being the first Vampire I have ever met, I have no reason to like or dislike them."

She tilted her head in confusion. "So you don't hate them?"

"No I"

"Good" she squealed "We can be friends then"

"um" before Ichigo could answer she spoke again

"Are you a Student here to?" Ichigo still trying to piece together what had happened answered "yes, I'm a transfer student"

"so am I" she said.

"Come I'll lead you to the school." Ichigo followed numbly "O, thank you for the blood it was so yummy."

Ichigo not sure how to answer that nodded. She seemed to walk at a skipping pace but with his long legs he had no trouble keeping up.

When they reached the gate she said "I'm very glad to meet you Ichigo when the entrance ceremony is over come talk to me some time, ok?" Ichigo nodded again "Good see ya later" she left him just standing there.

"I suppose that, that I just made my first friend here… though I'm not quite sure how." In the back of his mind he was sure he heard Zangetsu laughing at him.

Sometime later he found himself sitting in his first class as the teacher walked in, "Hello everyone I'm your home room teacher Shzuka Nekonome."

Ichigo studied his first teacher, as soon as he had entered the academy his Sixth sense as he called it had been going nuts every person seemed to have some sort of Reiatsu about them. And his teacher was no different the aura around her seemed light and playful, kind of like that orange haired Shinigami he had seen.

"You problem already know this but due to the rise in human dominance over the planet this school was created for sole duty of allowing being like us to live in harmony with the Humans, this is a school for monsters."

Ichigo blinked, very slowly had he been any one else he would have thought this was a big joke, but it made sense what with all the strange behavior, I mean seeing a boy pee on a tree with his leg up was pushing it, and the weird Reiatsu he was getting from everyone.

"As you all know lives at this school are to be lived in HUMAN FORM to show your self control and ability to live with the humans."

A boy two seats in front of him spoke up "Teacher would it not be easier just to eat them, or in the case of beautiful girls molest them?"

Ichigo felt his eyes narrow, his fists clench and the storm of anger inside him burst. The teacher looked like she was going to say something when he stood up staring directly at the boy who had said that "I'm human, so now what?"

The class went silent every pair of eyes turned to him. The boy from two seats up turned around with a hungry look in his eyes. "Human you say? Good that means I can eat with no problems, after all the rule here is that any human who discovered this place" he charged yelling "Is to be killed on the spot!"

Ichigo waited tell the last second before he whirled as the boy reached him avoiding the punch and slamming his back at an angle into the boys chest, griping the boys arm and flipping him over adding his own strength to the boys inertia and slammed him into the floor. The force of the blow shook the classroom and created a crater in the concrete floor.

There was silence for a moment then the boy who Ichigo had just planted in the floor began to let out painful laughs "What's so funny" Ichigo growled

"You, I actually believed for a moment that you really were human." At that the whole class went into an uproar

"Seriously I am a human." Ichigo said

"And I'm the prime minster of Japan,"

"And I'm the president of the United States"

"And I'm Alucard reborn"

The whole class was having a blast while Ichigo sat down a scowl present on his face. "Anyway since that rule is cleared up, Class!" everyone stopped laughing.

The class door opened "I'm sorry I got lost everybody." Moka said as she walked in every boy in class locked on to her like a target

"Hot, she's to hot"

"I'm so happy to be in the same class as this girl"

Shzuka smiled at her "It's ok take a seat"

She walked down the row Ichigo was on and only when Ichigo nodded to her and said "hey" did she notice him. "Ichigo!"

she picked him up out of his seat and hugged him as hard as she could "We are in the same class" She yelled.

Even without his enhanced hearing he would have been able to there the "How does he know her" and the "Lets kill him later."

"All right, all right break it up we still have class." She blushed and went to her seat. The rest of class was a simple introduction to this year so Ichigo took the time to open his Bite sized Monster guide he had been given and looked up Vampires. It said Often mentioned in the folklore of various cultures: a monster that sucks the blood of humans and livestock. Possesses high battle capabilities and is not easy to kill. Its strength is the greatest among monsters. They can also heal by drinking blood. On the other hand, vampires have many weaknesses such as being afraid of rosarios and water. Also known as the Immortal Ones" Ichigo pursed his lips in thought.

Class ended and Moka latched on to his arm dragging him all over school to show him were everything was. And he was also subject to more threats made by the male student body in general. She suddenly came to a stop as the boy Ichigo thrashed earlier stepped in front of them.

"You are called Akashiya Moka are you not? I'm one of your classmates Saizou Komya." He swept out his hand in a slight bow "Why is a Beautiful women such as yourself associating with a monstral like him?" He pointed at Ichigo, Moka frowned "Monsrtal?" "Yes monstral one born of one human parent and one Youkai parent. Though you can only tell someone is a mongrel if you can smell there human taint. And the only kind of mongrel that gives away itself like that is one born from a Youkai farther and a Human mother."

His smile widened and he leaned close to Ichigo "So were you the product of a rape or was your mother such a whore that she acutely allowed it? The temperature in that hall dropped twenty degrees. Saizou felt the weight of the world abruptly quadruple. One moment he had been taunting a freak, the next he was staring into the glowing blue eyes of a monster. For the first time in his life he took a step back in fear, Ichigo neither blinked nor moved, he just stared, Saizou managed to stutter out a "this is not over Kurosaki" before fleeing as if the fires of hell were after him.

Moka frowned even more deeply, then smiled "I don't care what he said you're my friend." And grabbing he are she pulled him off. Later in the day after a long tour of the rest of the school they stopped under a shady tree.

"Where did you go to school before here Ichigo? Ichigo glanced at her "Karakura High School"

Moka blinked "That's a human school is it not?" Ichigo nodded.

Moka face turned dark "I hate humans, I went to a human middle school and they were mean, they did not believe in monsters and shunned me I just wanted to disappear."

Ichigo was quite for a long moment " They weren't being mean Moka, humans have long since consoled themselves that monsters don't exist, it is a way of coping that fact that there are beings out there that are stronger than they." Moka stared at him "I know this Moka because I'm human."

Her face went pale "Moka there are humans in this world that are evil but there are a greater portion that are not. You asked me to become your friend, and because of that you are someone I will protect. But unless you learn how to see past you own biases we can never be friends." Ichigo got up and began to walk away leaving a silent Moka behind him.

Ichigo was lying on his back staring at the fan; he really did not know what to think about this day's events. What that boy had said, he had never been so angry in his life, and put that on top of his conversation with Moka. He shook his head "why did what happen with Moka bother him?" he was not sure when but he drifted off to sleep. And woke up with a start, his sixth sense was going crazy, he had to find the source. With a leap he was out his window on the fifth story and hitting the ground in a run. Idly he noticed that he reconized the place he was running to. And when he reached the source of the disturbance the rage that had build up all day exploded making his previous anger seem like Anemic Kittens.

Moka was pinned to a tree by Saizou who was using a freakishly long tongue to accomplish it. She had several long vicious cuts along her legs and chest bruised on her face and arms.

"No one is coming to save you Moka just agree to be my women and the pain will stop." She tried to shut her eyes tighter, Saizou laughed "How long, how long my sweet until you break" It was at this moment mister fist was introduced to mister face. Ichigo's punch exploded into Saizou the force of it shaking the dust from the ground and sending him ass over teakettle across the clearing.

He picked himself up "You, what are you doing here."

Moka opened her eyes to see Ichigo standing in front of her, "You hurt her," Ichigo said quietly "someone under my protection and you hurt her."

"So what, you would do the same if you had the guts, and just for that little punch I will destroy you with my full power!" Saizou began to morph his muscles expanding to grotesque proportions, his skin turned grey and his hair became longer. "I am an Ogre fear me"

"Now to crush puny insects"

The rage inside Ichigo boiled over "Come at me you fucking coward" he screamed, Saizou raised his fist as he rumbled across the ground.

"Ichigo, I'm so sorry, I did not mean for this to happen please don't die for me, I'm not worth it." Moka said quietly.

Saizou punched and connected with something, the force of the blow causing Ichigo to be obscured from view, when the smoke cleared Saizou got the shock of his life. Not only was Ichigo still standing, he had caught the attack and stopped it with one hand.

With an effort he pushed the fist to the side and executed the strongest attack the average martial arts trained human could do, the side kick. Such an action preformed correctly could allow a martial artist to put nearly one ton of force behind it. Ichigo was not a normal human and his kick was backed by the force of his soul, his kick was nearly five times as powerful as the average human, Saizou took it right in the stomach where his muscles looked marginally weaker. The kick mad his eyes go white and he stumbled backwards, Ichigo was not through yet however, two quick steps took him inside the effective range of Saizou's fists and he proceeded to unleash several lighting fast punches to his gut.

Saizou's stomach was pushed back and his head was forced down by their power, Ichigo grasped him by his hair and forced it down while bringing his knee up. The crack of impact could have been heard a hundred yards away and Saizou reeled back in pain roaring and swinging his arms in a futile effort to his something. Ichigo let the fire in his soul pore out of himself and his right arm ignited in a blue aura the made the air itself feel heavier, around the mass of blue reiatsu red lighting raged. Part of Ichigo was mildly surprised that he could summon this kind of power in his human body, the other was coldly satisfied with his new strength. He leaped at Saizou perhaps a hint faster than the fastest humans could go, and unleashed his wrath.

There was a sonic concussion of raw force that ripped Saizou from the ground with such violence that his collision with the tree behind him hardly slowed him down. When it finally stopped he was down for the count, and then some. Ichigo turned and walked back to Moka who was staring at him in shock, he knelt beside her and began to check her over for any less visible injuries.

"What happened Moka?"

She sniffed "He told me you were leaving because of what I said, I came here to stop you. You see because I'm a vampire I always end up hurting humans and the truth is I only wanted a friend, and you were the closest thing I had to one. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" She began to ball "You were the first boy ever nice to me, you did not make me feel weird or give me strange looks. So when I came to stop you he was waiting for me."

"She got hurt because of me" Ichigo thought "Ichigo" she cried even harder " I don't want you to leave."

"Hey, hey, hey" Ichigo said softly "I'm not going anywhere." After coming to the consolation that she had a dislocated shoulder he said "Moka I read that vampires heal faster by drinking blood, is that true?"

Moka gave him a puzzled yet pained start "yes its true" She said between sniffles.

Ichigo nodded a and helped her into on to his lap as he sat down beside her. "Moka I'm about to do something that will be tremendously painful but necessary for you to heal properly. I want you to put your mouth over the side of my neck like you did before and when you feel the pain bite down and start feeding."

She gave him a terrified look but nodded, trusting him to do the right thing. She placed her mouth over his neck and waited "I'm sorry" he whispered and grasping her shoulder wrenched it back into place, her scream was cut off by here atomic reaction to bite down in his neck. He felt her start to feed, it was a strange tingly sensation, not pleasant, but not to uncomfortable either. He also took note of the fact that his sudden lose of blood was not making him feel weaker.

He kept an eye on her as best he could and after nearly a minute of feeding pasted he gently pulled her off him. She made a small sound of protest but complied, With a slight effort he pulled himself up with Moka in his arms and began to walk.

"Where are we going Ichigo?" She asked

"To the nurses office, I want you checked over for anything I might have missed. She nodded staring at his neck with a new fascination "Moka are you planning to feed on me regularly?" She blushed but nodded "All right you are my friend so I will allow it."

The tears in her eyes seemed to clear up at the word friend. "But we need to set ground rules, one you can feed on me three times a day no more unless circumstances like today's happen again and you are hurt. Two you may only feed …. Um Moka how full are you now."

She smiled "I feel bloated your blood is richer and heavier than any other I have tasted" "ok you can only feed on me for sixty seconds, that should be enough. Three if you find yourself wanting more ask me I might say yes. Are we clear?" She nodded "Good let's get you to the Nurses office ."

It only took a few minutes for Moka to get a clean bill of health. While that was happening Ichigo was sitting down in front waiting and as he did learned that news of his fight had spread all over the school

"Did you hear the new kid defeated Saizou."

"Ya I heard but did you know that he broke most of Saizou's body for hurting his lover?" Ichigo visibly flinched at that

"We really need to put that guy on the do not fuck with list"

"Agreed man"

Moka at that moment walked out and said "Ichigo the nurse says I'm fine" all conversation stopped the students who had been talking vacated the area post haste. Moka completely oblivious to that fact continued

"What do you want to do next?"

"Um… I was going to go train"

"Can I watch? "

"if you want to come that fine, though I warn you the first half will be boring."

It took Ichigo and Moka a few minutes to find a clearing far enough away from the school and wide enough for Ichigo's liking. He walked to the middle of the clearing and sat down in the lotus position "Wake me up in thirty Moka" he said and let the familiar pull between his eyes and suddenly found himself in his inner world. Zangetsu was standing in front of him "Ichigo I do not know if I approve of you turning yourself in to a Vampires juice box, why have you do so?" "She is my friend Zangetsu-san" "But there is more to it than that is there not?" the Zanpakuto questioned Ichigo looked away for a moment "Her eyes" Zangetsu waited "When she was getting beaten they were so full of pain and loneliness, but they also had an emotion I once saw in myself, as belief that everything that happened to you or those around you was your fault. That you would be better off dead," Zangetsu flinched remembering that time so long ago, when he had not been able to help Ichigo at all. "And now she is my friend, someone who I will protect come hell or high water, which is my resolve, to protect all creation."

Zangetsu felt as if a bell had been rung in him "Well done Ichigo you have learned my release phrase and have proven yourself worthy of a one of my other powers. Ichigo stared at "Protect all creation Zangetsu? But you are never sealed?" Zangetsu nodded "I hate being sealed, in that regard I am unique to most Zanpakuto, but I still can be sealed if need be and of course as I told you before the more you know about me the stronger we grow." Zangetsu began to glow with an ethereal light "Learn this power and learn it well Ichigo this is called Reverse Moon." And suddenly Ichigo knew "Revere Moon the ability to absorb incoming attacks as long as they are a form of element or energy, Zangetsu absorbs the attack and adds Getsuga Tenshō to it which Ichigo sends back at the opponent. Can only hold the attack for a few seconds after it is completely absorbed and must be fired before the time limit, or it will implode with unpleasant results." Ichigo smiled "That's amazing Zangetsu" He nodded "Good now come at me Ichigo with everything you have." Ichigo obliged.

The rest of the training time was spent fighting Ichigo not being able to land a Single blow against his Zanpakuto. While he received several cuts and bruises form Zangetsu With time running out Ichigo attacked once more and it was then Zangetsu made a mistake, he blocked to fast and Ichigo was able to change the course of his blade, as it was a inch form the Zanpakuto's body his inner world stared to shake and Ichigo lost his balance, Zangetsu was able to leap back and avoided the blow. "It looks like it is time for you to leave Ichigo, you have done well, your raw speed, strength and endurance are incredible, but your skill while getting better needs work." Ichigo bowed his head in assent "Thank you Zangetsu-san I will be back." "Ichigo if you are ever in need of more power, say my release phrase in my shiki form." Ichigo nodded and thanked him once more.

Ichigo vanished and Zangetsu's shadow spoke "King is getting better, thank you for the new power Old Man, though at the rate king is growing I might acutely have to work for control" The shadow faded and Zangetsu glanced up at the cloudless sky " Ichigo follow your resolve fate never goes quite as planed but if you keep your heart is strong and resolve unstained you will meet it head on and overcome whatever it throws." Silence reigned over the inner world. As Zangetsu settled in to his favorite flagpole to watch over Ichigo and protect him as best he could.

Ichigo became a wear of someone shaking him and opened his eyes glancing up Moka was at his side shaking him

"Ichigo, Ichigo?"

"I'm here Moka" She stopped

"What were you doing? I have seen meditation before but never that deep."

Ichigo looked up and smiled to himself "Soul searching"

She frowned a little "What are you going to do next?" "Practice martial arts." He answered promptly, Moka watched in fascination as Ichigo rolled through the various katas and styles he had learned over his life time. Then he threw in several of his own custom ways of fighting, trying never to grow complacent in one form. Half an hour seemed to pass like ten minutes.

Ichigo stopped walking over to his pack and grabbing a water bottle and drinking, he was about to offer it to Moka when he remembered her weakness. So instead he said "I think its time we head back to the dorms."

She nodded and they began to walk, as they reached the dorm she opened her mouth the closed it looking away. Ichigo noticed it and said "You Moka you can have a small snack" She moved with surprising speed and sank her fangs in. Ichigo waited for several seconds before gently pulling her off. "That's enough Moka see you tomorrow." Moka let out a smile that was so cute it latterly hurt, then she walked away and Ichigo followed suit.

After her reached his dorm and laid done in bed he allowed the pulling sensation between his eyes take him to his inner world, through it and into the dome of ice. He opened his eyes and found himself in a room of women thankfully there were all clothed.

"And so the tunnel to the Kuchiki house and the beginning of our construction of a swimming pool will go right as planned."

The women in the room save Rukia all clapped as a small pink haired girl finished her speech.

"You do realize that Nii-sama knows the whole house like the back of his hand and there is no way he will miss a tunnel and swimming pool right?"

The orange haired Shinigami spoke "What are the chances of that happening?"

Ichigo noticed that while they were arguing one of the women in the room was staring at the spot his spirit occupied. She had black hair and a nearly dead stare.

Yoruichi said "Lets continue this conversation later"

The pink haired girl nodded "Right let's talk about the men." For the twenty long minutes Ichigo learned many things about the male Shinigami that he would have preferred not to. "And I thought we were bad but this makes most males I know off look like monks." The weird Shinigami lady was still starring at his spot as if trying to discern what was there.

Then the sweet yet scary Medical Captain spoke in a giggle " Rukia dear, you haven't said a word, tell me are you seeing anyone?" Ichigo looked at her feeling suddenly afraid,

"No one" she answered quietly"

"Dear you must know that Renji likes you?" Ruika frowned

"He's like my brother I, I could never think of him like that."

The Orange haired Shinigami gave her a shrewd look "Well, then what about the Rokia Boy Kurosaki?"

Ichigo watched in shock as Rukia flushed scarlet every eye in the room save the weird girl starring at his spot as if she could see him tuned to Rukia, but she spoke up. "A boy after only a few weeks to get used to his own power breaks into one of the strongest places in the known universe, defies some of the most powerful beings in all creation, stops what amounts to the modern day flaming dragon, destroyers a binding made to hold the most powerful of creatures, walks into a battle he has no business surviving, much less winning and defeats one of the best fighters in the three worlds. And all for the sake of a friend." She looked up with a simple happy expression, "You tell me, how should I feel?"

There was silence, Ichigo felt himself blush, though when put that way what he had done was really stupid, but he would do the same thing over and pay for the privilege. The room went slient for a long moment but the orange haired Shinigami spoke again

"You lived in his room for several weeks Rukia" Her eyes lighted up "What's his body like?"

Rukia flushed again but to Ichigo's shock answered "Not an inch of fat, every part of him looks as if it was built for battle, his muscles corded into shapes that make you knees go weak. Coffee brown eyes filled with warmth and strength, but when he is determined they change and become as blue as the azure sky, as strong and immoveable as the earth itself." She then seemed to realize that she was saying this out load and blushed even deeper.

The orange haired Shinigami leaned in "How big was he?"

At that moment the weird Shinigami walked over to his spot and began waving her hands through him Everybody turned to look "What's wrong Nemu?" "There is something here? As she said this they looked wildly around "Not physically, more like a Zanpakuto spirit but not." They stared at her "My farther increased my eyes to the point where I could see Zanpakuto sprits, but whatever is here is different I can't see it clearly.

Ichigo decided that this would be a good time to exit but unable to just leave he kissed Rukia on the head, and she went rigid, but even as he noticed this his forced himself back to his own body. "He lay there on his bed staring at the ceiling a long time before he feel asleep.