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Chapter 20 My Peaceful Summer Days part 3 Welcome to Alfheimr

As the child screamed Ichigo moved back as far away from her as he could only to find his shoulder blades touching a stone wall.

"Zelda!" the child screamed

There was a movement in the corner of his eye and a girl, taller than the blond one in front of him but not much older exploded into sight at a dead run. Her hair was a shade of Maroon that hung down the sides of her face and in the ponytail at the back. It was messy but not quite wild in the way it had been kept, the girl had yellow eyes that were currently narrowed at him. She wore a no nonsense shirt and long skirt with combat boots or at least this places equivalent to them. The most important thing about her however was the wooden sword she had in hand, her stance spoke of good training and her movements were swift, efficient and well thought out.

The blade darted through the air in a perfect strike similar to the Japanese style of Iaijutsu or combative sword drawing. It was fast, strong and better than most humans could hope to achieve, that being said Ichigo blocked it with a finger. Where the girl had strength backed by years of training, he had the full might of his Reiryoku to convert to strength. Well not the full might, as most of his power was still unavailable to him it was fine for now.

Everything stopped for a moment as the girls stared at him and what he had just done, the blade wielding girl leapt back from him then moving towards the side placed her body in front of the other girl.

"Look" he began to say hoping to defuse the situation.

But he was interrupted by another voice "Who is this?"

Ichigo looked up as the voice was coming from that direction, its speaker was yet another child, she had blue hair and matching eyes. She looked about the same height as the blond girl and wore a pink sun dress with white socks and green shoes. She was smiling at him her eyes curious. Oh and she was currently standing on top of the wall he had bumped into.

"Get away from him" the sword wielding girl called out.

The blue haired girl jerked in surprise and lost her balance, with and "Eeep" of distress she pitched over and fell. Ichigo reacted like any older brother with superpowers, he lept up meeting the girl half way slipped his around around her waist and making sure he had a secure grip on both Nel and this girl he gently landed on the ground. The girl did not seem put out by her current situation or even bothered in the slightest "Thanks" she said in her cheery voice.

He nodded in acknowledgement as yet another person showed up,thankfully this one was an adult of sorts. He wore a suit that almost made him look like a butler but not quite, he while not quite being as tall as Ichigo was taller than everyone else. The man had blue hair very similar to the girl he that was carrying in his arms. The eyes and some of the facial features were simmiler as well and Ichigo made a guess that this man might be the girls father.

To the man's immense credit he did not react on instinct, he surveyed the situation from his daughter and a green haired skull caped toddler to the blade wielding girl in a battle stance to the mysterious stranger with white hair red eyes and a panicked expression on his face.

The man held up both hands stepping between all of them "I don't know what's going on but violence is not the answer to this problem."

Ichigo nodded setting the blue haired girl on the ground "Yes i do not want to fight anyone right now, i realized that my entrance."

The blond interrupted him "He appeared out of thin air"

"Yes in a sense i did, i am quite lost and i know this sounds lame but could someone tell me where i am, or at least give me directions?"

"You appeared in my yard, crushed my flowers and you're a man, why should I help you."

"He did save me" the blue haired girl pointed out.

"But he could be an enemy his wearing armor and has a sword" Zelda pointed out logically.

The blue haired girl seemingly ignorant of that fact said "I like him Papa"

"QUITE" the blond girl screamed and all sound abruptly stopped. The man sighed "Lotte" his voice was slightly firm, not commanding but had a sense of disapproval in it.

The girl noted it and after a moment where it looked like she was going to explode in anger sighed, took a deep breath calming her self. Ichigo while this was going on carefully put down the blue haired girl who did not move towards her group rather she seemed to be studying the other child in his arms.

"Asuha its rude to stare" her father chided and the girl bounced once as if she had forgotten where she was.

"Sorry" she said holding out her hand "I'm Asuha"

Ichigo being very careful of his super strength shook hands with the girl "I'm Ichigo Kurosaki"

She gave him a dazzling smile that only kids could manage before turning to the girl called Lotte "He seems like a good person."

The girl stuck her tongue out at him "He ruined my flowers"

"But they will grow back"

"That is not the point, its rude to fall out of thin air and crush someone's flowers."

How very specific Ichigo thought "Look" he said "I'm sorry that my actions have caused damage, I did not mean to come here, I had no choice." he decided to take a risk "Look I'm not from wherever this place is, I'm from earth."

That brought a fresh round of silence from the group as the man gave him a more interested look "Where on Earth?"

That brought about some hope for the wayward hybrid "Japan"

"Really?" the man exclaimed "So am I, what city?"

Ichigo blinked "Wait you're from earth too?"

The man nodded "I'm Naoya from Japan"

"Stop ignoring me" the blond girl screamed evidently losing the cool she had been going for "This is my castle and you will acknowledge me."

Ichigo stepped back bumping the wall again hands up "Look I did not wish to cause trouble, now that i know there might be a way to and from earth I'll be going if you wish.

The blond girl looked like she wanted to take him up on his offer but Naoya placed his hand on her shoulder and they locked eyes for a moment. It was at that moment that he sensed it a slight wave of aura that pushed out for the girl a power that he had seen in someone else. That was also when her tail whipped into sight "...this child was a succubus like Kurumu.

His girlfriends words from many weeks ago rang in his head "More than ninety percent of my kind do not live on earth" she had also mentioned the world's name Alfheimr.

The man seemed to shrug of the aura unconsciously, just as the child had unconsciously used it "He's protected by something" Ichigo thought "Or he has had experience with a stronger power" Given where he thought he was that was not out of the realm of possibility.

The girl sighed "Since you saved my playmate, I...I will be merciful in my judgement towards you." She sighed "We will help you if we can, but if you look like you're up to no good then punishment will be swift and proper" She threatened, then she grabbed the Asuha's arm stuck her tongue out at him and fled leaving him, the unconscious Nel, the bokken whilding girl and the blue haired man called Naoya with a protection from the aura of succubi.

Zelda gritted her teeth "I will have to ask you to remove your armor and weapons while you are here."

Ichigo nodded and with an effort of will dispelled the armor and Zangetsu into inmaterial, looking back he probably could have done that a less shocking way as the two people watching him just stared. "Wh..what was that" Zelda stuttered."

"I took off my armor"

"Where did it go?"

"... Umm...magic?…." he answered

"That does not answer anything" she hissed.

"Zelda" the man said with a plea in his voice "I do not think he means us harm"

She looked at him then away with the faintest hint of red on her face, Ichigo suddenly felt vast amounts of pity and empathy for the man "Fine" she put away her blade "But I will be watching you"

Zelda took a few steps backward then quickly turned and moved around a corner, leaving him alone with the Naoya who with a sighing sort of laugh said "Don't take what they say too hard they're good kids"

Ichigo laughed back 'It would be worrying it they did not find my appearance strange."

"True, true" Naoya agreed

"Do you know where I am?"

"I know where this castle is, i know where the princesses school is but for the most part I know little of this world, I haven't been here that long."

Ichigo nodded while pondering the word princesses that blond haired girl certainly acted as if she considered herself royalty. "But" the man said interrupting his thoughts " I do know someone who can and she is not that far."

Naoya turned and motioned with his hand "Come with me and we will see if you can get some help"

As he followed the man he felt another set of eyes on him and glanced up to a balcony to see a another girl who looked closer to a women watching him, her hair and eyes were a shade of purple that almost looked pink and she had a shrewd look that reminded him way too much of Kisuke for his comfort.

As they rounded a side of the house a tower came into view, he had not seen it before because of the angle he had been standing at, it kind of looked out of place standing where it was. "Who is the child?" Naoya asked

Ichigo looked at Nel shifting her so that he was holding her with both his arms now "Someone who I must protect."

The man nodded "I understand that but that was not my question"

Ichigo shook his head "She was entrusted to me that is all that matters"

After a moments silence Naoya shrugged and changed the subject "The person I am taking you to is considered to among the wisest and most powerful in our world. There is very little she does not know and what she does not know she can normally find out."

"I know people like that, what are her prices?"


Ichigo nodded "people normally charge something for skills like that."

The man looked puzzled "She does not charge anything, she will either help you or she won't."

After a moments thought Ichigo decided that was a refreshing yet worrying change of pace for how things normally went in his life.

Naoya walked up to the wooden door of the tower and knocked politely, the door opened by itself obviously not needing the aid of anything natural to do so. Standing in the foyer breathing hard as if she had just ran down a lot of stairs was a small child. She was maybe a head taller than Nel but her face was set in a serious expression that tried to mask the childlike happiness she felt at the sight of Naoya.

Her eyes were red but after a quick scan Ichigo knew that she was not a vampire, her hair was purple and tied in two pigtails that looked like really long antenna. She wore a modest purple dress that had a white skirt with well made purple shoes. But besides her age the most notable thing about her wa the two bunny ears sticking up from her head. Each moved independently signifying their apparent realness to the world.

After a brief moment of silence the child that she was broke through her serious facade and ran up to the man beside Ichigo and hugged him tightly a brief smile flashing over her face before fading back to the serious look. "Hello to you to Ini" Naoya said with an easy grin. Turning to Ichigo he introduced them "Ichigo Kurosaki this is Ingrid Sorveig the current great sage of this world."

Ichigo bowed politely but in his head wondered why the smartest people he knew were always creepy ageless immortal men or small girls who had not hit puberty yet.

"Greetings void walker" she said after letting go of the man and facing him calmly.

"Why do you call me that?"

"You came here without the aid of Yggdrasil did you not? That is the only known way besides that world tree."

He had to nod his head at that logic "Then void walker you are" she said.

Ichigo sighed and decided to change the subject "I'm from earth and through a series of unfortunate events it ended up here and I was wondering if you could help me get home."

"You are currently in the world of Alfheimr what was once the land of the light elves now the home to many races that survived the ragnarock."

"Dont ask Dont ask" Ichigo thought "You are not here to discover that intricacies behind the norse apocalypse"

"...wait did you say Alfheimr" he said after his brain kicked in and told him he had heard that word before."

The sage nodded solemnly, it was then after freezing in place for a moment that Ichigo started laughing, not the mocking laughter or the self deprecating laughter but the honest, relieved, joyful laughter of someone who had just had his prison sentence commuted.

The two people in the room stared at him in blank confusion as he suppressed his laughing fit though his smile and relief were evident on his face "Sorry" he apologized "I pray you don't take that action as rude it is just that of all the places landed this is the best one I could hope for."

"Why is that?" the sage asked

"Because I know people here he answered with a grin "Have you heard of the Kurono's"

The sage blinked and started reciting something that sounded like it came out of a book "High nobility of the succubi. There clan is one of the only with strong direct blood ties to the royal line, since the beginning of the this nation the duties of that house include being protectors, playmates and advisors to the royal family. Outside of royalty they are the only house allowed to from a professional army, one of the reasons for the large harems of that family is gain loyal powerful men for that force."

With an apparent effort she forced herself to stop because it looked like she could have gone on for quite awhile. "How do you know them?"

"I go to school with their daughter"

The sage frowned at that pursing her small lips "They are among that last families to still do that with their children" she allowed "The mortal world is much more prone to violence than here"

"On that we agree" Ichigo said

The sage looked down for a moment eyes flicking through thoughts so fast that it was impossible to get a read on her "Could you point me in the right direction?" he asked.

The child glanced at him "Why would I send a potential threat towards the ruler of my land?"

Why did this have to be so complicated? he wondered locking eyes with her he answered "I do not mean harm to anyone in this world, i have not reason to."

The child did not flinch as his stare nor look away "Normally I can tell at a glance what is it I see," she nodded towards the man "I could tell immediately that he was human, just as i could tell you that he does have blood that is not quite human running through his veins"

"What what?" the man said

She ignored him "You are confusing every time i feel as if i know what you are something shifts or changes you say you are from the world of humans yet you do not feel like anything from there. Why should i believe a word you say?"

Ichigo pondered his next words carefully "I am a Shinigami" he finally said

"Oh" she said her demeanor changing 'I've never met those who safeguard the souls of the dead, though I have my father's notes and memories"

"So what does that mean for me?"

Ini gave him a stern look 'Can you prove it?"

He held out his right hand and spoke aloud the words of power that defined him "Protect All Creation, Zangetsu" There was as simmering in his hand as the short sword from of his Zanpakuto was called into existence. It glowed with soft white power and all but hummed with strength and purpose.

The sage's eyes brightened slightly "May I?" she asked holding out both her hands.

To be sure Ichigo asked Zangetsu mentally first for permission, when he received the affirmative he gingerly handed the child the piece of his soul forged into a weapon. It was an odd sensation when he let go it was almost as if he could feel the child's small hands inside him small warm but foreign hands gliding gently over the metaphysical force that was his soul. It took a lot of self control not to fidget in place at the strange feeling.

The blade shimmered to the point of brilliance and the sage rocked back as if struck, and after an instant it vanished returning to the place it resided in his soul. The child looked a little flushed as she turned her gaze back to him. "My apologies" she gasped a little "My father had been led to believe that the Zanpakuto was a purification weapon."

Ichigo shook his head "No it is the piece of my soul that was forged for battle"

She nodded "I realize that and I apologise"

It was really hard to stay mad at children and Ichigo laughed "Its fine, now you know"

With a sigh she composed her face back to the calm facade "I have it on good authority the princess is heading to the capital tomorrow afternoon to go see her mother." She paused for a moment thinking "I will arrange for you to go with her"

"I don't think she likes me that much"

The sage sighed "Don't worry about it she's not mean, just a little spoiled"

Ichigo gave her a look but shrugged, it was not like he had any better ideas right now and come to think of it Nel was probably going to wake up soon and that was a conversation he was dreading.

The girl turned as if to head for the stairs cleary dismissing them "What changed your mind about me?" he asked.

She paused "You gave me new knowledge and your Zanpakuto gave me a glimpse into who you are, i will not speak of what i saw but I do know so long as no one harms you and yours, you are no threat to this realm." After saying that she continued walking back up the stairs "Go now I have much to think on."

Naoya moved forward his adult legs allowing him to easily catch up with the girl and gave her a kiss on the forehead "Thank you Ini"

The sage trembled for a moment her face flushing as she muttered "You can show yourselves out and ran up the rest of the stairs.

Naoya watched after her smiling to himself, Ichigo glanced down as Nel began to shift in his arms and a slight whimper made it out of her throat.

The other man noticed it and that fact that Ichigo's face and expression became dark and troubled "Do you have a place where i can go, one dark and quiet."

Naoya's eyes were filled with compassion and he nodded "I know a place"

They entered the home of the princesses and the man led him through several hallways and sets of stairs leaving the teen completely confused as to just where he was. Near the end of of one hallway Naoya nodded and opened a door "This is a guest room we use for vampires who want to stay out of the sun, it has no windows and only a single light, will it do?"

Ichigo nodded letting nothing of his sense of irony that he had been given this particular room show. "Thank you, I would like some time alone if that is all right?"

Naoya nodded "If you need anything there is a bell cord and one of the staff here will assist you."

"Thank you" Ichigo said again.

The man closed the door but not before saying "Your welcome"

The darkness closed in on him and it shrouded him like a comforting blanket, this room must have been mostly sound proof because a nice silence settled over it. Dreading what was coming but knowing it was important he closed his eyes sat against the wall and waited.

Only a few minutes could have passed before Nel's stirring stopped and her eyes opened, they looked around her confused but only for a moment. A dullness seemed to settle over her "Where are Nel's brothers?" she asked through by the tone of her voice she knew the answer.

He looked away from her and his arm tightened slightly around her body, Nel might look, act and very well be a child but she was also a hollow, she knew what death was.

Her small hands tightened almost painfully on his skin as she took his silence for the answer that is was. She buried her face in his chest as small sobs choked there way out her. He felt warm liquid slide down from his own face across his cheeks,...he was crying? Crying for two hollows?

No he thought not for two hollows, he was crying to two beings whose motives that he completely understood. He was crying for the pain there deaths had caused this girl, the necessity of the action and there complete willingness to accept their duty. He was crying for two brothers who had given their lives so that their little sister, who was their sister in every way that mattered, might live on.

His power glowed against the darkness enfolding them, those two had charged him with protecting her. Knowing that had no choice but taking that chance because it was the only one open to them. But what ever the case they had chosen rightly, he would protect her, he would fight for her, he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt he would die for her if that was necessary.

Nel's sobs lessened slightly and he spoke "Nel" he said gently "They did everything in there power to make sure you escaped"

The child whimpered "But Nel alone now"

"No" he said his voice as set in stone as the mountains, she looked up at him eyes shining in the darkness "Not alone, never alone. Your brothers gave me a mission, that I would protect you as they did"

His soul and aura filled with a warmth that he had not felt since Mab had been made in his soul and Nel felt it as well "I swear on my soul" he said "That I will protect you."

Just like the first time he had swore by his soul the words came out loud even though he had been quite they rang through the room and out of it apparently as two voices gasped on the other side of the door.

A light came back into Nel's eyes " You'll be Nel's brother?"

"I can't replace them Nel and I won't even try, but I will care for you, I will be your family"

Nel clung to him with bruising strength and again buried her face in his chest, he simply held the child not caring how long he stayed there sitting against the wall. So long as he could bring this child comfort that was all that mattered.

At some point both of them must have fallen asleep because when he opened his eyes the small clock in the room told him that it was ten o'clock that next day. He quickly noted that Nel was gone but instead of panicking he closed his eyes and sought out her energy, quickly finding it moving through the garden area just outside the house. Beside her was a blue pink aura of Naoya's daughter and the solid pink glow of the princesses.





He opened his eyes and with a grown stood stretching to work out all the kinks in his body before stepping out of the room and beginning to walk towards Nel's aura. As she did not seem to be in any danger he took a little bit of time to look at the place he had just spent the night in.

Despite himself he was quite impressed with the art and architecture that went in to this place, whoever made it sure as hell put a lot of work into it. He moved to the side on reflex reaching out to catch a girl that had rounded the corner on the run and had stumbled into him. She was wearing a maids outfit and he guessed that she was one of the staff, her hair was brown and went down to her neck parting around her pointed ears. Her worried almost frantic green eyes stared up at him "Sorry,sorry, sorry" she said as fast as she could.

"No, no its fine" he said reassuringly and moving so that she had a clear path to where ever she was going. She gave him a grateful look and bolted down the hall, shaking his head he tried to make his way through the place but kept getting lost down dead end hallways. He ended up finding a balcony and was half a mind to jump down from there when he realized that he was in a perfect position to see what Nel was doing and with his super hearing he could find out about the situation before butting in, after all it looked like the other girls were playing with her.

"Here you go" the blue haired one called tossing a ball at Nel the child looked kind of happy but not quite the same as when he had first met her. She moved well running up and snatching at the ball, her strength being far beyond that of a normal child caused the thing to pop in her hands.

She started to cry again and Ichigo began to move but before he could Asuha ran up to her as fast as she could and wrapped her in a big hug. The warmth and child like intensity she put into that was so warm Ichigo thought he could feel it from here. "Hey Nel we have plenty of toys and sometimes they break."

"Nel sorry, Nel didn't mean to."

"I know, I know" she said with a smile and a very familiar sensation pulsed out from her passing over his skin as he watched them. He knew the feeling very well having been exposed to his girl friends for several months straight. "Charm" he muttered. The girl had used charm, not a controlled charm, or even an attempt to shift something. It was like she did not know she had it, but why did she have it?

He focused his senses, what he did was much stronger than his casual once over and after staring at the conflicting energy of blue and pink he understood. By staring hard enough he bypassed the outer core of human energy that surrounded her and found at her core the same well of power that Kurumu, and that princess had for that matter the will and power of the succubi that gave them their strength. This girl was a half human half succubi, that in an of itself was very interesting.

There was the light sound of running feet and the blond princess rounded the corner of a row of bushes running at full speed. She was dragging several more of her toys behind her, upon reaching her other two playmates she noticed the popped ball and simply grabbed and tossed it to the side.

"They are beautiful aren't they?" asked someone behind him.

He did not recognize the voice to he glanced behind him, the girl had pink hair that came down around her neck. She was not all that tall and without looking at her eyes he would not have known she was older than that of his sisters. She wore dress with two shades of red separated by yellow lines along with stockings, boots and a pair of glasses. Her eyes were the most striking part about her, not their color he was used that now a days, it was the sharpness of them. The shrewd mind behind them, eyes he had also grown used to seeing on Kisuke when the man wanted something.

He paused before answering "Indeed" he finally said.

The girl easily walked up beside him showing no sense of discomfort at her sudden close proximity. "I'm Judith Snorrevik caretaker and advisor to Princesses Astarotte"

"Ichigo Kurosaki Substitute Shinigami"

"Sage Ingrid seems quite impressed with that title."

Ichigo shrugged "Does not matter to me."

"Mayhaps not but few things impress her and when something does it becomes something to note."

"So what do you think now that you have noted me."

"Nothing yet, I have not seen enough" She looked down at the three playing girls "Those two think the world of you now even if Lotte will not admit it."


The girl laugh "Sorry Princess Astarotte, they were both spying on you yesterday"

"I was aware"

She gave him a quizzical look "Then why did you not stop them?"

"I had more important things to do"

"I see, then that tells me you can be a very focused individual"

"So you're a pshrink too?"

"A what?"

He shook his head "Never mind"

Below them the girls were in the middle of a game of tag where Nel was quickly becoming the clear victor, even in a child's body the power of the hollow showing its face again. He could not help but smile at it, for with through her and her brother's actions he got to see a different side of those he had once thought of as monsters.

"Your face is just like his" the girl said




"What is it with young men from earth who are far too young to be such good fathers."

He nodded it at that "I'll tell you when you tell me why prepubescent girls and old men are always the smartest in the room."

They both shared a good laugh at that "Some things will forever remain a secret" Judith said after they both recovered.

"I'm not her father though, she calls me her brother and thus it is so."

Judith shook her head "In some cases you are that but in others you are more like a father than you think."

A familiar voice called out in a slightly disapproving tone "Judith"

She let out something between a laugh and a sigh "What is it Noaya"

The blue haired man strolled out onto the balcony with them a kind smile set into his face "You really need to stop doing that"

The girls sharp eyes glinted wickedly "You know what they say two is better than one."

"I do not believe this applies" the man said patiently.

"He is younger than you, mayhaps he will have less restraint."

Naoya's voice did something Ichigo had never heard it do, it hardened, slightly, ever so slightly but the change was enough for both to hear. "Judith" he said "She is not ready, she will not be for a good number of years." He made sure the girls eyes were on him "Leave it be"

Judith almost shivered but refined, the only thing she did was sigh to herself "I truly chose well, to well almost"

She gave Naoya a slight bow and left the two of them on the balcony, Ichigo glanced from her retreating form to the man beside him "What did I miss?"

The man gave a sigh glancing behind him at the retreating form of Judith "She is a good person for the most part, but feels that to get things done she must push them forward."

"How does that apply to me?"

Naoya looked down on the children "Do you know how puberty works for the succubi?"

Ichigo blinked at that and shook his head "For most of them it is almost like humans, but there are cases especially in the royal family where that is not always the case." The man's eyes went distant "The queen for one at the age of eleven whet from looking exactly like to Lotte to nearly what she is today."

His eyes refocused "That change happened over night"

"How much of a change?"

"As drastic as a kid becoming an adult"

"That cannot have been good for her mental state"

Naoya laughed "If she had been human yes it would have but she is not human."

Ichigo pursed his lips in thought "How does that change things?"

"From what Mercelida told me"


"Oh, I mean her majesty told me if that happens to a child of her race the instinctual memories of the child's parents and grandparents will compensate for the sudden change" He shrugged "I still believe that it is not the healthiest thing but it has happened."

A few dots connected. "Judith thinks that is the case here?"

"She hopes it is"

"Is that why you are here?"

He laughed "She probably hoped I would speed the process along, but I am a father first and do not plan on standing idle when all I see is a child who should enjoy her time as one."

The both were silent for a little bit "So you are like a betrothed to her or something?"

"Something like that but I do not plan on letting that affect my actions, by the time she is anywhere close to being ready for activity that Judith wishes to happen she will probably have found someone closer to her age to be with, and that is fine by me."

The children below them nearly as one turned when the sound of a bell chimed and dashed inside "You said Asuha was your daughter right?"


"Then why does her aura resemble the other girls?"

"What is aura?"

Ichigo waved his hand "It is the confliction of energy around a person, it is affected by power personal, heritage, emotions. At the core of your daughter is the power of a succubi and it the power it holds is almost exactly like the princesses.

The man stared at him for a long moment "That is an astoundingly scary amount of information you can tell just by looking at someone."

"Are they sisters?"

The man looked him up and down and evidently came to a decision "Half sisters" he said quietly.

"That has got to be awkward"

"You have no idea"

"... got anything to eat?"

After a quick walk through the house the man led him to a small dining room. Naoya said that he needed to check something and would be back, there was still some leftovers from breakfast and he fell into to it with the rabid abandon of a wolf. It only just occurred to him that he had not eaten in many days and the moment food hit his mouth he wanted more of it.

That was almost disturbing that he had not noticed his own hunger, disturbing and dangerous. Zangetsu stirred at theses thoughts "If need be you can subsist like a hollow by devouring energy, specifically your own I however do not recommend this for extended periods of time."

Ichigo silently agreed with his Zanpakuto and went to work of finishing something that tasted like bacon only it was the wrong color for that item. The dark skinned maid he had met in the hallway passed by the table and dropped off a mug filled with what looked like milk. He greedily drank it and after putting down the mug decided that was the best damn milk he had ever tasted.

He waved the maid down as she passed again "Is there any more?" he asked holding out the mug.

The dark skinned maid nodded and took the mug "Effie!" she called.

A few seconds later a pink haired teen entered, here hair was a light pink almost the color of bubblegum and it was cut around the length of her neck. She wore a slightly different maid uniform than the others he had seen, blue dress rather than black with white stocking and a pink ribbon around her waist. Around her neck was a what looked like a cowbell and a white tail hung from down flicking around occasionally. But the most prominent thing about her was her rather large chest that was nearly bursting out of her dress.

He took it as a matter of pride that his eyes only stayed there for a few nanoseconds longer than they should have before refocusing on her cute eager to please face. "Great" his hollow said "the king has learned to ignore lovely parts of the female body, what an accomplishment. What a healthy thing for someone his age."

"Fuck off" he thought at his hollow.

In the normal world the girl called Effie said "Yes Cu"

"Our guest wants more milk and the pitcher is empty."

"Oh" the girl said smile freezing on her face for a moment, she turned and left the room.

Ichigo shook his head telling the maid called Cu "If there was not any its fine"

The girl laughed "There is no cold milk left, there is warm and fresh"

"Maybe the get directly from cows" his hollow said "Or at least this worlds equivalent to it."

Ichigo felt a cold chill run up his spine "Why are you giving me a rational explanation?"

"The better question is why can't I give rational explanations"

"That does not make any sense why did I feel like I am being screwed."

Mab answered him "Because you can tell a hawk from a handsaw when the wind is southerly"


He was interrupted from his musing when Effie returned with the mug brimming with fresh milk "Sorry its warm" she told him.

He shook his head "It's fine" he touched the mug and the chill of winter passed through it bringing it down to the cool level he enjoyed. The pink haired maid made an impressed sound "That is handy"

Ichigo nodded with a grin and downed it in one swig, at that moment he did so Naoya returned and saw him. The man's face paled "Wait" he said but he had already drained it, "Too late" he sighed.

"Ichigo tilted his head "What?"

"I was hoping to tell you this before you drank the milk around here"

"What?!" Ichigo asked voice raising.

He sighed "Did you like it?"

"Yes" he answered cautiously

"Then you better thank Effie for it"


"She is a the princesses wet a milk fairy"

Ichigo's expression froze in place as he stared at the empty mug, after a moment he carefully set it down turned to the milk fairy and bowed slightly "Thank you" he said voice tight.

He stood up saying "I'm full" in a very meek voice.

Naoya sighed "That was my reaction too" he led the poor teen outside for some fresh air. While his inner hollows laughter rang over the inner world.

Nel caught sight of him as he exited the house and dashed towards him slamming into his body with a flying tackle that would have shattered a humans spine. The child smiled up at him as he caught his breath "Nel has friends" she said her eyes sparkling.

"Do you now" he asked voice returning to normal.

She nodded her head vigorously, "Good" he said

The golden haired princess walked up to him, he blue haired Asuha skipping beside her. The child gulped looking at him but shook it off and said in a royal tone "I have decided to show you mercy and grant you passage to the land of the Kurono's"

The words to his smartass retort died halfway up his throat as his reason told him to humor her. He still couldn't keep all the dryness out of his voice when he said "Your mercy humbles me."

The girl did not seem to notice the dryness and nodded at his words a look a pride entering her eyes. Asuha looked up at him and said "You're already pretty cool, but if half the things Nel says you can do are true then that would be amazing."

She gave him a bright smile "Can you show us some of it?"

"Please Ichigo" Nel begged jumping up and down.

What little resistance he did have vanished " What do you want to see?" he sighed out

That caused a bit of conversation between the three of them Ichigo have to veto the idea of blowing something up or restraining the servants with kido. Finally the girls agreed on something he was willing to do "Take us Flying" they all said.

Of course he made sure that Naoya was ok with it but with his approval he scooped up Lotte and Asuha in his arms and bent over so Nel could cling to his back. "Don't you get any Ideas" the princess told him.

He gave her a steady look "Your what, like ten?"

She nodded "Then you have nothing to worry about."

Before she could answer back he lept into the sky powered by his Reiryoku, the three children on him started making sounds of excitement as he went through several revolutions of the castle and then taking them as high as he dared and lowering himself fast enough to make them scream.

He had a feeling that Nel was only copying the other girls emotions because he was sure this did not phase her in the slightest.

As he hovered around twenty feet off the ground the princess whispered "So this is what it is like to have wings."

Asuha sighed "That would be so cool, I wish i could have them too."

Ichigo had to restrain himself from saying that there was a very good chance she would, but he refained not wanting to cause any trouble because of his insight.

As the ride came to an end and he landed on the ground Asuha kissed his cheek "Thank you" She said. Lotte scrambled out of his arms and after a moment of looking lost as to what she should do stuck her tongue out at him which he ignored.

Nel stayed on his back seeming quite comfortable in her spot and made no move to let go, Naoya walked out to him he bowed slightly to Lotte "The carriage is ready my Lady"

The princesses went red from the roots of her hair to tips of her toes "D-don't call me that i didn't ask you to"

The man gave her a confused look "But you did, just last"

"Noaya-baka" she yelled at him turning to run into the house. Asuha gave her father an amused smile before she ran after the princesses.

"Wait" Naoya called after them "The carriage."

So after those two had to be tracked down again he managed to herd them into the waiting carriage. Lotte still red faced shouted "You and Noaya-baka can ride on the roof" before diving into the interior of the carriage.

Asuha laughed her little head off as she followed her friend and Nel looked between it and Ichigo confused as to what she should do. Ichigo gave her a smile and helped her into the carriage and after closing the door hopped up on the roof. Naoya had to climb on as he was not a superhuman but once they were both settled in for the trip.

This was the first real chance he had gotten to see the land he had fallen into, the places he passed were a strange mix of european medieval architecture but there were plenty of things that resembled modern objects. For example in one of the villages he passed there were magically powered lights and even several things that almost looked like traffic signs and distance markers.

Many different kind of people passed them or were passed, some with dark skin, some with pale. Others had long ears still more had some sort of animal like parts one them. The only thing he saw in common with everyone was the fact that there were all sorts of differences between them.

Naoya seems be doing the same thing he was a light smile on his face "So she really will make use ride up here the whole time?"

He laughed "She is a little spoiled at times, but I'm working on it."

"So that is a yes?"


"Tell me what you know about this place, if you would."

So the rest of the trip was spent in conversation, Naoya being a native of earth did not know too much about Alfheimr but what he did know was important. Slavery was outlawed, the queen was working very hard to topple barriers between people, race and regions. That most of the military in the country was also part of the Queens harem, and inspite of the noble families consent inner politics and games the country was in a good peaceful and excellent economic situation. Apparently the queen had good advisors and listened to them, and carefully thought about their words, it made her a good leader and a dangerous person to mess with. At least in Ichigo's opinion.

The sun glowed orange in the sky as the carriage reached Ichigo's stop, taking a second to stretch he slipped off the roof hitting the ground with a solid thump. Nel opened the door and jumped into his arms while her new friends followed. Since she was standin on the carriage door Ashua gave them both a hug "Do you really have to go Nel?" she asked wistfully.

The hollow child nodded "Ichigo my protector, Nel is going to follow him."

The blue haired girl turned to him "Can she play in the future?"

One blink...two blinks "If I can safely find a way to transdimensional jump then I don't see why not."

Asuha laughed "Great"

He was beginning to think the girl did not understand what understatement was, "You better bring her back:" The princess ordered "Because we are friends now."

"Yes your majesty" he said dryly "If the universe will let me kick several of its laws in the teeth safely I will"

"See to it that you do" the girl said in a huff.

Sitting on the top of the carriage Naoya waved to him "It was good to meet you Kurosaki Ichigo"

"You to Naoya, Asuha, Lotte"

"What did you call me?"

"Princesses" he said smoothly.

The girl stuck her tongue out at him one last time before the door shut and the carriage began moving leaving Ichigo and Nel in front of a very grandiose mansion.





It was not the largeness of it that made it that way, it was the magical haze that made the pillars appear gold, the triple x rated statues set to either side of the the walk way. It was the gleaming of the roof which through the application of some spell gave the appearance of being a starry sky. Which was even stranger because it was only dusk and no stars were out yet.

But he paid very little attention to those things, right now he had other aspects of himself to worry about, for on his heart was pounding in nervous beats, his mouth was going dry and just the thought of seeing Kurumu again was causing his body to react strongly. It took a few seconds of focused breathing to bring his body back under control. He almost laughed at himself for acting like a young schoolboy… and then occurred to him that he was a school boy. It was just that fact was hard to remember in between all his life or death struggles, hell he could not remember the last time he had showed any real interest in the struggles of the human world. It was just hard to take it seriously with what being in between the world of monsters and the dead.

Shaking off those thoughts he began to walk forward towards the front door, trying to hid the statures from Nel's sight, despite the fact that being a hollow she might very well know what the art was depicting but he still felt the urge to shield her from it.

The door was a large double oaken thing smooth almost to the point of reflective, given that it was wood that was quite impressive. He raised a hand and knocked several times adding a hint of super strength to make sure it was heard. An old man opened the door, he was dressed to the T like a butler of europe, suite, tie, coat with tassels, ect. He was tall and looked like he once might have been a warrior, he had hard grey eyes and his face while wrinkled was set in a polite if disent gaze.

A wave of lust and heat hit Ichigo's face as the door was opened and the sounds of music, voices and… mating invaded his ears. He could not help but flinch slightly as he toned down his vampire hearing and ignored his empathic sense as best he could. The people he could see off to the side were either wearing fancy suits and dresses or nothing at all with little in between. He thanked his lucky stars he had not been using vampire sense of smell because even with human level the scent of what was going on was strong.

"May I help you" the butler asked his tone conveying disapproval at multiple aspects of Ichigo's face, appearance, and situation. It was quite annoying because the man could not possibly know was Ichigo's situation was, he held in a sigh and answered politely " I'm looking for Kurumu."

Again the sense of lust and desire threatened to overwhelm his senses but Zangetsu's power flared reinforcing the shields of his mind. The butler let out a small bark of laughter "And what would the young mistress want with you?"

This probably would have been the start of a conversation that would have ended in Ichigo punching out the butler but thankfully for all involved Kurumu appeared on the scene. She walked out a room on opposite the,...ball room. She was wearing a very modest blue dress, even by earth standards, at least until it got up to her chest where it was deliberately tighter than normal his heart did a slight flutter at her appearance as for a brief second he drank in the sight of her.

She look gorgeous, powerful and completely annoyed, around her, behind her were five men, all well dressed, all powerful looking and all wanting to tear her dress right off her. With the aikido her had drilled into her she deftly parried and avoided several grasping hands that were going for parts of her she did not want touched. her movements were off beat denying the ability to stay completely in step with her but the men were having none of it as they tightened their circle.

She noted this and in a flash of green vanished from the circle of now confused men and appeared on the upper level of the house her fist clenched in anger and the vibe of I do not want to be here clear on her face.

The butler said something again but Ichigo ignored him, with a silent effort of will he flared his power outward. Most were too drunk off the aura of the succubi to feel it,in fact the only two people he was sure felt the wave were the butler to took a step back out of reflex and Kurumu.

The girl reacted like she had been stung head turning everywhere eyes wild and excited, filled with disbelief, shock and raw unrestrained joy. It only took her a second for her to see and when their eyes locked time seemed to freeze in place. Some very small part of him wondered how in the world he deserved this beauty, one that had once been worshiped by the men of old.

Kurumu vanished blurring towards him in a speed that was far greater than what he had last seen her do. Ichigo braced himself as she hit him with such force that drove him back ten feet and made his everything hurt for a second. But none of that mattered as his girlfriend wrapped herself around him. Her clothes, her scent, her hair, the feeling of her body on his past right through the defense of Zangetsu, her eyes glowed shining silver as he opened his mouth to speak. She silenced him with a kiss, a kiss only one of her race could do, it filled his whole body with fire and his heart and everything else pounded in time to the rhythm of her pulse. He felt her devour his power like a man in the desert suddenly finding water. All thought left him except for the desire to feel his skin on hers. That and memory, Nel, the child was still on his back.

With and effort of will he pulled back, Kurumu felt this and let out a whine of disapproval but she she took a moment to close her eyes and breath, and when they opened again they had returned to the violet he knew and loved.

It took a short time before both of them could speak there breaths coming in heavily "Hello to you too" Ichigo finally managed to say.

She looked at a loss for words as confusion warred with her radiant joy, "You, your, your here, how, when, where?"

He held up his hand "A very long story"

Nel spoke up "He saved me"

It was only then that Kurumu noticed the child on his back "Who are you?" she asked confusion growing even further.

"Part of that long story"

She shook her head "I, I can't believe you're here, I, I never imagined that you would" she seemed at a loss for words "My mother, my sisters"

He nodded "Sure, I can meet them" he glanced at the direction of the party "Though perhaps it would be good to wait "

Kurumu paled "Oh gods yes"

Her face turned red "Oh empty night I can't believe you saw that"

He tightened his grip on her "All I saw was my girlfriend doing her damnedest to avoid unwanted attention."

She kissed him again, lightly, gently and swiftly "You really trust me completely don't you?"


She grabbed his hand "Come, come, I was about to retreat to my room before you came and I still think that is the best place to hide."

"I do feel a tad underdressed"

She shook her head "All I was doing was snacking when those asshole's came on to me" she growled slightly "Every guest was told I was not a part of their sport the they are too drunk to remember."

Her violet eyes sparkled as she looked at him "Besides I have better things to do now" she leaned forward and whispered "My room is not the back of a limo"

"Don't gulp, don't gulp, don't gulp" he told himself

She led him through the main floor, the five men who had been coming on to Kurumu were still standing around confused, when they caught sight of her holding hands with him and leading him somewhere there eyes turned ugly and as one they began to move towards them. Being as drunk as they were none of them noticed the layer of frictionless ice suddenly appear on the floor and the five stooges toppled to the ground at the unexpected terrain hazard.

The Butler calmly walked up to them, and across the ice with seemingly no problem, the then proceeded to pick each of the five men up and toss them out the open door. With that finished he closed the door and went to work clearing away the ice, the only thing Ichigo could think of as they went out of sight was "LIke a Boss"

He was beyond glad when they entered her room and the noise, smell and pulse of the party below them vanished as she shut the door. He was also pleased that her room had none of the paintings and carvings he had seen on the way in it as well. If the statues outside had been triple x those on the way here had been...quadruple X?"

Kurumu noted his expression in correctly guessed what it meant, "Don't worry about the state of the house, when mother throws a party she is very careful to give the guests exactly what they expect to see, it helps when the ones you might need to manipulate think you are shallow have a one track mind. By tomorrow it will all be back in storage."

Ichigo frowned "If you say so"

She laughed "My mom loves sex but she like most of us can do other things."

"Too much information Kurumu"

They both laughed for a little bit but that ended when her face turned serious "You look like hell" she told him.

"In a manner of speaking and according to some interpretation i have just recently come from a form of it."

"Nel's home not that bad" the child said with a pout " Ichigo glanced at her with a raised eyebrow "Maybe a little" the child amended.

Kurumu glanced between the two of them with a smile on her face before turning and beginning to slip out of her dress, Ichigo got an eyeful of naked back and thong clad ass before his brain engaged again and he slammed his eyes shut.

His girlfriend gave out another laugh "I don't mind if you look Ichigo"

He groaned at the sultriness of her voice and said "At least you don't wear that with a school uniform."

"Would you like me too?"


He sensed Nel move from the place beside him towards the succubus "Day so big" She exclaimed.

"Yes, yes they are" Kurumu said with quite a bit of pride.

Nel giggled "Ichigo embarrassed"

"It is one of his better points" Kurumu agreed

With a sigh Ichigo leaned back against the chair he was sitting on and after a few moments Kurumu called "Its fine, I'm dressed"

He opened his eyes and saw that she was wearing one of his lost loose fitting tee shirts, had everyone stolen on from him, and a pair of earth made sweat pants. She had picked up Nel and had tilted her hips to one side to allow the child to rest easy there.

She walked over to and sat down beside him hips touching as Nel played with her blue hair, "So what happened and how did you get here?"

After a moments thought and deciding to tell the entire truth he told her everything, from the beginning, by the time he had finished the sun was gone from the evening sky

"So when I realized that somehow I had fallen into your world, I managed to get a ride and here I am now."

Kurumu shook her head "Wow, does that happen often?"

"Thank god no"

They were interrupted by a growling sound from Nel's stomach, Ichigo turned to her "Nel" he said gently "If you're hungry say so"

"But Nel wanted to hear the story"

Kurumu giggled "Come we have plenty of food"

Ichigo hesitated "Don't worry the party will have moved to a different house by this point, it's sort of a custom for us to start in on place and end in another."

"Thats a little strange,"

She shrugged "Not for us"

True to her word the party was gone, and ever oversexulized thing along with it. The painted had been replaced with the same people that had been there before, just with clothes on. The statues had all been replaced by modest well made carved figures.

The carvings on the walls had vanished and there had been a picture painted on the ceiling but that had vanished too apparently. "When I said the house was dressed up for a party I meant it" Kurumu said "Believe me even my kind would grow tired of it if that was all we saw in our every waking moment."

"do you ever party like that?"

"I had planned to if I could not find the one I was looking for" she glanced at him "I was starting to despair, but you changed that."

The shinigami looked away face flushing, she led them to what looked like the kitchen which was filled with leftovers of the party "Don't eat anything blue or pink and you will be fine" She cautioned.

Two servants passed them and Kurumu greeted them by name, they helped the two of three of them get a bowl of soup, a chunk was meat and bread, milk for Nel and a light fruity drink for he and Kurumu.

As they ate he took the chance to ask "Anything big happens to you?"

She pursed her lips, "My fullbring changed"


"I always had a sense that it was different, when I saw everyone else's my power only manifested as an aura while everyone else had physical change. That changed several days ago, perhaps tomorrow I could show you."

He nodded "That does seem like an important issue."

"But other than that fighting off the legion of suitors has been my other other issue."

"What do you mean?"

She looked at him "I am the only member of my family without a harem, I am rich, come from a powerful family and am a virgin to boot. Add on top of that my search for my destined one is well known subject of conversation at gatherings, it makes me a highly desirable mate."

"I would agree with highly desirable mate part" Ichigo said.

Her eyes flickered grey "How sweet of, maybe you can show me later just how much of a desirable person I am."

Ichigo's moist throat went dry at those words and the blush that spread across his face was plain for all to see. Thankfully for that sake of his dignity Nel looked up apparently unaware of the byplay and said "Nel full"

He stood up "And Nel needs a bath"

She blinked at him "What's a bath?"

Ichigo sniffed himself "Uhh and so do I"

His girlfriend shook her head "Don't worry we have plenty of places to bath, Ichigo you can take the springs one and ill take Nel to the pool bath."

"Are you ok with that Nel?" he asked

She nodded with a smile.

He sighed in relief he was willing to bath Nel himself but still felt it was much more appropriate for a female to do it. Kurumu led them back up the stairs, "Through these doors, put your cloths in the basket." she looked him up and down "Scratch that put those in the fire and ill have new clothes for you by morning."

Given that his current clothing was ripped, torn and possible had various hollow bodily fluids on it he was inclined to follow her instructions. The doors she pointed him to led to a small room with another pair of doors. Inside this room was a fireplace and a clothes basket, after a moments hesitation he threw his clothes into the fire and went into the next room.

He had not been sure what he had expected when she had said the spring bath, but it had not been a perfect replica of a classic hot spring complete with multiple pools at different temperatures, There sides were made from rock and there were several actual boulders lying around carefully chosen points in the room.

Ichigo simple stepped into the bath sinking down into the blessedly hot water to sit and lean his back against the heated rock walls. He only paused of a moment though, with wash rag and something that he assumed was akin to soap he began to scrub himself off.

He had not realized just how much grime, sand, dust, and blood was on him until he watch the water carry it away over and artfully placed drain at the bottom of a small waterfall. He did not stop until he felt completely clean from head to foot before truly relaxing back into the lovely hot water of the bath.

His eyes were mostly closed and he was so completely comfortable that it was understandable that what happened next caught him off guard. Someone else entered the bath, he jerked in startled surprise having not heard the door open and a rich pleasant, sensual laugh rang over the room.

"Enjoying yourself I see"

He tried to speak but no words would come out as his mouth sort of opened and closed on its own. The women before him was tall almost as tall as he was, her skin was the same fair shade as Kurumu's, her violet eyes burned with power and intensity as they roamed up and down taking in his entire person. She was well built, extremely well built every part of her body perfectly proportioned to the whole. Her hair was the same shade of blue as Kurumu, in fact this woman looked like what Kurumu could turn into given ten or twelve years. She was lovely, in a way that he had not seen before, she held herself with the grace and power of nobility which was only natural because she was. Her aura however was completely different, he had thought Kurumu's was strong but this, this power sliding over him, around him, through him, it dwarfed his girlfriends.

Oh yes and she was completely naked, with a chest that was more prominent and larger than Kurumu by a good bit. He turned tearing his eyes off her and beginning the motion that would allow him to flash step out of the room.

"Sit" she said power thrumming through her voice, his body did so without checking in with him his face turned to take in her full naked glory. Zangetsu's defences slid into place and with a snarl he turned his head away from her berating himself for letting his guard down.

"Oh my, resistance to our charm? What a rare and endearing trait"

He drew power from the core of winter inside him hardening this voice and thoughts…and other parts but they did not matter. "Who are you, why are you here."

He felt her eyes on him and the hint of amusement was in her voice "I am Ageha Kurono the owner of this house and more importantly Kurumu's mother."

The water stirred as she took slow measured steps towards him, "perhaps we can in a different setting" Ichigo said desperately.


He made an angry sound "Why not"

"Several reasons" she said easily "First I wanted to see the body of the boy who stole my daughters heart, and I must say she has done quite well for herself, it almost makes me want to take a bite."

Reflected in the water the light above him shifted as he felt the heat radiate from Ageha's body, a hand descended towards him and once again the cold of winter shattered the air. "No" he snarled.

The movement stopped "Loyalty, a trait growing rarer these days"

Ichigo stood thankful that the water was A not clear and B rose just high enough to hide his painfully active manly parts. He faced the woman who was Kurumu's mother meeting her eyes and only allowing himself to see her face.

"What do you want?" he said

Ageha did not flinch against the pure cold that slapped against her face at those words rather she met his gaze "I love my children boy"

"As any mother should" he answered "How is trying to seduce me showing your love?"

At that she truly laughed "Trying to seduce?" her laugh was not harsh merely amused and her mouth tilted up in a smirk.

Now Ichigo knew where Kurumu had gotten that facial expression from and it seemed that she was trying to catch up to her mother in how effective it was at such close range.

"Boy this is me going through the motions of a seduction, if i was actually trying." She chuckled "Lets just say that we would not be talking right now."

As much as he wanted to call her bullshit something told him that she just might be telling him the truth, given how strong her power was that was a scary thought. He took another step back " My daughter calls you her destined one, it is plain to all that she truly believes it." She took one step forward closing the distance Ichigo had created. "That is a very significant event, if it is true it binds closer to her than any harem boy could hope." Her eyes were serious "It also means that you could hurt her worse than any other being in her life, and if you, you who she called her distended one were to hurt her the damage that could cause to her would be debilitating to say the least.

He said nothing as she continued "My kind must be very careful whom we give our heart to and even then we are only supposed to give pieces, my daugher for better or worse has given you hers fully."

"This was a test" he said realization dawning on him.

"Or a meal depending on the outcome" she agreed.

The water around the teen began to change to ice spreading out from him in a wave "Your idea of a test is to try and seduce the one your daughter has given her heart to." The ice gained a cold sheen "Would that not cause the damage you claim to be wanting her to avoid."

In reply her aura exploded outward in a gleam of pinkish flame, slowing then halting the advance of the ice with relative ease. When she spoke her voice was not raise or lower, it became richer, stronger, and inhumanly powerful. His anger was a shield and a weapon against her power but it became hard to keep his eyes from lowering and taking in the sight of her fully.

"If" she said "your were that easily swayed then I could minimize the damage that you were bound to inflict anyway, but you proved stronger than most."

At those word both their auras fell away the ice around them melting in the steaming hot water of the bath. When she spoke again her voice was almost back to normal "You have proved yourself to me boy and I feel as if I might be able to one day leave my daughter to you."

"You were lying were you not you were using more than just a piece of your power."

"Boy I am the second strongest of our kind in existence, if i truly wanted you, you would be bowing at my feet right now."

He kept his eyes cold and distant " I would disagree"

She shrugged "It really does not matter what you think you would do, whether you think you would or not. There are few I have shown my full attention to and none have resisted me thus far. But sleeping with you was not the point of this, my lightest attention is more than most others can manage. I am pleased that you rejected out of hand" she did not move closer but but the power in her eyes made it seem as if they were hands tracing up and down his chest "You have peaked my interest, I wonder if I could convince my daughter to share you."

He was saved then, saved when the doors were kicked in and like an angel for heaven Kurumu burst into the room "Mother" she said with clear disapproval. That kind of threw him off, he had expected withering anger, seething rage, not annoyed resignation.

"Thats my cue" Ageha said in a singsong voice as she turned away from him, he barely managed to turn his head so that he did not get an eyeful of her backside.

"I should have known you would double back" Kurumu said clearly annoyed

"You do know how much I like to test people dear, did you expect anything less?"

There was a long sigh "Not really, I was just hoping for this first night to pass without incident"

"Dear child," she said lovingly "He passed by the way."

Kurumu rolled her eyes "That was never in question, its just embarrassing that my mother is coming on to my boyfriend, how could you be so rude."

"My little girl is growing up" she said proudly

"Mother this is not about me right now"

There was the sound of water as she stepped out of the pool passing by her daughter "Yes it was child, I do what I can to keep you from getting hurt, even if it is the only way i know how."

He felt Kurumu's emotions shift from annoyance to childish love mixed in with annoyance, her mother let out a smile "Now" she said just before she left the room "I need to make one point" There was a flare of her power and it shattered his defences causing his head to whip around giving him an eyeful Kurumu's mother incredible backside.

With a snarl of anger he ripped his head away "If you plan on truly resisting the strongest of my kind you need to remember to never let your guard drop, as it just did now. Some will not care if others are watching or that people could get hurt."

With those words she left the two of them there, one her embarrassed daughter, the other her boyfriend whose head was filled with images he wanted to get rid of, or at least most of him wanted to get rid of, his hollow was howling in laughter.

He gritted his teeth and felt the feeling of shame raise in his stomach, Kurumu was standing not ten feet away from him and yet he was still dwelling on what her mother looked like. He turned away his right hand clenching so tightly that blood started to drip from it. He focused on the pain using it was a ward against the images filling is imagination.

There was the sound of splashing water and arms wrapped around him "Stop" she ordered "Don't you dare abuse yourself"

Her warmth, her touch, he could feel it, like the warmth of the sun raising it spread over his chest and arms. The feeling flowing completely through him, one of his loved ones was holding him, why in the hell should anything else matter. Her touch gave him the anchor he needed to draw himself out of the swirl of her mothers power. Her presence caused his grip to loosen, the blood to stop flowing, her scent filled his nose and mind brushing away the thoughts of Kurumu's mother like cobwebs off roof.

His breathing steadied and he felt refreshed, quietly Kurumu said "Don't, don't ever hurt yourself because one of my kind forced something on you." she pulled herself as tight against him as possible "What one succubus can force one someone," she turned him around "Another can banish"

She kissed him then and the last remnants of her mothers power inside his head shattered and she let out a small moan of approval "Your kind of excited aren't you?" she mumbled.

His face turned blood red, with how close they were there was no way in hell she could miss just how...aroused some parts of him were. he stepped back and turned away only for her to whistle in appreciation "Nice" she commented

He nearly tripped as he thrashed around trying to find some way to cover himself, without a care in the world Kurumu grabbed his shoulder and pulled him close again "Ichigo Kurosaki I love you and I trust you no matter what happens, am i clear."

He looked away "Your mother's power was so strong, it was terrifying."

"So? Next time you will be ready"

She pulled his head close of the second time leaning forward to whisper in his ear "Nel fell asleep halfway through the bath, I put her in the room next to mine with one of our maids to take care of her."

Her eyes grew paler and his breathing speed up, she stepped out of the bath not caring how her robe clung to her curves, she tossed him a towel "Come" she ordered. He followed the feeling of excitement and tight tension building in his chest. The house itself was very dim, most of the lights having been put out. He felt almost clumsy as his made a sound each time they touched the wood and hers were completely silent.

When he entered her room it was lit by nothing more than the moonlight thought both of them had no problem seeing in the dark. His mouth was dry as Kurumu, lovely, desirable, inhumanly beautiful led him to her bed. As they both reached it he turned to her only to feel a light shove knock him on his back right on to the red sheets.

There was a slight motion and the robe she was wearing slipped off her body seemingly of its own accord revealing Kurumu, his Kurumu in her full naked loveliness. His body reacted in such a way reaction her mother had drawn out of him pale in comparison. At this moment nothing he could think of was more lovely than her and it was hard to think of why he should try such an idea.

"Ichigo" she whispered as she moved on to the bed in a serpentine fashion sliding across his body until they were face to face. "I want you" she said her voice low, and sultry, and intoxicating." she kissed him again and it seemed like heat was shimmering around them. His body reacted even harder still to that kiss, that reassurance of just who and what they were, to people who loved each other fully and completely.

She moved back breaking the kiss her eyes as silver as the moonlight that lit this room her hands gripping the towel around his waist but not undoing it. Instead the looked back at him her eyes searching and he realized that she was giving him one last chance to back out, that even if she was more ready than she had ever been in her live that she would wait if he asked.

He had refused her on several occasions because it had not felt right to him, but here, now? His hands reached up grabbing the silky sides of her hips and thighs. Her face lit with a smile that could have outshone the sun, with a single jerk the towel fell away and all thought vanished, all reason, all logic, everything vanished before the heat of passion and a flash of fire and silk.

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